How To Make Money With A Blog The Blueprint To Online Success!

So you are wondering and are curious about learning How To Make Money With A Blog, that's great! And I am absolutely delighted that you have taken the steps to join the blogging community.


Do you know what the most difficult part of starting a blog is? 

It not the lack of information out there - there is a ton of information how to make money with a blog.

 It is weeding through the bucket load of info by "wanna be" bloggers that are not making a dime and stuff that simply does not work or the sites that put forward great or risky techniques that put you in line for a google penalty and then crying due to a lost business a few months or years down the line!.

Don't want to wast your precious time and energy on strategies that put you at risk and keep reading this article if you really want to know how to make money with a blog the right way and don't risk a google penalty!

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How To Make Money With A Blog - Getting Started 

  •  You Are Building A Business Not A Blog!

When it comes to starting a blog keep it at the fore front of your mind that you are building a business and establishing a brand. 

That is the mind set for a very reason - it helps to keep you much more focused and more serious about what you are doing and what the objective is - to start a blog and make money!

This I say, takes time effort, a heck of a lot of hard work and a dash of patience and a lot of persistence!. I am sure that you know and heard the phrase about persistence paying off - in the case of starting a blog to make money that persistence might just end up paying off your mortgage!

How To Make Money With A Blog

 How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

Pretty good question to begin with. Now, I am not going to tell you that you are going to earn $10,000 in the next 3 hours, 3 days, 3 week or even 3 months. 

We have all seen those crazy hyped up scams and programs making those wild claims. What I am going to tell you is that with consistent effort over a prolonged period of time you will make money.

Blogging is very much about building a sustainable and profitable business online.  

How much you business earns is entirely dependent of a number of factors so I actually can't say how much or give you and exact figure.

All I know is that with a determined effort and consistently working on growing your business and brand is that you will make money. 

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Some people do hit some really big numbers like 5 figures per month, usually it is within 3 years some do it in as little as 2 years.

By your second or third year you could very well be earning enough money from your blog for you to give up the day job and work on your site full time. 

If you are determined, really determined to do what it takes no matter what and build out a blog and an online presence and have the will power to spend just a couple of years of your life doing something that many folks won't do you will live out a life that they simply can't! then keep reading!

Everything comes at a price and a cost, or as Oscar Wilde put it "The price of everything and the cost of nothing" 

"The price of everything and the cost of nothing" Oscar Wilde The price we pay is working hard, the reward is a kick ass blog #BloggingTips

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The cost is time - about 2 or 3 years of your life in exchange for real freedom.

Doing what you want from the minute you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow!.

Waking up naturally and alarm clock free is one of the great benefits that I have enjoyed since 2009! I do believe there is a lovely health benefit that comes with that! - not to mention no boss or work colleagues to stress me out!. 

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The only time I every hear an alarm clock is when I have an early morning flight to catch!. 

Are you read you for some hard work? 

And some real freedom?

Let's begin shall we?  

(Be sure to bookmark this as this is going to be one long read, and in depth due to the detail and help that I wish to give. I hope you enjoy reading this every bit as much as I love creating and writing it). 

How To Make Money With Blogging

There is a lot of money to be made online, for me the real prize is freedom, real freedom. 

What To Blog About To Make Money?

When it comes down to choosing what to blog about it requires a lot of though, deep thought and in some cases a lot of research using big data or software tools that can and will mine out that data for you. 

Sometimes that software is available for free. And you should n't let the words "big data" intimidate you. Heck...performing a simple search on google, something you have done a squillion times before is mining big data to find the information that you need and are looking for. 

You really should wait, give a lot of thought into what you want to blog about because you are going to spend a lot of time in that subject and topic area as you are in all essence and meaning of the word building a business around it. 

I recommend And Suggest that you bookmark this guide and article (Ctrl +D) so that you can come back to it and start reading where you left off and not miss out on any of the awesome tips and techniques 

Better still, take a few seconds to sign up for my 7 day 100% Free E-course on blogging and you will get absolutely everything you need to succeed delivered via email over the next week!

And although money should be the last thing on your mind right now as you make that a bi-product of all your efforts you and to know a few key signals that indicate that there is money to be made for what you are going to blog about. 

In short, you have to find your niche, the market or much better still the submarket in which you are going to operate. The very topic of your blog. 

How To Find Your Niche Market

First and foremost a niche is simply a sub market, a particular sector or segment of any given market. 

Here are a few examples: 

Market: Running shoes, trainers. 

Niche(s): Running shoes for children, Men's running shoes, Nike Running shoes, Addidas Basketball shoes for men (or women), heck even Addidas basket Ball shoes for children. 

