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Is Market Hero A Scam? [Unbiased Review]

Is Market Hero A Scam

"Is Market Hero A Scam?" - If you have the question running around your mind you are probably asking yourself "Is Alex Becker A Scam?" also. 

I have about 60 seconds to grab your attention and the clock is ticking away, so let's get right to it!. 

This is a completely honest and unbiased review, I am not connected to Alex, his company or Market Hero in any way at all. 

You won't get any pushy talk or singing from the mountains about Mr Becker from me at all. 

Instead, you will get a high quality detailed review that will leave you much better informed about both Alex Becker and Market Hero.

Before I get down to it...

If you are sick and tired of scams and looking for a proven way of Making Money Check Out My #1 Recommended Program!.

Are you ready to rock and roll and find out if Market Hero Is A Scam Or Legit? 

Then keep reading!.

Market Hero Review 

Product: Market Hero

Founder(s): Alex Becker

Product Category: Email Autoresponder Service

Price: From US$19 To US$950 Per month depending on the size of your list

Best For: Digital Marketers of all categories seeking to augment their revenue by means of email marketing. 

Market Hero Review

Summary: Market Hero is an incredibly well thought out product by a well known marketer that knows exactly what marketers and business owners are looking for and need for their businesses to get more sales.

Although Market Hero can be use by all types of online businesses eCommerce users using Shopify, Samcart and Clickfunnels will benefit the most out of it. 

Rating: 95/100

Recommended: Yes!. 

Because You KNOW You Deserve A Better Life. The Question Is: Will You Step Up And MAKE IT Happen?!?


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Is Builderall A Scam? A Must Read Before You Join!

Is Builderall A Scam

Welcome To My Review Of Builderall!

I have been wondering and asking myself "Is Builderall A Scam?" after a very trusted marketer friend that used to swear blind that this product is awesome...only to drop it like a hot brick a few months later!. 

With my friend remaining tight lipped and saying not a word. I just had to dive down, investigate and detail Builderall in an impartial facts based manner that will help you to decide if Builder all is for you or not. 

Before I get started...

If you are sick and tired of online scams and looking for a genuine way of making money Test Drive My #1 Recommended Program For FREE!.

Ready to learn all you can and deep insight into Builderall

Then keep reading!. 

Builderall Review 

Product Name: Builderall

Founder(s): Erick Salgado

Product Type: 

Price: US$29.90 Per Month For Essential Plan, US$69.90 Per Month Premium

Best For: Builderall is good for digital marketers of all genres. Not ideal for complete newbies. 

Builderall Review

Summary: Builderall has an impressive list of tools that and a simply outstanding funnel builder that can help you to start getting more leads for your business. If you are not tech minded like I am it might take a bit to get your mind around it, still easy to use. Not ideal for complete newbies though. 

Rating: 85/100

Recommended: Yes. Builderall has a good set of tools that are could help you to take your business to the next level. 

Because You KNOW You Deserve A Better Life. The Question Is: Will You Step Up And MAKE IT Happen?!?


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Jaaxy Review – Keeping You Ahead Of Rivals!

Jaaxy Review

Welcome To My Review Of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool!

If you are looking for an open and honest Jaaxy Review that will teach you and share some killer keyword research tips with you, then you have come to the right place!. 


This review is loaded with keyword research techniques that will explode both your keyword research skills and your ability to rank your site and get free organic traffic to your website. 

This is deep and detailed. So, go grab a coffee, a pen and paper and bookmark this page.

I have zero doubts  you will want to come back to this article and revise what you have learned. 

This is a review of a keyword research tool and master class tutorial in keyword research all in one. 

Are you ready to pick up some keyword research tips!. 


Let's get going!. 

Jaaxy Review 

Product: Jaaxy Keyword research Tool

Founder(s): Carson Lim And Kyle Loudoun

Product Type: Keyword Research Tool

Price: Free Trial (Limited to 30 searches) US$49 per month for Jaaxy Pro, US$99 for Jaaxy Enterprise

Best For: Bloggers, Content Marketers. Freelancers, Affiliate Marketers, SEO Specialists and Niche Site Marketers.

Jaaxy Review

Summary: Jaaxy nails it when it comes to finding unique and excellent long tail keywords with many of the keywords being thrown up good LSI keywords that you can use as well. 

