Cash For Patriots Program – Scam or Legit? REVEALED!

Cash For Patriots Program

Been on social media and heard all the talk about The Cash For Patriots Program and looking for an Independent review that will tell you straight what it is and if it is a scam or legit?

Then congratulations on finding an Independent Cash For Patriots Review and for being pretty smart and doing your homework! — by doing research like this you might have just avoided a horrible scam and find a real and genuine way of making money online that works!.

By the time you have finished reading this article you will know all about this program and able to make a well-informed decision based on the facts.

Seeking to find out exactly what the cash for patriots program is then keep reading!. 

Cash For Patriots Program Review 

Product Name: The Cash For Patriots Program, Lifetime Income Report.

Founder: By Agora Financial And Zach Scheidt

Product Type: Subscription based Financial Newsletter

Price: $149 Lifetime membership

Best For: Those that are already wealthy and seeking a way to invest their money. 

Cash For Patriots Program

Summary: All the hype and marketing is centred around a finance newsletter called the lifetime income report. While the cash payments and dividends are real, a reasonable income from them requires a substantial investment. 

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Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No!

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What Is The Cash For Patriots Program?

The Cash for patriots program phenomena is all about a financial information product that was created and sold by Zach Scheidt.

I have reviewed similarly named and hyped up programs in the past such as Freedom ChecksOBL Fuel, and Federal Rent Checks.

All by similar publishing houses like Agora Financial, Banyan HillMoney Map Press and so on.

They all seem to follow the same modus operandi of hyped up exaggerated marketing, misleading names and related to the world of investing — usually some kind financial product of some description. In the case of this particular product is related to dividend paying shares.

Quite often some kind of “government policy” or “loophole in the law” will be mentioned.

In all essence there is no government policy or government program called Cash For Patriots. 

It is just a well-thought-out sales pitch for an investment newsletter where you will see elevated and unsubstantiated income claims. 

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Who Is Behind The Cash For Patriots Program? - Who Is Zach Scheidt?

Zach, or Zachary Scheid is an editor at Agora Financial, he graduated from Georgia State University with an MBA in Finance.

A former hedge fund manager for Piedmond Investment Advisory where he learned and deployed financial techniques that augmented cash flow, took advantage of tax shelters and social security loopholes.

He is very well respected in the world of finance as a leading authority and has his own finance management company Scheidt Capital Management LLC.

Cash For Patriots? Is Zachary Scheidt Full of...? #ScamAlert #Investing

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Zach is one of the brains behind an advanced “black box” stock trading software program that helps members to select potentially winning stocks based on a highly advanced algorithm.

Zacharay Scheidt

Zacharay Scheidt

How Does The Cash For Patriots Program Work?

The name is a play on a program that was started by Barack Obama to allow Americans to trade in older cars for cleaner greener models. Many governments worldwide had such similar programs.

The name is also a play on a Trump tax cut initiative for American Corporations overseas that allows them to distribute an amount of their profits by means of tax reduction to American Citizens in the form of dividends.

American Corporations intentionally keep a large portion of their finance abroad, in all essence it is stranded there. If they bring those profits back in to the US they are going to be taxed to high heavens, but not under Donald Trump's new Tax Code. 

Under this new tax code the corporations can distribute a sum of their profits to American Citizens as a dividend payment. This is exactly what Zach is talking about in this program.

The question is which companies? And

How? And that is what you will need your subscription to the Lifetime Income Report for!.

(The good old “tell the what, sell the how” marketing ploy in action here!).

Cash For Patriots Program

Nice one Bob S! Well done.

$6,000. What is a little misleading is the money was obtained by investing in certain dividend paying stocks of overseas American Businesses that enjoy a particular tax break.

Bob S did not get the money just for asking for it or by filling out a government application form and waiting.

Neither is the $6,000 a monthly check.

Most likely it is a yearly (or quarterly) dividend payments. To get that amount, assuming elevated dividend payment of 5% Bob S would have had to invest $120,000.