Market: Laptops

Niche(s): particular product sectors, Gaming Laptops, Gaming laptops under a certain price (or screen size) Business laptops, business laptops of a specific size and price range. Laptops for students of a specific price range, laptops by a specific manufacturer and chrome books!

This is something to be very super clear about because other wise you may be selecting a market which is crowded, very busy and very competitive.

Selecting a niche, or sub sector of the same market reduces your competition sometime quite significantly and has the additional benefit for you and your blog becoming even more targeted, leading a more loyal following. 

One of the most important aspects of finding your niche market is to make sure that it is a perennial evergreen niche and subject that has the potential to earn you money year round and year after year. 

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I have nothing against fads - just understand that money is made only during a limited period of time, the so called window of opportunity.

Widget spinners made a ton of money for some bloggers a few years back, but now? hmm still kinda "so-so" money wise and dieing down quickly. 

Seasonal niches are great and I do have some that balance each other out and ensure a year round income with only two short gaps of low income. Those are outdoor space heaters and portable aircon units.

I can get away with it because I have many sites in different areas and I am essentially speaking not exactly relying on those sites to make me a living. Sure they pad out my pension fund!. Which is kinda nice! 

My point is you don't want to build a specific site that earn money only for 4 or 6 month of the year.

Most certainly not to start out with, maybe later you may be interested in a seasonal niche.

Earn Money Online
  • What Is An Evergreen Niche?

Essentially speaking it is a market that never goes out of fashion or suffers seasonal trends. There many such examples of evergreen niches including website hosting, health, beauty, music, travel, DIY, home security, and so on. 

Non evergreen niches tend to be seasonal or fads such as beach ware, winter heaters, widget spinners, tamagochi's (oh god remember them? - giving my age away here!) July 4th deals, Black Friday/cyber Monday deals. 

This, just for the record is not to say that you should avoid seasonal niches, best you not go for these as the very first site that you make. 

Finding Your Niche In 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1 Identify Your Passions, Interests And Hobbies

This is perhaps the easiest of all the tasks in niche research and identifying your blogging niche.  You have probably done this several times before!.

 Grab a note pad and pen, or fire open a google doc's document and start making a list of a dozen things that get your pumping, your juices flowing. Stuff you are passionate about, be it yoga, cooking, sports, parenting, playing a certain instrument - hell even coding and computer programming! 

Do it now, do it right away! 

This is an important step, probably singularly the most important in your journey online. I am not going to a fluffy story about blogging being all rainbows, unicorns and sunshine - it's not!. Just like any business it is not easy and it is hard work. 

At some point it is going to test you. It is going to throw you a curve ball. If you are blogging in a niche that you are not passionate about or interested in your chances of quitting and throwing in the towel dramatically increase. 

Even more so if it is your very first blog!. 

This is not to say that the niche you choose has to be an "absolutely perfect fit oh my god I was born to do this" kind of niche.

If you are deeply passionate about your blog and what you are blogging about your chances of sticking with it greatly increase. 


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If and when you don't particularly care about the subject matter of your site, the chances are rather high that you won't have that drive, determination and motivation to keep going and persevere, especially when you encounter difficult times on your road to success!. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you discover what you are passionate about.

  • What do you do in your free time? How do you like to spend it?.
  • What organisations, clubs or associations are you a member of? Is there something, a particular topic or subject that you have always wanted to learn about?
  • Do subscribe to any magazines or online membership sites? Which ones?. 
  • Where do you spend your spare money (if any!) and what on? Are you passionate about a particular product or brand.

Step 2 Identify Some Problems That You Could Solve In Your Potential Niche Area

With that list of a dozen or so topics ready from step 1 above, you can now begin to drill down and home in on your list of potential niche site ideas. 

Part of creating a business that is profitable you need to identify some potential problems that your target audience, the potential readers of your blog are undergoing or experiencing and present them with viable quality solutions. 

This is not as difficult as it seems, its in fact very easy. The solutions already exist, present it to them. 

Example, your crowd loves cooking and exotic Asian food but just doesn't know how to make it. Solution, present to them an option of viable cooking courses or classes that they can take online and you can get a commission for the sale. 

Example, you are in the family beach holiday niche, problem chidren's sunburn. Solution, recommend some quality and viable high SPF clothing for the children.  

See how easy that is?

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Here are some cool ways that can help you to identify specific problems that your potential audience are actually experiencing. 

