What Is Tom Gentile Net Worth? Find Out Here!

What Is Tom Gentile Net Worth

Tom Gentile Net Worth and all lot more is what I will reveal in this article!. 

I'd hardly call Tom Gentile as “Internet Famous” even though he has a very popular and focused growing YouTube Channel and a list of Financial Newsletters as well as a popular podcast.

He is only known within and inside a very small, select group of people who are interested in investing, cryptocurrency, the stock market and the financial world of stock trading. 

Finding out all you need to know about him, his career, his education, his entire background as well as his net worth will help you to determine if he is the real deal or not.

After all if he is not successful then how are you expected to be success by following what he says, teaches and recommends?


This article is not intended to review any of his product or to give my opinion on any of them, some of which I have reviewed before and undoubtedly I will review some of his newsletters and membership programs later. 

By the time you have finished reading this article you will know Tom Gentile Net Worth and a lot more about him. 

Before I rock on with the rest of this article...

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Are you ready to find out all you need to know about businessman and investor Thomas C. Gentile III? 


Then keep reading!

Who Is Tom Gentile


Tom Gentile, (Thomas C. Gentile III) is a successful American businessman and Harvard Business School Graduate with an MBA and a magna cum laude in economics. He also attended the prestigious LSE - London School Of Economics And Political Science and has been the President and CEO of Spirit AeroSystems Inc, Since August 2016 - and on a huge salary - which I'll reveal how much later as this is a contributing factor to his overall net worth.  

He is better known in the digital world for his popular YouTube Channel where describes himself as a foremost authority on futures, stocks and options trading. 

It this, in the world of investing where he is better known and is referred to by Money Map Press as Americas top Pattern Trader. 

It is claimed that he began studying options trading and the options market in the mid 1980s every single night in the basement of his parents home. At which time, according to the timeline from his Linkedin profile he would have already graduated as with cum laude in economics from Harvard University, clearly having a solid base of knowledge in economics and business.

Has 30+ years of experience in the financial and securities industry and has built one of the biggest and most popular financial technology companies where he teaches and shows people how to trade on the worlds financial markets with his company Optionetics, where it is said he invested millions of his own money to build and develop highly advanced tech based tools for investing. 

His Company Optionetics, was bought by OptionsXpress in 2009 For US$20 Million which was later bought out by Charles Schwab. It was through Optionetics that he became known as a leader in the area of teaching options trading and educating people how to trade options, where he is said to have taught and passed on his experience to over 300,000 fellow traders. 

I'll talk more about his publications with Money Map Press LLC later. 

Thomas C. Gentile Career History 

Thomas C. Gentile has had quite a career path since graduating from Harvard University in1986 and later in 1990 with his MBA. 

He has worked as a Trade Analyst at General Motors where he negotiated, analysed and implemented trading programs for commodities in support of General Motor products in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. 

It was after his stint at General Motors he left to complete his MBA a Harvard University.

Upon graduating he work for McKinsey & Company as an Associate Principle, Senior Engagement Manager where his responsibilities included identifying, negotiating multi-million dollar consultation engagement to aid the senior managers and CEO's of global corporations to implement and develop competitive business strategies. 

With McKinsey and Company in this position he was based in both Cleveland, Ohio and London, England. 

After his stint in the United Kingdom with McKinsey and Company he retuned to the US to take up the position as the Vice President of Strategic Planning with CBS corporation where he supported the acquisition of various multi-media assets including Radio, television and Cable TV. 

For there he moved to GE Money in Stamford, Connecticut, where he held the position of Senior Vice President of Six Sigma where his responsibilities included leading a team of 250+ quality resources in 38 nations with the objective of improving the efficiency of the consumer finance sector and identify areas of growth. 

He managed to deliver over US$50M+ every year and obtained the Master Black belt Six Sigma Certification. 

Tom spend a decade in total at GE Money in a number of positions, all as CEO and President at their offices across the world, including Australian and New Zealand Office and Paris, France with his last position being as the Chief Marketing Officer at GE Money. 

