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Hi I'm Derek Marshall, 
Pro Blogger, Affiliate Marketing Mentor & Coach!

Hi Folks, 

Bloggers HQ Launched in 2019 as an atelier for webpreneurs, bloggers, affiliate marketers, online biz rockstars and newbies alike and is rapidly growing into a beautiful, motivated and inspired collection of go-getters from all over the world.  

If there was ever a word to describe you, it would most certainly be Funbitionater!,

That's an amalgamation of Fun, Ambitious, Passionate and Hard worker. 

But if you were to describe your job it would be DullBorating! - Dull, Boring, And Frustrating!.

I''m Derek That's me over on the right hand side of the screen with my "forever perfect" hairdo!. Seriously, never a hair outta place!.

If you are long haired dude or luscious lady with long hair - I'm not jealous of you hair flipping talents and escapades!. 

Seriously, on that photo shoot to get some pics for this site the Photographer kept getting some lighting issues with the flash light shining off my head!

Introductions and pleasantries aside let me  I give you a very warm welcome you to my site BloggersHQ.Org, the place to find some real awesome blogging tips and techniques to help you to improve your blogging experience or indeed to start a brand new blog, even your very first one.

Those are very same tips and techniques that I use myself and taught my BFF's and thousands of others to use successfully.

Everything is bright shiny diamond white hat stuff that you will find on this site shinier than a Photographers flashlight bouncing off my bald head!. 

There is absolutely no, zero, nada tricking or manipulation of of search engines or social media or anything else in order to get more traffic and better rankings.

That kinda stuff only works for a short while not long term - which is what I am all about - Building blogs and businesses that produce results long term and sustainable so into the future

It is my belief that we ought to work with the search engines, social media and other sources of traffic to build a site that ranks well long term all the while remaining independent of them and owning our traffic and staying safe from any algorithm updates - which really is the end goal of all bloggers – sustainable success and continued growth in traffic, content quality and conversions and yes more of the green stuff too!

Me front with a pro blogger look

I am also moving this site towards what I love doing..and that’s some real geeky stuff like site speed, site security and WP maintenance and whole host of other stuff like editing content, SEO and PPC.

In short, if you are a busy little bee and have really buzzing site but not enough time to manage it I’ll happily help you out and manage and maintain your site for you.

Anything from content creation to running your paid advertising campaigns to SEO and ensuring that your site is fast, kept updated and above all secure.

Anything and everything WordPress related is included theme tweaks, coding, plugin creation and programming...If you don’t see it on the services area, just drop me a line using the contact form and We’ll happily discuss your specific needs and requirements.

My Story

A little about little old me! If you did n’t quite catch my name earlier I’m Derek and I’m a Blogaholic!. I have been blogging on WordPress since 2008, for me blogging is a little like Pringles – once you pop (up a blog) you just can’t stop!.

Blogging and niche site marketing helps me to quench my insatiable and at times insane thirst for knowledge where I can set up and run a site about something I am passionate about or, more often something that I want to learn about!.

...And the better part is that I can actually earn a living doing that thanks to the ability to earn affiliate commissions, advertising revenue / adshare programs like google adsense, simply sell (rent) advertising space on one of my sites.

There is actually an almost unlimited number of methods to monetize a site, from the most common methods that I have mentioned to full blown e-commerce or selling your own books, recipes (or whatever) to even selling memberships to a fee paying subscription site!

About me

Yep, that's me..blogger in blue jeans!

Why I Want To Help You!

Way back in the day being a newbie doobie and taking over the world one click of the keyboard at a time I had to do things the hard way and self learn a lot of techniques and tactics related to creating a successful site. I had no idea that I could actually make money from blogging or building sites using WordPress as a content management platform.

(Actually, being a non-techie I was quite relieved zero programming was involved in building sites!)

Then a friend helped me out..big time!.. slowly and steadily I started to earn a living online by monetizing sites. Kinda all new and very exciting to me at the time!.

Those sites are now years old and earning a passive income for me, and a comfortable living.

Naturally, it is time to return that favour and help others as I have been helped immensely myself.

have seen the joys of helping some very close friends to achieve their own freedom from the humdrum of 9-5 job and “office slavery” as well as the challenges of teaching and helping my non-native English speaking girlfriend to a site that, while studying at University was earning more than her tutors!.

About Me

You have my helping hand and years of experience to help you succeed

The Vision Of BloggersHQ.org

The Mission of this site is to help you to achieve your success goals, may they be financial, freedom, a passive or hands on full or part time or a secondary income source. The goal is also to help you to improve your own experience with blogging and as a blogger.

If I can help 10,000 people, that’s the lives of 10,000 families changed, the equivalent of helping an entire small town or suburb to a better life, I will be immensely happy and achieved my goal!.

If you need any help or assistance, no matter how big or small, do feel free to drop me a line and contact me by email here Derek@BloggersHQ.org or by using the contact us form, I am absolutely delighted to help you.

To your success and your blogging best!

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About Me Signature


Me. smiling

My Education

  • Bachelor Degree E-Commerce / Electronic Commerce University Of Paisley
  • Higher National Diploma Business Administration, Cumbernauld College
  • Higher National Certificate Information Technology, Langside College, Glasgow. 
About me

Work Experience

  • Site Owner And Developer @ BloggersHQ.org + A number of Unnamed sites I wish not to disclose. 
  • Affiliate Marketing Coach & Mentor @ Wealthy Affiliate
  • Export Director / Owner @ The Healthy Drinks Company

When I Am Not Blogging I Am Geeking Out Writing Books About Blogging...Or Writing Epic 10,000+ Word Guest Posts On Other Blogs! 

Being an absolute bonafide blogging addict and, absolutely loving just about everything related to blogging and niche site marketing I am often found geeking out writing about blogging and all aspects of what is essentially content marketing and building solid sustainable businesses online. Do grab your free copy of the ebooks below.  

Got your own blog? Want An Epic 10,000 word+ Guest Post Written By Me On Your Site? 

Simply Contact Me For Details!. 

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Feel free to connect with me

Derek At BloggersHQ certainly helped me to niche down and identify my target audience in a very tight and saturated niche. Following his mentoring and recommended training and action plan I have managed in only 6 month to carve out my place in the rather busy fashion niche and I am well on my way to building a sustainable blogging business. 

Teresa, Fashion  Blogger. 


I am offering A free Blogging E-Course for my readers. Join us and learn with me!

Yep, get bouncing, get bangin' get building that bangin' blog the right way. This free 7 day course will show you exactly how I set up the income producing blogs that I make myself!

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