For a monthly equivalent of $6,000 (annual $72,000) Bob S would have had to invest around $1.5M USD, remember I am basing dividends on an elevated 5% — most would be around the 3% mark.

Evidently this is not going to be a solid and reliable way of making money on a sustainable basis. With Investment comes risk.

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Who Is The Cash For Patriots Program For?

The cash for patriots program is aimed at any Patriotic American who wants to get 24 checks per year for up to US$7,980 each!

Participants must be over 17 years of age and are not currently required to be employed or of a predetermined income level according to the website and marketing!

Can You Make Money With The Cash For Patriots Program?


You can make a reasonable and regular income from the Cash For Patriots Program if you know which companies to invest in and have a significant amount of capital to invest.

Most people I suspect don't have a significant amount to invest in dividend paying shares. 

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Is Cash For Patriots Program A Scam?

The marketing is scammy and misleading, very misleading but no, Cash For Patriots Is NOT a scam. It is a legitimate investing opportunity that exists for those that wish to participate in it.

5 Red Flags And Warning Signs In Their False Advertising & Marketing!

The marketing for Cash for patriots program by the company behind them and by the person behind the product, Zach Scheidt is very misleading and hyped up.

Here are a few instances:

1 — The US$2.6 Trillion Dollars From Private Corporations For All Patriotic Americans!

This is a complete false quote taken completely out of context from the New York Times and creating a completely false rumour regarding the President giving “all Americans A US$612 Stimulus”.

It has absolutely nothing at all to do with you, or any other American a stimulus package of US612.

It is related as I mentioned above about owning shares in American companies.

Still, though this does not stop them from intentionally misquoting The New York Times or Bloomberg. 

“It’s a pot of Gold” ~ Bloomberg

“This is a windfall of cash” The New York Times

2 — Shoddy Video Full Of Hype

On the top of the website is a video that is very enticing to click and watch it.

And Zach doesn't half talk the hind legs of a donkey for around an hour and completely evades telling the audience about what you will need to do to get your money.

He bumbles on about tax reforms that are being released to get US$2.6 trillion dollars released.

There is barely a word mentioned what the program is about or investing in the stock market! 

3 — The Pressure to Buy Now!

When you watch the video there is an obvious dip in the audio quality when Zach says the date. It is completely obvious that it is edited in frequently updated with a new date.

This I found rather amateurish, all it takes is make the video in segments and reshoot and entire segment several times and then reupload it for as long as want to keep promoting the product.

The date used is a high pressure sales tactic, which is not something that I liked to see at all.

Refresh the page and it will reset. 

Cash For Patriots Program

Note the timer at the top of the page

4 — Non-Existent False Press Release

The really long winded video where Zach rambles non-stop like a woman with the latest hot gossip from the rumour mill?


like an old gossip there is very little substance or fact to the claims made particularly when he says the “Cash For Patriots Program” was announced in an official Press Release By Congress and published on Sept 29th 2016.

Complete bovine excrement!

There was no such press release by the Join Committee on Taxation as he claims — a simple search trips him up!

Cash For Patriots Program Scam
Cash For Patriots Program Scam Or Legit

6 — Nobody Can Guarantee A ROI.

An underlying tone to their advertising is you being guaranteed a return on your investment.

No single person or Institution in the financial world of investment can legally do that. Any business that is does that is breaking the laws as set out by the FTC and SEC.

It is completely and utterly dishonest.

My Cash For Patriots Program Review - The Final Conclusion!

As an investment opportunity I actually think this is a good and viable one, and can be quite fruitful for those investing in it.


it will take a substantial investment, over the $1M USD for you to achieve a full time income from it. I suspect that most don't have that kind of money to invest hence the low rating.

I rated this lowly due to the hyped up marketing and being misleading. Personally I have a strong distrust for anyone so misleading in this way.

If they were misleading in their advertising how can I be sure they are not misleading in their stock choices?

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