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Best Lifestyle Blogs

Best Lifestyle Blogs Featured

So you are seeking and searching for the very Best Lifestyle Blogs to keep you inspired, motivated and updated with all the latest trends. Then, without a single doubt this article is exactly what you are looking for. 

In this article I will do what others shy away from - I'll show you exactly how you can start your very own popular lifestyle blog and talk about how each of the top lifestyle blogs mentioned are monetised. 

Make no mistake about it - lifestyle blogs do make some very good money and when you love this as topic or hobby your "job" is fun and you are making a living from your passions. And as they say there is profit in passion!. 

This Years Top lifestyle blogs! #Blogging #Lifestyle

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Keep reading to the very end where I will show you where you can learn how to start your very own lifestyle blog! 

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Successful Niche Marketing Strategy Examples You Can Adopt

Niche Marketing Strategy Examples

Welcome to my article about Niche Marketing Strategy Examples.

In this article I will talk about some strategies and examples that you can apply to your business in both an online and offline fashion. 

In this day and age there is very little in the way of the functionality of offline and online businesses. Keeping in mind these strategies can and will help you to have a more focused business be it online or offline. 

Before I get started...

If you are sick and tired of scams and are looking for a legitimate way of making money Test Drive My #1 Recommended Program For FREE!.

Ready to learn about some Niche Marketing Strategy Examples?

Keep reading!. 

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How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners And Quickly Get Your First Sale

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners

A common topic I keep seeing on marketing forums is How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners. 

I will address this exact subject in a step-by-step fashion to help you to get started in not only the right way but in the best way and get your site off to a flying start!

If you are computer genius and tech wizard, brilliant!. You will get your site up in no time!. 

If you are like myself, and just not all that great with the tech side of things and don't even know a single line of code then I have some brilliant news for you!. 

We are standing toe-to-toe with tech geeks and computer programmers as none of those skills are required, needed or even serve as an advantage!. 

Are you curious and eager to learn exactly how to start an affiliate marketing website then keep reading!. 

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New Blog’s Income Report Study

New Blog’s Income Report Study

Hey Folk's. 

Have you ever been curious and wondered about A New Blogs Income Report and how their income is distributed?

My Buddy Mike Beatty from Make Time Online has just completed a tremendous and vert extensive detailed case study on this exact subject, examining the income distribution for new blogs across multiple niches. 

Time to hand over the remainder of this rather excellent guest post and case study to Mike.

Is your niche mentioned? - What is your income distribution like? 

Comment below!

New Blog’s Income Report Study​​​​

Chances are you have seen a blog income report before. Even if you’ve never read one, then you have probably seen the headline of something like this:

“How I Made $1.5 million From my Blog Last Year”

These headlines can be quite overwhelming and leave you feeling like…

New Blog Income Report

Well, this blog income report study in 7 niches helps to break down these complex income reports. And in doing so reveals the road map for how to turn your blog into $1,000+ income every month.

The Story Behind the Study

You’ve probably seen a blog income report before that has really inspired you.

You know, the ones where a blogger has started earning thousands of dollars in a few months.

Or when they earn more money in one month than you’ve ever earned in your life.

However, there is a side to blog income reports that people don’t talk about as much.

It’s the side where you are left feeling inferior or demotivated. If you’re like me, you’ve read how “some blogger” has made 6 figures in their first year! All this when you’re still struggling to get a few hundred people to even read your blog after months of hard work.

This is not how blog income reports should work!

But when you really dig in you can actually see other bloggers leaving a trail to their success.

So shall we?

The Aim of the Study

This study was created to find exactly how real people have made money from their blog quickly.

It was not interested in how bloggers earn 6 figures a month. These types of blog income reports are great for motivation and to know how far blogging can take you.

But realistically they are pretty useless for someone that is yet to make consistent money from their blog.

So the sole focus was to find how new bloggers start making decent money every month. 

Blog Income Report Criteria

Here are the specific criteria that needed to be met in order for a blog income report to count in this study:

  • The income must be below 6 figures a month (51 out of 57 reports were below $10,000 per month)
  • The blog needed to be relatively new (created or worked on for no more than 5 years, ideally less than 2 years)
  • The income needed to be higher than $1,700 (anything below this showed a pretty random income distribution)
  • There must be at least 5 income reports for each niche

So after studying hundreds of blog income reports, 57 were selected for the study.

