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What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership? Cost vs Value [Updated]

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Are you searching for and wondering What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

Are you curious about what you actually get for your money? Is it even worth it? 

OMG??? Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? 

I'll answer those questions for you in this article, and much more!. 

But firstly, please allow me to cordially welcome you to my site and congratulate you for being smart and doing your research.

This is how you stay safe, avoid scams and find A genuine way to make money online.

Let's crack on with article and find out exactly what Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Is!.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview 

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founder(s): Kyle & Carson

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

Price: Free To Get Started

Best For: Everyone That Is Interested In Starting Their Own Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Summary: Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is a step up from the Free Starter Membership and is well worth the investment in your future. In terms of cost Vs Value - the value delivered is incredible at such a low pricing point. 

There is a lot inside the Premium Area, so keep reading to get a good idea of what you can find on the inside. 

Rating: 98/100

Recommended: Yes!.

Because MORE MONEY IS Waiting For You. The Question Is: WILL YOU TAKE IT?!?



What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is perhaps best, or in my opinion unjustly described as an Affiliate Marketing Training Platform. 

I personally feel that a simple description of being a company that provides training for affiliate marketers does not accurately describe what Wealthy Affiliate is, sure this is one aspect of the business. 

Due to the fact that as a member you are provided with a whole series of online business tools, a highly active community ala private social network and hosting for your online business makes Wealthy Affiliate:

  • A Provider Of Affiliate Marketing Training
  • A Service Provider For Online Business Tools
  • A Hosting Company 
  • A Private Social Network For Online Business Owner (think Facebook For Online Entrepreneurs)
  • A Private Members Only Tech Support Company

My own personal description of what Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop for all your online business needs. 

 My own little nickname for Wealthy Affiliate is "Command Central!" or "Mission Control!", my brother who is also a member calls it Base Camp!.

Because everything I need to run my online business successfully is right there..at command central!.

Affiliate Marketing

Who Are The Founders Of Wealthy Affiliate? 

Wealthy Affiliate is owned by a company called Niche Marketing, Inc. This is the entity used to create a separate and legally protect the owners own private assets such as their homes. 

It is a very common practice in business to do this to protect yourself and limit your own personal liability in regards to a business.

The owner of Niche Marketing, Inc and thus Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim - or simply Kyle & Carson. 

Both of which I personally find to be very approachable, incredibly helpful and without a doubt dedicated to helping you to succeed with your online business.  

Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and his family on the left and Carson on the right. 

And it does not come with any conditions attached at all. Their personal help and mentoring does not come with "He/She better be promoting Wealthy Affiliate to get my help". 

That could n't be further from the truth!. 

As Surprising as it may sound most people, most members don't actually promote Wealthy Affiliate. I'd estimate as little as 1% or 2% do. 

Most people are focused on building niche sites in different areas - this what wealthy affiliate's main focus is in my opinion and years of experience as a member. 

For the record, I have had a Ton of help directly from the site owners years before I even got involved in helping people to find Wealthy Affiliate!

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

It is actually pretty difficult to narrow down and pigeon hole exactly who Wealthy Affiliate is for as a whole variety of people will benefit from Wealthy Affiliate Membership for a number of different reasons. 

What I will say for sure is wealthy affiliate is not for everyone. 

I'll give you a brief list and description of the kind of people that can benefit from being a premium or starter member of Wealthy Affiliate!. 

  • Students seeking help to pay their tuition fees or get extra money to support their way through college/university
  • University Dropouts that just feel modern education is not for them or feel they need a break from studying. 
  • Work At Home Mom's that don't want to go back to the office or their regular job!. It is far better to be there for your kids. Wealthy Affiliate can provide that!. 
  • Those that are sick and tired of "Gulag Capitalism" and the 9-5 slavery with little to no real freedom. 
  • Retiree's that are seeking to top up the pensions or learn a new skill..and earn at the same time.
  • Disabled People seeking to earn some extra income from home!. (note I fully understand this, I am classified as disabled after a road accident that almost cost me my life!). 
  • Those that are footloose and fancy free and wish to travel the world with and online income. 
  • Anyone that is serious about building a sustainable and profitable online business.

Although the focus of wealthy affiliate is affiliate marketing, this is not actually obliged. There are many members that use other monetisation methods for their websites such as display advertising and the creation of physical and/or digital products. 

Some actually happily freelance their skill that they learned at wealthy affiliate on platforms like iWriter, Upwork and Fiverr

The skills that you learn are fully transferable and can be applied in a number of different areas of your life. 

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Not For? 

