Top 50 Food Blogs To Inspire You To Blogging Brilliance!

Top 50 Food Blogs

Live to eat or eat to live! Perhaps the motto of the Top 50 Food Bloggers

It has been an interesting debate over the years between food lovers and health freaks.But if the food is healthy, does the debate exists? Probably not at all! 

Eat to eat is often the case with me as I travel, experience and explore different cultures. 

People provide different opinions & few of them are puzzled actually what to answer? 

Foods conspicuously makes a difference between habit and the action of people all over the world.

“You cannot think well, sleep well or love well, if you has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf #Foodie #FoodBlogger #Quotes

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You cannot find similarity between African cuisines and an Asian one’s, or European and Asian for that matter. That very difference shows temper in the attitude of the people from these two geographical regions.

Basically, food items are those things we consume to aliment our lives.Surprisingly food items for both humans and animals are different from what they live with. It’s a circle among them that provide energy and nutrition.

Food choice varies from man to man in our everyday lives.

Here is a list of the top 50 food blogs that will help you to plan your meal and go for a mouthwatering experience that spells a magic around you. 

And if you are a keen blogger and edging to get in on the food blogging act the blogs in this list will inspire your to foodie blogging success! 

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The Top 50 Food Blogs

  • The Kitchn

The Kitchn is a daily web magazine on food that deals with cooking and kitchen hacks of daily life. It eases the way of life surrounding the kitchen and helps people to learn how to ensure a happier healthier daily life.  

Originally The Kitchn was a sister concern of Apartment Therapy family lead by Maxwell Ryan and Sara Kate Gillingham.

The amazing thing is they publish articles almost every day that contains kitchen related issues like recipes, reviews, and beautification guide of the kitchen and so on.

Besides 17 million monthly readers they also attract 1 million more through their social channels.

This blog also cares about food quality, its effect on your health and well being and that of the planet simultaneously. They emphasise on food design and kitchen beautification.

The Kitchn allows freelance co-operation but the platform is not open without modification and monitoring. It aims a calm, healthy, beautiful home for core ingredients of happiness and success.

What I Like About The Kitchn:

  • Addiction, Dedication & Affection About the Food & Kitchen
  • Very Much Focused on Food Quality & Health Value
  • Helping People Learn How to Manage Their Kitchen?
  • Featuring Cooking & Kitchen Hacks Regularly
  • Crafted with Local Foods & Different Cultural Foods
  • Anyone Can Join the Team

The Kitchn is an outstanding example of can be achieved with a food blog, and with the right training and attitude there is no reason as why you cannot achieve similar success. 

Top 50 Food Blogs
  • Cooktoria

If you are in the dilemma of making quick & healthy foods for your family, Cooktoria welcomes you to get relief from the nuisance. Cooktoria is very much focused on daily life recipes & health-value of the food as well.

Chef Tania started this excellent food blog to guide people on how to cook quick and healthy foods with a Mediterranean twist.

The pleasing issue, I find about Cooktoria is they care about the taste of food but don’t skip the food value.

You will find a lot of delicious recipe here and some bonus tips and inspiration at the same time. Not only getting a recipe from here but also instigating to getting it made is another speciality of it.

Tania herself tries to make sure a quick outcome of cooking and definitely maintaining a high hygiene standard and taste grading on top. 

Cooktoria defines the category of the people on the basis of their eating habit, to be specific on the food item they prefer to.

What I Like About Cooktoria

  • Step-by-Step Guides Including Photo & Video Resources
  • Crafted the Blog with Fruits & Vegetable Recipes Mostly
  • Occasionally Shares Sea-Food Recipes
  • Not Only Confided to Main Courses
  • Shares Starter, Desert & Taster Recipes as Well
  • Twist of Taste Both from Homeland and Migratory One
  • Green Vegetables Get Priority

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  • Serious Eats

Serious Eats is a junction for food lovers founded in 2006. It turned into an award-winning food blog through the support of millions of readers who, like you, are passionate, curious and addicted to good food.

They are not only limited to cooking techniques & recipes but also feature cooking ingredients, measurement, accessories & equipment to provide a detailed guide to cook different dishes effortlessly.

Serious Eats earned James Beard Foundation Awards for Best Food Blog; Best Food Video Webcast Award, and received IACP Award 2018 for Best Culinary Website.

Taking inspiration from these achievements, they are moving forward to create more helpful resources for food hunters and food lovers!

ED LEVINE running this excellent food blog since 2016 and now they have 8 member strong editorial team to prepare, taste & share new recipes with his audiences; Sometimes trusted freelancers contribute to doing that.

A regulatory committee approves every recipe before they publish it on their website.

ED LEVINE himself is an expert chef & works as a food podcast artist on many different sites that make him truly experienced and he knows how to control the food quality of new recipes.

What I Like About Serious Eats:

  • Huge Knowledge & Dedication to Maintain Food Quality
  • The tendency to Cope with All Kinds of Cooking Techniques
  • Removing Complexity to Make the Recipes Easy & Understandable
  • Reviews Food Products & Kitchen Equipment
Serious Eats One of The Top 50 Food Blogs
  • Minimalist Baker

Dana is a food-obsessed photojournalist & recipe developer who established Minimalist Baker to help people to make quick dishes in 30 minutes or less.

She crafted her blog with all vegetable recipes like salad & desserts that you need from breakfast to dinner.

Besides running this excellent food blog, she works as a content creator & founded Food Video School & Food Photography School as co-creator.

With her excellent photography & videography skills, she uplifts the appearance and makes it more appealing to foodies.

Dana is addicted to green smoothies & calls herself as a proud plant mom. So, most of her recipes are related to green vegetables, but not confined to it.

Minimalist Baker shares cooking resources, different vegan recipes, blogging resources & offer extensive courses related to food & food blogging.

They also run an online shop to sell different cooking equipment & online courses.

You can easily enrol into the online courses or purchase different cooking accessories using the shop option.

