Top 50 Travel Blogs To Inspire You To Blogging Brilliance

Top 50 Travel Blogs

In this article I bring you the top 50 travel blogs for you study and above all to be inspired by in your quest to become a travel blogger and earn a full time income as a travel blogger like these guys and gals listed below.

Some are personal travel blogs, some female travel blogs, and the odd travel and lifestyle blog can be found on this list. 

All in all you will that all are rather excellent and outstanding travel blog examples.

Do you know what the two most difficult things are when it comes to creating your very own travel blog?

One is getting started…it take more energy to get started than it does to keep going, the other, just knowing how to do and where to draw inspiration from.

If You Need Help Getting Started, no problem just pop your email address in the form below. 

If You need inspiration?

Keep reading!.

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The Top 50 Travel Blogs And Bloggers To Inspire You To Success

  • The Broke Backpacker

Will Hatton is a travel blogger that fully enjoys his life and travelling the world and making money too.  Besides his continuous travel, he is writing top quality blog post in a spontaneous manner which are highly informative and helpful for travel lovers

On the broke backpacker you can find travel guides for Central America, Europe, Scandinavia, South America, South East Asia.

He is calling us all to Discover the World!

On The Broke Backpacker the content is beautifully presented and very detailed and helps  his readers to get a full and proper picture of each region.

"Don't listen to what they say. Go see.” #BloggingTips #Travel #Blogging

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Travel Tips, Best Time to Travel, Budget Travel Hacks, Budget and Costs of any region

Festivals in the region, Awesome Adventures to Try, Top Safety Travel Tips, Scuba Diving, and Surfing in the specific region. Music Festivals and Full Moon Parties in Southeast Asia.

Daily Budget and best books to read while travelling in that particular part of the world.

And finally the Final Thoughts on Backpacking to any part of the globe.

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Will Hatton also answers some necessary questions like:

  • Where to start travelling in a specific region?
  • How to travel through any area?
  • What to Pack for the region?
  • Where to stay?
  • Is the region safe or not?

That's why we picked his blog very first of the top 50 travel blogs. Definitely one to aspire to.  

  • A Dangerous Business

Amanda is an amazing and adventure-seeking female traveller, from the Midwest, a former journalist and now an award winning female travel blogger!.

She is the owner of this travel blog, "A Dangerous Business". She writes about her travel life and tells stories to inspire you to get out of your boring life and live an adventure.

Her blog is one of the most renowned female travel blogs in the travel blogging world. 

She helps readers to fit in more adventure and travel into their normal lifestyle. She maintains a category  for Solo female travellers which aims to help single women to travel more. In itself makes for an excellent targeted niche site.

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What I liked About A Dangerous Business:

  • Inspiration, Philosophy, Packing Lists, Tips for Travelling all over the world
  • Proper guidelines to visit any region where she has visited
  • Self-guided trip itineraries, guided tours, and long weekend getaways tips.
  • Favourite travel gear, packing must-haves list, Clothing Tips, and Security Tips
  • Solo female travel, not safe area list, and travel areas with limited vacation/holiday time.
  • The 10-Day Adventure Project which could give you the courage to have affordable and fun travel.

Finally, you will find her blog a very courageous, determined, enjoyable and motivational for travelling and inspiring as both a travel blogger and as a traveller!.

Top 50 Travel Blogs
  • Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten is a serious adventure junkie, travel photographer, and a popular professional travel blog writer.

For More than a decade he’s been continuously exploring beautiful but unusual locations around our beautiful blue planet.

As a result, already he has visited over 60 countries and a heck of a lot of cities, town and beaches and has logged his experiences for the readers of Expert Vagabond.

“ Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle #Travel #Blogging #BloggingTips

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 It helped a lot of people to visit and enjoy the nearest places to travel in the affordable range.

What I Liked About Expert Vagabond

  • Adventure Travel Stories, Useful Travel Tips, and Helpful Travel Resources
  • How to travel the world and Travel Videos from around the World
  • Backpacking Tips!.
  • Saving Money for Travel and Travel job tips
  • Travel photography! Really stunning images Matt has taken himself.

Matt is really an amazing traveller, photographer and indeed a top class blogger.

I recommend And Suggest that you bookmark this guide and article (Ctrl +D) so that you can come back to it and start reading where you left off and not miss out on any of the awesome tips and techniques 

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  • Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley is a 34-year-old lady who already travelled 77 countries and 7 continents..lucky 7 as they say huh!.

She has gained an incredible amount of experience travelling as a single female traveller.

She teaches the travel lifestyle nicely in her blog. Blogger Kate,  completely quit her job when she was only 26 years old and when she decided to travel the world.

Now, a few years later, her blog has turned into a great resource and archive for travel lovers. It also motivational for those people who dream about exploring the whole world on their own. Courage can do that Kate already proved it.

What I Liked About Adventurous Kate

  • Travel Resources, and Finding Cheap Flight Tips
  • How To Find Suitable Accommodation, and Overland Travel Resources
  • Travel Insurance Tips, Travel Gear tips, and Travel Guides
  • Travel Photography Guide, Technology and Digital Resources Guide
  • Travel Blogging, and Kate’s Favourite Travel Reads
  • How To Make the Money to Travel
 Kate has already spent 7+  years in travel. She believes that it’s best to teach by example.
Top 50 Travel Blogs
  • Nomadic Matt

A young guy from New York travelled the world and inspired a lot of people to go out and travel. Yep, the name of this guy is Nomadic Matt!

He is not only a traveller or only a blogger, moreover, he is a New York Times bestselling author. As per his say, over a million people every month are using his advice and guides to travel cheaper, better, and smarter.

You can learn from his writing, how to bring a dream trip in reality with, daily tips, and excellent tricks based on his experience.


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What I Liked About Nomadic Matt–

  • Get Inspired, and saving up for a trip
  • How to prepare and plan for a trip and how and where to buy the best travel gear
  • Find Cheap Airfare, and finding affordable accommodation tips
  • Deal with living life on the road , and save money while doing so!.
  • Couples travel tips with solo female travel tips
  • Family and senior travel tips

Finally his checklist, packing list, tips, advice and guide with help you to travel the world with the best experience.

This really is one of the top, top top travel blogs out there. And think it all began in a city I love and lived in for 5 years, Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand!.

Because You Know That There Is A Lot Of Fun To Had Travelling The World And Getting Paid For It!. The Question Is: Are You Adventurous Enough To Do It?!?

  • A Little Adrift 

It might sound like a dream to you! For over 10 years a single girl travelling the world and doing it perpetually. Meet Shannon, that amazing and very lucky lady In 2008, she began her globe trotting adventures.

Her blog, A Little Adrift has earned her some prestige as a travel blogger.

Traveller of the Year is one of them for her responsible to tourism, which was awarded to by by no other than National Geographic Magazine!. 

She always she takes deep look at and has consideration for cultural facts which help you to understand any regional culture before you travel. 

The blog is resourceful for motivating and encouraging other travellers through photography, stories, experience sharing and advice.

If you like travelling and like to create your Own travel blog then you have a great inspiring site right here.