The 4 Income Distribution Methods

A common question that people ask is "how does blogging make money?" 

There were 4 main income distribution methods measured in this study:

  • Ads- any income from placing ads from ad networks on the blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing- any income from someone buying a product through a link on their website (or from their email) for somebody else’s product.
  • Own Products- selling their own ebooks, courses or any physical products.
  • Other- Any income from freelance work, sponsored posts or any other monetisation method.

This meant that it would become clearer as to how every niche actually starts making money from their blog.

A big question needed to be answered:

“Would every niche be the same, or would there be significant differences in income distribution between each niche at the start?”

The 7 Niches in the Study

There are hundreds of sub niches but pretty much every blog can fall under one of a few niches.

For this study it was broken down into 7 “niche” categories:

  1. Food
  2. Healthy & Fitness
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Mommy
  5. Marketing
  6. Personal Finance
  7. Travel

The Mommy and health & fitness niche can easily be a sub niche of the lifestyle niche.

However, there were enough studies that clearly fell into one of these brackets to give them their own category.

In fact, these 3 niches did tend to follow the most similar pattern out of any of the niches. So in hindsight it may have been possible to categorise them all under the lifestyle niche.

Now, I can almost hear your mind asking for…

Some of the Key Findings

First of all, it was clear to see that it is 100% possible for blogs to make money without “blogging about blogging”.

This is a common myth about blogging in todays world.

Some of the super big players like Neil Patel, Amy Porterfield and Pat Flynn are prominent in the blogging world.

And surprise, surprise… they all blog about blogging!! 

However, this study specifically found blog income reports that do not focus on blogging about blogging.

It is clear to see that blogging niches other than marketing can make some great money too.

Another finding was that the bloggers income distribution certainly changed over time.

Blog Income Report

Towards the start of their journey many bloggers made most of their income from ads or other income methods. Once they earned over $40k per month they started getting more income from affiliate marketing or their own courses.

*note this is not the case in every niche! i.e. marketing kept a pretty consistent income distribution even as their blogs grew*

Blog Income Report Infografic

Some of the niche specific findings were that food bloggers really focus on getting a lot of traffic to their blog and monetising with ads.

Specifically, using Pinterest to get a lot of this traffic.

Marketing blogs, on the other hand, hardly got any income from ads. They mainly focussed on affiliate marketing and creating their own courses much sooner than in any other niche.

Ad Networks  Findings

As you can see in the infographic above, the best ad networks for any blogger to get onto is AdThrive or Mediavine.

Mediavine requires 25,000 monthly sessions.

AdThrive requires 100,000 page-views per month with the majority of the traffic coming from the US.

Typically Mommy bloggers or food bloggers aimed for AdThrive as their ad structure suited these types of blogs a lot more.

This means that if you are not achieving this level of traffic yet your sole focus should be on achieving this (unless you are in the marketing niche).

New Blog Income Report 1

But How Do They Get This Traffic? Welcome to Pinterest

So many people are intimidated by Pinterest when they first look at it (you can’t see but my hand is up in the air right now).

Yes, I used to be one of those people.

It just looks like pretty pictures everywhere and it makes no sense how it actually helps your blog.

But here’s the truth…

As of this writing (September 2019) Pinterest is still the best place to get traffic quickly to your blog.


This traffic has some great advantages to it:

You get to apply for better ad networks that can literally help you see 3-5 times more income from your ads

It helps your blog to become more recognised by Google, improve domain authority and rank better.

But… it doesn’t work as well in every niche out there.

Here are some of the insane traffic generators on Pinterest:

  • Food
  • Home Decor
  • DIY & crafts
  • Fashion

This is closely followed by:

  • Parenting
  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness

But if these topics don’t fit in your niche don’t let that put you off. It also works for budgeting, gardening, how to make money and pretty much anything else you can think of to some extent.

No, not every niche will give you as much traffic.

But chances are you can write about one of those topics above somehow i.e. personal finance- low cost recipe ideas, travel- best recipes in certain cities etc.

So yes, almost any niche can get traffic on Pinterest. You can learn more about how to use Pinterest for beginners here.

