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NuMedia Review – An IPTV Pirate Scam?

NuMedia Review

Thank you for checking out my NuMedia Review! 

Is NuMedia TV A Scam? - the very question that is buzzing around your head and this is the very question that you will find answered comprehensively in this Review of NuMedia as I uncover if you really can make money with this opportunity or not. 

By the time you have finished reading you will know all about what is on offer here all the company details like who and what they are, their owner, their products, any legal history and lawsuits associated with them, their compensation plan and the money question, how they are seen across the web and their rating with various important and relevant professional associations. 

In short, you will know absolutely everything that you need to know about this business and if you really should proceed or not.

Before I roll on with this NuMedia Global TV Review....

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Are you ready to find out all you need to know about this Opportunity? 

Curious if they are the ultimate scam or completely legit? 


The pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and keep reading!

NuMedia Review 

Product Name: Numedia

Founder(s): Ferras Jim Pshehalouk

Product Type: MLM Opportunty Offering IPTV as the product

Price: US$250 - US$1,000 subscription Fee + US$50 Per Month

Best For:  MLM professionals only. 

NUmedia Reviews

Summary: NuMedia might sound like a magnificent opportunity to start your own IPTV streaming service as a business and earn yourself a lot of money. However, NuMedia are a Pirate IPTV service and could end you in a lot of trouble and on the wrong side of the law. 

Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No

Because You KNOW You Want To FIRE YOUR BOSS. The Question Is: Are You Just Going To Dream About It Or Are You Going To MAKE IT Happen?!?


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Daisy Tron Review – Is Daisy AI Worth It?

Daisy Tron Review

Welcome To My Daisy Tron Review!

Despite its ups and downs Cryptocurrency is hot right now and let's talk about a few hard facts.

Only 5% of all Americans Own Bitcoin, while 3 times as many own cryptocurrency of some type.

Let's face it crypto is not going to disappear anytime soon!

That leaves us with the question - should you or should you not get involved with Daisy AI or are they as waste of your money?

This is exactly what I will detail in this Daisy AI Review in an independent, factual way while taking an evidence based approach.

Before I get started...

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Are you ready to find out if Daisy Tron is a scam or legit?


The rock on and keep reading!

Daisy Tron Review 

Product Name: DaisyTron

Founder(s): Anna Becker & Dmitri Gushchin.

Product Type: Cryptocurrency Based MLM opportunity.

Price: Minimum investment US$100

Best For: Nobody at all!

Daisy Tron Reviews

Summary: Daisy Tron Or Daisy AI are the same opportunity of what was once P2 Tron which redirect to the same website. All are Ponzi Scheme hybrid Pyramid scheme scams, this is the third versions and will, in due time collapse!

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No

Because You KNOW You Want To FIRE YOUR BOSS. The Question Is: Are You Just Going To Dream About It Or Are You Going To MAKE IT Happen?!?


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Is P2 Tron A Scam? – The Truth Revealed! [With Proof!]

Is P2 Tron A Scam

Welcome To My P2 Tron Review! Where I will detail this opportunity and answer that question that is at the forefront of your mind - Is P2 Tron A Scam?

But first let's talk about one cool little fact!


Studies indicate that 15% Of all Americans own cryptocurrency of some kind with 5% of Americans owning BitCoin.


In case you are interested the country with the largest percentage of BitCoin owners is Japan at 7%.

Something that does not exist is Tron Crypto or The Tron Blockchain. They use something that they call a Tron Smart Contract, which I will talk about later.


In this review of P2 Tron I will give you the low down on this opportunity and answer all the questions that you have on your mind!

Before I get started...

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Are you ready to find out all you need to know about P2 Tron?


The stay tuned and keep reading!

P2 Tron Review 

Product Name: P2 Tron Review

Founder(s): Unknown and undisclosed

Product Type: MLM based Cypytocurrency Opportunity

Price: US$10 Min Investment to get started

Best For: Nobody! 