“#Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” - Gustav Flaubert. #Blogging #TravelBlogging 

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What I Liked About A Little A Drift:

  • Responsible Travellers Travel Tips,
  • Amazing entertaining travel stories, Destination Guides, & Practical tips
  • Special tips on budgeting and packing, budget level knowledge sharing.
  • Long-Term Travel Tips, and extensive resources for travellers.
  • How to Save for any Big Trip and How much it cost to travel the world

It's really an amazing blog for travel lovers and writers to aspire to Kudos Shannon!. 

A little adrift makes our top 50 travel blogs list
  •  Young Adventuress 

Site owner and Young Adventuress Liz Carlson likes to describe herself as "An ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey".

Really, it's an extraordinary journey for a girl. Besides this she has built a popular blog which is one of the most popular out there on the internet for female travel blogs which has been built thanks in kind to her 8 years (so far) of travel experience and wonderlust!.

Learning to become a full time professional travel blogger might seem easy especially if you have a look at her darn awesome travel blog.

Basically, She travels a lot and most of the time she does it alone. Brave girl!!

Liz doesn’t have to compromise with any conditions or situations or a travel partner...she just comes and goes as she pleases!

Warning! - F.O.M.O ALERT!

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What I liked About Young Adventuress:

  • Her recent adventures and trips for getting the latest and up to date info
  • Inspiring Stories,
  • Perfect time to travel in certain regions, and best season for travelling.
  • Tricks for budgeting better, and issues for dealing with big fear of solo travel

Overall, it could be a great experience if you follow her site for inspiration, motivation, blog ideas and heck! Where to travel to next!

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  • Dan Flying Solo

Dan or Daniel is a young British traveller who travels from country to country.

He is a gifted and well renowned travel writer who provides tons of useful travel tricks and tips, memories, experiences and world class excellent photos.

His photography has been published in very popular and well known sites like Travel & Leisure, Beautiful Destination, National Geographic, Matador Network and The Travel Channel.

Meeting new people is his passion and it makes him him a popular traveller.  His travel blog Dan Flying Solo is also popular among the travel lifestyle followers.

He captures the very best moments and locations with his camera and shares them with his readers.

Dan has racked up over a 1000+ Days on the road.

It is this experience that brings us his essential tips and info to help you to travel to any region on this lovely blue planet.

 “ I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met.” – John Green. #Travel #Blogging 

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What I Liked About Dan Flying Solo:

  • Ten reasons to visit any place, most exciting places to visit.
  • Best Places to Visit in Europe in winter
  • Discovering cultures of different places
  • Stories from the road, and Travel Videos
  • Travel guides for Asia, Europe, Oceania and other continents.
  • Important Placed to Visit with Family
  • Best Places to visit in Autumn & Winter

You will be inspired a lot from this rather excellent and well presented site..gosh design wise Dan, it is fantastic!. 

Dan Flying solo makes our top 50 travel blogs list
  • Backpacker Banter

Last year Chris form the UK, visited 4 Continents and 8 Countries.

Chris of Backpacker Banter is not only a traveller and travel writer, but also a very talented video creator and photographer also.

If you watch his videos of the Maldives, you will most likely want to hand in your notice and quit your job right away!.

He is for me the Most inspiring blogger out of all or most travel bloggers. He is an expert surfer, and ocean lover. Currently he is exploring the world's finest and best surfing places and capturing them with his camera.

What I Liked About Backpacker Banter:

  • - Everything You Need To Know About Australia
  • - Awesome Gifts for Travellers.
  • - Currently Exploring Places with Video
  • - Travel Tips, Advice, Travel Budget Advice
  • - Epic Things to do in a specific part of the world.  
  • - Review of Local Transport system.
  • - Complete guide to surfing.
  • - How much to budget for specific regions.
  • - Latest Travel Reviews. Right Accommodation, Experiences and Kit.
 Obviously! You will love his pretty amazing videos, watch them, if you are thinking of starting a travel blog take great inspiration form his videos. 

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  • Drew Binksy

Drew Binksy, from Arizona has visited 153 countries He is not only a traveller but also a Golf expert, video maker and Snapchat genius - rather amazingly he's created own travel show through the Snapchat app!.  

Drew started travelling the 153 countries one after another upon leaving college and has made this a full-time career choice!

This smart guy works with different sponsors and brands such as GoPro he also writes for The Huffington Post.


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What I liked About Drew Binsky:

  • Best Places to Visit in summer, winter or autumn
  • Help for planning a Trip, and group trip tips
  • Details on Travel Insurance Policy, Snapchat Special Tips
  • Travel Smart App, Yearly Travel Highlights
  • Golf around the world, Golf tips
  • Why should visit any specific Place
  • How to Afford to Travel full time
  • Blogging Tips for Travellers
  • Social Media Tips for Traveller
  • Amazing Videos and Still Pictures

Really! It is amazing to listen him. Now that is one site that really has to inspire you to get out there get travelling and get blogging and become a travel blogger!

one of The top 50 travel blogs
  • The Travel Camel

Travels have philosophy to take stand with his/her way but Shane Dallas's philosophy will be amaze you.

He always likes to go where the other travellers or visitors dare not to go. That's why he thinks, North Korea is the safest travel destinations, Afghanistan is one of the most beautiful places and an amazing country he has ever seen.

Rarely talked about Somaliland is a pretty nice and interesting region to visit which is full of incredibly kind people and slobbering camels. You will be amazed if you start reading his blog. He has a good hand on travel lifestyle writing.

He loves to travel, and it becomes his favourite way to spend his time and money. It's very easy to turn your passions into a profession but Shane Dallas did it. Travel is now his full-time job!.

Uhh the poor guy!

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide #Travel #Blogging 

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Here is what I liked about The Travel Camel:

  • Before you go tips, On the Road Tips
  • Travel philosophy, Extended Travel, Travel Inspiration
  • Where to travel, Cheaper Travel tips
  • How to save money for travel
  • Packing List tips, Amazing photography
  • Healthy Travel, Safe Travel, Solo Travel
  • Travel Experience Sharing, Ethical Tourism
  • Hotel, Insurance.

You will love with his blog and perhaps be inspired by it!. If Shane Dallas can do it you can too.  

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  • The 2 Travel Dads

It would be inspiring for family tour lovers that 2 guys named Rob and Chris Taylor are travelling with their kids.

Not only that, they are sharing the details with us on their blog. Is not that enough? Ok, then you should visit their blog. Their site details their travels around the globe with their adorable and cute sons.

They have already proven that having a family with children should never stop anyone from continuing with their passion for travelling.

To go on an adventurous journey, family is not and should not be your obstacle.

If you are looking for balanced inspirational tips and experienced travel tips for your family travel blog then check out these two guys!.

What I Liked about the 2 Travel Dads:

  • - How to visit a place with a family
  • - Best Places to visit around us
  • - Guide to snorkeling
  • - Scary Places in the world
  • - Building Blogger and Influencer Marketing Partnerships
  • - Influencer Marketing Special Tips

On this blog, you will find inspiration in terms of blogging and the business side of blogging too. Ohh and very good niche in the travel blogging sector, pretty awesome!.

