Opinion Bureau Review – Can You Make Money?

Opinion Bureau Review

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Online survey sites are an incredibly popular way for making money in the digital world and are very popular! Understandably there are thousands of legit survey sites on the internet. 

The idea of survey programs and the business model behind them is very simple.

Essentially Market Research companies use the internet to crowdsource people to take their surveys which help them to bridge that gap between their client who are typically brands and businesses and you, the consumer and help them to get the market intelligence and data that they need to remain competitive in the market place.

Online there are literally thousands of survey websites and there are some excellent survey sites and some are very regular survey website out there so where does Opinion Bureau fall in all of this?

Well, to find out you will need to read this review to find out!

Before I get down to detailing this opportunity...

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Opinion Bureau Review 

Product Name: Opinion Bureau

Founder(s): Operated by Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd. 

Product Type: Online Surveys. 

Price: Free To Join. 

Best For: A Side gig income only. 

Opinion Bureau Reviews

Summary: Opinion Bureau is something that you can make money with and absolutely without a doubt you will should you get regular survey opportunities. They are unfortunately only open to residents of certain opportunities. 

Keep reading to find out if you should give Opinion Bureau a go or not!. 

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No

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What Is Opinion Bureau?

Opinion Bureau (OpinionBureau.com) established in 2012 and operated by Internet Research Bureau Pvt. Ltd.and are headquartered in the Qutab Institutional Area of New Delhi, India. 

They de describe themselves as a digital community of people who share their opinions and perspectives about brands, products and businesses. 

Essentially you give your input regarding your own thoughts and opinion about brands and their products and they as the middleman pass that on to the market research company to collate the data into a presentation and easily readable format for their clients and you get paid for your time and effort. 

They are free to join.  

Survey sites are very common and popular, it is hardly surprising that OpinionBureau.com has a number of similar sites and competitors such as: 

  1. Opinion World
  2. Twickerz
  3. Finger On The Pulse Community
  4. SuccessBux
  5. OpinionSite
  6. Global Survey Group
  7. Panel Champ

All of these function is in a very similar way to Opinion Bureau and are free to try out should you want to. 

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How Does Opinion Bureau Work?

This part, instead of stating the obvious and how the opportunity work for you, which I have already touched on above I like to take a look at their business model and show how they make money and generate revenue for their business as this is key in my own opinion, to identifying if they are legit and that you really can make some extra money with them or not or if they are a fraud and a scam. 

It is fair to say that if they have some questionable business practices or an impossible business model where they are simply not generating any revenue or can't generate enough to pay you what is claimed. 

I was delighted to see and not that Opinion Bureau is a legitimate site and not one of the scams.

They operate and function as a business as I would expect them to, they are, effectively speaking the proverbial piggy in the middle between the brands and businesses that need the market research data and their ideal customers (you). 

How Does Opinion Bureau Work

How Opinion Bureau Works

Who Is Opinion Bureau For?

Opinion Bureau is not a global opportunity. They are an international opportunity open to, at this moment in time 17 countries which are as follows: 

Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, New Zealand, The United States and The United Kingdom. 

You will get more opportunities to complete surveys from UK, US, Singapore, France, Germany and Australia. 

How To Get Started

To sign up and get started you need to first scroll down their homepage until you see the green button with the white "Get Started" writing which will take you to their sign up page

When you sign up you will get a lovely US$5 signup bonus once you have completed the whole process of activating your account and completing a minimum of one survey. 

When you have registered and get approved you will get survey invitations sent to you by email. This is a huge plus point as there is no need for you to keep on checking with them to find out if they have online surveys available for you to take. 

How Do You Make Money?

Earning extra money from the comfort of your home here is by taking part in and completing the tasks available from the three easy tasks. 

Be wise, be smart and start with the tasks that pay the most to optimize your earnings. 

The three task are: 

  • 1. Opinion Bureau Surveys
  • 2. Polls. 
  • 3. Inviting Your Friends To Join. 

Let's get on with detailing how you earn with this opportunity and start talking about each of these three tasks. 

  • 1 Opinion Bureau Surveys. 

It should not be of any surprise that Opinion Bureau and the main way to earn on their platform is this exact task, the completion of surveys.  

When you join, you need to take your initial survey profiler to be allowed access to the rest of the surveys that they have available. 

You are unfortunately not paid for that initial profile survey but you will get that US$5 joining bonus when you complete your first one. 

The type of survey available are a variety of survey panels, quick five-minute surveys, and what you would call entertainment survey that great and easy to complete.  

After this, you will get access to your dashboard. In most cases, there will likely not be any available surveys there as most of them are sent to you via email.

In my experience, the number of paid surveys you get on Opinion Bureau is, however, not impressive.

Unfortunately they do have a limited surveys available, there is definitely not an abundance of surveys. 


as I have mentioned, there is no need for you to waste your time check for surveys as they will email you when surveys are available. 