  • Visit Question related sites like Yahoo Answers And Quora and see what pertaining questions your target audience is asking. Do  they have and specific pertaining problems? What questions are they asking? 
  • Check Out "AnswerThePublic" and enter your search terms related to your niche and check out the results and note them down. These are real questions being entered into search engines by your target audience. It is what they are searching for! Give them the information that they are seeking.
  • Do a social media investigation! join some groups and listen in and see if there is any specific chatter going on in regards to problematic areas that need resolving.
Answer The Public Drone Search

An Answer The Public Search For the Drone Niche - Can you see some problems that need to addressing and resolved there?

  • Step 3 Competitor Research!

Competition is a great thing! And it is not something that you should fear! The fact that there are plenty of websites in the drone niche or a ton of fashion and beauty blogs (or of whatever sector!) is a very good sign that you have selected a niche market that is profitable and there is plenty of money to be made. 

Make a spreadsheet and make note of all your potential competitors. You'll be analysing them and potentially collaborating with them as you leverage each others following in the future. 

It is pretty easy to find competing sites, perhaps you have seen a few already. If not..just head over to google and type in "best +your niche +blogs" replacing "your niche" with the name of the niche that you are interested in. 

Warning! - F.O.M.O ALERT!

Fear Of Missing Out On Taking My FREE 7 Day Blogging Course May Lead To You A Melancholic State Of Infinite Sadness Due To Missing Out On The Opportunity To Change Your Life For Ever And For The Better, Leaving You With The Eternal State Of Mind Thinking "What If I Actually Built That Darn Blog!" 

With that list of competing blogs and websites have a proper good look at your competition! Is there something you can do better? can you address the niche from a different or unique angle? is there something they are not doing (or covering) that you can? 

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Short content of less than 1000 words. Short content tends to lack depth and detail. Perhaps you already noticed that. It also tends to rank less well in search engines (but not always!) and is indicative of a poor user experience. Readers tend to spend less time on site, which indicates that to google. 
  • Low Quality Content. As it suggests you are looking for a general lack of quality in the content, in terms of the information presented - which can be a long or short article. Poorly written and bad grammar are not an issue at all, unless it is god awful, Many bloggers are not writing in their native language and, besides it is not an English language competition. You are looking low for that lack of quality within the article. Perhaps the actual information is inaccurate or outdated. 
  • Poorly Structured Site. Can you navigate the site easily or are you having problems? Is the menu poorly structured with poor topic or subtopic categories? 
  • Poorly Designed Site. Is it poorly designed ugly or a bland site is it covered in ads everywhere and/or annoying popups? Or is it crisp clean and beautiful?
  • Does It Load Slowly? A slow site speed is a big turn off for readers. 

Those are only a few pointers for what to look for in a low quality site, you will develop that skill in time.

Other things to look for include checking their content if they are actually addressing problems that their readers are actually experiencing.

Finding Your Niche Competitor Research

You gotta go that extra step and study the competition! It is an important step and well worth the effort

  • Step 4 Are There Products To Promote Online?

This is perhaps one of the more logical steps of affiliate marketing and blogging is finding if you actually have some products to promote in a given niche. 

However, promoting other peoples products in exchange for a direct commission is not obliged and is not the only method of monetising your blog.

You can go down the route of a membership site, creating your own physical or digital products. And there there are is the selling of ad space. 

All of which can be done integrated with each other, but the vast majority of blogs and blogging is monetised by means of affiliate marketing.

Thus you have to find out if there are affiliate programs in your niche. To do that just head over to amazon and type in your niche and some products related to it. 

Generally speaking you want to be finding products that are available on amazon prime, at least $100 in value, rated at 4 stars and above and at least triple figures of product reviewers. 

The reason for this is obvious. You want some nice commissions, a product that is selling well and is highly rated. It makes your job of promoting and recommending it much easier. 

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Side note: Amazon tends to be polemic amongst affiliate marketers due to the low 4.5% commissions (category dependent) and the short 24 hour cookie. In favour of Amazon they do tend to convert better than other affiliate programs due to a high level of consumer trust. 

Also, worthy of note is you get a commission on everything that is purchased, not just the particular product that you promoted. 

How To Make Money With A WordPress Blog

I spy with my little eye some nice commissions to be made in the electric guitar niche!

You can also perform similar searches on Walmart, eBay and other well established online stores that have an affiliate program. 

How To Find Independent Affiliate Programs

Perhaps you could consider it as step 4.5. 

This is much simpler than it sounds and in my opinion it is good business practice to be working with at least 3 different merchants to reduce the vulnerability of your site and increase its diversity. 

To find independent affiliate programs it is as simple as heading over to google and performing a simple search. 

Your niche affiliate program, replacing the words "your niche" with the name of your niche. 

Musical Instrument Affiliate Program

Some example of the affiliate programs available in the musical instrument niche

You can also perform a the same search as above replacing the niche with product making the search Product +Affiliate program 

e.g "Electric Guitar Affiliate Program"

This is pretty much exactly How To Make Money With A Blog! I hope you are enjoying this guide so far. 