What I Liked About Minimalist Baker:

  • Simple, Minimalist & Elegant Blog Design
  • Featuring Plant-based Recipes; Easy to Prepare
  • Expertise in Food Photography & Videography
  • Blogging Resources Including Video & eBook Content
  • Online Courses Related to Cooking & Food Blogging
  • Runs Shop to Support Her Readers Finding Cooking Equipment’s Easily

The minimalist baker is also a fine example of how to zero in on a niche and find your food blogging niche from which you can carve out and earn your own living from and free yourself from that 9-5 grind.

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  • Budget Bytes

Once a Microbiologist, Beth started Budget Bytes to help people learning how to cook budget-friendly recipes & healthy foods for their daily life.

She spent a tough time in her college days of having Ramen noodles every day & involved herself in the food blogging industry.

She was highly frustrated & unwilling to have the same meal every day but wanted to save some money as well.

So, she started to track all the expenditure involved in food and learned how to cut small corners from the actual food cost.

This expertise helped her started Budget Bytes to guide people on how to cook budget-friendly delicious recipes & save money at the same time. You will get a detailed guide on pantry staples, kitchen basics and ingredient measurement.

Following this blog, you can easily enhance your knowledge of food elements that will help you preparing your meal at affordable budget & of course using less equipment.

What I Like About Budget Bytes:

  • Budget-Friendly Recipes & Finance Guide on Cooking
  • Professional Chef Likes Food Moderation & Make It Simple
  • Very Much Focused on Food Quality & Health-issue
  • Publish Cookbook & Mobile Apps to Help Learners
  • Helpful Product Recommendation Using Online Store
  • Regular Blog Updates; Recipes & How to Posts
  • Strongly Active on Social Media
Budget bytes - Top 50 Food Blogs
  • Cookie And Kate

Kate is a self-taught photographer & professional cook started this excellent blog Cookie and Kate in 2010 and featuring various types of vegan food for pure vegetarians.

She was addicted to photography from the early age that turned her into a professional food photographer & blogger. Also, she writes content, eBooks & cookbooks for her readers including high-resolution images.

According to Kate, it was her daydream and now a full time job that she really enjoys and desires to carry on.  

The only thing she concerned with is about food quality and nutrition that she wants to ensure beside sharing the delicious and healthy meal recipe’s.

Green vegetables nourish your body, but eating them regularly is quite challenging for most non-vegetarians. Considering this, Kate decorated her blog with tasty & delicious vegan food recipes that everyone will like.

If you are a pure vegetarian, Cookie and Kate can be a perfect blog for you, because she shares all vegan food recipes that delight the senses with its sustainable food quality.

What I Like About Cookie and Kate:

  • Makes The Cooking Fun & Profession
  • Believe in Eating Whole Foods
  • Mostly Uses Green Vegetables
  • Different Menus for Soup, Salad, Desert & More
  • Online Apps & Shop Available
  • High-Resolution Photo & Video Posting
  • Cooking Equipment & Ingredients Recommendation

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  • The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Women, is a professional cook and food blogger shares her customized cooking recipes & ideas for both families & big crowds to deep down their appetite.

I liked this blog for its elegant design, easy navigation, appealing food recipes and resources related to food & cooking. She believes in fun learning and applies the technique on all the articles she posted on Pioneer Woman.

When I started reading this blog, I was simply blown away by her excellent writing skills.

The way she describes food is simple but mesmerizing. Following the Pioneer Women, you will both enjoy your time & learn cooking delicious recipes effortlessly.

Undoubtedly, she is an expert woman sharing tasty dishes, writing food blogs, doing photography & living her dream. Beside doing cooking activities, she loves her family & is fond of wildlife photography.

If you have no idea what ingredients & equipment you should use on your everyday cooking, you should check the online store run by Pioneer Women.

They list all necessary kitchen equipment and home improvement equipment’s that you need to decorate your kitchen.

What I Like About Pioneer Women:

  • Fun & Learning Together for Food Lovers
  • Excellent Blog Writing Skills
  • Resources She Share on the Blog
  • Conscious About Food Quality & Taste
  • Strong Social Media Presence
  • Covers All Type of Food Recipes
  • Different Menu’s for Dessert, Breakfast & Main Courses
Top 50 food Blogs
  • Gimme Some Oven

Once a full-time musician Ali never have had any plan to become a full-time cook or start any cooking blog.


she had a passion for cooking from an early age that converted her into a full-time cook.

Though it was not an accident, but she wanted to become a full-time professional musician.

Now she is working as a full-time food blogger, sharing kitchen tips & recipes and occasionally publishing excellent food photography on her blog.

She is a native Kansas city girl featuring delicious food recipes of different territories as she likes to travel and taste new local foods.

Also, she shares high-quality photos and videos; because she believes these are the richest media that is more effective for learners.

With her true social media skill, she built a huge social media audience that made her popular among different groups of people. You can follow her social media accounts to get the regular update and learn new recipes.

What I Like About Gimme Some Oven:

  • Dedication to Food and Cooking
  • Kitchen Guide & Local Food Recipe
  • Solo Women Working As A Full-time Bloggers
  • Travel Tips & Destination Guide
  • Everyday Married & Single Lifestyle Guide
  • Strongly Active on Social Media Accounts
  • She Is Living The Dream And Making Money Off It!

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  • Oh My Veggies 

If you are a complete vegetarian and searching a blog that only shares vegan recipes, Oh My Veggies can be a perfect website for you that is totally focused on vegan foods and recipes.

It's an asset of VegKitchen.com that they started to focus on seasonal recipes but not limited to seasonal dishes only.

On the Oh My Veggies, you will find breakfast, dessert, snacks, drinks, vegan recipes & complete guide what you should make in the holidays.

They also share regular cookbook, vegetarian recipes & helpful resources to help you learn vegan recipes effortlessly.

Oh My Veggies has customized marketplace where they sell premade food, cooking ingredients & equipment. If you are following this excellent vegan blog, you must check the marketplace section and collect necessary cooking tools to make your cooking better & worthy.  

As per my observation, I noticed most of their recipes are designed for health-conscious people who want to maintain healthy body weight or lose some weight.