  • The Blog Abroad

Site owner Gloria has visited over 70 countries…and still counting  and across 6 continents to boot! She is one sharp chica and is never afraid to voice her opinion.

She has worked with some of the top travel bloggers and photographers and writes for very well known online publications like the Matador network, Huffington post and Thought Catalogue.

What I Liked About The Blog Abroad:

  • How to Travel on a budget?
  • Travel Blog Help Tips
  • Ways to Keep Solo Vacation Cheap
  • How to Travel and Not Make Friends Jealous
  • Why You should buy a travel insurance
  • Importance of a Passport than a College Degree
  • How Do You Afford to Travel?
  • Important Questions Anyone Should Ask Before Moving Overseas

She has that naturally born ability to amaze people and her readers!, that and you will be one rockin’ travel blogger.

The Blog Abroad
  • Minority Nomad

Eric Prince, an EX USAF (Yep the US Air Force!) Aerospace Engineer

Details his travels to 93+ countries, most of which are pretty fascinating destinations!.

What I Liked About Minority Nomad:

  • What You Need to Consider Before Moving Abroad
  • Scholar Trips Study Abroad, Travel Insurance
  • Food Vendor Reviews, Traveling Expert Interviews
  • Best Food Tour Experiences, Tips for eating food Abroad
  • Discovering new places to visit, where to go During Sunset
  • Individual Plan for Every continent
  • What is inside a Travel Insurance Policy?

Hope you will enjoy and find inspiration in every picture and word of his blog.

  • The HoliDaze Blog

Derek Freal has gathered some ridiculous travel experiences to tell you about.

You can compare his blog with the good- the bad and the ugly movie.  Derek writes his 10 years of travelling experience with only a summarised 6 sentences. Isn't it crazy! Nope! You will get the full picture if you read these lines. 

His journey landed him in the Indonesian jail. Starring in a film during Indonesia tour. Driving over 3200+ kilometers across India just in a Rickshaw. It would better to hear his story direct from him.

What I Liked about Holidaze Blog:

  • Outdoors nightlife, Top transportation
  • Unique things you do not know
  • Travel guide and tips, unbelievable videos
  • Offbeat Travel Guides, Adventure Travel Guides
  • UNESCO Travel Guides, Cultural Travel Guides
  • Free Things to Do, Aerial Adventures
  • Luxury travel mountains, volcanoes museums, photography reviews
  • Road-trip solo travel, budget travel, first impressions food
  • Languages that can be learned easily

Very diverse and well very well presented travel blog. Present your site well folks, and people will love it!. 

Because You Know You Can Have A More Exciting Life Travel Blogger. The Question Is: Do You REALLY Want That Life Or Would You Rather The Hum Drum Of Your Regular Job/Life?!?

  • I Dreamed Of This

I Dreamed Of This Site Owner, Nathan Allen is a young guy who has always dreamed of travelling and exploring the different places in our world one after another, but in 2013 when he settled down in The Philippines, there was no places he would rather be.

So, blog and photos of his shows life in the Philippines. It is pure dreamy work and definitely helping to promote the travel industry of the country as one of the best world's tourist destinations.

His posts often reach a few million readers!

(That is insane traffic!) 

When he was a little boy, he felt so confined by his society's expectations. He dreamed of a free life full of food, adventure, culture, most importantly the freedom of life.

What I Liked About I Dreamed Of This:

  • Motorbike trips, Snorkelling and diving
  • How to fund for long term travel
  • Product Reviews and Amazing Photography
  • How Audio Mastering Funded Long-Term Travel
  • Which Sandal is Most Comfortable?

If your travel blog can reach a few million people – wow you got it made!.

I dreamed of this makes our top 50 travel blogs list
  • The Blonde Abroad

California native Keirsten Rich, quit her career in the finance industry to travel 75+ countries and created this travel fashion blog and works closely with the top and best known brands in the industry.

Clearly, she is a gifted writer, blogger and photographer. Her site, The Blonde Abroad has been featured in all the VIP publications Forbes, Huffington post, the Matador Network and the mainstream media.

She has essentially created one of the “go to” female travel blogs

What I Liked About The Blonde Abroad:

  • What to pack for a Winter Holiday
  • The Best Getaways around the World
  • The Best Destinations for Solo Travel
  • Travel Bucket List
  • Things to Do Before You Turn 30
  • Best Travel Experiences
  • Where to Find the Best Afternoon Tea in London
  • Qatar Airways Business Class review
  • Finding the Perfect Fragrance at Sephora
  • How to Take Awesome Sparkler Photos

This is one heck of a blog that certainly merges between lifestyle blogging and travel blogging, just showing that industries can me mixed, matched and make for a rocking blog!.

  • My Life’s A Movie

Cuban American Alyssa Ramos has travelled from Antarctica To The Amazon Rain Forrest, and Iceland to India, she is a self style travel blogger and has written for digital publications like inside edition, Trip Advisor, Huffington Post and Matador Network – to name a few!.

On Snapchat she's always sharing very quick travel tips for you.

She is an adventure lover too!.

What I Liked About My Life’s A Movie:

  • - Top Travel Trends
  • - Top 19 Bucket list Solo Travel Destinations
  • - Destinations to Visit for A Good USD Exchange Rate
  • - Winter Destination Spotlight
  • - 20 Must-Have Travel Gifts for the Holidays
  • - 5 Travel Photography Rules When Locals Are Around
  • - Nightlife Experiences to Try

Hope you enjoy her blog and take inspiration form her hard work

  • Travel Break

Another amazing lady from California who already travelled 200+ places in the world. Travel Break Site Owner Steph Be has even been on CNN! 


She regularly writes for several mainstream media channels including, Forbes, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Matador Network, and Mashable many more.

Not only that, Steph is an extremely talented blogger. She's is also an amazing brilliant photographer!

She proved her true talent and knowledge of social media and build huge audience 280000+. It has to be said though.. she does comes from a marketing background and applied it to social media and it worked well and grabbed attention.

Check out her site it will help to take the leap and inspire you to become a travel blogger too.

One of the best travel blogs around

20. The Social Girl Traveler - Jen Morilla

Jen Morilla is a travel blogger and the founder of great travel fashion blog The Social Girl Traveler.

Starting was challenging, she overcome that.  She quit the dreamy New York City corporate job in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. From the start she was aiming to travel the world with a great purpose and inspire the people to do the same!

She travels with few bottles of clean water filters in her backpack. Already been to 42 countries and it isn’t planning on stopping.

What I Liked about The Social Girl Traveller!:

  • Tips for The Perfect RV Road Trip,
  • Moving to a New City- Don’t Think About It Too Much
  • How to Discover A Different Side of a Place
  • 5 Reasons Women Should Learn to Dive
  • Discover More Than Just Beaches
  • Cheap Flights for A Last-Minute Trip
  • Why the Palm Beaches Are Perfect for A Girls
  • What Most People Say but Won’t Do
  • Lessons I’ve learned About Life

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  • Be My Travel Muse

Kristin is a travel junkie and an award-winning solo female traveller who loves to explore new territories & cultures.

