Is Cash For Patriots Legit Or A Government Hand Out Scam?

Is Cash For For Patriots Legit

Is Cash For Patriots Legit?

The very thing that you are searching for and what I will be talking about in this review where I will focus on two main questions:

  • 1. What Exactly Is The Cash For Patriots Program?
  • 2. Is Cash For Patriots Program Legit or a Scam?

By the time you have finished reading this review you will know all about this program and be able to make your decision about them based in solid base of knowledge and facts.

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Are you ready to find out if The Cash For Patriots Program is A Scam Or Legit?


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Cash For Patriots Program Review 

Product Name: Cash For Patriots Program, The Lifetime Income Report. 

Founder(s): Zach Scheidt Run and Operated By Agora Financial

Product Type: Financial Newsletter

Price: US$49 To US149 Per Year.

Best For: Those with money and ready to invest. 

Cash For Patriots Review

Summary: The Cash For Patriots Program is hyped up marketing for a financial newsletter that advised and recommends a legitimate vehicle of dividend paying shares. Personally I invest in such types of shares but I certainly do not recommend this program due the shocking legal history of the publisher. 

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

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What Is The Cash For Patriots Program?

The Cash For Patriots Program in their marketing and advertising material make suggestions that you will get checks every single month for just being an American and Patriotic.

It is suggested that all that is required of you is to put your name of a government list and little and you will get your cash.

This is supposedly thanks to the discovery of some newly discovered “loophole” in government policy.


This what the marketing department want you to think and believe.

What it really is a financial newsletter Lifetime Income Report from Agora Financial and written by Zach Scheid.

It has little or nothing at all to do with any government programs.

The newsletter is focused on investing in the stock market in dividend paying stocks with membership costing you US$49 to US$149 per year for your subscription depending on what level of membership you have chosen. 

Who Is Zach Scheidt?

Zach Scheidt, sort for his birth name of Zachary, gained his MBA in Finance from the Georgia State University.

Currently, he is an Editor at Agora Financial and former Piedmond Investment Advisory hedge fund manager where he used, learned and deployed a variety of financial techniques that increased cash flow, took advantage of social security loopholes and tax shelters.

Zack is highly respected in the world of finance and runs his own financial management business Scheidt Capital Management LLC.

Other than his work with Agora Financial and creating the Lifetime Income Report he is the author of a couple of finance based books on Amazon The Big Book Of Income and Congress' Secret US$1.17 Trillion Giveaway

The allegations of Zach being a scam artist are completely unfounded and, to be rather technical on matter defamation and slanderous as I have found no legal action or lawsuits directly connected to Zach Scheidt personally.

However, the same cannot be said of his publisher, the publishing conglomerate Agora Financial run by Bill Bonner.

Zacharay Scheidt

Zacharay Scheidt

Agora Financial Lawsuits

Unfortunately, after digging around and deep into the archives of the internet I have uncovered some very pertaining information regarding the Publisher of The Lifetime Report and ultimately who is behind what is in my opinion some very misleading advertising. 

 There are a few lawsuits that have been filed against them, namely: 

Ginsburg v. Agora, Inc. (1995) This was a civil lawsuit filed against them with the allegation of both Federal and state securities laws. 

SEC v. Agora, Inc (2003) This lawsuit was centred around a pump and dump scheme by the newsletter Pirate Investor and Frank Porter Stansberry where they were found guilty of deliberately profiting from the sale of false financial information while marketing and promoting them as insider tips. 

Lubin v. Agora, Inc. (2005) This lawsuit was filed in Maryland regarding the violation of Maryland Securities Laws. 

An FTC Press Release states they have agreed to pay over US$2 million to settle charges by the FTC over tricking the elderly into buying newsletters, pamphlets and other such publications that were proven to falsely promote government program promising checks and type 2 diabetes cures.

Affiliate Marketing

How Does The Cash For Patriots Program Work?

The Cash For Patriots Program is focused around The Lifetime Income Report it is more appropriate and accurate that I discuss what this is and how it works.


This report is focused around making a certain and very specific investment, dividend paying stocks with a focus on high yield dividends, ones that pay a high dividend.

Which is a very good investment strategy in my opinion and leads to a passive income.


This is something that I can testify to personally as I am an investor in dividend stocks, effectively what is taught on the Cash For Patriots Program (AKA The Lifetime income report).

Cash For Patriots Review

When you get that passive income you can either accept it as cash or take advantage of the companies DSPP — Direct Stock Purchase Plans, which you reinvest and buy more shares in the company increasing your holdings and increasing your income, regardless of what the share price does as if the price drops you will end up buying more shares.

If it goes up you will end up buying fewer shares with your dividend shares. The end result is you end up with more shares and an over all greater income in subsequent years.