What I Like About Oh My Veggies:

  • Featuring Vegan Food Recipes
  • Seasonal Fruit & Vegetable Recipes
  • Diet Guide to Lose Weight or Gain Weight
  • Shares Helpful Resources Including Cookbooks
  • Customized Marketplace to Help Their Readers
  • Easy Navigation & Compact Website Design
  • Shares Engaging Content on Their Blog

Oh my Veggies, is another excellent example of niche site marketing and niching down within a market and finding a targeted audience. It is finding that exact sub sector or segment in a given niche that can and will help you to Make Money As A Food Blogger.

Oh My Veggies
  • 101 Cookbooks

Heidi is an expert food blogger behind 101 Cookbooks; a popular food blog featuring different food recipes to encourages her readers to enrich their food menu.

Most of the people have repulsion about cooking but Heidi aspires to help people regarding the cooking issues.

With her excellent writing skills, she shares simple recipes for everyday cooking. You will get a detailed guide to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner and maintain the food value at the same time. Resources like cookbook help people to learn step by step guide and learn cooking effortlessly.

Heidi is a California native food blogger and an expert on many local foods.

She loves to adopt new recipes and shares on her blog 101 Cookbooks. Following her blog, you can easily learn Vegan recipes, Instant pot recipes & natural food recipes effectively.

Like other food bloggers, she is highly active on social media's including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube. She regularly updates her YT channel and uploads delicious food recipes and cooking tricks.

What I Like About 101 Cookbooks:

  • Conscious About Food Quality & Healthy Ingredients
  • Helpful Resources Sharing & Video Guide
  • Cooking Guide for Travelers
  • Cooking Ingredients & Equipment’s Backpacking Guide
  • Award-Winning Food Blogger Sharing Cooking Tips
  • Putting Natural Foods into Modern & Global Cuisine
  • Inspire People in Natural Cooking


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  • Green Kitchen Stories:

Green Kitchen Stories is a popular award-winning food blog by David and Luise, who love to eat & travel. From the name, we get a clear concept that they love green vegetables & natural ingredients and guide people using how to eat whole grains, fresh vegetables & good fats.

Besides cooking, they love to travel and adopt new recipes from different local people. To make those recipes more delicious and healthier they moderate and shares healthy vegan recipes on their blog. The interesting thing is they integrate diet guide on their post that most of the readers appreciate.

They won The Saveur 4th Annual Best Food Blog Award 2013 that inspired them to continue and posting regular green vegetable recipes regularly.

The cookbook "The Green Kitchen" got an overwhelming response from their readers that inspired them to bring 2nd edition "Vegetarian Everyday".

If you are fond of reading, you can collect the cookbook or follow their video guide related to healthy cooking.

What I Like About Green Kitchen Stories:

  • Love Green Vegetables & Natural Ingredients
  • Uses Fresh Vegetables & Good Fats
  • Simplicity on Recipe Guides
  • Diet Guide Included Modifying Country Recipes
  • An Award-Winning Food Blog
  • Couple Doing Full-time Food Blogging
  • Making Money from Food Blogging
Green Kitchen Stories - Top 50 Food Blogs
  • My Baking Addiction

Jamie is an independent food blogger started My Baking Addiction to inspire her readers living the dream and eating healthy foods.

Besides working as a middle school teacher, she also writes food recipes, baking tips, lifestyle guide & travel tips on her blog.

Jamie loves to travel and enjoy different local lifestyles. Whenever she finds new delicious recipes, she adopts it and shares with her audience.

She is strongly active on her YouTube, Instagram & Pinterest accounts that made her popular among food lovers.

Using her excellent food makeup skill, she decorates food items using sprinkles, buttercream, food colors, and other baking ingredients.

Most of the baking recipes she shares are sweet. Because she loves eating much sugar and this habit reflects on her every recipe.

Jamie is happily married, enjoying her full-time MBA job and doing cooking activities to live her dream.

If you are addicted to baked foods, you must subscribe to her newsletter to get regular updates and new baking recipes.

What I Like About My Baking Addiction:

  • High-Quality Food Photography
  • Hobby Blogger Sharing Regular Food Recipes
  • Focused on the Goal; Sharing Baking Recipes
  • Loves to Travel & Learn New Recipes
  • Excellent Story Telling Skill
  • Posts Regular Video Tutorial
  • Addicted to Baked Foods, Sweet and Savory Recipes

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  • A Couple Cooks

Sonja and Alex are expert writers & photographers started this excellent food blog and the author of the cookbook "Pretty Simple Cooking". They believe in the simplicity of cooking and gained huge popularity for simple food recipes and high-end food photography on their site A couple Cooks.

This couple are working as a food recipe developers, vegetarian food influencers and established their brand using digital publications.

They were featured on multiple national dailies including Huffington Post, Bon Appetit, Today Show, The Kitchn, and BuzzFeed.

If you read this amazing food blogs, you will love it for its high-quality content, compact design & dedication to food recipes.

They are highly active on their social media networks and posts regular updates about their blog.

Beside publishing regular well written content and video tutorials, they regularly share podcast, and cookbook that will help you to learn cooking more effectively.

You absolutely must check these resources if you are willing to learn cooking.

Alex is an expert in food photography that is helping them in next level of food blogging. They crafted the website using high-quality food photos and creative blog posts in the storytelling style.

What I Like About A Couple Cooks:

  • Couple Running an Award-Winning Food Blog
  • Different Categories for Different Types of Food Recipes
  • Customized Recipes for Home Kitchen
  • Beside Running Food Blog They Travel the World
  • Cookbook, Video & Other Helpful Resources
  • Works as Professional Cook & Influencers
  • Sharing Real Life Cooking Tips & Tricks

This site is actually and excellent and outstanding example of how a couple can fully involve themselves in their passion for cooking and blogging and make a business out of it. I have absolutely no doubt that this helps to strengthen their relationship. 

A couple Cooks Top 50 Food Blogs
  • Joy The Baker

When it comes to healthy food recipes, I find very few people are talking intelligently and dilligently

Joy Wilson is a solo female food blogger who cares about food value and taste of the food as well.