In her solo travel blog Be My Travel Muse, she shares country tour guides, expense calculations, how to, top locations to travel, accommodation opportunities & inspirational posts to inspire people.

Kristin is addicted to SCUBA diving, hiking, hitchhiking, camping and some other outdoor activities. She emphasis on solo travel & work as solo trip planner to help her fans.

Be My Travel Muse is full of rich travel resources that will help you planning your solo adventure trip effortlessly.

Especially the resources related to travel gear & accessories will help you enjoy your trip overcoming the quick climate change.

What I Liked About Be My Travel Muse:

  • Extensive Travel Resources, Budget Level Knowledge Sharing
  • Solo Travel Tips, Destination Guides, Gear & Accessories Advice
  • Inspires People for Solo Adventure Trips
  • Season Recommendation for Specific Region Tour
  • Encourage People Dealing with Big Fear of Solo Travel
  • Encourage Female Travellers on SCUBA Diving
  • Self-Written Books & Courses for Solo Travellers

The Photo Muse Masterclass is a customized photography course hosted by Kristin to help people mastering their own photography.

This a brilliant and highly inspiring blog for both travellers and travel bloggers perspective.

Remember that happiness is a way of #travel – not a destination.” -Roy M. Goodman #TravelBlogging

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  • Bucket List Journey

Annette is a food-obsessed travel blogger, Owner of the Bucket List Journey which is an award-winning travel blog where she shares travel tips & trick.& Co-Owner of Sugo Trattoria a classy and elegant Italian restaurant.

At an early age, she went through an unhealthy body condition and suffered from several anxieties and countless fears.

After about 20 years Annette realized fear kills all of her enthusiasms. So, she decided never to let fear make decisions for her and obviously it was a life-changing decision for her.

This brave soul encourages people to overcome fear and explore different territories, foods, lifestyles & culture spread out around the globe.

What I Liked About Bucket List Journey:

  • Focuses On The Intersection Of Travel, Food, And Fashion
  • Obsessed About Restaurant Business & Adventure
  • Overcame Several Anxieties  & Countless Fears
  • Strong Social Media Appearance
  • Shares Excellent Quality Photos
  • Where To Visit, Expense Calculation & Food Reviews

If you have cherished dream to travel the globe, Bucket List Journey can be the perfect website that can help you remove all the anxieties & fear to start!.

This an absolute brilliant and unique approach to travel blogging. Can you come up with a unique or good angle for your travel blog?

There is no doubt Bucket List Journey make the Top 50 Travel Blogs
  • Pause The Moment

Pause The Moment is a blog of Ryan Gargiulo who describes himself as a location independent blogger & social media influencer.

With his extensive storytelling skill, he shares excellent photos & videos to inspire people to plan their next vacation in the outdoors. Most of the blog posts & videos he creates are location recommendation & Top lists.

In his in-depth articles, he basically tries to recommend best accommodations, transportation, food & safety to make your adventure trip effortless and memorable.

Besides his continuous travel, he arranges short tours around the globe and writing highly informative tour guides for his readers.

Is this something that you can do or learn to do?

You better believe its!.

Because you can learn how do it right here!

What I Liked About Pause The Moment:

  • Destination Guides, Entertaining Videos & Travel Hacks
  • Guide for Beginners to Start
  • Promote the Best Places to Eat, Play and Stay
  • Focus on Adventurous & Affordable Travel
  • Shares High-Quality Resources for Readers
  • Helps People Make Their Travel Dreams Come True
  • Adventures with Nature and Wildlife

Finally, if you want to be a part of a worldwide travel community, you can learn how to build the ultimate travel blog that can make your dreams come true!.

Because You Really Do Want To Build The Ultimate Travel Blog!. The Question Is: How Much Do You Want It?!? 

  • California Through My Lens

Josh is a self-taught hobby photographer, traveller, and explorer with excellent research ability & the founder of California Through My Lens.

Comparing with other territories, California is the 3rd largest state that has 163,696 square miles extensive area full of so many travel adventures.

Discovering all of them individually to select & travel to explore in the right season could be the donkey task for you if you are not native of California.

To reduce people’s hard work of finding the perfect place to travel inside the CA, Josh shares his California adventure stories, photos, and video in his blog.

California Through My Lens already explored most of the beaches, bizarre, caves, hikes and historical structures of California and posted resources for its readers.

What I Liked About California Through My Lens:

  • Josh Is Self-Taught Photographer & Traveller
  • He Is Now Making Money Doing This Professionally!
  • Posts Location Map to Help His Readers
  • Separate Sections for Beaches, Bizarre, Caves, Hikes & Waterfalls
  • Provide Detailed Trip Advice – Priority Spot Selection Advice
  • Food Review – Location – Price & Food Rating
  • City Tour Guide - Covered All Major Cities

Josh has another blog where he shares his world tour experiences, planning & tour guides. You can check ThroughMyLens.com to find out know.

Travel, photography and food! That makes for a great site?

Care to make it?

Learn how you can do it here with this Blogging training program.

A solid certain as one of the top focused travel blogs and that is why it makes the list of the top 50 travel blogs
  • David’s Been Here: 

David Hoffmann is an active travel addict and blog coach from Miami, Florida who is the owner of David's Been Here and working as social media influencer.

With his excellent social media appearance, he is influencing people to travel the globe. He proved his strong social media skill and built huge audience on his social accounts like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Dailymotion.

He already covered 70 countries and explored nearly 1050 cities all over the world. With his extensive travel skill, he motivates people and inspires to travel around the world.

You might be wondered what positive energy is fueling him for his insane travel activities?

Well, David Hoffmann was named as one of the top 10 videographers by USA Today for his travel photography. David mentioned this type of achievement pushes him forward and he gets inspiration to discover more.

David had diverse family culture with his Italian dad & Hungarian mum that eventually leads the curiosity about different territories and cultures.

In early summer of 2007, he started this blog as a solo traveller and later he hired his cinematographer to film his travel videos as he started making money with his travel blog.

He left his real estate agent job the following year and set a goal of two-year adventure filming. Besides running his travel blog, he works as a producer and brand filmmaker.

What I Liked About David’s Been Here:

  • Shares Resources Related to Travel & Tour Guides
  • City Guide - Top Lists & Travel Episodes
  • Featured on Discovery - BBC & The Huffington Post
  • Focused on 2-4 Weeks Tour Plans
  • Money Saving Trip Advice
  • 70 Countries 1052 Cities Explored
  • Top Places, Restaurants & Day Trips Guide
  • Regularly Updates Social Media Accounts

David was featured on multiple national televisions & print media for the award-winning videography that made him famous overnight!

And that is exactly what YOU could achieve with a travel blog should you dare to dream big!.

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  • Amateur Traveler

The phrase "Best Travel Blog" has more than 41 thousand search volume per month on Google with over 4.9 million search results that show the higher interest rate of people on travelling.

Chris Christensen is better known as Independent Travel Journalist who established Amateur Traveler to help tour loving people to find the real adventures & tourist attractions all over the world.

He shares creative travel stories, photos, videos & podcasts on his blog that he recorded on 400+ many different places.

