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So you want to succeed at internet marketing and become a successful blogger and digital marketer!. Following the advice of top Marketing Gurus, folks that walk the walk and talk the talk is certainly a way to lead you to the very top and achieving all of your goals and wildest of dreams!. 

Success as they say leaves clues, breadcrumbs that you can follow.

Absolutely none of the Online Marketing Gurus mentioned in this article were born experts in the field of digital marketing. 

Personally, I don't think that they are all that much smarter than your are. Sure they are pretty smart and intelligent people. They all got where they are not by means of being blessed with super intelligence or a god given gift for marketing.

They got to the top by working hard, harder than most people are willing to work and push themselves.  

Success Leaves Clues! Follow And Learn Form The Top Online Marketing Gurus! #Bloggingtips #Blogging

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Sweat equity it is called!. 

And it is free! Just have faith in your ability to get there and with faith, strong self belief and hard work you will. 

If you have the will power and deep desire to succeed in the world of online marketing then knuckle down, work hard and take the advice of the top Internet Marketing Gurus mentioned in this article!.  

And let's face it the fastest and best way to succeed online is to listen to and learn from experts and take action on what you have learned. 

If you need to know who is who is the world of digital marketing and learn from the very best in the industry then keep reading this article!.

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Top Online Marketing Gurus To Blast You To Blogging Brilliance

Let's now get right down to the meat and bones of this article and name the Digital Marketing Experts and Gurus of whom I personally consider to be the ones that will seriously give your marketing skills a serious boost. 

Let's get to it! 

  • Jeff Bullas

Jeff is something of a marketing and social influencer phenomena and throws very much in the face that you must be a young fresh faced 20 something to be a digital marketing expert or social media influencer. 

It was his very own curiosity and $10 investment in his domain name, aptly named JeffBullas.Com at a time when practically nobody was using social media and Mark Zuckerberg was still operating Facebook out of a University Dorm!. 

Some of his many achievements include:

  • Being named as one of the top 20 Chief Marketing Officers By Forbes Magazine
  • Top 50 Online Marketing Influencers By Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Listed as one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Experts by Inc Magazine
  • The Number 1 Business Blogger By Bizzhum. 

His top tip and advice is to build your social media audience before you need them. Watch the short video below to learn his 3 key pillars to content marketing. 

  • Dr Joe Vitale

This name is no stranger to anyone interested in the field of self development, self improvement and the law of attraction.

Dr Joe Vitale is also THE leading expert on hypnotic marketing.

It is a well known fact that he was once destitute and homeless and turned his life around by means of metaphysics and the use of the law of attraction. Which just goes to show you how much self belief goes into achieving your goals. 

He is a serial writer of quite brilliant marketing content including the aforementioned Hypnotic Marketing and Hypnotic Writing.

He is not shy as far as putting himself out there and has been on all the major TV channels states side including Fox, CNN, CBS, CNBC and ABC. 

Dr Joe Vitale is very much house hold name and internet marketing guru that you ought to take inspiration from and be inspired by. Especially on those days when the internet is a cold dark place for you and your new blog and you need that kick to keep going!.

...Not to mention learning and applying his hypnotic marketing techniques to boost your sales!.

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  • Seth Godin

Seth Godin needs no introduction as an Internet and Online Marketing Guru, and the word "Guru" I don't take lightly!. 

He has written over a dozen books on the subject of marketing and is well respected as a serial blogger or to be more accurate "micro blogger" due to his incredibly short posts of only 300 to 500 words long.

Yet get absolutely thousands of shares, likes, tweets and retweet on social media. 

Like Jeff Bullas, he too has been featured in all the well known and highly respected publications like the Huffington Post, New York Times and Forbes Magazine. 

His books are so popular and globally relevant they have been translated to over 35 different languages. 

Seth.blog is where he can be found. 

The video below is quite astonishing! Watch it, and pay attention as to why people buy from you!. 

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  • Darren Rowse

One of my blogging super stars and Digital Marketing Gurus that I most certainly follow, and have done so since around 2009!.  