Joy Wilson is a self-taught baker and food photographer who established this excellent blog Joy The Baker. As she grew up in between the kitchen & her family, she gained excellent cooking talents and excellent baking ability unknowingly.

Using her true writing skill, she is featuring regular food recipes and published three more cookbooks on her website.

Like other food bloggers, she is highly active on her social media accounts and shares regular updates about her activities.

Joy crafted her website with bread, buttermilk, cookies, chocolate, cupcakes, and some other similar recipes.

Occasionally, she shares fruit juice, fruit salad and vegetable salad recipes considering the holidays and regular meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What I Like About Joy The Baker:

  • Self-taught Baker & Food Photographer
  • Share Regular Food Recipes & Ideas
  • Include High-quality Food Photos on Blog Posts
  • Vast Knowledge on Diet Guide
  • Ingredients & Cooking Equipment Guide
  • Shares Helpful Resources on Her Blog
  • Try to Ensure Food Quality and Taste

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  • David Lebovitz

Professional cook & author David Lebovitz started this blog in 1999 & featuring different French dishes.

As being a Paris native, he has good knowledge of French foods and delicious dishes. This skill helped him to establish this excellent food blog with some ease.

Because French dishes have huge acceptance around the world and they want to learn to make French dishes. David had the intention to introduce local dishes internationally and he is doing this perfectly.

He writes multiple cookbooks including The Great Book of Chocolate, The Perfect Scoop & The Sweet Life in Paris. All of them get an overwhelming response from their readers and inspired him to move forward.

David Lebovitz was featured on Saveur, Bon Appetit, Apartment Therapy, The New York Times, The Daily Beast and Discover Channel that bring more recognition and make him popular quickly.

Like all other food networks, he is active on all popular social media.

What I Like About David Lebovitz:

  • Featuring Delicious French Dishes
  • Left the Restaurant Business to Start This Blog
  • Helpful Resources Like Cookbooks
  • Active on Popular Social Media Network
  • Excellent Food Blog Writing Skill
  • Use Everyday Ingredients in His Recipes
  • Believes in Adventure Tour & Discovering New Foods
David Lebovitz A couple Cooks Top 50 Food Blogs
  • Brown Eyed Baker

Michelle is a self-taught kitchen expert and food blogger who learned cooking through magazines, cookbooks, and different TV cooking shows.

Most of the recipes she collects from the internet and tries to bring some healthy variation on it.

Brown Eyed Baker focuses on desserts and crafted the website with delicious dessert recipes.

In her happy family, she lives with her husband, adorable daughter and two sons. Her family was always supportive of the cooking activities that helped her turn herself a full-time food blogger.

Growing up in an Italian family helped her knowing the root of Italian foods.

Also, she is highly active on different food blog network, social media and food groups from where she learns different delicious food recipes and cuisines.

They run an online shop to suggest the best cooking equipment, tools and accessories.

You absolutely must check her video guides and baking tips she shares on her social media accounts.

What I Like About Brown Eyed Baker:

  • Compact & Simple Website Design
  • Decorated the Website Using Savory & Dessert Tips
  • Focused on Baked & Sweet Recipes
  • Independent Women Running A Food Blog
  • Helping People Learning New Dishes
  • Online Shop to Help People Finding Best Products


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  • Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is a vegan food blog established by Angela who loves making plant-based dishes. She avoids meat and dairy as cooking ingredients on her recipes, so all her dishes are gluten-free.

This speciality helped her get a unique identity and make people obliged to her recipes.

She built an enormous audience on her social media account using her true talent. By today’s date, more than 1 million people follow her on social networks.

Angela got multiple awards for her dedication, hard work, and excellent resources. She already posted more than 500+ articles & food recipes on her blog over the last 6 years. She loves to travel, collect new recipes and share them with her audience.

All the recipes you can check using weekly, monthly or yearly archives. Also, there are different menu sections that will help you get perfect recipes you are searching for.

To make things more convenient, she developed Oh She Glows App that you can use to find anything you are looking for on her website. Don’t forget to follow her on social networks as well.

What I Like About Oh She Glows:

  • Award-Winning Food Blog
  • Featuring Vegan Food Recipes
  • Traveling to Collect New Food Recipes
  • Regularly Updated the Website
  • Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Blog Archive
  • Easy Navigation, Compact Design & Simple Look
  • Strong Social Media Presence

I love the dedication that is and has been put into this site, blogging if and when you are doing it as a profession and to earn money from blogging is not a "sometimes" hobby! - you don't just turn up sometimes for your job and hope to make a career out of it. 

Do it well, work hard and you site could be every bit as good as oh she glows. Kudos on teh hard work, Angela

Oh She Glows Top 50 Food Blogs
  • Love And Lemons

Jeanine & Jack are a happy couple that loves to travel, cook and taste different local foods and dishes.

They started Love and Lemons in 2011 and feature different vegetarian plant-based recipes.

In the beginning, they started their journey as a hobby food bloggers, but they are now working as full-time professional bloggers and updating their website regularly.

Jeanine likes to experiment with new recipes & Jack is the first taster whatever she cooks. Together they perform food photography and upload on their website.

Both of them are vegetarian and this habit reflects on most of the recipes they prepare. They won Saveur Editor's Choice Award in 2016 that boosted their energy to move forward. They were featured in The New York Times, Bon Appetit and few other popular websites.

They write multiple cookbooks and run a shop to help their audiences. You should collect the cookbook and check the shop to learn healthy vegetarian cooking.

What I Like About Love and Lemons:

  • All the Vegetarian Recipes
  • Couple Doing Full-time Blogging
  • Award-winning Food Blog
  • Breakfast, Main Dish, Dessert and Vegan Recipes
  • Update the Website Regularly
  • Husband Inspiring His Wife
  • Featured on The New York Times, Bon Appetit

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  • How Sweet Eats

How Sweet Eats is a food journal or food magazine focusing not only the food taste but also the food value.

If you are searching for healthy vegan food recipes, you must follow this excellent plant-based food blog for its delicious recipes and diet guides.