P2 Tron Review

Summary: P2Tron.com is nothing but a fake cryptocurrency hybrid Pyramid Ponzi scheme with no product at all other than the sale of membership to their program. 

Nothing at all will come good of this and it will collapse in due time as all schemes like this do!. 

Rating: 1/100

Recommended: No

Because You KNOW You Want To FIRE YOUR BOSS. The Question Is: Are You Just Going To Dream About It Or Are You Going To MAKE IT Happen?!?


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Is OnPassive A Scam? – A Ponzi Pyramid Scheme In Disguise?

Is OnPassive A Scam

Welcome To My OnPassive Review!

I'm willing to bet that you are curious about this business opportunity especially as they mention AI Artificial intelligence and automation is involved and "100% Hands Free Done For You automated online success" is brandished in front of your very eyes. 

It certainly sounds like it is an opportunity not to be missed out, or one that is too good to be true! and naturally you are asking yourself "Is OnPassive A Scam?"  


I'll answer that right off that bat!

No, OnPassive are not a scam as they are a legitimate business, a legal entity and they do pay their members.


does that mean that they are a legitimate business opportunity that you should immediately dive into in an attempt to make money from? 

This is exactly what I discuss in this article. By the time you have finished reading you will know exactly what type of opportunity this is, what products they have, and since they they are an MLM opportunity you will know how their compensation plan works and if you really can make money with them.  

Before I get on with this business opportunity review...

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Are you ready to find out all you need to know about this wonderful business opportunity?


Then go grab a coffee, pull up a chair and keep reading!

 OnPassive Review 

Product Name: OnPassive

Founder(s): Ash Mufareh

Product Type: MLM Opportunity Focused around AI and Online Business Tools. 

Price: From US$97 +US$25 to US$500 per month with a potential total of US$900

Best For: Those that are experienced in Multilevel Marketing. 

Onpassive Review

Summary: OnPassive is something that is and has caused quite a storm and interest amongst network marketers and business owners due to the AI intelligence tools to automate business. 

There are quirks and a lot you need to be aware of before you jump in and try this opportunity. 

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No

Because You KNOW You Want To FIRE YOUR BOSS. The Question Is: Are You Just Going To Dream About It Or Are You Going To MAKE IT Happen?!?


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InCruises Review – A Pyramid Scheme Or a Dream Travel Business?

Incruises Review

Thank you for seeking out my InCruises Review!.

The number of cruise passengers has increased from 17.2 million in 2009 to 30 Million in 2019 and was set for an estimated 32 Million in 2020. 

Chances are you have been on social media or seen in some Facebook group some people making claims that are almost too good to be true about belonging to a club that gets them half price cruises. 

I chose to completely ignore those messages until curiosity got the better of me which has lead to this detailed Review Of InCruises. 

Before I get started...

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Are you read to find out all you can about InCruises and what they have on offer? 


Then keep reading!

 InCruises Review 

Product Name: InCruises Review

Founder(s): Michael Hutchison

Product Type: MLM Opportunity in the Travel Industry specializing in cruises. 

Price:  One Off US$195 and then an Annual fee of US$95

Best For: Experienced Network marketers.  

InCruises Review

Summary: InCruises look and the surface to be a great exciting opportunity and travel membership club where you can get great discounts on cruises but scratching below the surface there are more than a few concerns and things you need to be aware of. 

Read on to find out about those concerns. 

Rating: 35/100

Recommended: No

[thrive_2step id='3520'] [/thrive_2step]

Because You KNOW You Want To FIRE YOUR BOSS. The Question Is: Are You Just Going To Dream About It Or Are You Going To MAKE IT Happen?!?


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Vasayo Review – The SHOCKING Truth!

Vasayo Review - Legit Or Scam_

Are you looking for an independent and honest Vasayo Review?. 

Chances are you have already heard about this company and want to dig deeper and find out more about that Vasayo Business opportunity. 

Half the battle here is finding a review by someone that is not associated to or connected with the company in someway or another!. 

