Is P2 Tron A Scam? – The Truth Revealed! [With Proof!]

Is P2 Tron A Scam

Welcome To My P2 Tron Review! Where I will detail this opportunity and answer that question that is at the forefront of your mind - Is P2 Tron A Scam?

But first let's talk about one cool little fact!


Studies indicate that 15% Of all Americans own cryptocurrency of some kind with 5% of Americans owning BitCoin.


In case you are interested the country with the largest percentage of BitCoin owners is Japan at 7%.

Something that does not exist is Tron Crypto or The Tron Blockchain. They use something that they call a Tron Smart Contract, which I will talk about later.


In this review of P2 Tron I will give you the low down on this opportunity and answer all the questions that you have on your mind!

Before I get started...

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Are you ready to find out all you need to know about P2 Tron?


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P2 Tron Review 

Product Name: P2 Tron Review

Founder(s): Unknown and undisclosed

Product Type: MLM based Cypytocurrency Opportunity

Price: US$10 Min Investment to get started

Best For: Nobody! 

P2 Tron Review

Summary: P2Tron.com is nothing but a fake cryptocurrency hybrid Pyramid Ponzi scheme with no product at all other than the sale of membership to their program. 

Nothing at all will come good of this and it will collapse in due time as all schemes like this do!. 

Rating: 1/100

Recommended: No

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What Is P2 Tron?

P2 Tron (P2Tron.com) founded in August 2020 is a Multilevel Marketing and Cryptocurrency opportunity where you can earn money by referring your family, friends and other people to what they have on offer.

Effectively with P2 Tron you are building your team and your downline and encouraging them to do the same.

Their compensation plan they call Smart Contracts, Smart contracts is something that exists in the cryptocurrency world on the Ethereum blockchain in much different way, it is used to store and record contracts between two individuals.

Their compensation plan uses a 2X1 cycler matrix using Tron Cryptocurrency which you will not find on any cryptocurrency exchange.

Incidentally speaking the P2 in P2 Tron is an abbreviation of “Power Of 2".

Who Are The Founders?

It is not know who the founders of P2 Tron are as there is no information available on their website anywhere.

The only names I could find after digging around were Frank Trenado and Shawn Kim who are listed as moderators and administrator of their Facebook Group.

Any opportunity that is not crystal clear regarding whom the owners and management are should be ringing alarm bells.

In the vast majority of cases this is usually to hide their identity a

traceability from the police and other authorities.

You should take this as a red flag and a reason to steer clear of what they have on offer.

Affiliate Marketing

The P2 Tron Product Line

P2 Tron has no products at all available for you to promote and sell.


The only "product" that that they have, and what you are effectively selling is P2 Tron Affiliate Membership, nothing else.


By being a member you have access to digital to a digital marketing library. 

The fact that they have no products is another red flag and set an alarm bell ringing.


A network marketing opportunity with no retailable products is not only illegal - it's an illegal Ponzi Scheme.

The P2 Tron Compensation Plan

Let's now talk about how P2 Tron Plan to compensate affiliates and members.

As a member you need to put a minimum of US$10 worth of Tron into their 2X1 split cycler.


You can also buy your way all up to the top and buy all levels available in the cycler matrix which will cost you US$5,115.


Before I roll on with detailing the intricacies of the compensation plan let's talk about...

How To Get Started With P2 Tron

Getting started with this opportunity is super easy and very little is required.

Your membership is entirely based on investing a minimum of US$10 in Tron.

As I mentioned above you can jump right in at the top by spending US$5,115 in Tron.


You should always be aware of any sponsor, for any network marketing opportunity that actively encourages you to go all in.


This is to their advantage, but not necessarily your own, as they will receive a larger commission. Be smart and make your decisions.

How Does The P2 Tron Compensation Plan Work?

Let's now talk about the functionality of the compensation plan that I touched base with earlier.

When you invest US$10 of Tron into their Split cycler you will start to see that the Pyramid Scheme and Ponzi Scheme hybrid starts to unravel itself.

Note: All payments that you make and receive are in their Tron Cryptocurrency.

Time to talk about their....

Cycler Commissions

Half of what you invest initially, US$5 is for a position in their 2XI matrix cycler, which their rather peculiarly call "Xfactor".

The 2X1 cycler matrix is very simple and very easy to follow. All that is required to trigger a cycle is filling 2 positions.

Each cycler position gives a US$5 Return On Investment (a 100% return) which is given after the first position is filled.

When the second position in the matrix is filled this causes a new cycle to start and a brand new 2x1 matrix position is created.

Via repeated cycling you are able to make more than your initial investment.