Also, they are featuring sweet & savoury recipes besides sharing vegan recipes. If you like sweet items and desserts, you must check the section to learn some unique dessert recipes. I found few of their seasonal dessert recipes are completely unique and different from others.

Everyone wants a clean kitchen but they feel repelled by cleaning the kitchen. Following the kitchen guides of How Sweet Eats, you can clean your kitchen effortlessly.

They regularly update the kitchen interior guide that will help you get a smart and beautiful kitchen without any hard work.

You can subscribe their newsletter to get regular or weekly update that will help you get quick notifications about recent blog updates, cookbook release alert or kitchen guide as well.

What I Like About How Sweet Eats:

  • Featuring Healthy, Delicious & Tasty Recipes
  • Kitchen Cleaning Guide & Tips Sharing
  • Effortless Cooking Strategies Share
  • Focuses on Sweet & Vegan Foods
  • Money Saving Tips on Recipe Making
  • Unique Cooking Strategies
  • Active on All Major Social Media’s
How Sweet Eats Top 50 Food Blogs 9
  • Alton Brown

Alton Brown is a kitchen expert sharing effective ideas, delicious food recipes and kitchen guide for moms & grandmothers.

He works as a TV host, professional cook and cookbook author who won multiple national awards for his hard work and dedication to cooking.

You will get a detailed guide on how to cook a healthy meal for your family? And diet guide as well. As he hosts multiple TV shows including Good Eats, Feasting on Waves, Iron Chef America, Food Network Start and so on; he has vast knowledge about health values of different recipes.

All of the shows he hosts are popular and make him famous among the food loving people. Following this blog, you will able to learn everyday cooking tips and kitchen guide that will help you make delicious recipes for your family.

What I Like About Alton Brown:

  • Award-Winning Food Blogger & TV Host
  • Share Everyday Cooking Recipes
  • Case Study About Different Local Foods
  • Posts Video Cooking Guide for Effective Learning
  • Shares Easy Learnable Recipes
  • Active on Different Blog Networks
  • Loves His Family & Spend Time with Them

Because You Know That You Can Be A Food Blogging Sensation!. The Question Is How Much Do You Want To Succeed As A Foodie Blogger?!?

  • Steamy Kitchen

Jaden Hair is an award-winning food blogger, television chef and professional food recipe developer who established this excellent blog Steamy Kitchen.

She crafted the website focusing on Asian foods & recipes who loves to eat Asians cuisines.

She is featuring regular food recipes & seasonal food recipes occasionally. Jaden is the co-founder of Blog Forum that arranges 3-day non-profit cooking events.

She loves food photography and shares good quality food photos in her blog.

Steamy Kitchen has been featured on the oprah.com, Parents Magazine, Forbes.com, and the Today Show. This made them popular overnight and helped them grow their online business rapidly.

She uploads all her TV shows in Steamy Kitchen and shares helpful resources like cookbooks and high-end images.

Following this excellent food blog, you can easily learn Asian dishes effortlessly.

What I Like About Steamy Kitchen:

  • Simple Blog Layout and Design
  • Featuring Asian Recipes & Cuisines
  • Story-telling Skill to Engage Her Readers
  • High-Quality Food Photography
  • Everyday Food Guide with Health Planning
  • Video Tutorial; Cookbooks & Other Resources
  • Active on Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest
Steamy Kitchen - Top 50 Food Blogs
  • Baking Bites

Baking Bites is a popular food blog related to sweet, savoury and dessert established by Nicole Weston.

She is a food recipe developer & known as a pastry chef and food blog writer. Nicole started this blog to help people who like sweet & savoury items.

Since 2004, she is sharing helpful resources and cooking guide that make her popular among the food lovers.

As rewards, she won multiple awards and featured on several popular website and media for his budget-friendly recipes and dishes.

You will also find her active on popular food magazines and networks like The Vancouver Sun, Sacramento Bee and The New York Times.

She has an excellent blog writing skill that helped her growing very fast and built a huge audience on her personal blog network.

Outside her kitchen, she judges different baking contests and cooking competitions. This opportunity helped her tasting dozens of recipes and learn new cooking style as well.

She shares all the new recipes she learns and includes a the video guide for better understanding.

You can subscribe to her newsletter or connect with her social accounts. This will help you get quick notifications about her new movements, recipes, and cooking techniques.

What I Like About Baking Bites:

  • Featuring Sweet Food Items
  • Regularly Posts New Recipes
  • Maintain Strong Social Network
  • Effective Cooking Guide from Professional Chef
  • Uses Regular Ingredients for Cooking
  • Includes Diet Guides
  • Award-Winning Food Blog

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  • Our Best Bites

Our Best Bites is an elegant healthy food blog started by Sara and Kate. They are publishing healthy recipes and dishes, since 2008 to help their readers learning how to cook healthy food & ensure a healthy life.

Following this excellent food blog, you can learn a different type of dish effortlessly.

Because the navigation of the website is very simple that will help you find the required recipes without wasting your time.

To save your time, they are posting regular video guide on their YouTube channel. Following these cooking videos, you can easily learn new dishes and ensure healthy cooking.

Like most of the food bloggers, they love food photography and traveling. They travel to different territories and find out food variations of different local foods. On their recipes, you will notice the food variations that made them unique and popular among the healthy food bloggers.

What I Like About Our Best Bites:

  • Simple, Elegant Blog Design
  • Easy Navigation & Recipes Categories
  • Excellent Food Photography
  • Cookbooks & Online Shop to Help Readers
  • Easy & Effective Guide to Cook New Recipes
  • Newbie Friendly Dishes & Recipe Sharing
  • Travel Guide to Experience New Local Food
Good Names For Food Blogs
  • Alexandra's Kitchen

Alexandra is a popular food blogger & contributor established Alexandra’s Kitchen & sharing various types of healthy dishes. On her blog, she covers all vegan and non-vegetarian food recipes including Dessert, soup, pasta, pizza, salad, and different baking items.

