What Should I Make A Website About? – 18 Kick Ass Website Ideas For You!

What Should I Make A Website About

We have all asked ourselves and pondered to the thought "What Should I Make A Website About?" particularly when we are and were newbie bloggers and scratching our heads and thinking hard and trying to come up with some Unique Website Ideas that can both excite us and can make us some of those sweet and beautiful online bucks!.

Yeah sure, I scratched that o'l bald head of mine when I was stuck thinking of a topic for my blog!

(Maybe that's where my hair went!...Maybe this why all Top Bloggers are Bald, Me, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Darren Rowse, Seth Godin..yep we are all slap heads!). 

“The more that I desire to get something done, the less that it feels like work.” Mr. Richard Bach #Quotes #Bloggingtips

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There are quite literally  a million things that you can make a website about, so coming up with something to blog about is not so difficult. When it comes to finding Personal Blog Topics we are absolutely awash with opportunity's and ideas. 

Finding your niche is not the difficult part. If you are finding this part difficult, then absolutely keep reading as this article is definitely for you as I will list out some Unique Website Ideas For you.

When it comes to building a blog, let's get this straight right now!

If you are entering the blogging world with the purpose of building an income then, you gotta switch your attitude NOW! .

You are NOT building a blog, you are slowly and steadily building a brand and a sustainable business online.

This more professional attitude and dedication and persistence to see things through and establish that sustainable business and brand is what will propel you forward to succeeding online with your blog. 

So what is the difficult part about blogging? 

Keep reading to the end and I'll reveal all!. 

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What Should I Make A Website About? Tips On What To Make A Website About

One very important factor to keep in mind when it comes to building your website and, in my opinion and experience, critical to your success and ability to see it through is your interest in the subject matter. 

Having a passion for the topic of your blog Vs a passing interest is what can and most probably will make the difference between you having a blog that makes some money and one that you earn a full time income from. 

Ask yourself a few searching questions and you might just come up with your blogging niche right there and a great Idea for what to make your website about. 

  • What Do You Love Doing? 
  • What Do You Think About/Day Dream A Lot?
  • Where And What Do You Spend Your Money On?
  • What Topics Come Up When You Talk To Your Friends?
  • What Do You Do If You Did Not Need To Work?
  • What Do Your Close Friends Say That You Are Passionate About?
  • What Is That You Are Doing When You Get Caught Up In The Moment And Lose track Of Time?
  • What Are You Interested In Learning More About?
  • What Are You Good At?

Take your time, take notes and don't rush into choosing a topic for your website until you are completely ready to do so and absolutely sure of what you want to make your website about. 

You most certainly don't want to be blogging away for 6 months and then get bored with the topic and unmotivated to keep going or to feel like what you are creating is a burden and get bored with it. 


Take your time, answer those questions and really find your passion. Patience, taking your time and truly identifying what you are passionate about is probably the best tip on what to make a website about that I or anyone else can give you.

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What To Make A Website About! - The Best Website Ideas For Beginners

If you are still thinking and pondering about What To Make A Website About, luckily, if you are a beginner and new to WordPress and blogging there are some and certain types of websites that will be much easier for you to build and establish. 

These website ideas can be married with the niches and blogging topic that I reveal later in this article. 

Make A Review Website

Review sites are very easy to make and very much the bread and butter of all bloggers. Review sites can be small or large, or absolutely wire cutter (a review site!) huge!. 

A lot of bloggers and website owner just start off with making review sites, and then develop from there. I know I did!, 

A blog or website can start off as a review site, there is absolutely no reason as why the very same site cannot develop and progress into an authority site within that very same niche. 

What Should I Make A Website About

Customer satisfaction is very important, making a targeted review site helps consumers to buy the right products that get them the results they are seeking.

Build A Niche Site

Building a niche site is a great idea for a Unique Website. Niche Sites, along side review sites are the most popular ways in which many people first get started online when it comes to earning their first dollars in the digital world. 

A niche site is a website that is particularly focused towards an exact audience and thus very targeted towards their particular sector of that market.

