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RemoTasks Review

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Remotasks, an obvious abbreviation for Remote Tasks is a micro Job site in which you, as long as you can follow the instructions you can pick up plenty of work as a remote employee completing a variety of tasks including image tagging, transcribing, annotation jobs and other such simple tasks. 

Later in this article I will provide you with a list of task for you to decide if they have something for you or not. 

The plus point here is all of the tasks can be done from the comfort of your home. 

With that said they are a platform for both employee and a platform for employers too. 

Before I crack on with this review...

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Are you ready to dig down and dig deep and find out all you need to know about RemoTasks?


If your answer is positive pull up a chair and keep reading!.

 Remotasks Review 

Product Name: Remotasks

Founder(s): Scale Labs, Inc

Product Type: MicroTasks 

Price: Free To Join

Best For: Side Gig income.  

Remotasks Reviews

Summary: I like Remotasks as they provide for you a series of task for you to complete an get paid for. You first need to take part in their training to open up the better paying tasks.

Be sure to keep your accuracy rate up to get paid more. 

Rating: 65/100

Recommended: No

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What Is Remotasks?

RemoTasks (RemoTasks.com), founded and established in 2017, and owned by Scale Labs Inc of San Francisco. They are a large organization with currently 753 employees  and has received over US$270M of funding - clearly they are not small fry! 

The core of this business is a microwork and thus they are A Crowdsourcing platform where their users complete real tasks for their clients that need the work done for them. 

They offer you a very simple and very easy work from home opportunity. 

Remote working is common as is completing super easy tasks from home from sites like RemoTasks.comhere are some of their competitors: 

  1. Microworkers.
  2. Picoworkers.
  3. Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  4. Clickworker
  5. Fiverr
  6. UpWork. 
  7. AskWonder

You can investigate the above sites for additional sources of income should you decide that this is what you are looking for to plug any gaps in your income. 

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How Does Remotasks Work?

RemoTasks is very easy and super simple to figure out as a business and how they get paid. They are as I mentioned above a crowdsourcing platform where the websites, businesses, bloggers and whoever that needs small micro jobs completed place pay them a small fee to use their platform to find microworkers.

Essentially speaking they function like an agency, a middleman, a go between, between you the person that completes the small jobs on offer and the person that has them. 

How they work for you and how you earn with them and all the details is covered through this article.  

Who Is Remotasks For?

At first glance it looks like Remotasks is a global opportunity where anyone can join in what they have on offer. 

It is not until later in the registration process that you will find out that they are only available to a select few countries namely: 

Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Egypt, Kenya, Indonesia, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Philippines, Peru, Russia,  UAE, South Africa, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Trinidad & Tobago and Zimbabwe. 

That is an unofficial list of countries that I have been able to dig around, dig up and find. There are also whispers of Remotasks opening up to other countries but no details of when. 

I'd love it if they opened up to the UK and the United States. 

How To Get Started

Signing up for and getting started with RemoTask is very easy but a little lengthy. Locate the sign up now button on their homepage, click it and be directed to their registration page where you can sign up using you Facebook Account or Google Account. 

Be sure to click the box to agree to their terms and conditions. 

Get Started With Remotasks

This then directs you to their dashboard area. 

This then directs you to their dashboard and from there you need to click the black "get started" button and take some training before you are free to get started.

I advise taking the training as they will open up higher paying tasks like polygon attributes, image recognition-cuboids, Video box annotation, and segment annotation.   

How Do You Make Money?

Making money with Remotasks you have two main tasks that you can complete which are:

  • 1. Completing Task.
  • 2. Their Referral Program.

The first task is where the bulk of your earnings are likely to be. Let's talk more about the task and how you earn with them in more detail.

  • 1. Completing Task With Remotasks

The tasks that you will be required to complete to earn with them are a focused around building better and smarter AI - Artificial Intelligence

Typical tasks are: 

  • Identifying Spam and spammy content. 
  • The moderation and analysis of different types of content
  • Drawing Boxes Around Cars and other such objects.
  • Categorizing T-Shirts and other products.
  • Lidar Tasks, which is light detection and ranging and used by self-driving cars. This seems to be the biggest market and where most of the tasks are coming from. 
  • Audio Transcription tasks where you are simply transcribing to text what you hear on a sound file.
Remotasks lidar Task

Remotasks that you can complete

The type of tasks here involve a bit of patience and are not at all similar to regular GPT sites. Perseverance is order of the day here to enhance your earnings. 

Be sure to follow the instructions as closely and as exactly as your work will be reviewed before you get paid. Your work must meet their standard before you are compensated. 

What is key to note here is there are no complex tasks or anything that is too difficult.

  • Their Referral Program

With their referral program you will earn US$5 bonus when you get family, friends and other people to join Remotasks. 