  • Step 5 Can This Niche Generate Traffic And Money? 

This step is fairly easy step to perform  search of your niche on statista.com and check out the market worth and how much is being spent online and if it is a growing or steady market or not. 

A simple search on that portal and I was able to find out some fine details in regards to the musical instrument industry being worth $2Bn USD annually and growing by just over 2% per year and online sales accounting for 50% of the sales with it set to rise to 65% over the next few years. 

With that kind of detail you will get to know how viable and how secure your new online business is going to be. 

Remember the devil is in the detail. 

Musical Instruments

Once you established the viability and feasibility of your niche you still need to establish if there your niche has traffic. It is traffic that brings you your revenue. Any website with traffic can be monetised. 

How do we find out if there is traffic for your niche of choice? 

Pretty simple, this is something you ought to know already by means of the work that you have already done. 

  • Is the market sizeable with a large amount of sales being made online? 
  • Are there products on Amazon that have a high number of sales? 
  • What is the social media presence and activity like for the niche? 

Finally, perform a few searches on two unique and free tools. 

Google Trends And Jaaxy

Google Trends Travel Market

Google trends analysis of the Travel niche

From the google trends analysis we can see the stability of a niche over a long period of time. Typically 5 years minimum is best. All niches will have their peaks and troughs for a variety of reasons. 

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool, which will give you 30 free searches. I suggest that you use those some of those free searches to investigate your niche and find out if there is a sufficient number of searches performed in the niche. 

How To Make Money From A Niche

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

  • Avg = the average number of searches performed for a given search term
  • Traffic = The traffic that you could achieve if (and when) you hit page 1 of google

The other columns, I will explain in later, they are of little importance just now. 

As can be seen from the above screen shot there sufficient traffic involving the beauty industry and a demand for beauty blogs.

If you followed this section so far, you have now found your blogging niche. 

Congratulations. Perhaps time for well deserved chill out and relaxation before moving on to the next section and let any content ideas to flow to you naturally. 

Well done you are now well one your way to becoming a blogger 

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Further Reading: 

How To Find A Nice Market Detailed Resource!

Blog Niches That Make Money Analysis of some fun killer niches with actual examples to emulate!.

Making Money With A Blog

Congratulations on your hard work and niche site and niche market research. 

What Is The Best Blogging Platform?

Moving forward now that you have chosen your niche, it is important to select the correct and the best blogging platform for you and your brand new website. 

A good platform is one that is/or:

  • Easy to use!
  • Has no third party ads.
  • Allows for full customisation. 
  • Permits you to have your own ads if you wish to monetise this wasy
  • Allows you to use affiliate links for the generation of revenue. 
  • Is fully brandable aiding you establish your brand. 
  • Can be installed on your own domain (website name) easily - very easily. 
  • Permits you to add social media buttons to build your audience base
  • Allows you readership to easily subscribe to your blog's newsletter 
  • Allows the installation of tracking apps like google analytics and Webmaster tools (don't worry if your are not tech minded this all very easy to do!)  
  • Quick to load and does not slow your site down. 
  • And is regularly updated. 
  • Required zero coding, but also allows you adjust the code if you wish to and are an knowledgable and competent computer programmer.

This all screams out loudly to the current market leader and dominant force in the blogging industry WordPress.Org

(It is the foundation and bedrock to this site and all my online enterprizes). 

Warning: Don't confuse wordpress.org with WordPress.com. WordPress.com does not allow for many of the features mentioned above like customisation (limited) adding of plugin to give your site its own unique features and feel and it is not full customisable or brandable.

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You are limited to a "your site".Wordpress .com which is more difficult to rank high in search engines and unbrandable. 

Stick with wordpress.Org

WordPress.Org powers approximately 60% of ALL websites - that is how customisable and adaptable it is! 3 out of every 5 sites are built using WordPress as their content management platform. 

How To Make Money By Blogging

Image courtesy of websitesetup.com

With those figure and a growing market dominance it is pretty clear to see what is the best blogging platform. 

The Importance Of Getting A Good Blog Name

Now that you have found a niche and discovered the best blogging platform. You now need a good name for your blog. 

Any old name won't do. It just won't cut it. Niche specific and brandable is what is going to be memorable and help you stand out from the crowd. 

Long gone are the days where you could just stuff in keywords that have a high search volume into your domain name and that's it.

This is called Exact Match Domains or EMD for short and is soo pre 2012! (Pre-September 2012 to be precise). 

