Is SigTrack a Scam Or Legit? Can You Really Earn US$20 Hr?

Is SigTrack A Scam

Looking for Independent SigTrack Reviews?. There is a lot being said about SigTrack online - easy money, easy pay data entry jobs - up to US$20 per hour. Still, many people are questioning Is SigTrack A Scam Or Are They Legitimate?.

Let's investigate, let's dig deep and find out is it true can you really earn good money with this or if it is another of those internet hocus pocus scams. 

First things first, let me welcome you to my site and congratulate you for being smart for seeking out independent 3rd party reviews. 

This is how you find out what a company and opportunity is really like avoid getting scammed and find a genuine way of making money.

Let's check out SigTrack and find out what this opportunity is and what they have on offer!. 

SigTrack Review 

Product Name: SigTrack

Founder(s): Unknown

Product Type: Work From Home, Data Entry Job

Price: Free

Best For: US Residents Interested in work from home opportunity

SigTrack Review

Summary: SigTrack can be a good starting point for working from home or a nice way of getting some work from home bucks. But there are some catches and things to keep in mind - read to the end to find out what those are!.

Something I can reassure of, SigTrack is legitimate. 

Rating: 75/100

Recommended: Yes, but keep that accuracy rating up!

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What Is SigTrack?

SigTrack is an online platform that provides you with data entry jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. The jobs are currently only open for US residents. 

Typical jobs are handling the sensitive data and information relating to voter registration in a number of states across America.

This is the reason as why you are required to prove your US residency due the data pertaining to US citizens being restricted. 

What the jobs require is entering data into your computer, typically matching signatures to a voters registration database.

Basically reading signatures, performing a visual check and making sure that they match - checking they are legitimate and not a forgery. 

It's the kind of job that can get very repetitive, tedious and mind numbingly boring!. Still, It can't be as bad as other data entry jobs I have seen like 2Captcha

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How Does SigTrack Work?

Before you get started with SigTrack they have training available that you can take in your own time and at your own leisure and pace.

Personally I wouldn't refer to it as training but more of an instructional tutorial. It really is more of how you should being doing the job more than anything. 

Before you get started you need to make sure you have the correct systems requirements which are: 

  • High Speed Internet Access 20mb/sec or faster preferred.
  • MS Windows Pro Edition or Above, or Mac OS 10.12+
  • Dual Monitors One Has to be a 1080 at least

You must also be able to prove your US residency by means of an official document. 

There is requirement as such for you to "punch in" or log on digitally speaking or to a set schedule. Your status is as an freelancer you can work as much or as little as you wish.

Once you have completed the tasks you will be paid weekly to your Paypal account every Friday. 

Who is SigTrack For?

Since the official employment status is that of a independent contractor (freelancer) SigTrack can be ideal for different groups of people including retiree's seeking to top up their pensions, students seeking to earn money and help themselves to cover the cost of their education.  

Of the most common groups are stay at home parents and those with mobility issues and wish to work from the comfort of their homes. 

Generally speaking this is pretty ok gig to do but may not be something to rely on as a steady full time income. 

How do I Apply For Sigtrack

To apply for a data entry job at SigTrack Click Here to kick start the job application process. The on the screen that appears click the light blue "Hoe Do I Start" button. 

Then proceed to make a short video of yourself with your Identification, make sure you how it up clearly and long enough for the viewer to read the information on it and clearly see that it is you and it is a government issued official document. 

Then email your short video to them (Support@SigTrack.Net). If you regular email address, the one that you send the video from is not the same as the one you send the video from be sure to tell them your PayPal Email address. 

As a matter of being sure - be sure to mention it anyway. 

If your application is successful you will be sent your login details to access their site. 

Step #3 – Once approved, you’ll receive a password to access the Sigtrack app. The guide on the page that you are sent to will give you a full installation guide. 

Watch the video below for a detail on SigTrack. 

Sigtrack Interview

Thankfully there is no interview process with Sigtrack at all. You are required for a short but brief meeting with with SigTrack staff via Skype to verify your identify and confirm your residency as being based in the US. 

How Much Do SigTrack Pay?

On the SigTrack Website they state that they will pay you 3 cents for every matching tag and 6 cents for every non matching tag. 

By tag they are referring to matching and non matching signatures to a voters registration details. 

SigTrack pay you 2x when you discover a signature that does not match the voters registration details. Currently, on average 72% of signatures match while 28% don't - pretty high figure if you ask me.

Make's me wonder if incentivising finding mismatched signatures is a good idea and how many independent contractors are manipulating their findings to gain 2x the pay.

SigTrack tell us that on average 250 to 350 tags can be processed in a hour after gaining some experience 500 per hour is possible. 

250, I certainly believe is possible, 360 even - the math here is one every 10 seconds. If you can manage that, you are looking at US$10.80 per hour - assuming all signatures are correct matches.

A reasonable mismatch (28%) would push your earning to around the $13/hr mark which is pretty good earnings. 

Not sure how long, for how many hours you could keep up that rate of one every 10 seconds for without experiencing some eye/mind strain and needing a break. I'm imagining RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury could be a bit of a concern.