He emphasizes on Travel Audio Podcasting as because he believes this is an intelligent way to motivate & engage people in traveling. I swear, he is doing this pretty cleverly!.

What I Liked About Amateur Travel:

  • Excellent Travel Audio Podcasting Skill
  • Notify People about Recent Tours & Events
  • Destination Guide with Entertaining Stories
  • Effective Media & Resources Integration
  • Help People Planning Trips on Their Backyard & Around the World
  • Accommodation, Car Rental & Travel Insurance Guide
  • Territory Based Tour Guide & Safety Tips

Comparing with other travel blogs, I find Amateur Traveler is one of the most interesting travel blogs that covers almost every topic related to tour & tourism that is really impressive!.

Amateur Traveler
  • Gaijin Crew

I understand, money plays a vital role in our everyday life and you always care about money! If you want to save some bucks & enjoy your adventure trip as well, you are in the exact place what you are looking for!.

Jamie is popularly known as Backpacking Jamie for his world-famous travel blog Gaijin Crew.

He is a tour blog writer with his excellent budget backpacking skill that helped him to turned himself a professional travel blogger.

With his excellent storytelling ability, he writes engaging travel stories and guides for his readers. In Gaijin Crew, you will get a clear concept what places to visit, what to eat and where to stay on your backpacking trip?

He shares budget backpacking tips & destination guides to help people learning how to travel sustainably without blowing the bank!

On his blog, Jamie features culture, lifestyle & adventure opportunities around the globe to inspire people on backpacking trips.

Jamie is a participant of Amazon Service LLC Associates Program that is designed for website owners who wants to link Amazon products & earn advertising fees.

Besides making money from Amazon, he works as budget backpacking advisor & destination trip planner to monetize his website.

What I Like About Gaijin Crew:

  • Minimalist Travel Guide & Resources
  • Affordable Food, Car Rental & Accommodation Guide
  • Excellent Monetization Skill to Earn from Website
  • Best Places to Visit in Summer, Winter or Autumn
  • Recently & Yearly Travel Highlights
  • Active Social Media Presence & Tips Sharing

Because You Know You Can Make A Rockin' Travel Blog And Get Paid For Your Travels!. The Question Is: Are You Motivated Enough To Do It?

  • Borders of Adventure

Becki Enright is an independent travel journalist; award-winning blog writer & avid explorer; the person behind this amazing blog Border of Adventure.

Becki spent her childhood staring at maps and searching for an opportunity to embark her dream.

In her teens, she visited Russia & Europe on her first school trip that inspired her to save money for her next independent tour to Vietnam and then never stopped.

Working as a trip volunteer in Madagascar, Thailand, North India, Laos & Cambodia made her truly experienced in the tourism industry.

This real-life experience helping her to work as an active travel journalist & solo female traveler.

She crafted her blog combining the culture, history, political circumstances & socio-economic stability to provide a deep concept about a particular locality.

According to today's date, she traveled to 67 different countries, covering 52% of Asia, 53% of Europe and a few other countries of South America.

What I Liked About Borders of Adventure:

  • Her dedication to Travelling from a young age
  • Ecotourism Guide & Steps to Start
  • Money Saving Idea on Solo Trip
  • Features Social, Economic & Political Conditions
  • Travel Philosophy & Destination Guide
  • Cheaper Travel Tips & Area Suggestion
  • Solo Travel Advice & Trip Planning

This is definitely a top blog to keep you inspired and motivated in your quest to become a travel blogger.  

Top 50 Travel Blogs by women
  • Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt wasn't a full-time traveller other than his occasional summer holiday. But destiny turned him a digital nomad & made him obedient to travel all 7 continents including 198 countries around the globe.

This travel guy has visited almost every territory, historic places & tourist attractions around the world.

He has gained multiple awards & receptions from different nations for his astonishing achievements. I find few of them really prestigious & wish to visit those places as well.

He posted some unique tour guides that I didn't notice on any other travel blog. If you are thinking to float on the dead sea or want to swim with whale sharks, you will find a detailed guide on Everything Everywhere.

What I Liked About Everything Everywhere:

  • 375 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Visit Around the World
  • Set foot in 198 Countries of All 7 Continents
  • Travelled All 50 Territories of US
  • Visited 417 US Parks Along With 150 National US Park
  • Explored All the Canadian Province’s Twice
  • Visited Every State of South Africa, Australia & Germany
  • Floated in The Dead Sea - Swam with Whale Sharks

My desire for world travel increased a dramatically when I discovered this amazing travel blog! great stuff Gary!

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  • The Insatiable Traveler

Susan Portnoy is an active travel addict who established The Insatiable Traveler to immerse and excite her readers into traveling.

Like other hobby photographers, she wanted to become a professional travel photographer, explore the world & become independently wealthy as well.

To make the dream come true, she left her corporate job & started her freelance career as a creative writer & travel photographer.

She has an excellent skill of connecting people who are seeking adventure. Susan motivates them to visit different places with her original storytelling ability & excellent photography skills.

She was featured on multiple national newspapers & awarded for her excellent travel photography.

What I Like About the Insatiable Traveler:

  • Inspire People to Travel Exotic Destinations
  • Award-Winning Travel Photography
  • Affection & Attraction to Wild Life
  • Featured on The New York Times, Forbes.com, The HuffPost Travel, The Business Insider & Adventure.com
  • Deal with Living Wild Life to Survive
  • Affordable Trip Planning – Travel Resources
  • Enjoying the Life & Making Money Together

I have got to admit seeing this blog, I really get fired up for starting a photography or travel blog myself, both are passions of mine!. 

I love photography and, left my homeland some 20 or so years back!. 

Insatiable traveller a sure fire top travel blog
  • Jessie on a Journey

People have a common misconception that they need a ton of money to travel the world & Jessie has completely the opposite belief that forced her to start the blog Jessie on a Journey.

When it comes to female adventure tour, the situation is more critical and she needed to break a huge barrier & overcome many different difficulties to start her adventure trip as a solo traveler.

Jessie is a female entrepreneur and tour advisor who has multiple eBooks and an online store where you will find all the necessary equipment for solo travel trips.

What I Like About Jessie on a Journey:

  • Travel Gear List – Clothing Tips – Security Tips
  • Inspire People to Live Their Best Life
  • Anyone Can Share Jessie Shop Products & Earn Up To 70% Commission
  • Custom Tour Planning & Courses
  • Blog Consulting to Help People Start Making Money with a Travel Blog
  • Helping People Learning Brand Management
  • Photo Journalist, Female Entrepreneur & Solo Traveler
  • Keep Calm and Travel

Clelia Mattana was always passionate about meeting new people that turned her a famous globetrotter.

Fear of losing money is a common emotion that obstructs people and let not fulfill their dream. In her blog, Clelia motivates people removing the fear to move on new places to experience new cultures & live their dream together.

At Keep Calm and Travel, you will learn how to make money with a travel blog, plan your travel trip more efficiently & get advice to choose the best tour equipment’s as well.

As a popular travel magazine, she has been featured on many popular websites like National Geographic, Yahoo, Business Insider, The Independent & Trip Advisor.

Clelia is truly enthusiastic women who is active on all major social media's like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest & Instagram.