Exact match domain has no relevance or influence on your ability to rank high in search engines and get traffic. This is something that was confirmed by Matt Cutts, former Google Chief and Head of Web Spam and all round well respected Authority on the subject of Search Engine Optimisation. 

Matt Cutts Tweet

Note, the date on the tweet. 

Anyone telling you that keyword in your domain name is either clueless in regards to SEO or giving you some very outdated advice. 

It has been said by Google that they treat brands differently. 

Google Loves Brands

Image courtesy of Business.com

This is exactly why I have said from the beginning that you are creating and establishing a brand. To get the idea fresh and clear in your mind that your are not just "blogging" or creating "a website". 

You are building a business and establishing a brand. 

The importance of good domain name should be clear in your mind now as why you have to chose a brandable one. 

Branded names get set aside on the search engines for better rankings and more traffic. Chose a brandable one!

Choosing A Brandable Domain Name

Getting that domain name right is an important first step in establishing your online presence. 

This very site and its name required a lot of thought, I wanted to create a site that is a blog and a complete resource centre for bloggers of all levels, a headquarters for bloggers, to be known as an organisation and easy to remember. Hence the name "Bloggers HQ" and the .Org. 

It is memorable, brandable and conveys what this site is about and is easily identifiable. 

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Good site names tend to convey that very well and also are usually catchy, roll off the tongue easily and are short and sweet.

Often no numbers or hyphens are included. These tend to confuse a reader and make remembering the site name a little more difficult. 

(One of my fave sites that I have been visiting frequently for about 5 years now has a hyphen in it and I never remember where that darn dash is!.). 

One important factor is to try as best as you can to get a .com, .net, or .Org there are called Top Level Domains and enjoy a certain level of preference in search engines. 

Avoid country specific suffix such as .co.uk, .ca, .Es, or what ever UNLESS you are specifically targeting an audience and readership in that country.

You will will end up ranking better in a the UK with a .Co.UK domain extension and .Ca in Canada but will find it more difficult to rank internationally with a country specific domain name extension. 

Spend some time thinking about a good domain name. If your creative and funky juices are not kicking in try this cool site - which comes up with some really good names, a quite catchy and brandable ones too. 

Just type in your niche or words (in lowercase) related to your niche and see what it kicks up!. If it sounds great and the .com or .net, or .org are available..go grab em!

Making Money With Blogging

A couple of cool names generated by wordoid.com when using the word "foodie" 

You can get your domain name from the very same place as you get your hosting. 

Now, lets talk a little bit about getting the right hosting for your WordPress blog. 

Best WordPress Hosting

While getting the best blogging platform is important, it is equally important that you get the very best of all the other essential tools and elements when it comes to building your online business. 

This, in business terms is know as the "Ferrari principle" - getting the very best of all the required ingredients for success. In terms of Ferrari and Formula 1 its the best car, with the best driver, the best support team, the best engineers and so on. 

For you and your brand new niche site and blog it all starts with the best blogging platform (WordPress) which thankfully is free.

You now need some hosting, basically where your blog lives!. 

Thankfully you are not short of choices there! in fact, in can be a minefield when it comes to choosing a host.

Get it wrong and it can be a nightmare and affect your sites performance and ultimately your visitors experience of your website (often referred to as "the user experience"). 

Get it wrong and you can end up with a whole bunch of unwanted problem and stuff getting in the way of you building up and establishing your business and making money. 

With that all said and done a Good host should Have: 

  • WordPress preinstalled for you easy 1 or 2 click installation. 
  • Excellent live support available 24/7 -365 days of the year. 
  • Ultrafast servers and associated technology.
  • Unlimited bandwidth (traffic) 
  • A lot of RAM memory and hard disk space. 
  • SSD hard disk 
  • CDN - makes your site faster 
  • A lot of tutorials to help you should you need them.
  • Great reputation online. 
  • Ease of moving from plan to plan (i.e upgrade without penalty!). 
  • No contract - leave when you wish!. 
  • Does n't cost you an arm and a leg to host your 
  • Cloud hosting.

This narrows the list down quite considerably. Hostgator, Bluehost, site ground, WPX, Site ground and WP Engine.

These are all places where I would host my site. For one reason or another, predominantly speaking site speed and their absolutely first class customer service The one I highly recommend is Bluehost. 

As the name suggests, they are very fast and put a huge emphasis on performance. I like the fact that I am not tied to a contract, hosted on the cloud and have incredibly fast load times. 

If cost is an issue, something I completely understand, you can always start off with their basic plan, but the price difference is only $2/month and having the option of unlimited sites and disk space, free Domain name and CDN is definitely worth the extra price. 

Which is really just $1 because a  domain name is going to cost you $12-$15/year.

