Top 11 Types Of blogs That Make Money #3 And #7 Are Awesome!

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Have you ever wondered what are the Types Of Blogs That Make Money? You are not alone! Many people are searching just for that exact information and actively seeking out the Blog Topics That Make The Most Money! 

And why not!. 

You wanna make pounds not pennies, you want B-I-G bucks not small change, and you want it...NOW!

But do you know what the biggest problem facing internet marketers and bloggers today is? 

Nobody is telling you the truth!. The deadly cold hard..."I'm standing in a freaking morgue here" kinda truth!. They are all happy to tell you what you want to hear or worse still what they need you to hear!. 

Types Of Blogs That Make Money! #Blogging #BloggingTips

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I'm gonna break that mould...right here...right NOW!.

The biggest problem facing Internet Marketers And Bloggers Today is Impatience!. 

You are gonna laugh, you are gonna cry, you're gonna tear your hair out and S-C-R-E-A-M..."I wish I did n't start this Online Blogging Thingy!".


In a year or two time when you are beach side sippin' A Pinya Colada slumbered and chillaxin in a hammock with your tablet and attending your online biz you know that all that hard work was worth it!

If you are willing to dedicate yourself to building and establishing a blog and want some Examples Of Blogs That Make Money then Keep reading!

Otherwise...just go and hit that back button RIGHT NOW!

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Types Of Blogs That Make Money

So you are still here, still reading, you did n't hit that back button - that's a sign of your dedication right there!. Seeking out the info you need to succeed. 

You have probably heard the phrase "follow your passion" that is great and making money from something that you are highly passionate about not only doesn't feel like you are working - it is fun! 


I love blogging, I love helping people to start a blog and take great pleasure in both making people better bloggers and helping existing bloggers to improve their blogs! 

Yup! I love blogging! As they say there is profit in passion!

"There Is Profit in Passion - Do What You Love" #BloggingQuotes #BloggingTips

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There is one Caveat to that saying. As long as your passion is popular it is profitable and you can make money from it as a niche site marketer. 

Before I get on to compiling a blog niche list of top money making blogs let me yell out one big secret for you! 

Help People! 

The more you help people (i,e your readers, your audience) the more your will succeed. We do truly live in a world of giving. The more you give the more you get! 

Believe it!. 

It is darn well freaking key to your success and the difference between 'sippin' that pinya colada pool side in the tropics and the dole queue awaiting government hand outs!. 

If you truly know your niche you will easily tap into what the problems are that "your people" are facing.

Help people with their problems, truly heart felt helping them and they will not only love you for it - you will gain their respect and trust. 

And guess freaking what?

They will happily buy from you or buy something based on your recommendation and advice....in all probability they will tell their friends vocally and/or digitally about your great site and how it helped them to lose weight/look younger/learn something new/save money/make money...

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Finding problems in any niche is easy. Just head on over to AnswerThePublic and play around a little bit and enter some search terms related to your niche of choice. 

Types Of Blogs That Make Money

Word Wheel Of Keto Diet And Keywords for the niche

You can see from the image above the power and potency of the answer the public tool. Other ways of finding out what your audiences pain points are involve a bit of eavesdropping! 

Join facebook groups related to your niche and "listen in" and take note of what peoples problem points are. This is going to make for great helpful content. Quora, Yahoo Answers and niche related forums are sources of great information and help. 

Hang out and spy on 'em!.

Here is another big secret..

Top Money Making Blog Give Their Reader What They Want!

This follows on fluidly from helping your potential audience with their problems, as that is a genuine "something" that they want - a solution to their problems. 

In many cases and niches your crowd really desire to become a better version of who the are. If you show them how to be more attractive, more desirable, more popular, a better parent, cook, wife, partner or better in some aspect be it at a sport, saving money, or have that body they have always dreamed of having...they will listen up and tune in to what you have to say. 

Give 'em what they want! 

Now lets get right down to the nitty grity, the bare bones of this article and give you some examples of blogs that make money. 

Examples Of Blogs That Make Money

First and foremost lets clarify all types of blogs have the potential of making money and good job quittin' money at that!. From here on in I am going to be talking about the Types Of Blogs That Make The Most Money.

  • Make Money Online Blogs

This one, the obvious elephant in the room. It is no accident that blogs of this nature are incredibly popular, and they do have a tendency to make a lot of money. 

It is though, a very competitive niche to be in. I say this not to discourage you but to let you know that this is a tough nut to crack but once you do, six figure income is a very real possibility and can be done is 2 to 3 years as long as you keep at it with dogged determination. 

Problem Faced By Your Audience: Your audience may be suffering financial hardship and thus have a real need to make more money. In all probability the have seen and heard it all before and seen all that crazy "will make fifity grand by 8am tomorrow morning" kind bullsh*t. 

