Twickerz Is Scam Or Legit? – Comprehensively Reviewed!

Twickerz Is Scam Or Legit

Twickerz Is A Scam Or Legit? - a question posed by many! And one I will be answering in this Twickerz Review!

This platform makes the audacious and confident claim of being the new face of advertising and that by being a member you will, and I quote “experience a new level of earning”. 

The way in which you can earn money is by a click of your mouse or touch pad. They are a Pay To Click site or PTC for short which is a popular earning method for those that are just getting started online - I know as it was this type of advertising platform that I first used to get my first few bucks online. 

The question is can YOU make money with Twickerz and are they an advisable opportunity for your to try out?

Before I move forward with this review....

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Twickerz Review 

Product Name: Twickers

Founder(s): Unkinown/Undisclosed

Product Type: PTC, Pay To Click

Price: Free To Join.

Best For: Nobody at all.

Twickerz Reviews

Summary: Twickerz is not a scam, something to be clear about. You can and will earn from them if you put in the time and effort to complete as many task as you can. This is a PTC site and the main task is as simple a getting paid to click ads. 

There are some quirks though...

Rating: 30/100

Recommended: No

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What Is Twickez?

Twickerz (Twickerz.com), established in 2011 is a PTC Pay To Click website that is, what can be best described as very in your face and glitzy glatzy and in your face designed website that has a lot of earning opportunities, some 9 of them with the majority of them focused around getting paid for clicking adverts which is as easy as earning extra money goes.

Due to having Bitcoin as a payment option they can be considered as a Bitcoin faucet similar to CointiplyCoinworker, Bonus Bitcoin and GetPaidTo App

Keep reading to find out if this a reliable earning opportunity. 

PTC Sites are a common first way for people to be earning online, there are manu similar such sites to Twickerz.com which include: 

  1. Ojooo Wad
  2. You Cubez
  3. GoldenClix
  4. ClixSense
  5. 20 Cogs.
  6. Two Dollar Click
  7. Gaming Dragons.

You can try out these sites if you like PTC and GPT sites as a way of earning online. 

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How Does Twickerz Work?

How Twickerz works as business is something that I feel the need to take a look at to ensure that they are not a Scam after all if they can't make money it is fair to say that you won't either. 

As a business they are effectively speaking and advertising agency and earn their income from the people who are advertising on their platform. 

They are generating revenue and this is a signal that they have money to pay their members for clicking the adverts. 

In my opinion though, despite being human traffic it is a very low quality and untargeted as the people viewing the ads are not particularly getting the adverts put in front of them because it is something they are interested in, they are there because it is something that getting paid to click.

Who Is Twickerz For?

Twickerz is an international opportunity that is open for everyone, regardless of location or nationality. They are a global opportunity. 

The only requirement I have seen is related to getting paid and getting your money. This, however is an obligation related to the payment gateways and methods and not this site itself.

How To Get Started

Becoming a member of Twickerz PTC site is very easy all you need to do is complete their registration form and agree to their rules.  

Once you have filled out their form you will get sent a confirmation email which you need to open and click the link in it to confirm your account. 

How Do You Make Money?

Making money with this opportunity is by completing simple tasks. There are 9 different tasks in total, figure out which ones pay the best and start with them. 

Be sure to follow the instructions per task exactly to ensure that you are paid. Any incorrectly completed task may result in you not getting paid for your efforts. 

The 9 task are: 

  1. Paid Surveys.
  2. Paid Offers.
  3. Twickgrid.
  4. Answer Quizzes.
  5. View Ads.
  6. PTSU - Paid To Sign Up. 
  7. Flip The Coin. 
  8. Point Contests
  9. Their Referral Program. 

Let's go over these task in more details and what you need to do to earn from them and what exactly is required of you. 

  • 1. Paid Surveys

The Paid Surveys are part of the Paid Offers and do have a dedicated section for surveys. The surveys don't actually have their own surveys as they are provided by 3rd party providers meaning they are a survey aggregator.

When you click on an offer to take a survey a new window opens up and takes you over to where the survey is. 

You will also have to undertake profiling questions to determine if you qualify to take the survey and meet the demographic for that survey. 