....And when you are really rocking it with a kick ass blog you can very easily move on up your own virtual private server!.

Starting off with a VPS is a bit of overkill just now, stick with shared hosting for now!.

WordPress Themes


Making it this far, and if you are taking action you will have your niche, your brandable domain, super lightening fast hosting with fast comet and wordpress fully installed!

Perhaps even you have chosen a Theme already. 

  • What Is A WordPress Theme?

A wordpress theme is essentially the front end graphical design of your blog. It is the styling and how your site will look to visitors. Themes can be free, premium and custom made. 

As your site grows in popularity it is best that you go along this progressive road. Custom themes are bit more expensive than the high end premium themes but offer you a more professional look and original design. 

Premium themes are lighter weight and offer faster load speeds and fully customisation and greater security. There are many online market places to buy premium themes. This site is built using thrive themes. 

Others I have used, and happily so include My Theme shop and Studiopress. 

The free themes are available inside the WordPress dashboard. It is as simple as choosing one and activating it. 

If and when you decide to upgrade to a premium or custom theme you will need to upload it to wordpress and then activate it. 

WordPress Theme

Installing or selecting a free theme

On the left hand side of your dashboard select appearance and then click on themes. This will take you to the next screen. 

Installing A Free WordPress Theme

Click That "+" sign

Click the Plus sign to be taken to the next screen, which will reveal a whole host of beautiful free wordpress themes. 

Note: The two that you can see, Luxe and Wordx are premium themes that I installed and have used on that particular site (not this one!). 

How To Make Money With A Blog

A selection of some awesome looking free themes on wordpress

When you get to the next screen it will look very much like the screen shot above.  Have a look around and see what design suits your and your niche.

You have a proper look at the theme by pressing preview. Once you are happy with your choice click install. This will install the theme. 

Once it is installed, you will be need to click the button that says "activate" in order to activate your theme. 

Congratulations your brand new web site is now live, beautiful and on the internet. 

Hello World!

When you visit your site you will notice that you have one live post. "Hello World" All new wordpress sites have this as standard. 

Just delete it. It is useless and serves no purpose. Removing it super simple. 

Hello World

The standard "Hello world" post on all new wordpress sites

To find and remove this "Hello world" post simply click on "posts" and then "All Posts". The "Hello word" post will appear as shown in the image above. 

Just click the box to make sure it is ticked and then click trash to send the post to the trash can. 

Essential WordPress Plugins

A plugin is simply a piece of software that does something specific and is written in the programming language PHP and can be added to your wordpress blog to enhance its functionality. Some are free some are premium. 

There are a few essential plugins that you must have. 

1) A SEO Plugin, I particularly recommend All In One SEO Plugin by Michael Torbet.

2) EWWW Image Optimiser by Shane Bishop 

3) Anti Spam Plugin.

Finding and adding in new wordpress plugins is super simple, just click the plugins section and add new. as show in the image above. 

This will take you to the wordpress plugin library where there are tens of thousands of plugins available. 

How To Make Money With A Blog

The WordPress Plugins area

The wordpress plugin library is very extensive. To find plugins just type a few appropriate search terms in the search box, as highlighted. In our case I have entered the name of the Plugin that we are looking for, "All In One SEO plugin". 

To get the the plugin just lick Install and then activate. 

Note: for premium plugins you have to upload the plugin to your wordpress, which is done by clicking upload and then following the steps indicated by wordpress. 

WordPress Plugins Area

Now that the All in one SEO plugin is installed you need to make a few minor adjustments.  Just click on the "All In One SEO" tab in the wordpress dashboard and click "general Settings". 

The following screen will appear.

All In One SEO Settings

some more minor adjustments to make in All In One SEO Plugin

From the screenshot above your home title, this is your SEO home title, what will appear in search engines when people search for your site and find your home page.

It is good practice to put your site name and brand here followed by a catchy slogan or something that says something about your business

For example, 

The Drone Ranger | The Best Long Range Drones

The home description here you ought to put something that describes what your site is about and could catch the interest of readers in the search engine results page. 

Where it says home keywords, here you ought to put keyword phrases related to your niche that are low in competition and have a reasonable number of searches. Typically at least 30 searches and of a QSR, Quoted search results (Competition) of 50-60 maximum. 

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These are the keywords that tell search engines what your site is about. 

Hang on and hang tight for more information and a tutorial on how to find those niche related keywords. 

Keyword research is a skill within itself. 

Then Scroll down until you see the following...

All In One SEO Plugin Settings

Keyword settings by default is disabled - change it!

In the keyword settings section make sure that you click enable. by default it is set to disabled. 

You absolutely MUST click enable for you to be able specifically target keywords for the content that you are creating. Targeting keywords is how you are going to get rankings, win over traffic and get sales. 

