How To Write A Conclusion – 5 Top Tips!

How To Start A conclusion

So, you have written a masterpiece and love every bit of it but your mind is blank, frozen and you need to learn How To Write A Conclusion to that absolutely banging and epic blog post?


Did you know that writing a conclusion is the singularly most difficult part of writing your blog posts?

When you have just toiled away writing THAT epic article for your blog, taking over the world with one stroke of your keyboard at a time, without a doubt you absolutely must end it with a brilliant conclusion that just compels your reader to do what you want them to do - Take Action! and click the button, buy that product or bang their email in that box! 

If, not, the entire momentum of your epic article has gone, kaput!

So, what are the best Ways To Start A Conclusion Paragraph?

Contrary to what every other blogger and marketer out there will have you believe it is absolutely NOT regurgitating and summarising what you have written already in your article.

"To #Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question" Shakespeare, aged 456! #BloggingTips 

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I'm not just about to reveal to you the so called "secret"

I'm not going to give up the little “secret” right now and just tell you straight up How To Start A Conclusion, 


If you do read to the very end of this article you will know exactly How To Start A Conclusion, How To Write A Conclusion and The Best Ways To Start A Conclusion Paragraph.

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How To Write A Conclusion For Your Blog Posts!

  • Point Out What Your Reader Has Learned!

As I mentioned before don't just summarize repeat or throwback at your readers face what they have already ready - this is not a good example of how to write a conclusion at all!

In fact it is outright terrible! 

And at best bland! 

Instead, point out the key take away's and lessons that your reader has got from reading your blog post. This is so that in case of them skipping over and skimming your article they can, and will learn and take away something from reading just your conclusion. 

How To Write A Conclusion

How To Write A Conclusion, Example From a 10,000+ Word Ultimate Guide To Starting A Mom Blog 

From the example summary above you can clearly see I'm summarizing the key points from the rather long article. 

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Best Ways To Start A Conclusion Paragraph

Remind your audience what the point and purpose of the article is. Is it solving a particular problem?, to get your reader to take action?, to teach something?

Then just give your reader that little reminder of the point and purpose of your blog post and keep them inspired and motivated to it and ultimately - Take Action!. 

Do remember that every single post, article, video or just about any single thing that you create, even infographics, emails and what you post on social media MUST have and ABSOLUTELY needs a predefined crystal clear purpose. 

You are most certainly not writing or creating content for the sheer heck of it or to please search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. It has a strategic and defined purpose both for yourself and your audience, to get them to move forward to the proceeding stage of your online business

How To Write A Conclusion example

The conclusion to this post is crafted to motivate and inspire my reader to take part in my 7 day course and get started as a (mum) blogger

How To Start A Conclusion - What Is The End Goal?

What is the purpose of your article, what is its end goal?. What is in it for your reader?. 

Your readers want to get or gain something from spending their time reading your content and haven taken action on it - e.g what is the desired outcome for your reader? has a particular problem been solved? have they learned how to do something?. 

Spell it out to them, tell your readers what benefit they will receive by taking action and positively encourage your reader to act upon it! 

Spell out what the benefits are for your reader. Which may be:

  • Get is shape, drop a few dress sizes and look more attractive and feel sexier, re-ignite a dull and boring marriage or relationship.
  • To potty train that K9 and stop your house smelling of dog poo and the associated shame and embarrassment of having such a stinky home.
How To Start A conclusion

Clearly spelling out  the benefits of becoming a mommy blogger

Ask A Question That Provokes Thought

Where and when it is possible for you, in your conclusion ask your readers thought provoking questions that get their old grey matter going!. 

For Any Particular Niche Site "now that you have learned "XYZ" what are you going to do with this new knowledge?"

General Question To Ask In the Digital Marketing Sphere "Do you really, believe that the "so called gurus" have a bunch of secrets they are not telling you?"

General Question For Any Niche "If you learned and knew this a few of years ago in what way would you be living a much better life?"

Question For Any Blogging Niche: "which one of the points that you have learned this article are you going to try first and why?"

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Demand Your Reader To Take Action

This is exactly what you want your reader to do and you have to tell them clearly what it is that you want them to do and how. 

Pretty much every time it is to click your link, buy something, make a comment, join your list or take some kind of social action. 

How To Start A conclusion 1

A clear demand for action that I want my reader to take - and the benefit that they will get from it

How To Write A Conclusion - The Conclusion

Here we are, ironic as it sounds, this is a conclusion to an article that is about conclusions!

Keep in mind that to write a good compelling conclusions you should:

  • Highlight the main points and key parts to what you wish your audience to learn from the article and just giving a quick and brief recap. 
  • Give your readers a gentle reminder of what it was that you taught them & why. 
  • Be as clear as the day is long about the result that you expect your audience to get. 
  • Positively encourage and demand your readers to take some kind of action be it a social share or like, joining your email list, clicking your link or even purchasing a product. 

And that is exactly how to write a compelling, powerful yet simple and easy conclusion.

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Which of these techniques about writing a conclusion did you like best? 

Comment below!

To Your Success And Blogging Best!


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