You will only get paid this amount when your referral earns a minimum of US$10 on the platform. A plus point here is when your referral earns US$10 in their first two weeks of registration they too will earn a US$5 bonus. 


If they do not hit the US$10 earning mark within their first 2 weeks of joining you will not earn your referral commission either. 

This is not something that I liked to see at all.

How Much Can You Earn?

Your earnings and ability to earn here will depend on your ability to maintain a high level of accuracy with the work that you do. 

There are a number of factors to consider also including the task complexity, task type, their rules. Your “salary” increases as you get closer to 100 percent for your accuracy level. 

One plus point here is that you can get an early payout certain tasks and projects. An Additional Payout is also possible if and when you achieve a high level of accuracy. 

On average the earnings from tasks work out at US$2 to US$3 per hour and thus your potential of big earnings is limited.

How Do You Get Paid?

RemoteTasks.com will make their payments to you using the popular payment option of PayPal. You do not need to worry about any minimum payment threshold as they will have weekly payments, every Friday Morning (San Francisco Time).  

Just make sure you fill out your payment details and add your PayPal email address to your account details of the dashboard area. 

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Remotasks Income Proof

I am delighted to say that I have seen income proof for RemoTasks, This is great to see as it confirms that you will get paid and you have no reason to worry at all about non-payment. 

Due to their payment being automated you will get your payment on time every week. 

Is Remotasks Accredited By The BBB?

I am a safety first kind of guy and insist that you are careful with every opportunity that catches your attention and dig around a bit and see what you can find out - if you smell a rat run! There are plenty of other opportunities to try out. 

Unfortunately I could not find a listing for RemoTask on the Better Business Bureau and thus they are unaccredited and Not Rated.

Remotasks Reviews And Complaints

I checked out a number of RemoTask Reviews by YouTubers, Bloggers, Independent Review site owners, Reddit, Forums including the famed Beer Money Forum, social media and review boards. 

Sudhir of IncomePedia claims US$30 to US$50 is a viable amount to earn every month and the training tasks to take is a bit quirky and annoying.

Roope (Robert) of Your Online Revenue questions the sites suitability due to repetitive tasks and the site having some bugs regarding their interface. 

Dan Of Dan Travels in his RemoTask review has pointed out that can be banned if you are slow, have a low accuracy rate and inconsistent. 

Stefan Of My Room Is My Office say that it is not so bad due to being able to earn from US$5 to US$80 per lidar task which can take from 3 to 6 hours per task to complete.

The overall impression is that Remotasks is good, but could end up with a low income depending on your accuracy and level of effort that you put in and ability to get a stead stream of the higher paying ones.

I have not seen any claims of them being a scam at all. 

What I Liked About Remotasks

There a lot of plus points to Remotasks lets sticks to the main ones. Here is what I liked:

  • They appear to have a lot of tasks available. 
  • They are a large, trustable AI based business. 
  • You get paid automatically by PayPal. 
  • Their list of tasks are easy to do - no really difficult tasks at all. 
  • There is a good vibe about the site, company and a general good buzz about them.

What I Did Not Like About Remotasks

There were some things that I did not like about RemoTasks, which were:

  • They do represent a limited income opportunity. 
  • The site is said to have some quirks and bugs. 
  • The training can be annoying to ge through (but is worth it)
  • They are not listed or accredited by the Better Business Bureau, poor show for a Billion dollar company. 
  • You only have one payment option. 
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Can You Make Money With Remotasks?


It is very clear that you make money with Remotasks if you put in the time and effort to complete the different types of tasks that they have available of their platform. 

You will do much better and earn more when you are able to increase your accuracy score and accuracy rating. 

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How Legit Is Remotasks?

In my opinion Remotask is very legit and highly professional company that is valued in excess of a billion dollars, many people love them and it has to be said that they pay their workers every week. 

One thing they are not is a passive income site as you need to do the jobs. They are a legit crowdsourcing platform. Be sure to take their skills test to maximize your earning potential. 

Remotasks Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives to Remotasks that you can consider as micro job and micro workers sites are very common.

Give consideration to any of the following: 

  1. CrowdSource
  2. Truelancer
  3. TaskRabbit
  4. Freelancer
  5. SimplyHired
  6. PeoplePerHour
  7. GigWalk

It is good to do your research and find exactly what it is that you are looking for to help yourself to earn more and get at good work life balance. 

My Remotasks Review - The Final Conclusion

Remotasks is a legitimate way in which you can earn some extra money from the comfort of your home by completing the simple uncomplex tasks that they have on their site. 

This will still involve your trading your time for money, which is fine, nothing at all wrong with that if you are happy with that.

Depending on where you are located the US$2 or US$3 per hour average might be just what you are looking for to plug your income gap.

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