Once you have done all this, made the minor settings changes. Click "Update Options" 

Of all the other settings options available, no other adjustments are required. 

What Is Ewww Image Optimizer?

Ewww Image Optimizer, like All In One SEO Plugin is a very important plugin for your. It performs functions that reduces the size and weight of the images that you use on your site helping with your site speed. 

Heavy and large images slow down your sites load speed and negatively effects user experience - something that google gives a lot consideration to when it comes to rankings. Having an image optimization plugin is by it very own definition going to help your SEO and ranking efforts. 

It will also help you to maintain good load speeds as all images uploaded will be automatically optimized. 

The installation of Ewww image optimizer is super easy! Just follow the very same steps in which you found the All In One SEO Plug in above, this time just type in Ewww Image Optimizer in the search box and choose the first one, click install and then activate. 

The first version with the higher number of downloads is the free version (the one I use) the second one that appears is the cloud version which will host your images on the cloud allowing for faster load times and a lighter site. 

The cloud version is currently $9/month. 

The standard settings for this plugin are fine as they are, there is no need to make any adjustments or changes. 

Writing Your Core Pages

You are almost ready to get rocking and rolling with your new niche site. It is time to start writing and creating your core pages. These pages are important and all blogs should have them. 

These are: 

  • About Me
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Me

As obscure as it sounds, having these pages aids in your efforts to rank your site high in search results. It is clearly stated in the google quality raters handbook that the quality raters are to look for about me, privacy policy and a contact page. 

In addition to this creating a page telling your readers about who you are, and your experience in your niche helps to create both trust and authority in your niche of choice and helps to establish your brand. 

It also helps to create a human personal aspect to your site. This is called humanising your brand. Being easily contactable with your own easily findable contact page aids in the trust factor. 

Google give a lot of value to the E-A-T factor when it comes to ranking your site. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. 

Lets talk a little now about...

How To Write An About Me Page For A Blog!

An about me page is and will be one of your most visited pages on your website. It can, if utilised to its maximum potential one that generates you a lot of revenue. 

This is not to say that you get all salesy and whack in affiliate links or links to your product reviews. Naturally speaking that is NOT what you want to do - the very opposite as the revenue gained is very indirect. 

Firstly, how to make that about me page - and do make it a page and not a post!. 

About Me Page

Just click Pages and add new to be taken to the wordpress editor where you can start writing your about me page. 

Your About Me page tell's the whole world who your are, about yourself and your blog and what makes you an expert in your niche. It helps you to connect to your audience and your audience to connect to you through your common interest in your niche. 

It helps your crowd to relate to you through that shared passion. It is a great place to share your values, goals and background and appear human, personal relateable and not a cold impersonal business that can be gone tomorrow. 

It helps in building trust and rapport with your readers, all the while putting a human face to your brand. Humanising your brand is an important aspect of blogging and online marketing. 

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As Ironic as it sounds...Your about me page is NOT about YOU.

Setting the ego aside, your visitors don't click on your about me page because they want to hear, read and learn something about you. So don't go on rambling about your childhood, your hobbies, your 3 cats, what you love having for dinner and where you went on holiday last summer!

(unless they relate to your business and blog). 

It does not matter what kind of website that you have, or the niche that you are in you will benefit largely from having one. 

Your About Me Page Should:

  • State who the website is for and target a "pain point" in the niche, the frustrations that your target audience experience and how your site can help them with that, let them know and feel that they have come to the right place to find a solution to their problems. 
  • Should speak directly to the website visitor using the word "You"

Once it is crystal clear who your blog is for it is time to talk about your values and missions with the business all of these values should have the effect of making your visitors feel that they could benefit from using your products, be they your own or one's that you recommend, and your services by making their lives better!. 

Your audience should then know about your site's objective is and how they can benefit from it. They still might be questioning the authenticity of it and if your business and blog really is as good as it appears to be. 

This is why you ought to use testimonials on your about me page so that your existing clients and customers can speak to the visitors that are a little hesitant and doubtful. 

The Testimonials should be specific and not vague and general. 

For example "Jane's recommendations helped me a lot, her advice and consultation was top quality she helped me to lose weight and get in shape. " 

Compare that to "I found Jane to be a top quality and highly knowledgeable in the area of weight loss, I took her advice, and managed to lose 10 pounds and get back to my idea weight and shape - whats more I have kept this weight off for 3 months now!" 

One is generic while the other is more exact and specific. 

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You should also talk a little about yourself, your business and your background. Your story and what lead you to start your blog. It is okay to get personal and reveal a few personal details in this part but do keep it relevant to your site and the subject and topic of your blog. 