When you have completed the survey you are accredited to your account in Twickerz. The amount will be added once it is approved and not instantly. Keep track of your rewards to make sure you are rewarded. 

Having a lot of experience with survey site I can tell you that the rate of pay is lower than that of what you would get on regular site. This is due to Twickerz earning a small percentage. 


  • 2. Paid Offers

Paid Offers is a common task that you will be familiar with from GPT - Get Paid To sites. These are short, quick easy to do tasks that you can earn rewards for. 

Each task comes with instructions that you must follow exactly in order to get paid. Most of these tasks are answering a quick quiz, taking a short survey, clicking a link, watching a video, signing up for a website or register for a forum, simple easy tasks. 

The plus point here is there are plenty of offers for you to take, the down point here is that they don't pay you at all that well due to a portion of commission and earning paid go to Twickerz. 

  • 3. Twickgrid

Grids is something that is common on PTC sites and as expected we have a grid game here. The premise here is simple all you need to do is click a square on the grid, with a maximum of 25 chances daily. 

Behind each square is an advert that you need to watch and the answer an upside-down captcha once the ad is finished. When finished you will find out if you are the winner of a prize.

The prizes are nothing particularly special ranging from a tenth of a penny to five bucks. 

Obviously, if you are lucky to win the US$5 top prize it is much appreciated, but is very rare. 

If you like completing captchas you can get paid to complete captchas

twickerz Reviews twickgrid
  • 4. Answer Quizzes 

Answering quizzes is something you have probably also seen on other PTC sites, online survey sites and GPT sites. 

The premise here is very straight forward - you get paid for answering a quiz. Currently, this option is disabled and this not a reliable earning opportunity at all.

  • 5. View Ads 

This is the main premise of the whole site. Every PTC site offers ads as means of earning from their opportunity. 

All that is required is for you to click an ad and watch it. Like the Twickgrid task you will need to complete a captcha once the ad is complete in order to get paid. It is a completely effortless way of earning. 


Pay is incredibly low and you will need to view hundreds of ads, maybe even thousands of them in order to get paid a decent amount. 

This is one thing about Twickerz, they have a lot of ads all over their site, display ads that if and when you click them you will not get paid or earn from. 

twickerz Review view-ads
  • 6. PTSU Paid To Sign Up Offers

PTSU offers are exactly what they sound like - they are an opportunity to earn money just for signing up to newsletters, websites, and so on. 

For each PTSU task you must follow the instructions exactly in order to get paid. From time to time you are required to confirm you email address and username. 

  • 7. Flip The Coin. 

This flip the coin aspect I do not like at all as it is a gambling game that encourages gambling. In this part you can bet your winning on the platform and at the flip of a coin you either win or lose. 

The maximum bet is US$50 with the winning being the same amount as you placed as a bet you can either win or lose based on a digital coin toss. Due to the gambling and encouraging of it I am not a fan at all. 

  • 8. Point Contests 

Monthly point contests are common on PTC sites also. These contests are not exactly a way in which you can earn with them but is more of a competition and way to encourage members to be active on their platform and win cash prizes - more specifically US$300. 

You shouldn't consider it as a reliable earning opportunity since it is more of a monthly point contest. 

To win, you need to be very active and click a bucket load of ads. 

  • 9. Their Referral Program 

Literally there is not a PTC site, GPT site, or survey site that does not have a referral program. It is great that you can earn for inviting your family, friends and other people by getting them to click your referral link. 

The commission you will earn is 5% to 10% of your referrals income without affecting their income in any way. To qualify for you must click a minimum of 3 ads per day every day to earn from their referral program. 

There is an option of buying referrals to boost your earnings, which is not something that is recommended at all. 

How Much Can You Earn?

How much you can make will be directly related to the amount of effort that you put in and how you optimize your earning potential by focusing on the higher paying tasks first. 

In my experience of having reviewed a lot of PTC sites I can tell you straight that this kind of site does not lead to earnings that are all that significant and certainly not in a effort/reward ration or a money time.


I do not expect that you will be able to earn much more than US$10 to US$20 per month with what is on offer here. 