What I Like About Keep Calm and Travel:

  • Effective Money Saving Tips for Travelers
  • Conscious About Lifestyle, Fashion & Food
  • Shares High-Quality Photo & Videos
  • She Likes to Visit New Places & Cultures
  • Established Herself as Famous Trip Advisor at Her Young Age
  • Self-motivated Travel Blogger
  • Encourage Women to Go Out & Live Their Dream

 Oh, and not forgetting the name of this blog is brilliant and unforgettable! I love that!. 

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  • Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only is a photography focused travel blog established by Yaya and Lloyd.

They crafted their blog with life hacks, blogging tips, food & destination guide for trip loving people. The idea behind starting the blog Hand Luggage Only was sharing high-quality travel photos & stories to connect others around the globe.

The idea hit the nail on the head & they got an overwhelming response from the audience that motivated them to continue.

Though this is not a food blog, they emphasize foods of different localities & high-quality travel photography. Also, they share travel hacks, destination tour guide & day-trip guide regular basis.

Hand Luggage Only is a UK based travel blog that is hugely popularity among the UK people. If you check their social pages, you will notice an overwhelming response on their social accounts.

What I Like About Hand Luggage Only:

  • Food Review & Tips for eating Food Abroad
  • Photography Oriented Travel Blog
  • Shares High-quality Travel Photos
  • Fund Raising Tips for Long-term Travel
  • Day Trip Arrangement Idea Sharing
  • Life Hacks to Survive with Less Instruments
  • Encourage People to Participate on Day Backpacking

In short you could see this a brilliant fusion of two blogs, travel blog and food blog great inspiration for both!. 

Top 50 Travel And Food Blogs
  • I Am Aileen

Aileen is a Filipino  ladypreneur & vlogger living a sustainable adventure life & the owner of the blog I Am Aileen.

She knows multiple languages including English, Tagalog, Dutch & Ivatan that motivated her to follow her childhood dream of travelling.

At the age of 21, she left her corporate job & started her entrepreneur life as a digital nomad & travel blog writer.

Besides writing blogs, she works as a destination tour guide, share resources & earning money from her online shop.

I find very few Asian women shows the courage in doing this kind of creative work & Aileen is doing her job perfectly.

Even the reward is small, people get huge inspiration to move forward. Aileen was featured on multiple national dailies & popular newspaper like BBC Travel, Buzz Feed, The Huffington Post & National Geographic that boosted her energy and keep her active to travel.

What I Liked About I Am Aileen:  

  • Female Travel Blogger, Vlogger & Entrepreneur
  • Selling Travel Equipment’s & Accessories
  • Enthusiasm, Hard work & Passion About Travel
  • The Ultimate Guide to Become a Digital Nomad
  • Money Saving Travel Tips & Budget Idea
  • Shares Money Management Tips & Ideas

Because You Know There Is No Reason As To Why You Cannot Emulate The Success And Become A Travel Blogger!. The Question Is: Are You Willing To Put In The Effort And Build It?

  • Indiana Jo

Indiana Jo is a self-motivated food-obsessed travel blogger & world explorer who inspires people to travel & enjoy their life.

Before she started her blog & world tour, Indiana Jo was a full-time lawyer. She never had the plan to travel the world other than her occasional summer holiday.

But she had a childhood dream to experience new food & culture that turned her a full-time travel blogger.

She writes about best foods, budget backpacking tips and city tour guide to help people enjoying their adventure tour effortlessly.

Indiana personally helps people finding affordable flight ticket, transport, & accommodation to make their trip adventurous. She also suggests people how to stay healthy & safe during an adventure tour.

With her strong social media skill, she built a huge audience on her social media accounts. She is still travelling the globe & making money all as well.

What I Like About Indiana Jo:

  • Food- obsessed Full-time Travel Blogger
  • Health & Safety Tips on Travel
  • Solo Travel Tips - Gear Recommendation - Location Recommendation
  • Location Map for Food, Adventure & Historic Places
  • Help People Arranging Money for Tour from Blog
  • Top Places Recommendation – Cheap Tour Planning

An this is a tremendous travel blog to aspire to. Brilliant Jo, just brilliant. 

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  • Backpacking Matt

New-Zealand! A truly photogenic, picturesque & most mesmerizing place on earth that everyone dreams to visit. Matt is a native NZ guy established Backpacking Matt to help people discovering this wonderland.

Though Backpacking Matt features NZ trips mostly, But he is not only limited to NZ tourism. As the largest tour booking & planning website of New Zealand, they arrange world tours regularly.

Matt shares travel advice, tour guide, excellent photos & videos in Backpacking Matt to keep his readers up to date

Also, he is highly addicted to Instagram & post all latest tour updates on Instagram.

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, Backpacking Matt can be an ultimate tour blog that can provide a deep concept on your first New Zealand tour.

What I Like About Backpacking Matt:

  • Tour Booking & Planning Guide
  • Nicely Crafted the Blog with Photos, Videos & Stories
  • Quit his 9-5 Job For A Settled Down Travel Career
  • Regularly Posts Realistic Images On Instagram
  • True Knowledge On Social Media Effectiveness
  • Worked On Multiple International Events Like Olympus
  • Update His Readers Regularly About Recent Activities
  • Girl Gone Travel:

We often find a solo female traveller who is making money & travelling the globe. But Carol Cain is quite different than others who involved her family as well.

Before Carol started the blog, Girl Gone Travel, she was a public relations pro and now inspiring her friends & readers to join her team throughout this excellent blog.

The idea behind starting the blog was pretty simple. She wants to make people understand the meaning of life, travel philosophy & importance of adventure in our life journey.

Carol was always sensible & careful about her family that makes her thoughtful to others family. She crafted her blog with family tour guides & arranges adventure trip for them regularly.

In Girl Gone Travel, she suggests people where to stay, best places to visit, foods & safety guide around the world.

What I Like About Girl Gone Travel:

  • A Complete Guide About Family Adventure
  • Professional Touch on Blog – Storytelling Skill
  • Simple Design – Everything is Well Arranged
  • Promotional Efforts for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Works as Digital Influencer with Excellent Blog Writing Skill
  • Food – Accommodation – Safety Guide for Families
  • Highly Dedicated & Passionate About Travel
Top travel blogs
  • Goats on the Road:

Nick & Dariece are a middle-aged couple from Canada who have established this amazing blog Goats On The Road to help adventure seeking & culture loving people.  

With their excellent photography, videography & writing skill Nick & Dariece helping people exploring the world and enjoy their life as well.

They have never been professional travellers in their early married life. But an adventure trip in Mexico made them think about travel and turned travelling into a lifestyle for them.

Besides travelling the globe, they feature destination guide, remote job opportunities & money-making tips on their blog related to travelling.

Dariece had a dream of visiting Southeast Asia that makes her curious about knowing how people live there. She volunteered several times as English Teacher and now she is teaching English besides her travelling activities.

They have been featured on Forbes, NBC, Time, National Geographic Traveller & Business Insider for their extensive knowledge & affords on travel.

