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Top 50 Travel Blogs To Inspire You To Blogging Brilliance

Top 50 Travel Blogs

In this article I bring you the top 50 travel blogs for you study and above all to be inspired by in your quest to become a travel blogger and earn a full time income as a travel blogger like these guys and gals listed below.

Some are personal travel blogs, some female travel blogs, and the odd travel and lifestyle blog can be found on this list. 

All in all you will that all are rather excellent and outstanding travel blog examples.

Do you know what the two most difficult things are when it comes to creating your very own travel blog?

One is getting started…it take more energy to get started than it does to keep going, the other, just knowing how to do and where to draw inspiration from.

If You Need Help Getting Started, no problem just pop your email address in the form below. 

If You need inspiration?

Keep reading!.

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How To Start A Sports Blog And Earn Some Great And Fun Money On The Side

How To Start A Sports Blog

Have you ever thought about or wondered How To Start A Sports Blog and what it takes to build a fun and profitable one? 

Obviously, the fun part is writing about something that you are highly and very passionate about but do you know what the most difficult thing is? 

It is not getting traffic - traffic is everywhere, nor is it monetizing your content! There are a number of monetization methods and strategies. 

"Rugby is a beastly game played by gentlemen; soccer is a gentleman's game played by beasts; football is a beastly game played by beasts." Unknown #sports #Blogging

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The most difficult thing is getting started and getting yourself set up for long term sustainable success.

What makes it so difficult is that very few other blogging tips or affiliate marketing sites will actually show and teach you how to start a sports blog in that way. 

Sure, they will they will show you what it takes to make a sports blog, and one that is initially successful, but what about sustainability and continued long term success? 

Few are teaching you that, if any..in any niche or market!. If you are interested in starting a sustainably successful sports blog keep reading!. 

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How To Start A Photography Blog – The Ultimate Guide!

How To Start A Photography Blog Featured

Do you really know what the toughest thing is about Starting A Photography Blog? 

You don't really know where or How To Start A Photography Blog in a manner that literally ensures your success!. 

Because everything else is fairly straight forward and easy!. 

"On memory lane pictures are used to travel back in time." #Photography #Blogging

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without the proper "know how" you just won't pull in the quality targeted traffic or get the juicy commissions that will help you to give up your regular job and blog full time and live the life of your dreams. 

If you really do want to know How To Start A Photography Blog the right way then keep reading this article as I show you exactly what keywords and search terms pull in not just traffic but interested buyers also!. 

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What Should I Make A Website About? – 18 Kick Ass Website Ideas For You!

What Should I Make A Website About

We have all asked ourselves and pondered to the thought "What Should I Make A Website About?" particularly when we are and were newbie bloggers and scratching our heads and thinking hard and trying to come up with some Unique Website Ideas that can both excite us and can make us some of those sweet and beautiful online bucks!.

Yeah sure, I scratched that o'l bald head of mine when I was stuck thinking of a topic for my blog!

(Maybe that's where my hair went!...Maybe this why all Top Bloggers are Bald, Me, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Darren Rowse, Seth Godin..yep we are all slap heads!). 

“The more that I desire to get something done, the less that it feels like work.” Mr. Richard Bach #Quotes #Bloggingtips

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There are quite literally  a million things that you can make a website about, so coming up with something to blog about is not so difficult. When it comes to finding Personal Blog Topics we are absolutely awash with opportunity's and ideas. 

Finding your niche is not the difficult part. If you are finding this part difficult, then absolutely keep reading as this article is definitely for you as I will list out some Unique Website Ideas For you.

When it comes to building a blog, let's get this straight right now!

If you are entering the blogging world with the purpose of building an income then, you gotta switch your attitude NOW! .

You are NOT building a blog, you are slowly and steadily building a brand and a sustainable business online.

This more professional attitude and dedication and persistence to see things through and establish that sustainable business and brand is what will propel you forward to succeeding online with your blog. 

So what is the difficult part about blogging? 

Keep reading to the end and I'll reveal all!. 

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Awesome Blog Niches That Make Money – With EXAMPLES!!!

Blog Niches That Make Money

So, you are interested in making and building Blog Niches That Makes Money? yes? well, you have come to the right place.

Firstly, I gotta add and say that building out blog sites is hard work and fun, particularly if you are interested and have a genuine passion for the subject and topic of your niche.

And it can be very rewarding, particularly if and when you stick it out and see it through in the long term...and when you find the ones that are making good money!. 

Sadly nobody seems to be all secretive in regards to what niches or types of blogs are the ones that make good coin!. 

Keep reading to find which ones are very much top banging blogs to be doing just that! 

One of the saddest and most frustrating things for me personally when I see people who have a massive love and heart of blogging like I have...and they give up far too easily.

Approximately 80% of "wannabe bloggers" will give up within 3 months And 90% within the first year.

That's to say only 10% individuals that set out with great aspirations of making it online and earning money as a blogger are still going after 12 months.

The reason is success.

Everyone wants instant success, instant gratification. And in today's world of short attention span's, instant messengers and click to tweet instagram world of celebs ..everyone was instant success...but either don't want to work for it - or just don't have guts and "cojones" to see a project through and build a sustainable business.


what do YOU want?

Instant success or a sustainable income?

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How To Start A Beauty Blog And Make Money [UPDATED 2019]

How To Start A Beauty Blog And Make Money

So. you want to Learn How To Start A Beauty Blog And Make Money, right?. Sure you are awesome with cosmetics - and fashion too, maybe even a great with a certain perfume that matches certain look or occasion!. 

