Coupons.com App Review – Cashback Scam Or Legit? [Updated]

Coupons.com App Review

Looking for independent Coupons.com App Reviews?.  Curious to find out if you really can save money and get some cash back with this app or if it is some internet bogus scam!.

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Sniffing out a bargain is in our blood!. Every penny is a prisoner as they say!. 

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What Is The Coupons.com App? is it a scam or legit?

Keep reading to find out!. 

Coupon.com App Review 

Product Name: Coupons.com

Founder(s): Steven Boal

Product Type: Moneys Saving App. 

Price: Free

Best For: Those that love coupons and saving money

Coupons.com App Review

Summary: Coupons.com App is actually a pretty neat way to save money, and you most certainly can and will, but unfortunately the cashback on offer is very low and won't make much so much of a difference. 

Rating: 70/100

Recommended: No. 

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What Is The Coupon.com App?

Coupons.com is a cashback money saving app founded by Steven Boal way back in 1998!. The company behind the app and website is Quotient technology, inc, and are based in Mountain View, California. 

The Coupons.com app is available on both Android and Apple iOS devices and has been downloaded over 150,000 times across both devices. 

As as a Business the app has over 500 employees, 4 registered patents and generates US$322 million is revenue per year and is traded as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol of QUOT. 

The core of the companies product is helping the general public to save money by means of discount or cashback coupons. 

Rather interesting the company behind Coupons.com were the very first to release an cooking app for google glass KitchMe

Money saving or cashback apps are nothing new there are dozens of them here are some of the more popular and better ones: 

Affiliate Marketing

How Does The Coupons.com App Work?

The functionality of Coupons.com app is no different from the many other apps that are of a similar nature.

Coupons.com has a tie in deal with the brands and retailers that are offering the discounts and they get a benefit, a small commission based on your consumer activities. 

Basically it is affiliate marketing with a slight twist where, for using their services they share a part of their commission with you. 

It works out as win-win-win for all parties involved.

  • You Win: You get some cashback for your purchases
  • Coupons.Com Win: They earn an affiliate commission
  • The Retailer & Brand Wins: They make a sale!.

This business model is a winner all round for all three parties involved in the transaction. 

Getting Started With The App. 

Getting started with Coupons.com is pretty easy all you need to do is download the app for your smartphone or mobile device and then create an account and that's it. 

Once you have the app installed I suggest that you enable the location tracking facility.

If you have any loyalty cards for the sake of convenience I suggest that you link then to the app.  

This app is very trustable - all it wants to do is access your location so that it can tell you what offers are available near you and to help you save some cash.

There is no need to be overtly paranoid when it comes to some apps particularly when their purpose is to help you. #Paranoia #MoneysavingApps

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The loyalty card linking is only so that they can see what you have purchased and automatically credit you with your cashback. 

One of the things that I like is that you can save on shops that you regularly visit and easily skip the ones that you are not interested in or are very unlikely to visit. 

When you see a coupon that you are likely to use and benefit from claim it and then just go ahead and do your shopping as you normally would. 

Do pay attention to what you are buying and where. The exact brand and item must match as well as the retailer. 

The discount is only applicable to exacting products at exact locations. 

When you have bought the item just either use your loyalty card at checkout or take a photo of your receipt and send it to them. Once your transaction has been processed and verified you will receive your cash back. 

How Much Cash back Can You Save?

How long is a piece of string? 

The actual amount is impossible to tell from individual to individual due there being so many variables in consumer behaviour in what you buy, how often, how much you spend. 

One thing to make crystal clear - while I am a fan of cashback and not leaving money on the table spending money is not making money. 

How Do You Get Your Money?

One of the plus points about this app is there is no waiting period or minimum payout limit. Once your purchase have been verified you can get your cashback straight away. 

To receive your money you will need to have a Paypal account. 

Evidently this is not actually going to be a solid and reliable way of making money as spending money is not making money.

My Top Recommendation will help you to make real money online in a sustainable fashion thanks to their proven method, system and first class training. 

My top Money saving and cashback app is Ebates - Get US$25 just for getting started. 

Is Coupons.com App Accredited By The BBB?

A set feature of my reviews is checking out how a business is rated by the better Business Bureau. 

This helps me to judge how professionally a company conducts business and how much they abide by the law and good business practices.  A good rating and being fully accredited helps me to judge how much I can trust a given company.

Something worthy of noting, as mentioned earlier Quotient Technology Inc is the company that owns Coupons.com, whom were initially registered and known as Couponsinc.com. 

This company is fully accredited and hold a perfect A+ Rating.

Coupons App BBB Rating

Common Complaints

There were a few, not many, complaints about the app not giving cash back and some errors relating to that, the details of which I have reproduced below. 

However, credit to the company for seeking out positive resolutions. 

Coupons.com App Complaints
Complaints About Coupons.com App

What I Liked About The Coupons.com App

There are a lot of things to like about this app, let's talk about the main points. 

  • The Company behind the app is fully accredited and perfectly rated by the BBB. 
  • You can save money and get cashback. 
  • Easy to use and alerts you of offers in your area and from your fave brands and stores.
  • You can automate the process by linking your loyalty card. 

What I Did Not Like About The Coupons.com App

There is not a lot to dislike about an app that helps you to save money, and not to sound to unappreciative of saving some pennies a lot of the discounts and cashback offers are pretty low - talking 50 cents to US$1.00 for most offers. 

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Can You Make Money With The Coupons.com App

No, not all, you will not make a single penny with the Coupons.com app/

This is a money saving cashback app. Spending money does not make you money...but cashback is always appreciated!.

Affiliate Marketing

Is The Coupons.com App A Scam Or Legit?

No, Coupons.com App is not a scam, not even in same zip code as a scam. This is a 100% legit app and company that has been running for 20+ years and is fully accredited with the BBB and listed on the NYSE!. 

Need I say more?.

Not a scam at all!.

 The Coupons.com App

Review - The Final Conclusion

If you like saving money why not try it! It is not my number one choice of money saving apps but if what you want some cashback on is not available on Ebates then why not try find it on other apps!.

As I said, saving money is not making money and while I love saving money just as much as the next person - it's my Scottish DNA!. 

Thankfully making money in the digital world is actually very easy. There is nothing difficult at all about it. The one key thing you need to do to exponentially increase your chances of success is simple.

Learn the skills!. 

It is as simple as that. If you want to succeed online you learn the skills.

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How I Make Money Online

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  • No networking or recruiting required. 
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