Darren Rowse is the very man behind the original and quite brilliant ProBlogger.com site, which is quite possibly the first professional blog dedicated to helping people to build and make money making blogs. 


Like myself he is an avid Photographer and has an excellent photography site. Darren's own philosophy in regards to monetisation is something that I love - use multiple monetisation strategies and be independent of them all for the long term health and sustainability of your online business. 

He would know..he's been running Blogs as a means of an income source since 2002!

Online Marketing Gurus Featured
  • Jon Morrow 

John Morrow is a fully fledged member of the Six Figure Monthly Club, thanks to his brilliant mind, hard work, top class training products and, to be quite frank, and absolutely bangin' blog over at smartblogger.com

Jon is a truly extraordinary individual what has achieved quite remarkable accomplishments in the world of digital marketing and blogging. 

Jon Morrow regularly launches some of the most expensive online training courses for bloggers and marketers with prices that range from $1,000 USD to over $10,000 USD. 

He is an outstanding and well respected blogger and content marketer with a speciality in SEO and great writing quality. When it comes down to traffic, he certainly knows where and how to pull it in. 

What more incredible about his achievements is that he is almost completely disabled and only able to move his face. 

An Online Marketing Guru and an absolute inspiration for all of us!.

Online Marketing Gurus

Jon Morrow, marketing expert, genius and world class blogger!

  • Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo, Of Obvious Asian discendency, I am not quite sure of his origins but I do highly suspect Viet Namese due the "Ngo" surname which is a relatively popular name in Viet Nam. Also, his own pronunciation of his name a "No" follows Vietnamese pronunciation rules.

(Yep, smarty pants here can speak Vietnamese!)

Charles is one of the very few in the world of Internet Marketing that actually does have a strong marketing background having graduates with a University degree in marketing. 

Having gone down the corporate road and career as a marketing professional he actually did not enjoy it and dedicated himself and all his spare time to online marketing reading absolutely everything that he could on the subject and tried just about every thing including eBay, blogging SEO but found something inherently wrong with that focus and dedicated himself to truly mastering PPC. 

...Which lead to, and in his own words his most important $1 online, the first one earned online, which has now lead him to earning in excess of $1M on an annual basis. 

Charles Style is very much that he can teach you to build not just a business that is profitable but in the process you will pick up a skill set that is in high demand.

Those that know how to drive traffic to a website, quite literally have the world at their finger tips. 

Charles Ngo's Achievements:

  • Stack That Money Blog Of The Year 
  • Guest Speaker At Affiliate World And Affiliate Sumit Conferences

Unjustly he is known as the "bad boy" of the affiliate marketing, that label should not discourage you as we all have a lot to learn from Charles Ngo starting with this brutal no holds barred video! 

Personally, I think the "Bad boy" tag is just a play on his name and a character from the Bond Movie.

  • Robbie Richards

"Robbie Who?"

I can hear most of you saying!. Robbie is very much the quiet and unknown Search Engine Marketing and SEO traffic generating genius!. Some have referred to him as the MacGyver when it comes down to the fine art of traffic generation

He might not be as well known or as "internet" famous as other online marketing gurus like Brian Dean or Neil Patel but he certainly hold is own in terms of knowledge ability and actionable advice. I do think his research is far more detailed and better than the other two. 

So don't be shy in checking out his site RobbieRichards.com

Once you do and check out a few of his articles you KNOW exactly why I am such a huge fan his!.

  • Harsh Agrawal

You just can't be into blogging and NOT know who this guy is!.  Harsh is an IT Engineer by education and a blogger by profession and an absolute Marketing and Blogging Gurus in my own humble opinion. You just don't go from zero to over 1 million visitors monthly and not comfortably wear the title and status of guru!. 

If you have not heard of his site it is no other than Shout Me Loud! an awesome blog about blogging and a pretty awesome and memorable brand that is approaching it's teenage years!

Harsh Has A very vibrant out going attitude and actively encourages his fellow Indians to take up blogging as a career and a way to earn their freedom from the 9-5. 