This is what is taught also in Jeff Yastine's Newsletter, Kennedy Accounts, and to a degree the Federal Rent Checks Newsletter touches on this.


The skill of selecting the right dividend stocks and earning that extra cash is where the Lifetime Income Report, marketed as the Cash for patriots program in their sales pitch, and Zack with his expert skills as he guides you through this particular market and recommends his top stock picks each month and what trades to make.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." — Benjamin Franklin # #Success #Quotes

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How Much Does The Cash For Patriots Program Cost?

There are different pricing points for the Lifetime income report with the cost varying depending on what level of membership that you opt for.

It can set you back from US$49 to US$149 per year.

Payment is by credit card or debit card. There is no option of paying by PayPal, Payoneer, Payza.

Is The Cash For Patriots Program Accredited By The BBB?

To keep clear of scams and online fraudsters I advise in doing your background research. One place that is always worthy of checking out is of course the Better Business Bureau.


Naturally being a product Cash For Patriots is not listed, however their publishing company Agora Financial are listed in their database as not accredited and rated as an F.

Agora Financial BBB Rating

Is Agora Financial Registered With The SEC?

Agora Financial are not registered with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. 


Registration and certification by the SEC is not a legal requirement or obligation for the publishers of financial information 

Source: SumGrowth

SEC Registration Not Required

What Do The Truth In Advertising Say?

The Truth In advertising have no direct listing for Cash For Patriots Program at this moment in time or how it is marketed or advertised.


The advertising and marketing watchdog organization do have quite a lot to say about their publisher Agora Financial and their sister organizations.


The Truth in advertising have an excellent article that lists 9 warning signs to look out for regarding financial newsletters.

Cash For Patriots Program Reviews And Complaints

I searched for and checked a wide range of different reviews and review styles by bloggers, YouTubers, review sites, forums, Reddit and social media groups.

Without a single doubt the overwhelming majority are yelling out loud and clear that it is a scam.

Simon From The Make Money Online Blog highlights the story of a client that lost US$35,000 due to the program.

Mike Of Make Time Online lists a number of reasons, and very valid ones too, I tend to agree with most of them.

Like many others Sprout Mentor and Frank or Stealth Secrets highlight the very misleading advertising which is common for all the products sold by Agora Financial

Overall this is not a well reviewed product with the biggest complaint being the way in which they are marketed by means of misleading advertising.

What I Liked About Cash For Patriots

There are some things to like about this product which were:

  • They are not too expensive to join at only US$49
  • The Lifetime Income report recommends a good investment strategy and product in dividend shares.
  • The Author is an expert and specialist in the specific area of dividend investing.

What I Did Not Like About Cash For Patriots

There were something that I did not like which I'll list below:

  • Their publisher has a shocking legal history and seems to be a perennial offender.
  • The publisher is not accredited by the BBB and is deplorably rated at an F.
  • They are shockingly reviewed all across the internet.
  • Their advertising is very misleading!
WA Success CTA

Can You Make Money With Cash For Patriots

You will not make or earn anything with this program directly as it is only a report/newsletter.

It is entirely feasible that you do earn increasing dividends due to what is presented in them.


This is not something that is going to plug any immediate gaps in your income as this not how investing works. Investing is at the end of the money cycle, it is what you do when you are already wealthy.

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Is Cash For Patriots Legit?



Given the FTC complaints and US$2 Million fine imposed and the hyped up marketing as well as the incredible poor reputation that the publisher has I am inclined to say that cash for patriots is not legitimate.

Cash For Patriots Program Alternatives

There are many financial newsletters and a wide variety of publications online that you can consider as viable alternatives to Cash For Patriots. 

Here as just a few: 

  1. Alpha Contracts
  2. Single Stock Retirement Plan
  3. BioTech Breakouts
  4. National Institute Of Cannabis Investors
  5. Strategic Intelligence

Feel free to try any one, or all of these 5 investment newsletter if you are into finance and investing and have the means to invest. 

As I mentioned it earlier investing is not how you become wealthy, it is not how you create wealth to begin with as investing is what you do at the very end of the money cycle instead of letting your money rot in the bank you make it work for you!

My Cash For Patriots Program Review - The Final Conclusion

In my there is little to question here as there is very little about cash for patriots that is legit. Just about everything I came across yells out scam as does every single review that came across.

One thing the other reviewers were missing out is one clear fact that cannot be disputed — what the product behind all the hype marketing is about is a legitimate way of investing that many, when selecting the correct companies and techniques profit from.

Due to the poor reputation of the Publisher I advise that you not only avoid anything by Agora Financial, I advise you to avoid like the plague any of the newsletter or products by their sister companies money map press, Banyan Hill, Oxford Club, Stansberry Research and the many others. 

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