Alexandra already posted more than 750+ recipes and multiple cookbooks that helped her gain huge popularity among food lovers. She is highly active on her social media accounts and regularly shares helpful resources with her audience.

She is a busy mum of 4 children she looks after her kids, husband, writes blogs, and works as a food recipe developer. She published her first cookbook in April 2017 that gained huge audience attention and forced her to continue.

Later she wrote a few more cookbooks and continuing with a positive vibrant attitude.

She posts all high-quality food photos on her Instagram account and other social media accounts. You can follow her on social accounts to get regular update about new recipes and dishes.

What I Like About Alexandra's Kitchen:

  • Excellent Cooking Ideas & Talent
  • Food Dressing Ideas & Makeup Strategies
  • She Has a Large Family And Is A Busy Mom And Still Finds Time to Run Her Food Blog
  • True Talent About Cooking and Travel
  • Publishing Both Vegan & Non-Veg Food Recipes
  • Healthy Kitchen Guide – Cleaning Ideas
Top 50 Food Blogs
  • Sprinkle Bakes

Sprinkle Bakes is completely baking & dessert focused food blog established by Heather; a self-taught cook & freelance recipe developer. Her addiction to desserts helped her learn different dessert recipes and establishing this excellent food niche blog.

Heather has excellent blog writing skill that helped her start this blog. Later she started contributing on different food blogs that enhanced her knowledge about different type of foods and recipes.

She applied her own cooking technique to improve food value and make them delicious.

She crafted her blog with different local dishes, desserts, and baking items. If you are a freelance recipe developer, you can join her team and contribute on Sprinkle Bakes.

Heather already write two cookbooks named "Sea Salt Sweet" & “Sprinkle Bakes”.

Both the books are focused on sweet dessert & baked items. If you love desserts & baked food, you must collect the cookbooks and use to prepare delicious desserts effectively.

What I Like About Sprinkle Bakes:

  • Dedication To Cooking & Writing
  • Self-taught Food Recipe Developer & Writer
  • Focused on Dessert & Baked Food Item
  • Featuring Sweet Items on Her Blog
  • Helping People to Learn Cooking
  • Simple Blog Design and Recipe Ideas
  • Excellent Baking Skill to Improve Food Taste

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  • Love & Olive Oil

Lindsay and Taylor are not professional Chefs but addicted to cooking. Both of them love to cook and travel that helped them to turn themselves a professional food bloggers.

Like other self-taught food bloggers, they learned everything with hard work and dedication.

Though they didn’t start the blog with any special moto, but now they are doing this professionally. They travel to different places and taste different local foods. Most of those foods they try to adapt and share with their audience.

With their true social networking skill, they built a huge audience on their social networks. They are active on all popular social media’s including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter.

You can follow them to get regular updates about their new recipes and travel stories. Also, you can subscribe to their newsletter to get a quick and regular notification.

What I Like About Love & Olive Oil:

  • Couple Running Popular Food Blog
  • Video Guide of All Food Recipes
  • Publishing Cookbooks for Readers
  • Loves to Travel & Taste New Food
  • Food & Taste Variation
  • Active on All Major Social Media Accounts
Top 50 Food Blogs Love and Olive Oil
  • Vegalicious Recipes

The phrase "best vegetarian recipe blogs" has more than eight thousand searches per month that shows the high interest rate about vegan food recipes.

Vegalicious Recipes is a completely vegan food focused blog that sharing tasty vegan food recipes.

Chris and Harald are the founders of Vegalicious Recipes and Elina works as a guest blogger in this incredible food blog. Also, Harald Walker has a huge contribution to supplying all the high-quality photos for the website.

They are focusing on different meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, main dishes & desserts. Also, you will get raw salad recipes and ingredients measurement guide following this excellent blog.

If you care about food nutrition, you must check the ingredient measurement guide properly on their recipes.

This will help you ensure healthy food in your meals. They published multiple eBooks related to vegan food that you can collect from AppStore.

What I Like About Vegalicious Recipes:

  • Featuring Vegan Food Recipes
  • Fruit Salad, Recipes & Dishes
  • Dedicated Photographer Posting High-Quality Photos
  • Ingredients Measurement Guide to Help Readers
  • Diet Guide
  • Different Cookbooks & Other Resources
  • Positively Influencing People to Eat Vegan Foods
Top 50 Food Blogs Vegalicious
  • Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen is the place where you will find tons of produced recipes and cooking guides that you can cook only using the natural ingredients.

Sara started this blog to teach people avoiding over complicated things about cooking and help them eat well and healthily.

As she and her family highly involved in food blogging, they suggest all the connected things related to food blogging. You will get cooking appliances, photography equipment, and blogging tools in their online shop section.

By joining the Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club, you can ask any question related to cooking. This is obviously a huge advantage for new cooks. You can share your cooking problems in the group and get a quick solution from the experts. This will help you learn the thing conveniently.

What I Like About Sprouted Kitchen:

  • Tons of Recipes & Cooking Ideas
  • Helping People to Eat Well
  • Cooking Club with Expert Team
  • Uses Natural Ingredients on Cooking
  • Making Money from Food Blogging
  • Changing the Perspective on Everyday Cooking

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  • Big Girls Small Kitchen

If you are struggling with your everyday cooking; Big Girls Small Kitchen can be a perfect place that can help you remove the complexity of cooking and prepare healthy meals effortlessly.

Big Girls Small Kitchen is established by Cara, who loves to eat, write & Food Photography.

Cara has excellent diet knowledge that she applies to her every recipes. With her excellent blog writing skill, she is writing daily food recipes and cookbooks to help her readers.

She is featuring both vegan food dishes and non-vegetarian food recipes as well.

She regularly experiments new techniques, recipes, and ingredients in her small kitchen and shares time-saving healthy dishes with her audience.

Her recipes were featured on multiple cooking journals including Bon Appetit, First We Feast, and Serious Eats.

She also writes on different food magazines and blogs as a contributor. She focuses comfort, quick navigation, and accessibility of different kitchen tools on cooking.