  • 2. Polls

Taking quick polls is a common task that you have probably seen in a number of similar websites. Polls can be fun and are usually quick and easy. 

The polls are not at all that impressive and unfortunately is does look a lot better than it actually is and in my case I clicked a link over to see them and got hit with a screen tell me that there were no polls currently available. 

Out of curiosity I clicked to check out the closed polls, same again, none at all to be seen!. 

This was how I seen it in my country, keep in mind this is likely to vary from country to country and it is possible that you will see polls available where you are. 

  • 3. Their Referral Program

Referral programs are very common with survey websites, this platform is no different. You can earn a little extra by inviting you friends, family and other people to join and take part in what they have on offer and turn you will earn US$0.15 for your effort. 

Unlike other online survey sites or GPT or PTC sites you will not earn a passive income based on the percentage of your referrals earnings. Just 15 cents with no extras. 

The low reward make this really not worth your while at all. 

How Much Can You Earn?

With the truth be said Opinion Bureau is not the greatest of or best earning of survey sites, even if and when you complete your profile take at least one survey and earn US$5 (one off) and are good at recruitment you still won't end up earning at all that much. 

Due to the lack of polls and surveys I think US$5 to US$10 per month is all you will be able to achieve.

How Do You Get Paid?

This is an important question to tackle as you need to know how to get your hands on your hard earned money. 

The minimum pay out threshold is US$5.00, which does vary based on location, and they will pay you in the following methods: 

  1. PayPal. 
  2. Amazon Gift cards. 
  3. FlipKart
  4. FreeCharge

You can only get paid when a survey is closed and then will take 45 days to then a further week until you get your cash into your account. That, in my opinion is far too long to wait to get paid. 

In all honesty, I would have probably forgotten about the survey in that time!

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Opinion Bureau Income Proof

I checked out a number of different sources and unfortunately I did not find any trace of there being any legitimate income proof posted by anyone at all. 

It is very common for survey sites not to post income proof due to the low income earned. 

Is Opinion Bureau Accredited By The BBB?

I am, someone who is very heart centred and want people, especially you, my reader not to fall into traps and end up getting scammed like I did a few times over in the past. 

This is why I encourage you to be safe online by doing your research and your background checks. This is how you stay safe online. 

Opinion Bureau is not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau. To Be fair, their are based in India and it is not expected that they would be listed on the BBB database.  

Opinion Bureau Reviews And Complaints

I had a good look at a number of Opinion Bureau Reviews by a YouTubers, Bloggers, independent review sites, review boards, social media, Reddit, forums and the famed Beer Money Forum.  

Jeff Of Good Financial Cents in his review suggest that you look else where if you want to try online surveys. 

SurveyCool a specialist focused site on the topic make the statement that they are not at all that profitable in their Opinion Bureau Review state an income potential of US$10 to US$15 per month. 

Nathaneil of One More Cup Of Coffee in his Opinion Bureau Review say they don't produce an income that is worth your while. 

What I Liked About Opinion Bureau

There are a few plusses and pros that I liked about Opinion Bureau  which were: 

  • They are 100% free to join. 
  • You can earn with them. 
  • They will pay you with PayPal.

What I Did Not Like About Opinion Bureau

There are a few notable cons and drawbacks with this site, which were: 

  • They are a low income opportunity. 
  • They take far too long to pay out!. 
  • There are very few surveys available.
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Can You Make Money With Opinion Bureau


It is true and accurate to say that you can make money with Opinion Bureau. How much you are likely to earn is only in the US$5 to US$10 range in my opinion while other sites extend that to US$15. 

What is clear is you are only likely to get 4 or 5 surveys per month with this opportunity. 

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Is Opinion Bureau A Scam Or Legit?

In my opinion, and from what I have seen Opinion Bureau is not a scam.

I have nothing at all that would, even in the slightest suggest that there is anything underhand, illegal, shady or criminally fraudulent with this site at all.  

You can put your mind at ease as Opinion Bureau is legit. 

Opinion Bureau Alternatives

As I mentioned earlier there are absolutely thousands of survey sites online and you have no shortage of alternatives to try out, no shortage at all. 

Here are just some you can try out: 

  1. Vindale Research.
  2. Ojooo Wad.
  3. BARE International.
  4. CVS Advisory Panel.
  5. Panda Research
  6. Slidejoy App
  7. Toluna

Try these as these are some of the best that you will find online just be realistic in terms of what you can expect to earn as the earnings for surveys, all survey sites are at best mid double figures. 

My Opinion Bureau Review - The Final Conclusion

In my opinion, you can indeed make money with Opinion Bureau provided that you have enough surveys to take and complete on a regular basis. 

They have great methods of paying you and low minimum payout methods but they are a low income opportunity - even for survey sites and couple that with an insane 52 days wait for you to get your money for they surveys that you have taken. 

With that in mind, I am suggesting that you skip this opportunity in favour of something more substantial, something that is more likely to end up with you earning a full time income.  

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  • No huge startup costs!
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