You will find Jaaxy to be great for buyer intent and informational based keywords. Get Jaaxy For Free and follow along with this tutorial.

At it's core Jaaxy is a powerful SEO tool that comes with everything except backlink analysis. 

Rating: 96/100

Recommended: Yes 

Because You KNOW You Deserve A Better Life. The Question Is: Will You Step Up And MAKE IT Happen?!?


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Convertkit Review! Can Convertkit Get You More Opens?

ConvertKit Review Featured

Looking for an Honest Convertkit Review?

Let me ask you a quick question first! 

Do you know what the most important thing about email marketing is?

It's not "building your list" - that comes later!. It is using the right and most effective tools.

Imagine you are using the wrong one and getting only a 30% open rate or a mere 6% Click Through Rate?.

How much more money would you make if those stats were improved slightly to 50%+ and 9% CTR? Buckets of cash right? and ton more traffic to your blog posts (an thus better organic rankings as a spin off!), not to mention a more joyful zest and smile as you start planning your email the sweet sound of Kaching!. 

Let's see if this is possible with Convertkit in this Convertkit Review!

Convertkit Review

 Product: Convertkit Autoresponder

 Founder: Nathan Barry

 Product Type: Autoresponder service   specifically aimed for blogger and content   marketing professionals. 

 Price: $29 For Up To 1,000 subscribers;   $49 For Up To 3,000 Subscriber and $79   For Up To 5,000 Email Subscribers, More   upon application.

 Best For: Bloggers, YouTubers,     Podcasters, Content Marketers and     Affiliate Marketing  Professionals Seeking  To Get More Out Of Their Email   Marketing Campaigns. 

 My Rating: 9.8/10

 Recommended: Yes

Convertkit ReviewConvertkit Review

Convertkits Quick Summary

Convertkit autoresponder is a tool that can and will help you to achieve two things:

  • More Opens
  • More Active & Responsive List. 

This means more money for you and being able to do it more efficiently means more free time! 

Because You Know You Can Make More Money Thanks To Better Open Rates And Improved Conversions! The Questions Is: Do You Want More Money For The Same Amount Of Work?!?

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Jaaxy – The Best Free Keyword Tool For Dominating Search [Updated]

The Best Free Keyword Tool

Looking for The Best Free Keyword Tool?. 

I'm sure you have heard all about Wealthy Affiliate. Seen Sites everywhere on the net banging on about Wealthy Affiliate this, wealthy Affiliate that!. 

But why do Wealthy Affiliate Members Dominate Search Engine Rankings Positions?

I'll tell you why in a moment!. 

First allow me to politely and cordially welcome you to my site, where I will reveal just one of the secret ingredients to Wealthy Affiliate's secret sauce

First a quick overview of that little secret ingredient - The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

And keep reading to the end for an absolute master class in Keyword Research and how to dominate search engine ranking like a pro!.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Product Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Founder(s): Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim

Product Type: Keyword Research Tool

Price: Get 30 Searches For Free!

Best For: Affiliate & Content Marketers Of All Levels That Are Seeking To Dominate Search Engine Rankings

The Best Free Keyword Tool

Summary: Jaaxy, is a cutting edge keyword research tool made by marketer for Marketers. When using any Keyword research tool, regardless of which one don't fall into the "low competition" trap as I demonstrate the fallacy and show you how to avoid that. 

Apply the techniques that I teach you and you will dominate search like a marketing ninja!. 

Rating: 98/100

Recommended: Yes 

Because Awesome Keywords Are Waiting To Be Discovered! The Question Is: Do You Want To Dominate Search?!?


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How To Transfer Web Hosting From One Company To Another

How To Transfer Web Hosting From One Company To Another Featured

So, you are unhappy with your current host or have found a better one and want to know How To Transfer Web Hosting From One Company To Another, thankfully for you, this is exactly what I am going to show you how to do in a so “simple your grandmother can follow” step by step guide.

Firstly, are you absolutely sure you have the right and best host that you want to transfer your site?

If you want to Move A WordPress Site To A New Host you really ought to read to the very end of this article as I’ll show you what I consider to be world class WordPress hosting where you can get to host up to 25 of your own domains.

 With no further ado, let’s crack on and learn How To Move Your Website To A New Host

Super fast hosting is Important in regards to your site site speed and performance. Keep this in mind when choosing your #WebHost #BloggingTips

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There is nothing scary or intimidating when it comes to Website Migration, even for the non-tech minded (like me!) amongst us!.