As I have made it clear from the start - Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone. Wealthy Affiliate is not for you if: 

  • You are looking for instant internet riches! (That kind of BS NEVER happens!)
  • If you are looking to take shorts cuts on the path to success. (Sorry, but there is no elevator to success - you gotta take the stairs!).
  • If you are suffering from "shiny object syndrome" and looking for some magical software of tool to help you succeed. (dream on! the only person making money from those "magical push button" software are those selling it!. 
  • If you lack focus and concentration, fail to see things through (no prizes here for being like a bee and going from flower to flower (or method to method).
  • If You are looking for some "Done For Your" Kind of System or a "Business in a box" (These systems rarely work, besides, they don't actually teach you anything - Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the skills to build any business you wish!)

Tired Of DFY Systems And Want To Learn The Skills? 

Then Try My Top Recommended Program Here! 

Free 7-Day Trial - No Credit Card Needed!.

  • If you are looking to apply some shady "tricks" to help you succeed. (Those so called tricks often end up with your site/business banned from Search engines and social media!
  • If You are Looking for some "Secret" to online success - (there is no secret! What you are taught is simple and easy to follow and apply!).
  • If you are not willing to dedicate yourself to building an online business and applying what is taught. (You must be willing to put in an effort, your business will not build itself just like a skyscraper does not build itself. You gotta build that skyscraper of a business!.)

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

Before I detail Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership I 'll make it crystal clear that you can Get Started For Free With Wealthy Affiliate!

You can try out the Free Starter membership and find out if wealthy affiliate is for you or not, if it can help you to achieve your online goals and dream. 

Click play and watch the video and see what you get with the free starter membership at wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership includes everything at the Free Starter Membership with but with things shifting up a gear or two to another level!. 

  • You get Access To 4 More Advanced Training Modules of OEC Training - The Online Entrepreneur Certificate Training. 

The starter training it is lovely sweet appetiser for the main course. It's Michelín quality gourmet affiliate marketing training prepared by a master chef!.

And it's tasty!.

Each level or stage in the training includes 10 very actionable lessons with easy to follow techniques and strategies that are presented in an "over the shoulder" style videos and text based tutorials that will take you form being a newbie doobie to full on expert and competent affiliate marketer. 

Upon completion of this training you will have on your hands your very own niche site in any market and area that you decide. 

You will know exactly step by step what it takes and what you need to do to build a profitable and sustainable successful online business. 

What you do with this skill is entirely your choice you can chose to build just one site and absolutely dominate one niche market or build yourself a portfolio of niche sites and have diversified income. 

You can also get paid to build sites for other people. Another option, which many people in the affiliate marketing industry do is build niche sites and then sell them (flip them) for 25x to 30x the monthly income!. 

And then rise and repeat the process over and over again!. There is some really good money to be made there!.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost
  • Unlimited Website Hosting

As I so happened to mention earlier that wealthy affiliate is your "one stop shop" your command central or base camp for your Affiliate Marketing operations.

For your membership you get the ability to host your website at Wealthy Affiliate. 

No need to mess around with so many windows or tabs open when you have everything in one convenient place. 

At Wealthy Affiliate you can host:

  • A mix 10 of your own domains and site rubix sites. 

Your sites - don't worry about the technical aspects they are all powered by WordPress and can be set up in 30 seconds and with just 2 or 3 clicks!

  • Top Class Tech Support

I'll be straight with you - When it comes to tech things and tech issues I am generally speaking a complete dufus!.

I am pretty clueless - although I can figure out some basic things on my own, the great thing thing is, I really don't need to be so clued up on all the "computery" side of things. 

I can just access Wealthy Affiliate's site support who will deal with anything from the tech side of my business to having a specific issue related to marketing - although, that latter part I can shoot a question the thriving community of fellow online marketers and business owners and get a response fairly quickly. 

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Kyle & Carson are also the creators of an industry leading keyword research tool, a products and business in its own right - as I am lead to believe by Kyle that Jaaxy is a separate business and entity independent from Wealthy Affiliate but is owned by the same guys. 

Since it is literally impossible to run your business without a keyword research tool they have incorporated it into Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership at no extra cost. 

This is something they sell for US$49 per month as a stand alone tool. 

  • The Affiliate Program Finder

Struggling to find an affiliate program to monetise your niche site? No problemo!.

Make use of the pretty cool time saving tool inside of wealthy affiliate and use it to find products that you can promote on your affiliate site.

One of the the really cool features of this tool is you can select a preferred payment method as to how the vendor pays you.

If you absolutely must be paid by check - fine tick that box!. Want Paypal - cool make sure you check that box when you are searching!.

You are also taught how and where to find affiliate programs independent of the tool. 

  • Live Weekly Webinars!.