He is a Regular international speaker at events across the world, particularly in Europe and Asia for events related to marketing and blogging. 

Similar to myself, it was the most unfortunate of circumstances that got him started in the world of blogging. 

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  • Guy Kawasaki

Perhaps the most well known of all the internet marketing gurus, if not, certainly the most well respected of them all. Guy is also a Marketing Executive in America's famed Silicon Valley and is one of the original employee's of Apple. 

Guy holds prestigious business degrees from Ivy league universities with an MBA that he got from UCLA and a BA from the famed Stanford University - not to mention a Doctorate (Honorary)  from Babson College.  

He has written some very well know books that absolutely must form the arsenal of all digital marketers in The art of social media and one I love, the art of the start.

His particular focus in building an audience and influence online. 

  • Mari Smith

Originally went by the tag line some 10 years ago as "Mari goes like a Ferrari". When most of us were just getting started using facebook on a personal level she was already making courses and teaching seminars and helping businesses to get the very best out of what was at the time, the new kid on the block as far as social networks go. 

Since then, she has become known as the facebook queen!. Quite legitimately she is one of the very first and better know renowned experts in social media marketing with a speciality in both facebook and its sister site Instagram. 

"Engagement does not pay your bills. Get the leads then convert your leads into paying customers." Mari Smith

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  • Stuart Walker

Probably the most unlikely person to be featured here, and most humble of individuals would probably not accept himself as being labelled as an online marketing guru.

Stuart from Manchester, England fully deserves that title having built and bootstrapped Niche Hacks from nothing more than an idea to one of the better known sites in the Niche Marketing World and very much a go to hang out joint for those seeking info, real life actionable information about marketing and running your blogging business. 

No degree, no real great level of education, no IT expertise just a guy a from Manchester that by all admission was an abject failure at everything he tried.

From being a pot washer and "call centre office monkey" and a guy dreaming of a massive $100 budget to start his journey he managed to legitimately turn himself into a bonafide internet marketing guru. 

And even being mentioned in Forbes! 

What is pretty incredible and perhaps his marketing genius is that you will hardly find him being active on Social Media, sure he attends to his tribe on the Niche Hacks FB group but that's it!. 

Which really does go against the grain of what most people would consider as essential for online success.  What Stuart teaches is nothing short of brilliant!. 

  • Neil Patel

Mentioned earlier in this article, and one of the most famous and better known SEO experts in the digital world. Neil is a Serial entrepreneur and an absolutely brilliant blogger and has started several million dollar businesses and blogs. 

You don't get to where he is in the world on Digital Marketing without being a serious expert in that field. 

Alongside Brian Dean, and Robbie Richards Neil Patel is one of my Go To SEO experts that  I seek out for actionable advice. 

  • Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is something of Personal Branding Genius and puts a lot of focus on the aspect of building and creating a personal brand. His background is business is that of being a regular and traditional off line CEO and got tired of his business working him and was not enjoying his 14 hour days and 6 day weeks. 

Very much the "Youpreneur" and talks of something that is very real and very true - the changing face of business as we see it with gradual introduction of P2P alongside the traditional B2B and B2C. 

Chis is also a well respected international speaker, particularly in the aspect of outsourcing key tasks as well as personal branding. 

Internet Marketing Gurus Featured

Chris Ducker, Personal Branding Genius. 

  • Brain Clark

The achievements of Brian Clark are quite staggering having gone from being a "one man band" blogger doing everything himself and building a multi million USD a year business online. 

This is no mean feat, and not something that can be repeated easily but it does just go to show you what can be achieved in the world of online business. His particular strengths are being a copywriter, which is, thankfully a skill that can be learned. 

Brian is the owner of the company that quite possibly built the theme your blog is running on, Studiopress, which has since been acquired by WPEngine. 