How Do You Get Paid?

You can get paid once you have earned the US$1.50 minimum payout threshold. The payment methods used are: 

  1. PerfectMoney
  2. Payza
  3. Bitcoin

Twickerz charge a processing fee for each payment request. Also, as a free member the maximum amount that you can withdraw is US$10 every US$10 days, which is a limitation I would not worry too much about due to the low income available from this platform.  

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Twickerz Income Proof

I am delighted to say that yes, there is plenty of income proof from around the web related to Twickerz. This is great as it both proof that you can earn from them and they do and will pay. 

Is Twickerz Accredited By The BBB?

I encourage you to be safe online and check out every opportunity that you are interested to ensure your own online safety and that you are not getting involved in a scam or wasting your time with a low income opportunity. 

I search on the Better Business Bureau website and unfortunately there was no listing for Twickerz meaning they are not accredited and not listed. 

Twickerz Reviews And Complaints

I checked out a number of Twickerz Reviews by YouTubers, bloggers, independent review sites, forums, Reddit, review boards and social media. 

There is no doubting at all the legitimacy of Twickerz with nobody at all claiming that Twickerz is a Scam. But they review are not at all that glowingly great. 

Jerry Huang Of Smart Affiliate Success only rates them at 50% is very so-so about their opportunity labelling the business model as the reason to why earnings are low and not a fault of the site itself. 

Stefan Of My Room Is My office  is happy to review and tell his readers that they are an opportunity where you can earn and like myself is unhappy about the withdrawl fee that they charge. 

Dale Rogers Of Living More Working Less gives a good honest review, tells his readers that this not an opportunity that you want to rush into. 

On Foxy Rating Twickers is rated as their 497th top PTC site, which to me screams out loud that there are much better PTC sites out there is that is your thing. Twickers is rated averagely on Trust Pilot at just 3.6 stars. 

By far the biggest complaint is the low income being available, as the income proofs I have seen - they are all in the US$10 to US$15 per month range. 

What I Liked About Twickerz

There are more than a few pros and plus points to Twickerz which I liked, which were:

  • You can earn money from them. 
  • They have good payment methods used
  • The tasks are so easy to do. 
  • You can do most of the tasks on the go.

What I Did Not Like About Twickerz

Naturally there are a lot of Cons to Twickerz that I did not like, which are:

  • They are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau or even rated.
  • They are poorly rated by review board users.
  • They are very so-so rated by independent reviewers.
  • It is a low income opportunity. 
  • They deduct a processing fee when you request payment. 
WA Success CTA

Can You Make Money With Twickerz



There is absolutely no doubt in my mind and from my deep investigation that you can make money with Twickerz. It is super clear and absolutely they will pay you as long as you meet the requirements for getting paid. 

Affiliate Marketing

Is Twickerz A Scam Or Legit?

In my opinion and from my investigation and deep analysis I can asolutely tell you that Twickers is not a scam.

Despite being poorly rated and very averagely reviewed I have not found a single site or person claiming that Twickers is a scam. 

It is not only fair, but very accurate to say that Twickerz is legitimate. 

Twickerz Alternatives

Naturally speaking there are alternatives to Twickerz that you can try out and give good consideration to. 

Some of these suggestions below are PTC sites, others are GPT sites as they tend to earn you more. 

  1. Remotasks
  2. WowApp
  3. Askwonder
  4. Earnably
  5. Bituro App
  6. InboxDollars
  7. Swagbucks

These are all good legitimate side hustles that you can try out, naturally some will earn you more than others and some you will be more suited to personally. Earnings should be in the US$60 to US$90 mark here with a reasonable amount of effort. 

My Twickerz Review - The Final Conclusion

Twickerz is not a scam, this is something I like to make loud and clear, absolutely not a scam even though their site design does look very scammy and in your face. 

A low quality design that I simply do not like. This how ever does not detract from the fact that you can make money with them and as I have seen plenty of evidence of will pay you. 

As other reviewers have noted it is not Twickerz fault that they are a low income opportunity and is one that you should not rush into. 

I advise not trying this opportunity out and opting for opportunities than can and will help you to earning a full time income from home. 

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