There are 10 tiers in total as follows:

  • Tier 1: On this tier you need to invest US$5
  • Tier 2: On this tier you need to invest US$20
  • Tier 3: On this tier you need to invest US$30
  • Tier 4: On this tier you need to invest US$40.
  • Tier 5: On this tier you need to invest US$80.
  • Tier 6: On this tier you need to invest US$160.
  • Tier 7: On this tier you need to invest US$320.
  • Tier 8: On this tier you need to invest US$640.
  • Tier 9: On this tier you need to invest US$1,280.
  • Tier 10: On this tier you need to invest US$2,560.

The mathematics on every tier is the same.

Invest the amount indicated above, get paid the amount that the first person immediately below you pays and the next position triggers a new cycle position to start.

Each tier then results in a 100% return on your investment paid.

2x1 Matrix cycler

2X1 Matrix Cycler

Pyramid Recruitment

Your recruitment earnings are paid using the commonly using Unilevel compensation model (see image below) which they call

“Prime” for reasons known only to themselves.

With this structure you are placed at the head of the Pyramid (to use an appropriate term!). Each new recruit that you get is placed below you on your level 1.

These are you direct referrals.

When your referrals get their own recruits these and then placed below them and are your level 2 recruits (and their level 1 recruits).

This process continues in this manner all down the “Pyramid”. With an Unilevel compensation plan you can go as wide to infinity* and as deep as infinity*.

Unilevel Compensation Model

2X1 Matrix Cycler

Recruitment earnings are calculated and paid as 10% of all funds paid into Prime and are capped 10 levels of recruitment down.


It has been suggested that Prime has the exact same buy in tiers as Xfactor, which is a strong indication that all 10 levels are tied which effectively means that the buy in amount is double.

Study the image below and count how many red flags you see. 

The 5 MLM Red Flags By Dr Jon Taylor

I counted 2 and a probably 3rd!. 

What is for sure is the who compensation plan smell of pay to play as you buy in at each level - yet there is no product available or product being bought or sold making what is going on here is a simple money sharing program with a MLM attached to it. 

That is the biggest red flag of them all. 

Only one red flag is what Consumer Expert Dr Jon Taylor recommends is enough for to reject the opportunity.  

Keep my explanation of the compensation plan in mind while you watch the video below and how the smart contract is explained and how this smart contract works.

Just keep in mind also while watching that a smart contract is a legitimate thing in the world of crypto and the blockchain, just not with this opportunity as you are not actually using one - it's really just a name they use.

Are They Accredited By The BBB?

I strongly encourage you to be very active when it comes to finding good opportunities that are legit to ensure that you are not falling for some elaborate scam I advise that every single time to do your background checks.

This is how you stay safe, side step a scam and end up with a legit opportunity.


...And unsurprising to me there is no listing or even a hint of them of the Better Business Bureau which by default means they are unaccredited and Not Rated. 

Are They A Member Of The Direct Sellers Association?

I checked the Direct Sellers Association database and found no listing at all for them. None at all.

Gaining membership to the DSA is not easy as it is subject to a very stringent audit which takes up to 2 years to complete.

Due to using a 2X1 matrix and a unilevel structure they are by all means a network marketing opportunity. 

What Do The Truth In Advertising & Marketing Say?

The Truth in Advertising — known as TINA for short is an agency that keeps an eye on illegal, misleading and unethical marketing and advertising practices.

There is no mention at all of this platform, I was not expecting that there would be as they are a very new website and opportunity. 

Is P2 Tron Registered With The SEC?

P2Tron.com are not obliged to be registered with the Securities and Exchange

Commission as they are not actually selling or trading in any security as they have no product.


Even their Crypto is not real.


Trading this type of unregulated asset is an offence and may incur criminal charges or incur some negative legal consequences.

Would I Recommend Joining P2 Tron?


If you have read this far you will already know my answer to that question is a resounding no! And for a few key reasons namely they have no crypto at all available and I have seen no mention of their wallet the Tron Wallet anywhere else online which is a huge indication of something fishy going on.

Also, the question of having no retailable products for sale which in the legal aspect puts them into the legal territory of being a pyramid scheme.

There is also the Ponzi scheme aspect of what is really going on in the Tron ecosystem

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain #Inspiration #Success

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How To Make Money With P2 Tron?

This I have covered through out this review.

There is only one unique way in which you can earn with this opportunity which is by recruitment and getting other people to join P2 Tron as members.

This right here bang on Ponzi scheme and money sharing as new members are compensating older existing members. 

P2 Tron Reviews And Common Complaints

I checked for a number of different style of P2 Tron Reviews from and number of sources including YouTube, Google, Social Media, Forums, Independent Bloggers and Review Boards.

There a lot of videos on YouTube that are very vibrant and positive about this opportunity,

explain it well and say that you can make money with them. I suspect the YouTubers are not realizing the intricacies of the compensations plan, the legal aspect or noticing that it is a pyramid Ponzi hybrid.

I did notice they are all incentivized and P2 Tron Affiliates. Perhaps they are just trying to make money not realizing it is a scam.