Every Friday at 5PM Pacific time Jay, the live training instructor holds a live weekly Webinar - Even if and When Christmas day is a Friday - Our Jay still cheerfully transmits live the weekly webinar!.


The webinars are around an hour long mostly a little longer to accommodate questions and answers from the audience.  

All topics related to your online business and marketing are covered. Fairly often there are specialist "deep dives" into a topic and cover the subject matter extensively as part of a 4-8 week long mini series. 

Previous topics covered include: 

  • Email Marketing: 8 part mini course
  • YouTube And Video Marketing: 8 Part Mini Course
  • Facebook Marketing: 6 Part Mini Course
  • Building Effective Funnels: 4 part mini course. 

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Includes Live Weekly Webinars! #WAwesome 

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Once per quarter you will have the option of going in the hot seat where your site gets analysed by Jay and tells you what you are doing right, what you are doing good a what you can improve on. 

All in a very chirpy positive note. 

Also once or twice per year there is a live case study. It this usually 5 or 6 weeks long Jay goes through the exact process of building a niche site right in front of your eyes live. 

I'll be straight with you - Our famed case study actually ended up being mentioned on Good Morning America!. 

How Awesome is that?. 

If you are unable to attend live for what ever reason, the webinars are recorded and you can watch in your own time.

I'm lucky, I never miss one, but my time zone I get "Breakfast with Jay" Every Saturday Morning!. 

In the live training area there are 500+ recorded webinars available. 

  • Expert Mentoring & Support

As A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member you get access to 1 on 1 personal mentoring from myself, and the owners Kyle & Carson. 

You also have access to support of the very active community of like minded online business owners and affiliate marketers.   

A word of caution - you are not getting the advice or recommendation of some goofy spotty faced 15 year old kid or some wannabe - Members of Wealthy Affiliate really are at the top of their game, some are six figure earners yearly, some hit that monthly!.  

The community is the best part of Wealthy Affiliate. For me personally, I am there for life due to the absolute value that I get - instant access to experts just a question away. 

As said before, I am not a tech genius, sure, I'm learning, but the cost of membership far outweighs the help I get from tech support alone. 

I also particularly recall earning an indeterminate amount of money after having a few problems with my conversion rate and reached out for some help.

I got it! some incredible advice and my conversion rate and sales went up on an ongoing basis. 

A Simple question and a little bit of help, applying it and my membership cost is paid for infinitely!. 

This is the quality and kind of help and support that you get with Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership - It is second to none!.

You will not find this level of help and support anywhere online, you won't find this level of help in a "Facebook Mastermind Group"

  • Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

This Training I detailed here - What Is Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.  rather than fully detail that specific training here you check it out in that article should you so wish. 

This training is dedicated to succeeding in the Make Money Online niche, and yes promoting Wealthy Affiliate As A Product is slightly encouraged but is not obliged. 

I put an emphasis on that as the techniques you can use to promote other similar affiliate marketing training products.

As I said in an earlier section - Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone, and the truth of the matter is not everyone is interested in becoming Affiliate Marketers. 

You'd be wise to recommend high quality Drop Shipping training for those that that wish to get involved in that and FBA training for that that want to run a FBA based business on Amazon. 

This, training course, Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp consists of 7 courses and 70 lessons in total. 

Like the Online Entrepreneur Certificate Training it is easy over the shoulder style with both Video and text based lessons. 

You also have practical based tasks related to your business to perform and complete. 

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

  •  Promote Wealthy Affiliate And Get 2x Commissions!

Wealthy affiliate has the training program , the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp that is focused on helping you to promote Wealthy Affiliate As A Product.

As a Premium member of wealthy affiliate you have the right to double the commissions in comparison to Free Starter Members. 

Sell just 2 premium memberships and your own Premium Membership costs are covered!. The rest is profit!. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Pays (For Premium Members): 

  • US$8 Introductory First Month Membership 
  • US$23.50 per Month for monthly Members
  • US$235 Commission For Members That Upgrade to Yearly membership.

Free Starter Members are still welcome to promote wealthy affiliate but only get 50% commissions. Completed profile set up earn all members US$1. 

So, US$23.50 + US$1.00 x 2 = US$49 = Your Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Paid For With Just 2 Sales!.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Training Program

I think it pretty clear to see that there is a lot of value given when it comes to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership. 

Don't forget you can join for free and get started with a free account - probably the best way, in a try before you buy kind of fashion. 

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Grid

Is Wealthy Affiliate Accredited By The BBB?

Wealthy Affiliate is Owned by the Entity Niche Marketing Inc, as mentioned the owners of Niche Marketing Inc are Kyle & Carson. 