What This Means for New Bloggers

There is no one size fits all approach to blogging as you can see it’s very different for every niche.

However there were some glaring takeaways from this new blog’s income report study:

Every blogger needs to hustle a lot at the start (find other ways to make money i.e. Freelancing, sponsored post opportunities, writing a lot of great content etc.)

It’s crucial to get traffic to your blog to start making money. Every blogger in this study got traffic to their blog. Find a way that works and learn more about it.

The quickest way for a new blog to get traffic is from Pinterest. It has a search function similar to Google but it doesn’t care how old your domain is (remember- some niches do better on Pinterest i.e. recipes, DIY crafts, home decor, fashion etc. so if you can tap into this content and make a link with your blog, then awesome for you!)

These bloggers found the posts that were getting the most traffic and made more content about this including finding affiliate products that support this content.

To start making serious money these bloggers would then create their own product of a better version of the affiliate products they were already selling.

Are you beginning to notice that you have to be able to find what works for you and your blog?

If you are a travel blogger then it’s likely not a good idea to create a product and try to sell that in your first few months. Writing a book about your travels or blogging journey could be a great move further on down the road though.

However, if you are a personal finance blogger, chances are you should have a few affiliate marketing products that you can write some great reviews about and then promote these posts like there’s no tomorrow!

New Blog’s Income Report Study Summary

There are so many takeaways from this study that it could be easy to feel overwhelmed again.

This is not what the study was made to do!

Just by following the path that is laid out in your niche can be the difference between making 4 figures a month within your first year. Or not making a cent.

You do not need to reinvent the wheel.

In fact, it’s wise if you don’t!

Find what is already working.

Find what people are already searching for.

And use the road map to guide you to getting more traffic and more success with your blog.

P.S. This video may help to find more great content ideas that can help you drive more traffic to your blog!

Top 11 Types Of blogs That Make Money #3 And #7 Are Awesome!

Types Of Blogs That Make Money Featured

Have you ever wondered what are the Types Of Blogs That Make Money? You are not alone! Many people are searching just for that exact information and actively seeking out the Blog Topics That Make The Most Money! 

And why not!. 

You wanna make pounds not pennies, you want B-I-G bucks not small change, and you want it...NOW!

But do you know what the biggest problem facing internet marketers and bloggers today is? 

Nobody is telling you the truth!. The deadly cold hard..."I'm standing in a freaking morgue here" kinda truth!. They are all happy to tell you what you want to hear or worse still what they need you to hear!. 

Types Of Blogs That Make Money! #Blogging #BloggingTips

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I'm gonna break that mould...right here...right NOW!.

The biggest problem facing Internet Marketers And Bloggers Today is Impatience!. 

You are gonna laugh, you are gonna cry, you're gonna tear your hair out and S-C-R-E-A-M..."I wish I did n't start this Online Blogging Thingy!".


In a year or two time when you are beach side sippin' A Pinya Colada slumbered and chillaxin in a hammock with your tablet and attending your online biz you know that all that hard work was worth it!

If you are willing to dedicate yourself to building and establishing a blog and want some Examples Of Blogs That Make Money then Keep reading!

Otherwise...just go and hit that back button RIGHT NOW!

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Top 50 Food Blogs To Inspire You To Blogging Brilliance!

Top 50 Food Blogs

Live to eat or eat to live! Perhaps the motto of the Top 50 Food Bloggers

It has been an interesting debate over the years between food lovers and health freaks.But if the food is healthy, does the debate exists? Probably not at all! 

Eat to eat is often the case with me as I travel, experience and explore different cultures. 

People provide different opinions & few of them are puzzled actually what to answer? 

Foods conspicuously makes a difference between habit and the action of people all over the world.

“You cannot think well, sleep well or love well, if you has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf #Foodie #FoodBlogger #Quotes

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You cannot find similarity between African cuisines and an Asian one’s, or European and Asian for that matter. That very difference shows temper in the attitude of the people from these two geographical regions.

Basically, food items are those things we consume to aliment our lives.Surprisingly food items for both humans and animals are different from what they live with. It’s a circle among them that provide energy and nutrition.

Food choice varies from man to man in our everyday lives.