Well respected MLM Review site Behind MLM in their P2 Tron Review Point out that once new investment drys up the whole system will collapse in on itself.

Coin telegraph attempt to answer the question Is P2 Tron A Scam and question their dubious past and the plagiarized rehashed white paper.

Jesse Singh in his Review of P2 Tron highlight the Crowdfunding claims are rogue and absolute lies!

What I Liked About P2 Tron

This is not something I am happy or proud to say, rather ashamedly I could not find a single thing to like about what is on offer from P2Tron.com.

If there is a refund available or a some kind of 30 day or 60 day guarantee I can point to that, this is not the case here. 

What I Did Not Like About P2Tron.Com

I am not going the list absolutely everything and have huge list for you to read, let's stick to the main points.

  • They have no products.
  • They are a pyramid scheme.
  • They are a Ponzi scheme.
  • It's just a money sharing program.

In all they have very little to do with crypto, the blockchain or anything at all! 

WA Success CTA

Can You Make Money With P2 Tron?


It is entirely feasible that you can make money with what is on offer from P2 Tron. All that is required of you is to inform a lot of people about the opportunity and encourage them to join and build your downline.

However I do not encourage that you take part in this as you too are participating in what is an illegal Pyramid and Ponzi scheme and are also liable for charges possible both criminal and civil should any of your recruits file a complaint.


Money has Karma and that ad energy or promoting a scam will come back to you.

Besides, this kind of opportunity never lasts long and will eventually collapse in on itself leaving you back to square 1 and looking for a way to earn some extra money.

So, just that you can does not mean that you should. 

Affiliate Marketing

Is P2 Tron A Pyramid Scheme?

Now it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is and prove that claims that I have been making about this platform and opportunity.

Rather that just throwing around empty claims I am happy to let the law speak for itself, below is a table that is used by those in the legal profession, including State Officials to determine if a program is a Pyramid scheme or not. 

Read it and keep this opportunity in mind, their opportunity and compensation plan. 

Elements Of A Pyramid Scheme

After reading this to me, and in my humble opinion they break rules 2, 3, and 4 listed above and thus would be defined as a pyramid scheme by state officials. 

What do you think? 

How many do think they broke? 

Leave your answer in the comments box below!

Is P2 Tron A Ponzi Scheme?


A Ponzi Scheme is defined by the old investors into a program getting paid by the newer fresher investor which is ultimately what is happening in the 2X1 Cycler Matrix Ala Pyramid Scheme. 

For a clear definition of a Ponzi Scheme watch the video below. 

Is P2 Tron A Scam Or Legit?

In the entirety of this review I believe I have answered this question in depth and in detail proving that beyond doubt and within a legal context this is a scam consisting of a hybrid Pyramid and Ponzi scheme.

Being associated with crypto and making claims to have something similar to an Ethereum smart contract on offer and a completely fake trx wallet we can file this under crypto scams.

3 Common MLM Lies

P2 Tron Alternatives

There a number of alternatives to P2 Tron that you can consider. I've listed only MLM opportunities since this is the business model that you may prefer.

Here are 5 Alternatives: 

  1. Daisy Tron
  2. BitTrain
  3. QTrex
  4. Payasian
  5. Sharenode

Network marketing is a very difficult business model to succeed with for inexperienced individuals. 

It has been demonstrated by Dr Jon Taylor who studied 250+ leading opportunities and found that 0.3% of people managed to break even while 99.7% lost money. 

This is why I suggest that you have a good though about different business models other than network marketing. 

My P2 Tron Review - The Final Conclusion

Clearly this is an opportunity and fraudulent business opportunity that you really should stay as far from as you possibly can. 

Sure you can end up making some money if you promote it well enough but you are just going to lead a lot of people in the wrong direction. 

There is nothing good to come of this opportunity at all. 

I mentioned other business models, Affiliate Marketing is the business model that really changed my life, and for the better.

I have in all honesty never looked back! 

Making Money Online Is Easy CTA New

How I Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is my Number 1 recommended way for making money in the digital world both for those just starting out and those that are semi experienced. 

It is not a get rich quick way of earning a living; it is more what I would call building a sustainable business online that can be profitable year after year for many years to come.

The reasons are simple:

  • No huge startup costs!
  • No selling face to face!
  • No stock to keep or manage!
  • No recruitment involved!
  • No taking of endless surveys!
  • No huge investment involved - (Get started for $19!)
  • And no working for someone else!
  • You can operate in any market you wish! - even your hobbies & passions!
  • Earn a full-time income & more!. No limit to your earning potential!. 

In fact...

I have created and built a regular mid 4 figure passive monthly income and fully enjoy a life of travel to where I want and when I want, with no boss to answer to and zero annoying co-workers!.

I completely enjoy life on my own terms and work when I choose to, not when I have to!. 

This is all thanks to Affiliate Marketing!

Proof WA Photo 1

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