Niche Marketing And Wealthy Affiliate Are Not Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, however I can report in their favour that they hold a perfect A+ Rating. 

Wealthy Affiliate BBB Rating

Is Wealthy Affiliate University Legit?


I have been a member for a number of years, since 2015.

I can personally testify that I make money, earn a living thanks in kind to both of their training programs having started off with niche sites before making the decision to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a product. 

Wealthy affiliate is highly regarded in the industry of Affiliate marketing in general and not only as a community and quality training platform. 

Couple this with their perfect A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and you have a company and business that can be completely trusted and is fully legitimate. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

There are various pricing points for Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership. One thing that there is not is upsells or downsells or cross sells - or anything of that nature at all!. 

Firstly, you can get started for free with a free starter account!

There are varying pricing options that can help you to save on the US$49 per month fee. 

  • 1. Get 60% Off Your First Month Premium Membership At WA!

Signup and Create a Free Starter Membership At Wealthy Affiliate Today, have good look around, complete your profile set up, ask some questions if you need to. 

Enjoy the training, live chat and many other features available, get started with building a solid foundation for your online business, taking a huge leap forward to achieving your goals. 

If you see that what Wealthy Affiliate has on offer can help you to achieve your financial goals and ambitions for building a successful affiliate marketing business you can then upgrade to Premium Membership in your first 7 days and enjoy a 60% discount on your first months membership and get it for a discounted US$19. 

  • 2. Enjoy A US$93 Discount By Going Yearly

This is a great option when your new business is thriving. I actually started out as a yearly member, I knew that paying for yearly membership would give me a whole year to build an online business, try and apply the training and really work at it to earn back that fee as quickly as I could!. 

Thankfully I did! It ended up as a no brainer for me!. 

The yearly price brings the monthly fee to just less US41.25/month. 

  • 3. Black Friday Deal - Available Pro Rata!. 

Regardless of what time of year it is, this deal is worth mentioning as it is available on a pro rata basis. 

This is a discount on the Yearly deal mentioned above and the cheapest pricing option and gets you yearly membership for less than the cost of yearly membership!. 

And you can get locked in at this price!. No price increase ever!. 

If you have a few months left of your yearly deal or the 6 month deal, or just went monthly then what you paid will be refunded in the form of a discount on the Black Friday Deal and you will end up getting your Black Friday for less than the quoted price. 

The Black Friday Deal At Wealthy Affiliate Brings Premium Membership Down to less than US$25 per month. 

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Does Wealthy Affiliate Make You Money?


I joined a number of years ago and have not looked back since!. I am in for life! I'm not leaving the place at all!. 

Myself and countless other members have built successful businesses and website thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. 

Some decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate straight away and only do that, most make the wise decision to learn how to build niche sites first allowing them a greater flexibility and skills to be able to build a business in any niche. 

That is what I advise you to do, then later if you wish you can enter the MMO niche with a stronger more solid skill set. 

The image below is a collage of varying successes by various members using what is taught in the training. 

I hope to be adding your story to that collage some day!.

Proof WA Photo 1

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Multilevel Marketing Business Opportunity?


Wealthy Affiliate is not a multilevel marketing business opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate is a affiliate marketing training platform and portal that comes with all the business tools that you need to succeed with your online business. 

They have the opportunity for you to earn money by promoting their platform. This opportunity is by means of affiliate marketing and direct and recurring commissions only. 


Affiliate Marketing

Is Wealthy Afiliate A Pyramid Scheme

No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a Pyramid Scheme or A Ponzi Scheme

Actually inside wealthy affiliate the members actively warn the general public of Pyramid Schemes, MLM's and questionable business opportunities. 

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership - Final Conclusion

You have seen in this article is absolutely details what exactly wealthy affiliate is, who it is for, who it not for, who the owners are, the A+ BBB rating and What exactly you get for Premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate. 

There is only one thing left for you to do, that is to Join and sign up with Wealthy Affiliate Today!.

I'll see you on the inside and happily get you on your way to achieving the life of your dreams and the life that both you and your family deserve!. 

Just Click That Red Button and let's get you started!.

Because MORE MONEY IS Waiting For You. The Question Is: WILL YOU TAKE IT?!?


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Derek Marshall

Hi folks, I'm Derek and like yourself, I was struggling along in the digital world, and yes I got scammed once or twice..but not thrice!. I noticed most of these low quality programs and methods like surveys and yes...most MLM don't teach you the process nor the skills of earning money online. If you are willing to put in the effort and take the time to learn the process and the skills then do Try My #1 Recommended Program FREE For 7 Days and get personal mentoring from me as part of your bonus!.

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