Let your readers know that you did not start the blog a couple of days ago and that you have genuine and strong reasons for starting it and that you do take it seriously. You should add a photo of yourself, best if it is a professionally taken one to put your best foot forwards and let your audience know exactly who you are, what you look like.

When your readers can see your face and know who your are, know your name they are much more likely to trust you and makes you are your site much more human. Remember what I said, humanising your brand is important!.

People buy from people they feel that they know and trust. Big Corporations know this, and this why we have the phenomenon of Social Media Influencers and their associations with certain brands. 

Don't end your story when you started your blog as your story does not end there don't give that impression to your readers, tell them a little bit about how you enjoy and are passionate about building and continuing the site. 

Finally, do tell your readers how they can reach you, if they it by leaving your contact email address and a link to your contact page. 

And for those interested give them the opportunity to sign up to your email list by having an optin for in your about me page. 

The Importance Of A Privacy Policy

It is important to have a privacy policy, let me say that again...it is VERY important that you have a privacy policy on your blog!

It is an important document to make visible, and not hidden and unfindable  on your website. Having it in the footer is fine, or clear to see in the header. 

This is a document that should detail your procedures and business's views in regards to the information that is collected from visitors. 

It has to written in clear and easy to understand language as to not confuse the reader in and technical or geek-speak jargon.

The principle construction of a Privacy Policy includes and introduction where you inform your website visitors a little bit about your site and its function that it has. If you site collects information form minors you should state that crystal clear in this introductory section. 

You should also include details regarding the information collected, the method of collection and the storage of information as well as your contact details - which can a simple contact us form or an @yourwebsite(dot)com email address. 

You can get one for about $20 to $30  online at a number places online or for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

Just create a Free Account, upload a photo (any photo) complete a short bio telling people about yourself and then on your user control panel click "Websites" and then "Site Content" followed by Clicking on the privacy policy (as shown). 

Privacy Policy

Then all you need to do is edit the document exchanging the "Yoursite" for your actual website address and then copy and paste this into your privacy policy page. 

Privacy Policy Example

Do make sure that it is a page and NOT a post. 

Creating Your Contact Page

Creating a contact me page is super easy. Firstly head over to the plugins tab, click add new and type in "contact form 7" in to the search bar. 

The contact form that we are going to be using is Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi

Contact Page

The contact form you are going to use

just click Install and then activate the plugin. 

Your contact form should then appear of the left handside of your wordpress dashboard. Click on it and click add new as shown. 

Contact Form Add New

Adding Your Contact form is super simple!. 

Once you have clicked "add new" as shown above you will be taken to the following page. 

When you are on this page you should name it Contact Us or Contact Me, which ever you feel is appropriate for you and your blog. 

There is no need to adjust the code that you see. 

The click "Mail" as highlighted in red. 

Contact Us
Setting Up Your Contact Page

In this page, the only minor details to enter are obvious, just enter your email address where it says to (as shown in the top red box highlighted, and adjust the rest of the details as indicated exchanging the details for your actual website address and your name where appropriate. 

Then click Save! 

Congratulations - you now have a fully functional contact form that should look a little bit like this. 

Contact Us Form Finished

Now you have the foundation for your website ready you can take a well earned break before proceeding as we will get to the meat and bones of your business. 

And that is building a quality site that is highly informative and a resource for your audience. 

Highly Recommended Resource

For this beginning stage of the training and while you enjoy a nice break, or for use in conjunction with it I very much suggest that you join Wealthy Affiliate and create a free account

You will get access to level one training which is very similar to what you have just gone through, but in easy to follow over-the shoulder format. 

Once you Join, just complete your account set up by adding an image and a tell the community of almost 2M members a little about yourself.

One of the biggest strengths of Wealthy Affiliate is not just the excellent training and live weekly webinars but the community that is always so helpful. 

I am a member there, and have been so for YEARS! and even though I have not used the training side of things for a few years now, I still happily pay my dues as it is more than worth it for the value that I get out of the support system there. 

Any help you need, you can ask a question. PM site support, ask in live chat if it is urgent, and that be anything technical or something related to my sites - they are hosted there - 25 sites and super fast hosting. 

Training, hosting, SSL certificates, Live Weekly Webinars it really is a no-brainer for beginners. And it is where I learned, and learned a lot in regards to blogging for money and affiliate marketing. 

Take Action!

Any help that you do need with Wealthy Affiliate or in regards to blogging just look me up on the inside and I will give you my personal coaching for free. Just search for "DerekMarshal" and we will take it from there. 

It is up to you to take action and build that absolute banging blog that makes you money and earns you your freedom from the 9-5. 

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