An example of this is a site focused on Diet for women over 50. It's a diet site for women of a certain age. This is in contrast to a general weight loss site or diet site aiming for, well everyone. 

Just like Review sites, a niche site can with time grow and expand into an authority site. 

Because You Know That Getting Your Site Started The Right Way Is VIP!. The Question Is: Do You Want To Do Things The Right Way And Save Yourself 2 Years Of Frustration Or Do You Want To Set Your Site Up The Wrong Way?!?

Start An Informative "How To" Website

The vast majority of searches performed on the internet are informational, people seeking information about something. A vast part of those searches are "How To" based. 


Key to a websites success is its ability to help people!

And How to article do just that. With "How To" content you are helping to audience to learn or do something. Further more, this type of keyword is a money based keyword, but much higher up in the sale process than Review based keywords or "best" style keywords. 

I recommend And Suggest that you bookmark this guide and article (Ctrl +D) so that you can come back to it and start reading where you left off and not miss out on any of the awesome tips and techniques 

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Make A "Best Of" Style Blog

Best of blogs and website are very much "there" when it comes to making the green stuff in the digital age!.  This very much down to the fact that people are looking for the "best of" something being the best running shoes, of the best ways to save money, or the best something else. 


A lot of these type of keywords are purchase based and unlike "how to" keywords they are very low down in the sales process with buyers very much ready to buy, ready to make that purchase decision. 

Make A "Top X" Type Of Blogs

This type of blog is certainly something that you should consider making for similar reasons to the best of style mentioned above. very much what ever you can create content around for a "best of" styled site you can do so for a "Top X" site. 

Plus people just love lists! And your whole site, or pretty much the majority of it, will be "Top 10", Top 5", "Top 20" related to the topic and subject of your niche.  

I hop you are starting to get some ideas and see some really great answers to that question of yours "What should I make a Website About?" 

Build An Authority Site

Building an authority blog takes time and effort. This type of site is ongoing, never ends and is very much authoritative and well respected in its given niche. 

As you can imagine this kind of site takes time and effort to get to the point where you can consider it to be an authority with in the give niche. Covering a topic in depth and in detail is going to take at least 200 posts as an absolute minimum, with an ideal article length of at least 2,000 - 2,500 words.

Typically, the income level and potential is unlimited. 

Worthy of noting that authority blogs tend to have at least 3 different methods of monetization, namely affiliate marketing, display advertising and their own products. 

This you can do in in stages. 


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Create A Personal Blog

Personal blogs, particularly when done in the format of lifestyle blogging, ideally selecting 2 or 3 niches and merging them to create a personal blog that can be highly and hugely profitable. 

Website Ideas For Students

Students, just like anyone else have have a huge desire earn a nice extra income to help them pay for the costs associated with studying and general living expenses, yet have limited time to work, thus these unique website ideas are ideal for both students and those with limited free time on their hands. 

Build A Frugal Living Website

Very few groups of people tend to be experts at living frugally and being rather thrifty than students. If you are are student, why not put those money saving tips and skills to good use and start a website around this topic. 

Start A Budget Meals Foodie Blog

Foodie blogs are incredibly popular, and a specialist budget meals foodie blog in very specific and targeted and has the potential to attract a lot of traffic and thus great monetization opportunities exist to generate revenue from that traffic. 

If you are struggling for inspiration in term of what to blog about check out the top 50 food blogs.

Build A Study Techniques Blog

Who studies more than your fellow students?...And lets face it there are millions and millions of students of all ages seeking study guides and to improve their retention of knowledge. 

Create A Site On The Subject Of Your Studies

What are you studying? 

I.T? wow...make a blog about that, be it computer coding or web design or database management. 


Wow Tech blogs have great potential! 

Studying To Be A Teacher? How about a site as teaching resource for fellow teachers to share classroom management techniques, lesson plans and other resources. 

Start A Budget Travel Blog

My mind always boggles as why and how so called "poor student" tend to spend their summers travelling to far flung places such as Europe, and Asia. If anyone knows or wants to know about budget travelling it is your fellow students. 