If you have landed on this page and read this far - you have already won that battle!. I am not affiliated with this company in any way shape or form!. This is a completely independent review. 

Before I get started I fully congratulate you for doing your research and finding an independent review - this is the best way to avoid getting scammed and find the very best way to make money online. 

During the remainder of this article. I will cover the following topics:

  • What Is Vasayo? 
  • Who Owns Vasayo And Their Background!
  • Vasayo Product Range 
  • The Problem With Health Sites Online
  • Vasayo Compensation Plan
  • Is Vasayo A Scam Or Is Vasayo Legit?
  • My Vasayo Review - The Final Conclusion
  • You have Options - A Personal Challenge

Curious to find the truth behind Vasayo?


The stay tuned and Keep reading!

Vasayo Review 

Product Name: Vasayo

Founder: Dallin Larsen, Karree Larsen, Dan Zhu and Daniel Picou

Product Type: MLM Network Marketing opportunity in the nutritional supplements and health area. 

Price: $239 - $1495.

Best For: Those with experience in the MLM industry and have a talent for selling and recruiting. 

Vasayo Review

Summary: Vasayo is a MLM network marketing business opportunity in the health and wellness industry with a genuine range of products to back it up.


Despite the questionable past of the founder it is a legitimate business and not a scam. However it is not one that I recommend for a number of reasons which are mentioned later in this article.  

Rating: 30/100 

Recommended:  No, explained later, keep reading!

Because MORE MONEY IS Waiting For You. The Question Is: WILL YOU TAKE IT?!?


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Complete Review Of CTFO – Legit Or Scam? Truth REVEALED!

CTFO Review - Legit Or Scam

Welcome To My CTFO Review!. 

Have you had the questions like Is CTFO A Scam? and Is CTFO A Pyramid Scheme? buzzing around your mind while curious about getting in on the CBD Oil Business? 

The problem with other "independent" CTFO Reviews out there that you see on the internet and social media is that some are connected to and associated with the company and seeking to get YOU into their downlines or push their CDB Oil product to you in order to gain a commission. 

This is hardly what I call impartial and quite despicable in my opinion and I am sure you agree!. 

Before I go any further - I am congratulating you for being smart, doing your research and reading a fully independent review.

This is how you avoid getting scammed and find the very best way of making money online.

This article is NOT sponsored by Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) in anyway, I am not a distributor nor a promoter of the company in anyway what so ever.

It is not in my interest nor style to sing their praises about how wonderful they are or to tear them down.

Unlike other reviews you have seen I will be taking a fact and evidence based approach and helping you to take an educated decision regarding this opportunity. 

Are you ready to find out if CTFO is an scam or legit? 


Then keep reading!. 

CTFO Review

Product Name: CTFO CBD Oils

Founder(s): Stuart Finger. Steve Finger and Michael Khan.

Product Type: MLM Opportunity with CBD Oil products

Price: Free To Join.

Best For: Those that enjoy MLM opportunities and are good at selling and recruiting

CTFo Review

Summary: CTFO Is NOT a Scam. They are a legit business with a bonafide business model. However the whole Industry is unregulated and the second the government decides to regulate it or that you need a licence to sell CBD Oil, your business is up in smoke!

Rating: 30/100

Recommended: No!

Because MORE MONEY IS Waiting For You. The Question Is: WILL YOU TAKE IT?!?


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Is Real Time Pain Relief A Scam? A Painful Pyramid Scheme?

Is Real Time Pain Relief A Scam

"Is Real Time Pain Relief A Scam?" Not a question I'd ask a former world heavyweight champion!. 


it is certainly a question I'd ask if I was to get involved with the business opportunity, and of course any opportunity must be examined, detailed and investigated before jumping in!. 

And that is what this article is about detailing the Real Time Pain Relief Business Opportunity. 

Before I get started...

If you are sick and tired of scams and looking for a genuine way of making money Test Drive My #1 Recommended Program For Free!.

So, Is Real Time Pain Relief A Scam Or Legit? 