And for those of you that are not using WordPress but do want and need to Migrate A Website To WordPress, I have included a little section to help you do just that.

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Cheapest Way To Buy A Domain Name – And Get Affiliate Marketing Training!

Cheapest Way To Buy A Domain Name Featured

So, you are looking for the Cheapest Way To Buy A Domain Name! That is great! And I don't blame ya - who, just who - does n't like to save a few pennies here and there while bootstrapping and building their business online? 

But, be warned! 

The cheapest does not always mean the best! And like wise, the cheapest does not always mean compromising on quality.

Keep that in mind when you are looking for the Cheapest Place To Buy A Domain Name. 

The Cheapest Way To Buy A Domain Name #Hosting #BloggingTips

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The Cheapest Way To Get A Domain Name and perhaps by far the most convenient way is to buy your domain name in conjunction with hosting. 

This is something that is commonly, very commonly offered by domain name registrars. If you are just starting out online with your blog or website this is something that you just can't go wrong with. 

Similarly, if you are brand new to niche site marketing or affiliate marketing and indeed blogging in general you simply won't go wrong with on particular or peculiar company that is a domain name registrar in its own right, a hosting company and offers you training, affiliate marketing training - the very best in my opinion and all the tools to get you properly started, on the right track and a good step ahead of the competition!. 

BOX OUT: The Absolute Essentials That You Will Need For Starting A Blog Today!

  • Join My 7 Day Free Course and discover all that you need to know to build a successful blog!
  • Sign up for A Free Account With They Guy's that taught me! And Get Full Success Coaching And Assistance from me!.
  • If you plan on building an email list And Properly Owning Your Traffic, start a free trial of ConvertKit

What Is The Cheapest Way To Buy A Domain Name?

Who are my top choices for domains and hosting and just who is this "mysterious" company that offers domain names, world class affiliate marketing training and super fast hosting? 

Keep reading to find out!. 

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The Wealthy Affiliate Review! [UPDATED] Can You Really Earn Some Big $$$$ From This Program?

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

In this article, The Wealthy Affiliate Review, I am going to review a rather popular and well known affiliate marketing training platform and program that in no doubt you have probably heard of already.

It is indeed a blogging or blogger training where it teaches you how to make money using blogging and WordPress as the content management system.

From the very beginning, I want to make it clear to you that I am a member and have been so for a few years and thus this review is from an insiders perspective.

One Of The Top Keys To Online Success Is Getting The Right Training. #Blogging #Blogger

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 I will, of course, be as honest and balanced as I can with you as I present you with this honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

What are my thoughts? Is it ideal for you or not?

Grab a coffee, pull up a chair 'cos this is the most in depth analysis and review of Wealthy Affiliate that you will see anywhere online!.

You can consider this also as a blueprint to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate as I share some real golden nuggets, information, advice and tips in regards to online marketing and niche site marketing and SEO throughout this informative, helpful value driven and extensive review!.

Go grab that coffee and keep reading!.

....And Keep your eyes open for those outstanding tips and techniques!. 

THE Wealthy Affiliate Review

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founders: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim, both are from British Colombia, Canada,  

Product Type: Blogger & Affiliate Marketing Training With A Thriving Community Of Successful Bloggers And Webpreneurs

Price: Free Starter Membership & Premium Membership (US$49/month or US$495/year).

Best For: Individuals Seeking Top Quality Blogger And Affiliate Marketing Training. 

My Rating: 98/100

Wealthy Affiliate Review
Who Is It For?: Wealthy Affiliate is a content marketing and blogging training platform that is ideal for newbies and expert marketers alike.

Beginners will learn exactly what is required and needed to succeed online and build a sustainable business online. 

Experts (and newbies too) will benefit from the rather helpful and handy forum area where it is more like a hangout for webpreneurs or a social network for those who are dedicated to and interested in earning money online.

Additional Information: Wealthy Affiliate comes fully equipped with all the tools that you need to succeed, from training to hosting, to keyword research tool to live weekly webinars, live chat and a very proactive community that is well on the way to 2 million members worldwide!

Because MORE MONEY IS Waiting For You. The Question Is: WILL YOU TAKE IT?!?


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