What Are Freedom Checks – Is Matt Badiali Full Of BS?

What Are Freedom Checks

You have heard about Freedom Check's But What Are Freedom Checks?  And Is Matt Badiali full of bullshit?


as he would have you believe just for $10 you can start cashing in on this one!.  

That is the trouble with the internet - you really do need to wade through a field of manure to get to the roses!.

In this fully independent review I will reveal whether Freedom Check Payout are real or if these Freedom Checks are a Scam!

Before I get started I congratulate you and digitally high five you for seeking out independent reviews.

This is how you find the real truth behind a product like this, avoid getting scammed and find a genuine way to make money online.

Throughout the remainder of this article I will talk about:

  • What Are Freedom Checks?
  • Who Is Matt Badiali?
  • How Freedom Checks Work?
  • Is Freedom Checks A Scam?
  • My Freedom Checks Review - The Conclusion
  • My Personal Challenge To You!

Freedom Checks Review 

Product Name: Freedom Checks

Founder: Matt Badiali and Banyan Hill

Product Type: MLP Investment

Price: $47/year, really a subscription to Real Wealth Strategist, +few million to invest to obtain the Dividend payments mentioned. 

Best For: Those that are already wealthy and seeking a good investment vehicle. 

What Are Freedom Checks

Summary: The whole Freedom checks thing is about gaining subscriptions for a finance newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist. 

Rating: 70/100

Recommended: No. Due to the unethical marketing and being misleading I wouldn't even recommend you subscribe to the newsletter. If you are interested in finance newsletter there are ones that are more honest. 

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What Are Freedom Checks

Taxpayers in the United States are sharing billions of US$ worth, some $34.6 Bn worth to be precise of Freedom Checks. 

And all that is required for you to do is part with $10 and sign up and you too can cash in and get your share of it!.  

If only it were that simple!. 

In the presentation video of Freedom Checks  Matt Badiali presents what is a regular check and gives it his own nickname of "Freedom Check" for it without properly explaining that what he is holding is a regular check and that the term is only his own nickname for it. 

#Freedom Checks? is Matt Badiali full of BS?

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These are actually dividend payments from investments made. Investments of far greater than $10!.  

Although it is true that 568 companies will payout $34.6 Billion USD, it is in the form of dividend payments not "US Freedom Checks". 

Very early on in the video it is claimed that checks ranging from $24,000 to $160,000 Paid out 4 times a year. While it may be true, it is not just paid out by the government for no reason at all nor for a measly 10 dollar investment!. 

Affiliate Marketing

I actually decided to make a screenshot of the video and perform a reverse image search, and guess what??

The photos used are stock images bought from photography agency. Which of course makes the whole testimonials and income claims very questionable. 

If they were real there is surely no reason to fake them. I'd imagine people would proud as punch to share a testimonial if it were true!

There is also no correlation between those income claims and testimonials as been having obtained directly due to the financial advice given by BanyanHills or Matt Badiali.

What Are Freedom Checks

​Income claims of US Freedom Checks

And the evidence of stock images being used. 

US Freedom Checks

Proof of stock image used

US Freedom Checks

Stock photo

To gain those kinds of figures from dividend payments you are talking about millions and millions being invested.

Taking a pretty good ROI of 5% as around figure, the numbers thrown around you would have have to multiply by 20 and get a rough figure of the amount invested. 

Explaining US Freedom Checks

The term Freedom Checks, is something that Matt Badialia pulled out of his backside!. 

Freedom checks are dividend checks that are paid out by Master Limited Partnership companies, or MLP for short. These companies enjoy certain tax breaks due to the way they are structured and industry they operate in. 

MLP is absolutely a bonafide and legitimate investment. I very much suspect that Mr Badialia was being misleading intentionally to stir up attention and interest as well as sales for his newsletter. 

WA Success CTA

The whole video, the fuss around Freedom Checks, US Freedom Checks and freedom checks for seniors is just a very powerful marketing ploy to get you to subscribe to the Real Wealth Strategist where he will reveal the real details on which MLP's to invest in and how. 

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An old fashioned direct marketing tactic. The the "what" and sell the "how".

Here is Matt confirming that Freedom checks are MLP's

Update: Matt Badiali has since removed the video from YouTube. 

Evidently this is not going to be a solid and reliable way of making money on a sustainable basis.

With Investment comes risk!. 

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Who Is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali is a financial analyst and geologist and is the editor of the Real Wealth Newsletter. He has worked in a number of countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey and Haiti. 

Matt has appeared on Investopedia, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, MarketWatch and The Wall Street Journal. Matt Badiali is considered to and expert in world of finance. 

Is Freedom Checks a Scam?

The way in which the whole Freedom checks thing is presented and marketed is very misleading and scammy in my opinion.

There is a lot of not telling of the whole truth and really not properly explaining what "US Freedom checks are". 

The fake testimonials, and fully disclosing that the return on investment would require a couple of million bucks.

While the actual investment vehicle of MLPs is genuine and I have no doubt as to the sound and quality of information as to the real reason behind the marketing ploy - to get you to sign up for the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. 

Which I would still avoid due to the fact that Matt Badiali has already been misleading and used fake testimonials on his video. Surely there is a financial newsletter out there that is not so misleading, like sure dividend for example  

Is Freedom Checks Legit?

Yes, the investment behind Freedom checks is absolutely legit. But the concept of just getting massive freedom checks for just a $10 investment is not legit. 

The whole video and website is just about getting your to subscribe to a newsletter. 

Affiliate Marketing

My Freedom Checks Review The Final Conclusion

If you have a couple of million bucks to invest and you follow the investment advice of Matt Badiali you will probably end up quids in! I genuinely like things that "are as they are" deception and misleading is really no way to conduct an honest business. 

And all for more subscribers to a newsletter. Which should be done in a more legit way!. Being misleading like that just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. 

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