Here is a list of the top 50 food blogs that will help you to plan your meal and go for a mouthwatering experience that spells a magic around you. 

And if you are a keen blogger and edging to get in on the food blogging act the blogs in this list will inspire your to foodie blogging success! 

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Top 50 Travel Blogs To Inspire You To Blogging Brilliance

Top 50 Travel Blogs

In this article I bring you the top 50 travel blogs for you study and above all to be inspired by in your quest to become a travel blogger and earn a full time income as a travel blogger like these guys and gals listed below.

Some are personal travel blogs, some female travel blogs, and the odd travel and lifestyle blog can be found on this list. 

All in all you will that all are rather excellent and outstanding travel blog examples.

Do you know what the two most difficult things are when it comes to creating your very own travel blog?

One is getting started…it take more energy to get started than it does to keep going, the other, just knowing how to do and where to draw inspiration from.

If You Need Help Getting Started, no problem just pop your email address in the form below. 

If You need inspiration?

Keep reading!.

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How To Start A Sports Blog And Earn Some Great And Fun Money On The Side

How To Start A Sports Blog

Have you ever thought about or wondered How To Start A Sports Blog and what it takes to build a fun and profitable one? 

Obviously, the fun part is writing about something that you are highly and very passionate about but do you know what the most difficult thing is? 

It is not getting traffic - traffic is everywhere, nor is it monetizing your content! There are a number of monetization methods and strategies. 

"Rugby is a beastly game played by gentlemen; soccer is a gentleman's game played by beasts; football is a beastly game played by beasts." Unknown #sports #Blogging

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The most difficult thing is getting started and getting yourself set up for long term sustainable success.

What makes it so difficult is that very few other blogging tips or affiliate marketing sites will actually show and teach you how to start a sports blog in that way. 

Sure, they will they will show you what it takes to make a sports blog, and one that is initially successful, but what about sustainability and continued long term success? 

Few are teaching you that, if any..in any niche or market!. If you are interested in starting a sustainably successful sports blog keep reading!. 

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How To Start A Photography Blog – The Ultimate Guide!

How To Start A Photography Blog Featured

Do you really know what the toughest thing is about Starting A Photography Blog? 

You don't really know where or How To Start A Photography Blog in a manner that literally ensures your success!. 

Because everything else is fairly straight forward and easy!. 

"On memory lane pictures are used to travel back in time." #Photography #Blogging

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without the proper "know how" you just won't pull in the quality targeted traffic or get the juicy commissions that will help you to give up your regular job and blog full time and live the life of your dreams. 

If you really do want to know How To Start A Photography Blog the right way then keep reading this article as I show you exactly what keywords and search terms pull in not just traffic but interested buyers also!. 

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What Should I Make A Website About? – 18 Kick Ass Website Ideas For You!

What Should I Make A Website About

We have all asked ourselves and pondered to the thought "What Should I Make A Website About?" particularly when we are and were newbie bloggers and scratching our heads and thinking hard and trying to come up with some Unique Website Ideas that can both excite us and can make us some of those sweet and beautiful online bucks!.

Yeah sure, I scratched that o'l bald head of mine when I was stuck thinking of a topic for my blog!

(Maybe that's where my hair went!...Maybe this why all Top Bloggers are Bald, Me, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Darren Rowse, Seth Godin..yep we are all slap heads!). 

“The more that I desire to get something done, the less that it feels like work.” Mr. Richard Bach #Quotes #Bloggingtips

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There are quite literally  a million things that you can make a website about, so coming up with something to blog about is not so difficult. When it comes to finding Personal Blog Topics we are absolutely awash with opportunity's and ideas. 

Finding your niche is not the difficult part. If you are finding this part difficult, then absolutely keep reading as this article is definitely for you as I will list out some Unique Website Ideas For you.

When it comes to building a blog, let's get this straight right now!

If you are entering the blogging world with the purpose of building an income then, you gotta switch your attitude NOW! .

You are NOT building a blog, you are slowly and steadily building a brand and a sustainable business online.

This more professional attitude and dedication and persistence to see things through and establish that sustainable business and brand is what will propel you forward to succeeding online with your blog. 

So what is the difficult part about blogging? 

Keep reading to the end and I'll reveal all!. 

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