Keep reading to find out!. 

Real Time Pain Relief Review 

Product Name: Real Time Pain Relief

Founder(s): Ron Snodgrass And Tim Flatt

Product Type: MLM Opportunity Focused Around Pain Relief

Price: US$100 or US$300 to join +US$200 monthly autoship to remain commission qualified.

Best For: Experienced network marketers. 

Real Time Pain Relief Review

Summary: Real Time Pain Relief might have knock out formula and an ex-world heavyweight champion to deliver it. This company are highly targeted and I can see their products being easy to sell to the right people. There are some concerns. Keep reading to find out what those are!. 

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: No.

Because You KNOW You Deserve A Better Life. The Question Is: Will You Step Up And MAKE IT Happen?!?


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Is R Network A Scam? An Unlicensed Bank?

Is R Network A Scam

Welcome To My R Network Review!. 

Now this one has been on my radar for a while as I posed the question to myself "Is R Network A Scam?"

As I have only about 60 seconds to fully grab your attention, let's not beat around the mulberry bush here and get straight to the point. 

I am not connected to or associated with R Network in anyway at all, meaning you can get the hammock out - and relax - as there there is no "Join my team BS going on here or singing the praises of R Network at all. 


What you will get in this review is an completely independent fact based deep and detailed dive into R Network in a fact based fashion. 

Ultimately, what you do with those facts is your discretion, should you decide to join or not.

Should decide to join, you will do so while being fully informed about the company, their background, the owners, the products, the compensation plan. 

I will also answer some questions that buzzing around your mind like Can You Make Money With R Network?. If there are any questions that I miss out, that you need answered, ask me in the comments box below!. 

Before I get down to it...

If you are sick of scams and looking for a proven way of making money Check Out My #1 Recommended Product.

Are you ready to find out if R Network Is A Scam Or Legit? 


The stay tuned and keep reading!. 

R Network Review 

Product Name: R Network

Founder(s): Richard Smith, Trent Walker 

Product Type: MLM Opportunity Masquerading As A Bank!. 

Price: US$50 Per Month

Best For: The FTC To shut down!.

R Network Review

Summary: Have you heard the one about the 5 inexperienced friends that set up a bank and ran it as a MLM recruitment scheme? 

No, it's not a joke it R Network!. 

Do yourself a favour a read this article to the end a learn a little about how to spot shady MLM companies and what you should be looking out for;. I've filed a complaint with the FTC to get this shutdown right away. If you follow my suit and do the same. 

At the end I present you with some alternative to R Network and MLM opportunities that are more suitable for you. 

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No!

Because You KNOW You Deserve A Better Life. The Question Is: Will You Step Up And MAKE IT Happen?!?


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Is PayAsian A Scam? Crypto Investing Ponzi BS!

Is PayAsian A Scam

Welcome To My PayAsian Review!. 

The very second I got wind of this one the very words "Is PayAsian A Scam?" were buzzing around my mind!. 

And rightly so!.

There has of late been a glut of online cryptocurrency schemes going on!. so much so that to an extent I treat every single one of them as a scam unless proven otherwise. 

I will be straight to the point here - PayAsian Is A Scam!. 

And I'll prove it in this article and provide you with a better and much safer alternative. 

Before I Get Started...

If you are sick and tired of scams and looking for a proven way of making money online Check Out My #1 Recommended Program!. 

Are you ready to find out why PayAsian is Yet Another Crypto Scam?


The stay tuned and keep reading!. 

PayAsian Review 

Product Name: PayAsian

Founder(s): Hero Vu

Product Type: Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme.

Price: US$100 Minimum Investment

Best For: The SEC, FBI, FTC and Police to Investigate.

PayAsian Review

Summary: As clear and evident a scam as you can get. Even has a half baked compensation plan!. Keep reading to learn how scams like this work and educate yourself and learn to avoid them in the future!

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No!.

Because You KNOW You Deserve A Better Life. The Question Is: Will You Step Up And MAKE IT Happen?!?


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