Effective Approach: Warn them of known scams, investigate those shady looking products and sites and warn your readers about them. Offer Only products that YOU KNOW work i.e genuine real ways to make money that do work and proven to do so long term and sustainably. 

Here you are effectively  helping to solve their problem of hardship by offering proven solutions and saving them from scams. You are giving them what the want and need. 

Problems You Might Face: As I said, this is a tough niche in general, it might take you a bit longer to make your breakthrough, plus outing scams is not going to make you popular digitally speaking! Be thick skinned about it, you are doing a good thing by saving people from being scammed, which is good karma for you!. 

Monetization Strategy: Predominantly Affiliate sales and other CPA methods. Once you have some good traffic (1,000 visitors daily) you can start using display ads and perhaps your own products. Get particularly popular and you can sell advertising space on your site. 

Types Of Blogs That Make Money
  • Work From Home Blogs

In my humble opinion this type of blog is a sub-niche of what we have already mentioned with the genuine exception and targeting a very different audience. 

This kind of person is NOT seeking to run their own business online and simply want to be paid for doing some work at home. This is a very large sub niche and is a busy one, in fact most niches and sub niches in this making or earning money area are pretty crowded. 

There are plenty of jobs that people are doing online these day which range from customer support to full on web design, consultancy, teaching, graphic design and all kinds of freelancing and data entry.

Problems Faced by Your Audience: They need more money and have financial woes that need fixing. Some genuinely have no real issues in this area and just want to work remotely and from home with the luxury and semi freedom that provides. 

Effective Approach: Genuinely teach and show they where and how they can pick up skills that allow them to work for themselves from the comfort of their own home. Show them real options that they may not know of. 

Problems You Might Face: It's a busy niche and some that don't quite have a desired skill that is applicable online or for working from home may not be willing to learn or make that change.

There are few affiliate opportunities here as a "work from home job agency" commissions may be limited to education based courses teaching people a skill that can be applied online or in the work from home area. 

Monetization Strategy:  Affiliate opportunities do exist in the form of educating people to pick up a skill such as Teaching English As A Foreign Language, computer programming, graphic design and many other such jobs that can help your reader to become effective work from home employees and freelancers.

You can also earn good money from display adverts as this kind of site tends to be high traffic. 

You own products such as a work from home guide or ebook of opportunities available remain a succinct possibility but would in all probability make for a better lead magnet, a giveaway freebie to get people to subscribe to your email list. 

A very niche subniche of this is work from home mom and work from home dads. 

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  • Save Money Blogs Are Top Money Making Blogs!

Yep! Make moolah and save moolah! either way the end result is people want and will have more money. Besides, who really and genuinely wants to pay over the odds for something they can get cheaper?. 

There are an abundance of opportunities to be thrifty here - heck Martin Lewis of Money Saving expert made over a $100m bucks when he sold Money Saving Expert.

While I don't advise you go toe-toe with such huge sites there is plenty of opportunity and money to made and saved in frugal living niche. 

Problem Faced By Your Audience: As indicated in the previous two niches the problem is financed based or a lack of. This particular group want to save money so they have more or indeed get a better deal. 

Problems You Might Face: If you are running a coupon based site it might take a bit of work updating coupon codes site wide, particularly when special seasonal offers appear. This is easily solved by keeping a spread sheet like google sheets with a record of where you have your coupon codes.  

A lot of work in this niche as new offers an available all the time, this is a good thing - you will never be in shortage when it comes down to content creation. 


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Monetization Strategy: Plenty of moolah to made in this area. As mentioned coupons are great ideas. Do grab your visitors email in exchange for the coupon code it is a pretty straight up deal and you can market to them over and over again. 

There is no particular affiliate product as such available but when some does make a purchase using your discount code you earn a commission. Don't ignore other channels of monetisation such as display ads.

I am a big advocate of multiple methods of monetization to ensure the longevity of your business. 

Good idea for this particular market is to niche down and get more specific and exact. Getting a more targeted audience will help you to succeed quicker.

Such ideas can include "Frugal Student" Car insurance deals, Life insurance, Single mom, single parent, Young and single, travel. You are very much unlimited here, only by your own imagination. 

Types Of Blogs That Make Money 2

You build a money saving frugal living blog or one related to investing and growing savings

  • Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs make a TON of money and is a fine outstanding example of blog that make the most money alongside beauty blogs, which I'll get to later. 

Everyone needs to buy and wear clothes and women, as well as metrosexuals love to be up to date when it comes being trendy!. 

Problems Faced By Your Audience: No real problems other than something superficial!. Nothing a wardrobe make over won't fix!. 