What I Like About Goats on the Road:

  • Helping People Learning English in Asia
  • Pet Sitting - House Sitting Ideas & Guide
  • Money Saving Tips for Travel
  • Focusing Asian Tourism Industry
  • Inspiring People Enjoying Their Life
  • Effective Ways to Start Travelling
  • Gotta Keep Movin’

Emma Higgins is a creative blog writer & podcast artist who has completely different thoughts about travel and she is the founder of Gotta Keep Movin'.

As an independent travel journalist, she features all general topics related to travel on her blog. She publishes annual spot reviews & tour guides to provide an overall idea about the places.

I find a very few travel blogger sharing podcasts and Emma is doing this pretty perfectly. With her true social media skill, she has built a huge audience on her social media accounts.

Emma loves adventure & inspires people to lead an adventurous life as well. Her travel journal "A Year In The UK & Ireland" got an overwhelming response from her readers.

As she is a food-obsessed travel blogger & freelance writer, she features the best foods & food recipes on her blog that will help you find & taste the best food around the globe.

What I Like About Gotta Keep Movin’:

  • Annual Review – Spot Recommendation
  • Share Travel Stories & Podcasts
  • Best Season Suggestion For Visiting A Place
  • Affordable Travel & Trip Guide
  • Independent Solo Female Traveller
  • Active on All Major Social Media’s
  • Yearly Travel Highlights

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  • Matador Network: 

Matador Network is a travel magazine & an online community for adventure loving people.

People from different background and communities share their tour and travel experiences, difficulties & rewards on the network to encourage & aid others to be aware of travel opportunities. 

The idea behind establishing this excellent travel community was to  help others knowing the culture, family bonding, nightlife & lifestyle of a place to reduce the fear of exploring new territories.

Matador Network is popular travel community helping to grow more travel blogs & networks. By joining this community, you will easily find inspiration to start travelling removing all kind of fear.

People post excellent photos & videos on Matador Network that helps people learning about new places and discover them as well. Travel Stoke app is available on both the Play Store & the App Store that you can use to get an extra advantage on your adventure tour.

What I Like About Matador Network:

  • Participating Travellers from Different Background Like Filmmakers, Journalists & Others
  • Helping People to Remove Fear & Start Travelling Around the Globe
  • One of The Most Famous Travel Communities That Everyone Knows
  • Different People Share Travel Tips – High-quality Photos & Videos to Help Others
  • Featuring Major Categories Like Lifestyle - Cultures - Family - Outdoor - Food & Drinks
  • Customized Apps for Travelers - Available on App Store & Play Store
  • Strong Social Media Presence Including Facebook – Twitter – Instagram & YouTube
  • Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel

We live in a mysterious globe that is full of lots of charm, beauty & adventure. A mountain is the most pleasant element of the universe that contains lot of adventure on it.

Laurel Robbins is the founder of Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel. The idea behind establishing the blog is helping people to discover the best adventurous places & explore them effortlessly.

John Amatt the founder of Adventure Attitude said - “Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles in life.”

But Laurel has completely opposite believe & she is addicted to mountains. Thus, she crafted her blog with mountain adventure tour stories, tour guides, excellent photos & videos.

Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel has been featured on National Geographic, BBC Travel, Trip Advisor, Forbes & The Guardian for its excellent affordability on travelling.

What I Like About Monkeys and Mountains Adventure Travel:

  • Features Mountain Adventure Stories – Photos – Videos
  • Affection to Wild Life – Nature – Beauty
  • The enthusiasm of Laurel Robbins - Her Effort & Dedication
  • Tour Guide – Best Places to Visit – Equipment’s
  • Help People Finding a Local Guide to Enjoy the Trip More Conveniently
  • UNESCO World Heritage Places Visit
  • Accommodation – Transport – Safety Guide
This rather excellent blog is a real mind opener to whole variety of niches and sub niches that are related to travel blogging that you can get yourself involved in. Honestly..mountains is not something I had thought of. 
How To Set up A Website For Free
  • Nomad Revelations

João Leitão is known for his excellent backpacking tips, exotic narratives & offbeat ideas. He established Nomad Revelations to encourage independent travellers and help them exploring new cultures and identifying the meaning of life.

Communicating with local people is crucial and João loves interacting with local people. This communication skill helps him absorb new languages & dialects from his local friends.

João is addicted to cooking; This hobby forces him to taste all the local foods & share those food recipes with his readers.

In Nomad Revelations, you will find some crucial idea like destination guide, motivation to start and travel resources like Map Marker & Distance Calculator.

João already visited more than 130 countries and continuing; He motivates people to start & continue as well.

What I Like About Nomad Revelations:

  • Exotic Narratives and Offbeat Ideas About The Best Adventure Places
  • Aspects of Life – Turned Travel into The Lifestyle
  • Excellent Backpacking Skill - Money Saving Idea for Solo Travellers
  • Excellent Interaction Skill with Local People
  • Food-obsessed Blogging – Featuring All Delicious Foods
  • Visited All Major Localities & Nation Around the World
  • Active on All Major Social Media’s – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – YouTube and More

Because You Know You Can Make A Travel Blog Every Bit As Good As The Ones You Have Seen So Far!. The Question Is: Do You Really Want To See The World?

  • One Mile At A Time

One Mile At A Time is a multi-author travel blog established by Ben Schlappig. He is an expert award-winning travel blogger & tourist guide who has been traveling since his young age.

With his true communication skill, he built an enormous travel network called Points Pros. Basically, they help people overcome any kind of difficulties related to tour & tourism.

Currently, they are working with 75 airlines and providing quick transport solution for their clients. You will find a detailed guide about transportation on their website.

To maximize the ease of travel, they help you use your American Membership Rewards & Chase Ultimate Rewards Points.

Ben Schlappig is a travel consultant who run a community named, One Mile At A Time Community. You can easily ask and get quick solution related to travel using this wonderful community.

What I Like About One Mile at a Time:

  • Extensive Knowledge – Dedication & Afford on Travel
  • Vast Community to Help People Learning
  • Trip Report – Offbeat Ideas About Travel
  • UNESCO Travel Guides, Cultural Travel Guides
  • Budget Travel Guide Advice & Consulting
  • Powerful Team Helping People & Inspiring Them to Travel
  • Accommodation – Safety Guide – Helping Mentality
  • Ordinary Traveller

Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore are a famous travel couple and the founder of Ordinary Traveler. As they were highly addicted to travel & photography, they started this blog to showcase their travel stories.

Basically, in this blog, they are inspiring people to live their dream, enjoy the life & help people learn to minimize their travel costs.

They crafted the blog with travel tips, travel resources & destination guide to help their readers find the perfect place for their adventure tour. And undoubtedly, they are getting an overwhelming response from their readers.

Ordinary Traveler were featured on Yahoo, Sony, MSN, National Geographic & The Business Insider that fueling them to move forward.

They are tremendously active on social media that helped them to establish Ordinary Traveler as a popular travel blog.