What I Like About Big Girls Small Kitchen:

  • Single Lady Running Food Blog
  • Contribution to Food Blog Community
  • Featuring All Type of Recipes
  • Uses Natural Ingredients In Cooking
  • Daily Cooking Tips & Tricks
  • Breakfast to Dinner Guide
  • Different Category for Different Type of Food
Top 50 Food Blogs Big Girls Small Kitchen
  • A Sweet Spoonful 

Megan believes seasonal cooking can change the perspective of life and it helps people to enjoy their life in a better way. Thus, she started A Sweet Spoonful to help people learning casual cooking in an entertaining way.

The whole process is effortless and you can use regular cooking ingredients to prepare your favorite dish. To make the cooking entertaining, Megan uses all simple tricks and instruments on her cooking techniques.

If you are one of the dessert lovers, then A Sweet Spoonful can be the perfect place for you. Because they are feature all sweet item recipes for dessert lovers.

Megan has been running this blog since 2009 that made her truly experienced and she already posted more than 350+ recipes on her blog.

Before she posts any recipe on her blog, she experiments the recipe in her own kitchen at home.

What I Like About A Sweet Spoonful:

  • Featuring All Sweet Items for Dessert Lovers
  • Local Dessert Recipes & Cooking Strategy
  • Experiment All Recipes on Her Kitchen
  • Ensure Food Quality and Health Value
  • Simple, Compact Blog Layout
  • Seasonal Dessert Recipes
  • Unique Cooking Style & Ideas
A sweet Spoonful - Top 50 Food blogs
  • The Vanilla Bean Blog

Sarah Kieffer is a self-taught baker established this excellent food blog to earn and support her family.

She became a home baker when her two children were born and she needed some extra money to accommodate the new rise in living expenses.

Sarah lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota which is surrounded by lakes, green trees, uncountable coffeehouses, and bakeries. She worked on various bakeries and coffeehouses before her children were born. This skill obviously helped her to start the blog “The Vanilla Bean Blog” & reflecting on her blogging career.

She enjoys working it the kitchen that made her truly experienced and helping to achieve her goals effortlessly.

Sarah has been featured on multiple food networks including The New York Times, Food 52, Saveur, Mashable, The Kitchn, and Pure Green Magazine.

The Vanilla Bean Blog regularly posts Cookbook and Cooking Equipment Reviews that helps their readers to identify really tasty & delicious foods effortlessly. They won the "Reader's Choice Best Baking & Desserts Blog" award in 2014.

What I Like About The Vanilla Bean Blog:

  • Award-Winning Food Blog
  • Cookbook & Product Review
  • Own Cookbook and Products
  • Featured on Many Different And Popular Food Blogs
  • Highly Active on Social Media

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  • Spicy Chilly

Spicy Chilly is an Indian vegan food blog established by Bharathy. She is a Tamil Nadu native which is a state of South India. This is the reason, she shares all Southern Indian recipes and most of them are vegetarian.

She loves traveling, painting, and listening to melodies. Undoubtedly, these hobbies reflect on her cooking activities.

She collects new recipes when she visits her relatives or different localities. She customizes new recipes she learns to provide South Indian flavor on it.

Using her Canon Powershot A70 she started blogging in early 2007 and continuing with a huge passion. She is featuring traditional cuisines and local dishes; most of them are based on Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

As an Indian food blogger, Bharathy works as food blog influencer. She has an excellent story-telling skill that made her famous and helped her grow huge social media audiences.

What I Love About Spicy Chilly:

  • Indian Vegan Food Blog
  • Excellent Blog Writing Skill
  • Featuring South Indian Local Dishes
  • Use of Natural Ingredients on Cooking
  • High-quality Photos on Posts
  • Strongly Active on Social Media Networks
  • Smart Kitchen Ideas & Regular Recipe Sharing
Food Blog
  • Food Renegade

If you don't like to eat pre-packaged foods, Food Renegade can be the perfect place to learn how to prepare traditional, healthy & fresh food for your everyday meals.

They use all non-veg ingredients like red meat & raw milk to prepare their recipes. But they are not limited to non-vegetarian foods only. I noticed few of their recipes are based on organic vegetables as well.

Food Renegade team performed year-long nutrition research and they believe modern diets like western diets are the root cause of maximum diseases. Eating western foods regularly can cause serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer at the final stage.

In Food Renegade, you will get proper nutrition guide, health guide and healthy diet guide that you can prepare effortlessly.

They are also sharing helpful resources and equipment guide that will ensure comfortable cooking in your own kitchen.

What I Like About Food Renegade:

  • Non-vegetarian Food Blog
  • Includes Proper Nutrition Guide
  • Easy to Cook Recipes Sharing
  • Featuring Traditional Recipes
  • Customize Recipes to Make It Nutritious
  • Kitchen Maintenance Guide for New Cooks
  • Demotivates People to Eat Junk Food
Top 50 Food Blogs -Food renegade
  • Coconut & Lime

Rachel was a home cook before starting Coconut & Lime in 2004 to keep track of all of her favourite recipes and dishes so that she can use those recipes later. Regular involvement on the process turned herself into a professional cook.

She is now working as a professional recipe developer, cookbook author and food columnist on multiple food journals. Rachel contributes to multiple food blogs including Love Beets, Eastern Fish Company, Hidden Valley Ranch, Musselman's Apple Butter, and few other popular food blogs.

Rachel learns, adopts and experiments all of the recipes in her kitchen, whenever she finds new recipes.  Also, she hosted several cooking programs and worked as a judge on multiple cooking competitions. All the experiences & cooking guides she shares on Coconut & Lime blog.

What I Like About Coconut & Lime:

  • Home Cook Become a Professional Recipe Developer
  • Compact, Unique Food Blog Design
  • Contributing to Other Food Blogs
  • Simple Recipes for Average People to Cook
  • Developed Dozens of Recipes
  • Kitchen Guides & Helpful Resources
  • Socially Active on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Because You Know You Can Make It As A Foodie Blogger Too!. The Question Is: Do You Want To Get Started On The Right Foot And Be A Step Ahead Of Your Competitors?!?