Worthy of noting is your accuracy rate, which does get monitored. Match 10,000 tags at 98% accuracy rate you are qualified by SigTrack to review the tags that others independent contractors have processed. 

Quality Standards Required

On their website SigTrack state that to remain contracted to them you must maintain a 98% accuracy level or your contract will not be renewed. 

This is a very high standard, and actually to earn 100% of your salary you are obliged to maintain an accuracy level greater than 98% due to the company deducting money from your earning as a penalty for inaccuracy's. 

SigTrack might be a good #WorkFromHome opportunity - only if you can maintain a high accuracy rated. 

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Basically close to perfection is required to earn the full amount. 

For every block of US$100 you will be paid based on your accuracy level for that US$100 block: 

  • 92% Accuracy - US$50
  • 94% Accuracy - US$60
  • 96% Accuracy - US$70
  • 98% Accuracy - US$80

In other words maintain a 98% accuracy and you will be deduced US$20!. 

This opportunity is not going to help you to earn a passive income as you will be performing a regular work from home job.

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Is SigTrack Accredited By The BBB?

Something that is a permanent feature of this site is checking out a companies background and their rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. 

It is in my own opinion a good way of judging how professional, at least in a legal aspect that company conducts business which helps us to see how trusting we can be of them.

Unfortunately, at the time of creating this article there is no file for SigTrack on The BBB Database meaning they are as an official standing of unaccredited and not rated by the Better Business Bureau. 

SigTrack Reviews And Complaints

I had a good read of independent SigTrack Reviews by my trusted fellow bloggers and independent website owners. 

I find that my fellow bloggeratti in their SigTrack Review articles are accurate, well written and telling you exactly how to appy, what to prepare for what equiment you will need. 

All of the reviews are insistant that SigTrack is legitimate, but few, literally none are telling you that the earning are low and is a really difficult data entry job for you to earn good money from due to the incredibly high accuracy rate required.

There is no listing on Trust Pilot or Foxy Rating For SigTrack, Site Jabber has a page for them but currently has no reviews.

The most common complaint that I could find across the net and various complaints boards was related to the deductions made for sub par accuracy. 

While I do understand things from the companies side as need to maintain quality standards and the costs associated with reprocessing errors I find a 50% deduction in earnings for 92% accuracy a bit strong!, even 20% deduction for "only" maintaining 98% accuracy rating!. 

Very harsh and some of the criticism directed here is, in my opinion justified. 

SigTrack Reddit

There are a number of Threads and Sub Reddits on the forum styled social media site Reddit about SigTrack. 

Some people are saying when you apply it can take WEEKS for them to reply back - if they every do!. 

Being fair, to ballance it outm they get literally thousands of applicants every single day and innundated with applications to process. 

One Reddit user said that during peak times and when good projects are available you can earn good money with SigTrack. 

This SigTrack Reddit makes for good reading.  

What I Liked About Sig Track

There are some good points to Sig Track That I did like. Namely: 

  • Very easy to get a job with them. 
  • You can choose your own schedule and hours
  • You can work from the comfort of your home. 
  • Very easy job to do - just maintain that high accuracy rating.

What I Did Not Like About Sig Track

There were some things that I did not like like about Sig Track.

  • The High deduction from your salary for not maintaining an incredibly high accuracy rating. Basically 20% is being deducted for less than 99% accuracy. 
  • If you cant work fast your pay can be low.
  • The job itself can be repetitive and boring.

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Can You Make Money With SigTrack?

Yes, you can most certainly make money with SigTrack. It's a job as an independent contractor that you will be doing and you there is no doubting that you will be paid. 

Just be sure to keep up a high accuracy rating.

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Is SigTrack Legitimate?

To answer the question directly - Yes, Sigtrack is Legitimate!. 

Many people are asking this question in forums and social media groups I can assure you that SigTrack is legit.  

A lot of people are fairly angry at the deduction from their earning based on low accuracy rating and yelling out "scam" yet they agreed to those terms and condition when signing up to do the job. 

Don't try to run before you can first walk, don't go too fast and keep your accuracy rate up and then you can work on your speed and and earning more that way. 

To confirm again, SigTrack is legitimate.

Where Can I Find Legit Data Entry Jobs From Home?

SigTrack is a legit data entry job that you can do from home. In answering this question I will assume that you are looking for alternatives to SigTrack. 

  1. AccuTran Global
  2. Axion Data Services
  3. PicoWorkers.
  4. ClickWorker
  5. Dion Data Solutions
  6. Birch Creek Communications
  7. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Each of these are legitimate and good data entry jobs that you can consider and vary from micro tasks to full of data entry and transcription jobs. 

My SigTrack Review - The Final Conclusion

SigTrack is definitely something worth trying if you seeking out some of those work from home bucks - I am beginning to sound like a broken record here - keep up the accuracy rating and work in a distraction free environment - i.e kids at school etc etc... and you end up with a decent hourly wage. 

I do find the US$20 /hr to be a bit wild unless they are at it like Speedy Gonzales!.

I am not so convince that this so much of a long term opportunity due to RSI and the repetitive nature of the job. It can provide you with a solid base or a nice stop gap for the time being. 

Besides, this job in a few years will be replaced by artificial intelligence in my opinion and pretty much completely automated. 

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