Basically you got it going on, and all that info you have in your brain would make for a fabulous blog full of make up tutorial and videos and so on....


You just don't know how to get started with your awesome idea - or even if it can generate a sufficient income for you!. Or how to get folks to flock to your beauty blog. Or how to monetize it!. 

#Beauty is power; a smile is its sword #Blogging

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And you most certainly don't want to waste your time, energy or effort on building a brilliant blog that might just not work - despite your amazing tutorials, beauty tips and top advice because you took some bad or poor advice about blogging and ended using the wrong techniques. 

Keep reading if you want to become a beauty blogger and make money using proven and time tested techniques that work! techniques that I use myself to build my own blogs, and soon you will be giving up the day job, firing your boss and becoming a bonafide full time successful beauty blogger. 

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In this article you will learn How To:

  • Start A Beauty Blog And Get Paid For It!
  • Find Your Beauty Niche.
  • Brand Your Blog For Maximum Effect. 
  • Generate Free Traffic To Your Blog
  • Monetize The Traffic To Your Site, And Different Monetization strategies. 
  • Find Top Affiliate Programs To Join. 
  • Top Beauty Blogs To Inspire You To Greatness.
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What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money? – 10 Top Money Making Niches Revealed!

What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money

So you are wondering and searching to find out What Types Of Blogs Make The Most Money? Well, congratulations you just found the right place as I will, in this article give you full on Examples Of Blogs That Make Money as well as popular and thriving Blog Topics That Make The Most Money. 


Firstly, let me ask you a little question!.

Do you know what the singularly most difficult thing is about Affiliate Marketing and Blogging is?.

"Opportunities don’t happen, you create them." Chris Grosser #BloggingTips #Quotes

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It is not finding what to blog about - I laugh in the face of that! There are literally thousands and thousands of niches out there!. 

Most definitely You can rule out a lack of keywords - Every niche has quite literally MILLIONS of keywords right there for the taking!

It is not the competition either!. Sure each and every niche has it own "King Pin" and really good top quality blogs out there but most blogs are of average quality and a lowish Authority in the sector. Meaning...you can with time rub shoulders with the "King Pins" in your niche area. 

BOX OUT: The Absolute Essentials That You Will Need For Starting An Awesome Blog Today!

  • Join My 7 Day Free Course and discover all that you need to know to build a successful blog!
  • Sign up for A Free Account With They Guy's that taught me! And Get Full Success Coaching And Assistance from me!.
  • If you plan on building an email list And Properly Owning Your Traffic, start a free trial of ConvertKit

"So, Derek!" I hear you say....

"What is that most difficult thing?"

It is getting started and getting the right training, getting yourself set up for success from the very start, from day darn one baby!. 

Throughout this article I will go a step further that what other sites and reveal Top Money Making Blogs In each niche mentioned to help you on your way to succeeding online and in that niche and I will show you exactly where you can get top class affiliate marketing training. 

Keep reading to find out what type of blogs make the most money and where you can get world class affiliate marketing training!. 

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Everything You Need To Know To Start A Mom Blog [UPDATED]

Start A Mom Blog

Do you want to start a mom blog? yes, sure! that's great!. 


Do you know what the most difficult thing is about starting a mommy blog is? 

(Clue it is not getting started!)

It is knowing How To Start A Mom Blog and do it the right way, gaining exposure, traffic and yes, earn an income doing so. 

Sadly, there are way too many sites out there that want to teach you some kind of "loop hole" or "fancy trickery" and techniques to "cheat the system".  

This article is not one of those kind of post.

“Let me love you a little more before you aren’t little anymore.” Unknown Parenting Wisdom

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In this post I show you some rock solid ways to start a mom blog that are backed by hard facts, solid data and top earning mommy bloggers that use them themselves!.

And these techniques work on all blogs, not just mommy blogs!. So if you want to expand out and start another blog, just use the same techniques and methods that I teach you in this article. 

So If you have a desire to become a mommy blogger, keep reading!

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How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money – Become A Top Foodie Blogger

How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money

Do you love food?,  consider yourself a foodie?. Are you curious to learn How To Start A Food Blog And Make Money and in the process possibly becoming one of the Top Food Bloggers!

Well congratulations! You have clicked over to the right place to learn just that! In this long and detailed article I will show you exactly what you need to know, what you need to learn, If a food blog can make money (or not), how to best make money from a food blog. 

I will also show and teach some general blogging strategies and techniques to help you start your foodie blog and generate traffic. 

More importantly I help you to find your foodie niche and aid you in finding and discovering some food blog post ideas for you to write about and start generating traffic and revenue. 

I also give you some excellent top food blogging sites and food bloggers to check out for inspiration and to inspire you to success. 

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How To Start A Fitness Blog And Earn A Living As A Fitness Blogger [Updated 2019]

How To Start A Fitness Blog

If you want to learn How To Start A Fitness Blog you have definitely found the right place. Fitness blogging can be a fun, exciting and very rewarding hobby. 


Can fitness blogging be turned in to a financially rewarding career path? 

Well, that is what this article is all about! tune in, kick off your training gear and focus on this article as I really show you how you can start your own fitness site and earn a living as a fitness blogger!. 

Keep reading as I show you the potential of the market, the best ways to monetize your fitness blog. Top affiliate programs for fitness bloggers and how to get traffic to your funky kick ass website....and where you can learn the skill of creating a top class blog. 

Perhaps maybe even inspire you to become a fitness blogger yourself!. 

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