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

Considered by many as the Number 1 Online Marketing Guru and the voice of digital entrepreneurship. Gary Vaynerchuk Identified the digital world way back in the 1990's as a source of massive opportunity firstly by fully transforming his families liquor shop to a fully fledged e-commerce site making it one of the very first electronic commerce sites for wine, growing the revenue 20x in only 5 years. 

Lately he has been talking a lot about the importance of Sonic Branding.

  • Tim Ferriss

More famed as an outsourcing expert than an internet marketing guru but lets not forget that Mr 4 hour working week is very much a well respected expert in this area also and you don't happen to acquire a net worth of $100m USD and growing without having some high level marketing know how.

His status as an online marketing guru is only solidified when you consider the businesses he is involved in, namely Lyft, DailyBurn, StumbleUpon, Trippy, Evernote, Uber, Twitter and Facebook. 

That reads almost like a who's who of the online world. 

I still wonder if he really only works a 4 hour week though!. 

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  • Brian Dean

Brian Dean, Owner of Backlinko is as I suspect no stranger to anyone who has a blog or a Vlog. He does have what appears to be a complete gift for both SEO and YouTube marketing. He is well know for making what is one of the very best and most comprehensive in depth  SEO courses anywhere online. 

SEO that works might appear to cost you an arm and a leg...or your first born but what you will learn on that course is incredible.


You will save many times that amount in what you would have spent on traffic. Currently, his SEO blog Backlinko.com generates close on 400,000 Monthly visitors from just 63 blog post!. 

Brian is famed for the skyscraper technique and the moving man method. Lately he has turned his focus to mastering YouTube and is very much a master of YouTube SEO and what works in Video marketing. 

  • Frank Kern

In the world of digital marketing not nearly enough is spoken or said about the Online Marketing Guru that is Mr Frank Kern

I mean,

He is the guy that Tony Robins and many other well knows celebrities go to for marketing and advertising help, advice and implementation. After all he is they guy that held a product launch and made something like $23.8M USD. 

Marketing legend!

Frank Kern didn't get where he is today by means of the easy route, sure he might have tried them back in the day but wholly admits that most of these short cuts and "sure fire" methods are ones that do bring in money but not in a sustainable way. 

  • Rand Fishkin

Perhaps one you have not heard of, Rand, none the less is a heavyweight in the digital marketing world. You might have even used or owned one of his products and most certainly you have heard of Moz. 

Yep, Moz, as well as Inbound are both companies founded by Rand Fishkin and his intelligent insights into what is going on in the world or search engine marketing make for great reading. His latest development Spark Toro promises to be for audience research what Moz is for SEO. 

His book, lost and founder, details his journey as a half a million bucks in debt sillicon valley entrepreneur to $47M USD net worth. 

  • Yaro Starak

A Millionaire blogger that made his millions with a very simple process of starting a blog building and growing a list and selling his own products. 

Simply, but hard work. 

Like said before all these Digital Marketing Gurus got to where there are by means of sweat equity!. His road to being a well respected blogger and marketer was quite a troublesome one but his spirit and entrepreneurial heart shone through.  

Yaro Starak runs and own Inbox Done - an email responding and answering service taken care of by human and not robots or software!. It is his blogging training products that earned him millionaire status having earned $2M USD  for teaching people how to blog. 

He is also an investor in Pinterest and a number of other well known internet businesses and a 3.6 gigawatt green energy plant in the Ukraine. 

His method to online marketing and gaining traction for his blogs involves a lot of hard work and the publishing of 10,000 words weekly. That's 1,500 words daily on average. 

  • Pat Flynn

In the make money online niche Pat Flynn is probably the most famous of them all thanks to his incredibly popular site Smart Passive Income, and his Podcast. 

Notable, in the MMO niche, Pat Flynn was one of the very first to adapt to Podcasting with his AskPat Podcast show and to publish open honest and detailed income reports - at the last check this was in excess of $200,000 USD per month. 

His knowledge and experience in marketing, despite not actually having a background in this field is such that leading companies consult with him for advice. 

  • John Chow

John Chow is somewhat of an internet celebrity in the world of blogging and in particular the make money online niche. He has been blogging for over 20 years and actually started off in the tech niche. 