Problems You Might Face: I don't see much difficulty in this niche, other than being fast paced and ever changing. This niche is very visual, this content should be easier and quicker to put together. Do make sure you have permission to use the visuals.

High quality images will slow down your site, slow load times will effect your Google rankings negatively. You will need a good host and to use Ewww ExactDN ($9/month) to host your quality images off site and speed up your load times. It will pay for itself in earnings. 

Monetization Strategy: There are plenty of affiliate programs to get and keep you going, also display advertising opportunities. Hit the big time become well known and you can seek out and pitch for brand endorsements and partnerships. Some pay huge amounts (like 7 figures yearly huge!). 

Fashion blogs are great and get tons of traffic. You can be generic or niche down and specialise also. If you are into fashion this can be a very fun niche. 

  • Beauty Blogs 

Like fashion blogs, beauty blogs have tremendous potential when you do it brilliantly, and with the right training I am confident that you can. 

Naturally speaking this type of blog is highly visual and tutorial based so lot of "How To" content is going to rock this one. And that, teaching something is helping your audience and they will love you for it. 

Problems Faced By Your Audience: No particular problem is being faced by this audience, the want to be beautiful and look more beautiful. Helping them to do and use a particular make up style will help them a lot. 

Problems You Might Face: This is a very full on visual niche and YouTube would work brilliantly here, you will need proper lightening and cameras to help your audience to properly see your make up technique results. A good camera for photos will be needed too, particularly as your site grows in popularity. 

Monetisation Strategy: There an abundance of affiliate products and programs and like Fashion blogging you can when you have a lot of traffic seek out brand partnerships opportunities. 

  • Mom Blogs, Mommy Blogging

Mom blogs are huge and mommy blogging is one of those perennial popular niches as mom's from all over the globe seek information on how to be a better parent and how to best raise their children. 

And rightly so, who doesn't want to be a great parent?.

Problems Faced By Your Audience: This kind of audience have all sorts of problems from potty training their kids to teaching how to read and walk to behavioural issues, financial woes and lets face it being a mom is a full time never ending job! 

Stress, strain and just dealing with life in general and having no "me" time between looking after children and home and not forgetting their husbands/partners. Cooking, making great meals. Keeping kids entertained..heck getting kids to eat can be a task, let alone behave well!. 

There are plenty of problems faced by your audience here and that is great because it means you have plenty of content to create and plenty of ways to help them!. 

Problems You Might Face: Actually having a large "to do" list to get to the point where you are proud of your blog can seem over whelming - trust me I have been there in some niches!. A very general and generic mommy blog might be a bit tough to crack.

Thankfully you can niche down and make very targeted mommy blogs for a very targeted audience. Muslim Mommy, Christian Mommy, Jewish Mommy, are good as all these have their own differing lifestyles, cultural issues and things that can be discussed on your site. 

Vegan mommy, single mom, green mommy, Money Saving Mommy (combines 2 niches) work at home mom (combines 2 niches also).  Or you can get specific as to the age range of your kiddies, such as toddler, baby, teen and so on. 

These are only a few ideas. 

Monetization Strategy: There are plenty of affiliate opportunities in this niche as well as ample display advertising companies that pay very well!. Done well you can become a rather popular brand, the potential of brand ambassadorship does exist.  

Mommy blogs you can consider as lifestyle blogs for mom's. 

  • Lifestyle Blogs

Having skirted around mentioning lifestyle blogs by detailing fashion, beauty and mommy blogs. Lifestyle Blogs, very much popularised by "IT girls" and social media influencers. 

These blogs tend to have no actual set topic as such. But do note that they don't just blog about anything and everything under the sun.

Each lifestyle blog will have their own topics that the site owner writes about and they tend to be an amalgamation of 2-4 topics that the site owner is interested in. 


  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food, Cooking
  • Healthy, Healthy Living
  • Sport, Fitness. 
  • Technology
  • Green Living
  • Parenting
  • Self Development, Self Improvement

This is by no means an extensive list. 

Problems Faced By Your Audience: Readers of lifestyle blogs will be seeking not only answers to difficulties faced in various aspects of life related to what your particular lifestyle blog is about. They also seek to be entertained, to fill that gap in their lives. 

Problem You Might Face: Lifestyle blog are really and in all essence running 2,3 even 4 blogs at once, covering all topics can and will seem like a lot of work - because it is!. You may end up spreading yourself too thin in across all areas of what you are covering. 

Start small and then slowly grow into each category. Start out with just two topics and grow into a third and then fourth. This way you will keep good depth and relevance in each of the topics of your lifestyle blog. 