From there he transferred between GE Aviation, GE Healthcare and GE capital occupying the highest level of positions as CEO and President to COO, Chief Operations Officer. 

In August 2016 he took up his current position at Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita, Kansas initially starting as President and COO before being promoted to President and CEO. 

As it is clearly demonstrated Tom has had a highly illustrious career working with and for multi-billion dollar global corporations exclusively occupying executive positions for almost 30 years, the majority of which are as Vice President or President of the corporation. 

There is no doubting his success in business as his business acumen as you don't occupy boardroom positions that long with massive multinational companies for that long without being the best of the best.

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What Is Thomas Gentile's Salary

As they say everything is on the internet these days! And although I could not find his career earnings I have been able to find out Tom Gentiles renumeration package with Spirit Aerosystems over the past few years. 

As the President and CEO of Spirit AeroSystems his salary and renumeration from 2016 to 2019 has been as follows: 

(data for 2020, and obviously 2021is yet unavailable). 

  • Tom Gentile III 2016 Renumeration Package With Spirit AeroSystems. 

His base salary was: US$770,773 

Bonus And Non Equity Compensation: US$2,234,460 

Stock Awarded: US$3,000,045

Other: US$169,476

Total Earning 2016: US$6,174,754

  • His 2017 Spirit AeroSystems Salary Package: 

His base salary was: US$1,144, 223

Bonus And Non Equity Compensation: US$2,578,703 

Stock Awarded: US$5,175,087

Other: US$1,009,385

Total Earning 2017: US$9,907,398

  • Tom's 2018 Earning As The CEO of Spirit AeroSystems Was: 

His base salary was: US$1,241,223

Bonus And Non Equity Compensation: US$1,546,576

Stock Awarded: US$6,250,140

Other: US$861,744

Total Earning 2018: US$9,899,693

  • Total Salary Package For The Fiscal year 2019 

His base salary was: US$1,295,753

Bonus And Non Equity Compensation: US$1,873,535

Stock Awarded: US$7,150,017

Other: US$752,844

Total Earning 2019: US$11,072,149

It is entirely clear Tom Gentile is a big hitter and a huge earner over the past few years in his current position earning a total income from 2016 to 2019, inclusive of US$37,053,994 over the 4 year period which is an average annual salary of US$9,263,498.50.

Which is just mind blowing!

This income does not include the sales of any of his own subscription products on TomGentile.com, the products and newsletter on Money Map Press, any consultation work undertaken or his own personal stock market trading and earnings, YouTube advertising income or any sponsorship on his channel and podcast. 

It is very clear that Tom Gentile is a high net worth individual. 

Source For Salary Data: Salary.com

How Many Shares Of Spirit Aerosystems Holdings Does Tom Gentile Own?

As of February 7th 2021 Tom Gentile Owned 241,986 shares of Spirit Aerosystems which at market close were worth US$39.09 per share meaning he has a US$9,459,232.74 stake in the company.

Source: Fintel.io/n/Gentile-Tom

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How Old Is Tom Gentile?

He was born on 27th of June 1965 which makes his age, at the time of creating this article 55 years old, and will be 56 later this year. 

Tom Gentile's Biography Of Financial Newsletters And Info Products

He currently has 9 subscription based products that all sell at mid 4 figures per year with the exception of 2 of his products PowerProfit Trades, which is his free email newsletter and Fast Fortune Club which retails for just under US$600 for an annual subscription. 

Tom Gentile's Other Financial Newsletter and Subscription Services Are: 

  1. Alpha-9 Trader (Price: US$6,250/year)
  2. Microcurrency Trader (Price: US$5,000/year)
  3. Daily Flash Cash (Price: US$5,000/Year)
  4. Cryptocurrency Windfalls (Price: US$5,000/year)
  5. Weekly Cash Clock (Price: US$4,995/Year)
  6. Money Calender Pro (Price: US$4,995/Year) 
  7. V3 Trader (Price: US$1,950/Year)

These subscription services teach how to trade futures, options stocks, cryptocurrencies and contracts and are available from Money Map Press website and are available digitally. 