What is more is he managed to hit $40,000 monthly income working only 2 hours a day on his blog and this was way back in 2007.

John Chow is the self styled "Original Dot Com Mongul"  

As a marketer, there is a lot to be learned from this guy! a LOT!

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  • Ryan Deiss

A bonafide Online Digital Marketing Guru and owner of Digital Marketer an online resource and training site for all aspects of digital marketing. In fact, by Shark Tank, he was named as one leading Online Marketing Gurus by Shark Tank. 

Digital Marketer, founded in 1999, has over 120 employees and Ryan Deiss is well on his way to Billionaire status. 

Besides being a brilliant marketer he wear more make up than a Bangkok ladyboy! (as can be seen in the video below)

  • Melyssa Griffin

One of the finest females in the male dominated marketing world, her approach, panache and style that she brings to internet marketing and blogging is like a breath of fresh air. 

Such a brilliant marketer and so subtle, before you know it you are on her site and just literally dieing to click that buy button to take part in her highly rated and well respected training programs. 

Rather surprisingly only a few years ago Melyssa was a struggling teacher failing to make ends meet in Japan and, well too building a community online that later grew into her blog and an absolutely amazing $2.5M USD/year business! 

When it comes to driving traffic from Pinterest and building an email list she is one of the very best there is. 

In fact on of her alumni is Nathan Barry, a guy that had an "ideagasm" while taking part in one of her online digital product creation courses. That product so happens to be one of the very best Autresponder services for Bloggers - Convertkit!

Internet Marketing Gurus Mellyssa Griffin
  • Perry Marshall

Perry, like Charles Ngo, and Frank Kern, will tell you the cold hard truth when it comes to digital marketing - you need to know how to harness and master paid forms of traffic. 

Running your business exclusively on free sources you are always just an algorithm update away from a disaster and losing everything overnight! This regardless of using only white hat techniques. 

....as I can personally testify after waking up on August morning to find the traffic on a 3 year old niche site had almost completely vanished!.

Perry has full on fabulous training and a very "as it is" attitude to paid traffic and a very intriguing use of the Google Display Network Adverts and Facebook ads where you can intentionally position yourself, profitably, right in front of your rivals audience. 

Internet Marketing Gurus - The Conclusion

You have seen the list of what I consider to be the very best of the best online marketing gurus it is now up to you to learn from them. To check them out, emulate and start taking your business to 6 or 7 figures by adding one more zero to your bottom line!. 

Or you can do nothing. 

Crying into your wine glass and complaining to all en-sombre and anyone who will listen about how "tough" life is and just how "unfair" things are and how "disadvantaged" you are. 

Nobody cares! And nobody is gonna do the hard work for you! 

**Massive Wake Up Call**

You have to Goya! G-O-Y-A - Get Off Your.....(know that last word....)


Take Action!

Take Action, follow the advice of the experts mentioned. Join a community of successful Webpreneurs, affiliate marketers and Bloggers that openly (yes, OPENLY) share what works and what is working for them. 

I'm a member! proudly so!. I reach out when I need help with something! 

(good gosh! I'm horrible when it comes to some geeky techie stuff). The tech support available on that community is first class, both directly form the actual tech support department and indirectly from fellow community members. 

I don't need to keep up to date with latest changes in the marketing world or SEO, or waste hours of my valuable time searching for that stuff and more trying to figure out what it all means to me.

The rather fabulous vibrant and active community  keeps me "wired up and clued in". All I have to do is log in frequently and see what is being posted in regards to the topic. 

Best of all We (yes we, did I mention I am a member too!) will help you to start your online business, or take your business to the next level if you are an existing Digipreneur. 

Just wack you email into that big red box below and I'll share you the details of "where", and the community will show you the "how". 

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I hope you have enjoyed reading about the best Online Marketing Gurus. Which is your favourite?, who do you follow?. 

Is there anyone I should include in this list? Why?

Comment below!

To Your Success And Blogging Best!.


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