Monetization Strategy: Lifestyle blogs are very "you" focused and thus you most certainly want to make a brand around yourself and your name. It is called personal branding.

This form of branding is far more effective for a lifestyle blog than a generic corporate kind of one and will aid you more when it comes to pitching for brand partnerships. 

In all areas you cover you will find that there are plenty of affiliate opportunities. 

  • Food Blogs

We all need to eat!. But not all of us love to cook!. But those that do are really into cooking. Due to their popularity foodie blogs are traffic magnets!, People are always searching on how to cook something or bake this or that!. 

And thanks to amazon and thrive market foodie bloggers can easily monetise their ingredients list in their recipes. 

Problems Faced By Your Audience: They might not know how to cook a particular dish or style. Your job is to teach them. Or they may not know about certain cookware, teach them what is best. 

Problems You Might Face: I don't foresee any particular major problem in this niche other than perhaps food photography skills to give your blog that extra edge visually speaking. Eventually a good camera to take both great photos and videos will be required as you progress up the ladder. 

Foodie blogs work great when you display what you have made yourself Vs a stock photo. You will do awesome with your own how to cook videos. Thus some video editing skills will help out. 

Monetization Strategies: Think about your recipes and plan them before hand and link to the ingredients on Thrive market and/or amazon. You can film and sell your own speciality cooking course online. Other opportunities include reviewing cooking equipment. 

Healthy cooking, Vegan diet, Paleo, baking, kids meals, 10 min easy cook meals, desserts, starters and all sorts of cuisines and cooking styles are ways of niching down on the foodie niche. 

  • Travel Blogs

Travel blogs make money! A lot of money!. I know, because I have one!. Besides, these globe trotting travel bloggers pay for their flights, hotels and living somehow right?

Got it!. 

I'll be honest with you here...travel blogging is fun, that is fun with a capital "F". 

Problems Faced By Your Audience: Not so much a problem based niche but they want to know about a specific place or location, where to stay and what to do. One such problem for some will be that they want to be travel bloggers too - teach them!. 

Problems You Might Face: Starting out if you are not already "on the road and travelling" around might be a bit hard to convince your audience that you genuinely know about a particular location first hand. It can be done. Start out with your local and places you have been to. 

Monetization Strategy: You can gain affiliate commissions from a variety of online hotel booking agencies like agoda based on your recommendations. Also recommend travel gear and write your own guides first hand - which will probably be preferred as they will be in PDF format Vs regular books which take up space and weight allowance.

  • Self Development

Everyone in some aspect is into self improvement. Who does not want to see a better version of themselves, be more confident, more out going, more positive, more successful and more inspired? 

Running this kind of blog I imagine can be very vibrant, upbeat and uplifting both for yourself and your audience. 

Problems Faced By Your Audience: They lack a skill or an ability and are looking for you to help them with it. 

Problems You May Face: I don't see any great difficulty in this field other than possibly over extending yourself and trying to be everything to everyone. Select a specific are of self development and stick to it. 

Monetization Strategies: There plenty of affiliate programs available as well as display advertising. Also, you can become a certified life coach and charge for your sessions by skype and make your own digital self help products. 

  • Health And Fitness

Everyone want to be healthy, fit and in shape. Which makes for a highly profitable blogging niche. Personally I have not 1 but 2 blogs in this area. For me, I just love writing about all aspects of natural health, I not only find it interesting but fun also.

Problems Faced By Your Audience: You audience may be out of shape and wanting to get in shape. Or they are superfit and want to be fitter. Also want to get information regarding health issues. 

Problems You May Face: Health is a very tough niche to be in and even more difficult post Google Medic update, this I can personally testify of. You will have to comply fully with E-A-T and earn high scores in all 3 areas. of Expertise, Authority and Trust. 

Monetization Strategy: For health sites affiliate marketing is a good option here, fitness based you can offer your own consulting and coaching services. 

Types Of Blogs That Make Money - The Conclusion

Stop asking what blogs make money. All blogs when done in the right way have the potential to earn you good bucks online. Quit the "what should I write about?" kind of questions and Think about your audience and what problems they are facing and how you can solve them better than anyone else can or is currently doing. 

When you can do that, you are walking to the bank with a wheelbarrow to collect your cash!. 

Once you have this clear in your mind go out and invest in some training and learn how to start a blog and set it up the right way for long term success. 

Note that I didn't say "go buy some course about blogging and learn how to blog". There is a big difference between spending your money and investing in your future. 

Invest one week of your time and take part in my Free 7 day blogging e-course and find out if blogging is for you or not, and how you can set up your site for sustainable success long term.

Which of these types of blog did you like the best? which one are you most interested in blogging about?

Comment below!.

To Your Success And Blogging Best. 


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