He is also the author or co-author of a lot of well known books related to trading the worlds financial markets namely: The Options Course, The Index CourseThe Volatility CourseThe Stock Market CourseOptionetics, And Trade Like A 1 Percenter and more. 

He has been featured in the world media in places like Reuters, Bloomberg and Fox Business.  

Tom Gentile Net Worth

There is no solid data or information to tell you or I what Tom Gentile's net worth truly is but I have shown you in this article his US$37M salary over the past 4 years alone +the sale of his business of Optionetics for US$20M. 

Give he is a very successful stock market trader, with a sizeable number of membership courses at Money Map Press, and has always been employed as the CEO and Vice President and positions of prestige for the past 31 years for huge global corporations I can accurately estimate that Tom Gentile net worth is at least US$125M making 1/8th as an estimate on the road to being a billionaire. 

Is He A Successful Stock Market Trader?


I have absolutely no doubt that he is a very successful trader on the world financial markets.

He not only trades, he has taught successful traders how to trade a wide range of financial instruments. It is very clear that he knows how to trade, what and when as well as how when you tune in to his YouTube Channel and listen to his podcast. 

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Is Tom Gentile A Scammer?

I can understand where and why this question arises and why people might think that he is a scam or scammer. 

His products and subscription services are sold through a partnership that he has with Money Map Press who are owned by Agora Financial, a giant in the financial newsletter publishing world owned and operated by Bill Bonner who use very hyped up misleading "razz-a-mataz" marketing style that really draws people in to think making money with investing is easy and can be done with very little money. 

The marketing of the products and style used is not by Tom Gentile himself, but by Money Map Press. Others will see the price of his membership products costing around US$5,000 per year and up and unjustifiable yelping that they are a scam and that he is a scam. 

To, me and in my opinion Tom Gentile is not a scammer as he does not commit fraud or intentionally mislead people. He comes across as genuine, legit and highly knowledgeable regarding trading, particularly options trading on his YouTube Channel. 

Will Tom Gentile Make You Rich?

In my humble opinion there is only one person in the world that will make you rich or wealthy and that is you!. 

If you are going to hang around and look for other people to make you money or make you wealthy then  you are looking externally for solution to what is at its root an internal problem. The majority - literally 100% of your money problems are internal, from your thoughts, beliefs, actions and attitudes about money and your relationship with money. 

Trust me, I know. 

I've been there. 

So, Tom Gentile is not going to make you rich. 


If you have the right attitude and mind set and focus on the training programs and courses regarding trading and have the finance to invest and put up with losses as you learn and develop the skill set the most certainly what you can learn from him can certainly change your life for the better. 

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Is He The Real Deal?

Undoubtedly so. 

I have tuned in to his YouTube Channel, a regularly watch his videos, since I do put what money I have to work for me rather than leaving it to chance and rot in my bank and gain a paltry interest rate. I also do a little bit of crypto trading and it is clear that he is an expert and is the real deal. 

You don't have the career that he has had, earning what is an 8 figure salary, run and own businesses that he has sold for 8 figure sums and be the author or co-author of multiple books are courses if your are not the real deal, Tom Gentile is most certainly the real deal!.

What Is Tom Gentile's Net Worth - A Quick Recap!

Tom Gentile is a highly successful American businessman, entrepreneur an investor who has studied at the most prestigious of Ivy League Universities - Harvard, holds degrees in Economics and an MBA from what is considered as the very best business school in the world. 

His net worth is difficult to state as there is no information online anywhere but given the sale of his Business Optionetics, the shares he hold in Spirit Aerosystems and an salary package that has averaged just short of 8 figures per year for the past 4 years and his current business interest and membership courses available form Money Map Press I can with a degree of accuracy estimate his net worth to be at least US$125 Million. 

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