And just in case you are wondering, yes travel blogs do earn a very nifty income! 

Creative Website Ideas

Many of you have an inner artist, well do to one degree or another. The artistic amongst us, the creative individuals simply possess more of this than the rest of us. 

Create A Photography Blog

Photography, a personal love of mine, is somewhat a mix and marriage of science and art. There is the technical side and the creative side. 

Given the cost and price of D-SLR cameras there are some very nice commissions to be earned. 

Start And Arts And Crafts Website

Wowsers, there is plenty of fun to be had here teaching and selling arts and crafts goods. Plenty of parents are seeking out sites like this to keep their kids busy during holidays and weekends!. 

Make A Music Blog

We all love music, a blog teaching how to play an instrument or talking about your particular instrument and where to buy one and create own music on it. The musical instrument industry is work $50Bn world wide! 

(and that is online sales only!)

What Should I Make A Website About

Music blogs are a great way of making money online and help feed your creative juices

Create A Creative Writing Blog

There is no shortage of people interested in creative writing, so much so many evening classes for this subject are filled and in cities and towns all over!. 

Bring it to the digital age and help people to learn creative writing techniques and, if you want some great free content, offer to show case their work! 

Some Unique Website Ideas

Given the enormity of the internet, it is not exactly the easiest thing to come up with something that is truly unique. 

I mean, I very much remember a now defunct and insanely popular site called "rate my poo"...and I shall leave the subject of that site to your own imagination, (yes, it was about what you are thinking!). 

And there is this dude that not only made a website selling drawings of cats.. he ...ehh made a crazy video and got $25,000 funding from Billionaire Mark Cuban on  shark tank to do so!. 

*I'll leave the math to you 18,794 drawings were sold at $9.50 to $29.50 each...

Make A Website About...Making A Website

So, you have a knack for designing website and are skilled IT kinda guy or gal. well, get enough traffic to your site about making a website and you can indeed make more money this way than toiling away designing and building websites for others. 

Great idea for this kind of site is How To tutorials, teach how to use Website building software

Make A Blog...About Blogging

Uhh-huh..I have no idea where this idea came from!

*Eye roll*

In all seriousness, blogging tips and helping bloggers to improve their skill and experience is a very broad and competitive market and highly profitable. If you are a keen blogger, love blogging then by all means go for it. 

Broken Engagement

When Josh bough an engagement ring for $10,000, only for his bride to be to say "I don't" 3 months later he was only offered $3,500 for his "used" engagement ring.


he started a site where he matches up broken engagements with those seeking to buy engagement rings for less than the market value while offering the broken hearted a better price for their rings that a local jeweller. 


When it comes to online business and making a website, some truly insane ideas have made money, including one that sold places in heaven, yep guaranteeing passage at the gates of heaven with ID card, map (in case they got lost on the way), and very much as an insurance policy for $15 a pop. 

As crazy as some ideas might sound just think of Gary Dahl of pet rock fame, who made himself a millionaire out of selling rocks as pets!. 

What Should I Make A Website About? - The Conclusion

 Now that you have 18 distinct ideas for what you can make a website about. The million dollar question is:

What are you going to do with all the ideas buzzing around on this page and in your head right now? 

The way I see it you have two choices. Do nothing or take action. If you do nothing you have absolutely no right to complain to anyone about how bad your life is or how you are struggling to pay that bill when it comes in. 

Boo freaking ho! Life is tough!. And you chose to do nothing. And got nothing in return, that great idea for a website was exactly just that...an idea. Nothing else, nothing more. 

If you have chosen to take action, that's great. Get building that banging blog, that awesome idea for a website and turn it into a source of full time income. 


You are an action taker.

Just Bang your very best email in the big red box below, get my free guide and take part in my free 7 day blogging ecourse and get the frame work for your site up and running!. 

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Wow! You took action?!

That's great! I look forward to training you, mentoring you and getting you to earn a living doing something that you are absolutely passionate about!. 

If you have any questions regarding "What Should I Make A Website About?" Leave a comment below and I will be delighted to reply back ASAP!. 

To Your Success And Blogging Best


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