What I Like About Ordinary Traveler:

  • Excellent Photography - Travel Resources – Videography
  • Useful Travel Guides Comparing The Home Life
  • Family Adventure Tips - Necessary Travel Gear Guides
  • Get Inspired and Saving Up for A Trip
  • Teach People Controlling Emotions to Start Travel
  • How To Remove Fear of Getting Started
  • Backyard & Destination Tour Guide
Best 50 travel blogs world wide
  • The Planet D

The Planet D is an adventure focus travel blog established by Dave and Deb who were among the top 10 travel influencers according to a Forbes report

They are working as full-time travellers to help fellow travellers avoiding mistakes and enjoy their adventure tour perfectly. They travelled all seven continents & more than 105 countries that made them truly experts in the tourism industry.

They believe adventure is for everyone and working to guide people how they can enjoy their travel. They rewarded several times as the Best Travel Blogger by North American Travel Journalists Association & American Travel Writers.

With their creative story-telling skill, they engage different background people and companies. Currently, they are working with more than 100 brands & destinations including American Express, Expedia & more.

What I Like About The Planet D:

  • Working as The Most Popular Travel Influencers
  • Multi-Award-Winning Travel Bloggers & Advisors
  • Travel Resources – Helping to Find Cheap Flight
  • Collaborating with Other Travel Blogs
  • They Won Countless Photography Awards
  • Encourage People About Travel
  • Healthy Travel, Safe Travel, Solo Travel
  • Local Adventurer

Esther JuLee and her husband Jacob are the founders of Local Adventurer. This is a lifestyle blog focusing on new culture, history & adventure around the globe.

They are keen enough & exploring different localities throughout the year. Because they believe one year is long enough to discover all hidden gems of a territory.

I have read a few of their annual travel reports that reflects their extensive knowledge, passion & dedication about travel.

As they explore a place throughout the year; they know all the obstacles & difficulties people experience on their adventure tour. So, they focus on the issue & help people avoiding these obstacles.

Like other famous travel bloggers, they are highly active on all popular social media’s that helping them stay connected with their readers.

What I Like About Local Adventurer:

  • International Guide - City Guide - Annual Travel Report
  • Extensive Knowledge About Tourist Places
  • Destination Guide – Safety Guide & Suggestions
  • Inspiring People on Destination Travel
  • Strongly Active on Social Media Accounts
  • Shares Helpful Resource – Check the Resources Page
  • Travelling the Globe & Making Money
Top 50 travel blogs
  • Migrationology

Mark Wiens is the founder of Migrationology; a famous food-obsessed travel blogger focusing on unique foods of different localities. He is a food junkie and loves to experience new cuisines & local foods.

He is strongly active on YouTube & posts regular updates on social media accounts. Besides writing city tour guides, he shares essential travel resources & location map to help his audience.

You can generate hundreds of adventure ideas on your city tour from his eBook “101 Things To Do In Bangkok” (for example). Also, you can check his YouTube channel to get a clear concept where to go, what to eat & accommodation guides as well.

You can support Mark collecting his custom-designed T-shirt, Cap & eBook from his online store.

What I Like About Migrationology:

  • Crafted the Website with Popular Food Menu’s & Recipes
  • Experiencing New Cuisines & Local Foods
  • Blogging Resources to Start a Food Travel Blog
  • Involved His Family That is Really Appreciating
  • Help People Believing No Matter What Culture or Country You’re From
  • Nearly 50K Plus Readers & Subscriber
  • Regularly Updates About Recent Travels
  • The Poor Traveller

A common misconception I often notice among people is there is a lot of money involved on travelling and this is the reason they stopped dreaming to travel.

But Yosh has completely opposite belief that forced him to start the blog The Poor Traveller. He crafted the blog with destination guide, visa guide & helping people estimating their travel budget.

If you are curious to know how to arrange cheap tours, you must follow The Poor Traveler. Because, Yoshke & Vins arranges budget backpacking trip, adventure trip & helping people to learn how to manage affordable adventure trips.

The Poor Traveler has been featured on BBC, CNN, Digital Photographers & The Huffington Post for their excellent photography, videography & affordable tour planning.

They are active on all major social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, RSS, Twitter & YouTube.

What I Like About The Poor Traveler:

  • Cheap Tour Guide – Hotel Suggestion & Flights Suggestion
  • Budget Backpacking Tips & Ideas
  • City Tour Guides – Best Places Suggestion
  • Packing List Tips – Amazing Photography
  • Solo Travel Guide – Where to Travel?
  • Travel Philosophy & Inspiration to Start
  • Documentation & Visa Guides

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  • Retire Early And Travel

Once a Chief Technology Officer Keith started the blog “Retire Early and Travel” to influence people in destination travelling. He also quit his corporate job early to started travelling the globe.

Keith involved his wife Tina in his mission and now moving together. Both they have had good internet marketing knowledge that helped them connect more people who have the same field of interest. 

Besides travelling the world, they are making money monetizing their website & promoting travel products from different affiliate platforms.

Using the social media platform, they inspire people to travel & earn. They have an online store where they sells T-Shirts, Mugs, Phone Cases, Posters, Sweatshirts, Women T-shirts & Totes.

What I Like About Retire Early and Travel:

  • Living an International Lifestyle
  • Share Where They Go, What They Do
  • Social Media Influencer with Strong Internet Marketing Knowledge
  • Showcase All the Travel Stories – Destination Trip Recommendation
  • Travel Insurance - Gear List & Safety Guide
  • Researched to Find the Places to Travel
  • Connect very well with Their Audience
  • 50. Rick Steves’ Travel Blog

Rick Steves is a famous TV host, radio presenter, author, businessman & respected authority on the European tourism industry.

He features his personal tour experiences, real-life observation & personal opinion about different places he visits.

Steves is actively involved in European politics & cares about his social responsibilities. He established this multipurpose website to showcase his guidebooks, media programs & travel stories.

With his extensive knowledge about travel resources, he suggests people how they can make their trip adventurous. You will get all flight, hotel, safety kit recommendation from this blog.

He has an online store where he sells travel gears, backpack, guidebook & other accessories at affordable price.

What I Like About Rick Steves’ Travel Blog:

  • Vast Range of Social Activities
  • Luxury Travel – Culture Travel – Adventure Guide
  • Writing Blogs About Top Travel Trends
  • Promote the Best Places to Eat, Play and Stay
  • Provide Different Insights About New Places
  • Trip Consulting – Family Tour Advice
  • Job Recommendation & Career Guide
Top 50 travel Bloggers

Top 50 Travel Blogs The Conclusion

What you have seen here truly is a compilation of the very best and top travel blogs that you will find anywhere online. 

You will not that these travel blog cover a whole wide variety of sub niches in teh travel sector from adventure travel to food and travel, solo female travel, backpackers and budget travel and a few other. 

These are all excellent lessons in finding your niche and drilling down on a given market and then dominating it. 

Now that you have seen what a world class travel blog looks like and have a bucket load of inspiration from them what are you going to do now? 

You basically have two choices. 

Do nothing, dream of travelling and making that whoop-ass travel site and feel empty and drained for not following your heart and dreams. 


You can take action. 

Take Action

Take action, build that bangin' travel blog and live the travel lifestyle of your dreams and make your friend and enemies so jealous when they see just how amazing your life is!. 

I certainly know which of the two I'd choose. 

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Derek Marshall

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