  • Dolly And Oatmeal

Dolly and Oatmeal is a plant-based food blog established by Lindsey. She is featuring all hygienic vegan food recipes and diet guides with high-quality food photography.

Lindsey is not a vegetarian herself and this is the reason she cooks semi-vegan recipes most of the time. She uses natural seasonal ingredients on her recipes with proper diet guides.

Dolly and Oatmeal were featured on some popular food blog including Food52, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Gardenista. Still, she is contributing to these websites with her gluten-free cooking technique.

Lindsey loves traditional foods and prepares daily meals with new seasonal food. She has a Nikon D800 Camera with T1.4-Zeiss lens that helps her to post high-resolution images and videos for her readers.

What I Like About Dolly and Oatmeal:

  • Plant-Base Recipe Sharing Food Blog
  • Ingredient Measurement Guide
  • Uses Wholesome Foods & Ingredients
  • High-end Food Photography & Videography
  • Featured on Multiple Food Journals
  • Ensure Food Quality & Nutrition on Every Recipe
  • Time-saving Recipes
Top 50 Food Blogs Dolly And OatMeal
  • Yummy Tummy

Aarthi was not so different than other normal Indian women at an early age. What made a huge difference is her excellent cooking talent. She grew up with hidden cooking talent that she discovered after her graduation.

She never had any plan to start cooking professionally rather than cooking her office lunches seriously. Few of her colleagues appreciated her cooking talent after eating the extra lunches.

Aarthi decided to start her cooking blog Yummy Tummy, when she started getting so many questions from colleagues and relative that how she cooks delicious dishes?

Now she is running a local baking business beside running her cooking blog and YouTube channel. She has both English and Tamil channel that you can follow to learn healthy, delicious dishes.

What I Like About Yummy Tummy:     

  • Featuring South Indian Recipes
  • Using Regular Cooking Ingredients
  • Quit Her Office Job to Start Food Blog
  • Running Local Bakery Shop
  • Passionate & Dedicated to Cooking

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  • Lemons And Basil

Kaylee believes that organic and healthy foods can assure proper nutrition for your body and provide a balanced life for anyone. This thought forced her to start Lemons and Basil to help people learning a balanced diet for their everyday meals.

If you are conscious about the nutrition of food, you must visit Lemons and Basil to get proper guidance about healthy meals. Kaylee is also an interior-designer and provides kitchen interior guide on her blog posts.

She experiments new recipes and shares delicious recipes with makeup guide.

She has excellent writing skill and food decoration skill that made her popular among her readers.

What I Like About Lemons and Basil:

  • Organic, Healthy and Balanced Food Guide
  • Food Decoration & Makeup Ideas
  • Kitchen Interior Guide for Readers
  • How to Ensure Clean Kitchen Everyday
  • Uses Organic and Natural Ingredients
  • Simple Cooking Recipes & Decoration Guide
  • Newbie Friendly Recipes & Cooking Techniques
top 50 food blogs lemons and basil
  • A Farm Girl’s Dabbles

Brenda is midwestern cowgirl grew up on a farm of South Dakota; habituate with traditional cooking and loves to eat & travel. Upon taking inspiration from many different food blogs, she started A Farmgirl's Dabbles in 2010 and featuring different traditional food recipes.

She has a small lovely family with two adorable daughters and her husband.

They all are supportive of her cooking activities and appreciates her work. Brenda cooks new delicious and tasty dishes for them and shares with her audiences.

She suggests helpful resources, cookbooks, kitchen appliances and cooking ingredients on her online shop.

You can find all the required tools and accessories you need for cooking here.

What I Like About A Farmgirl’s Dabbles:

  • Featuring Midwestern Food Recipes
  • Traditional Recipe Sharing
  • Travels to Eat Different Local Foods
  • Kitchen Decoration Guide
  • Ingredients, Accessories & Appliance Shop
  • Use Fresh, Healthy & Organic Ingredients
  • Making Money From Food Blogging
Farm Girl Dabbles
  • Golubka Kitchen

Golubka Kitchen is a Russian food blog established by Anya Kassoff & Masha Davydova. Anya and her lovely daughter Masha love to eat delicious vegetarian recipes. After practising many vegan recipes on their kitchen, they decided to start this excellent food blog.

Since 2010, they are featuring different Russian seasonal cuisines with high-quality photography and videography. They use all the natural ingredients to prepare their dishes that made their recipes simple and easy to cook.

Both they have good food dressing sense that helps them on styling their recipes and make them appealing to the audiences. Masha loves taking pictures and post on the Instagram account. Basically, she manages all the social accounts and built huge audiences on their social network.

What I Like About Golubka Kitchen:

  • Simple Blog Layout & Easy Navigation
  • Featuring Russian Recipes
  • Mum & Daughter Running Food Blog
  • Uses Local Seasonal Ingredients
  • Posts High-quality Photo & Video
  • Crafted the Website with Seasonal Cuisines
  • Excellent Food Makeup Sense

Because You Know The Recipe For Your Online Success Lies With Getting Started The Right Way!. The Question Is: Do You Want To Avoid The Pitfalls Or Fall Deep Into Them?!?

  • Little Box Brownie

Sophia Purvis is a New Zealand native food recipe developer, author, and photographer currently living in Australia. She loves baked food and pastry that inspired her to start this amazing food blog “Little Box Brownie”.

Combining her story-telling skill, baking experience & photography skill she writes blog posts, food recipes, and cookbooks that made her famous.

She won multiple awards for her pastry books including prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook award.

Photography is another thing that changed her life and she tries to keep a balance between food and photography. She shares all her food photography’s in her social media accounts.

You can follow her on all major social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Google Plus. This will help you get a quick update about all the recipes she shares.

What I Like About Little Box Brownie:

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  • Playful Cooking

Kankana Saxena started Playful Cooking to introduce people with the Indian Kitchen and help them cook Indian dishes effortlessly. She lives in Banglore, but her job needed lots of travel.

This is the reason she travelled most of the states of India and learned many traditional recipes. She avoids processed foods & artificial flavors. Whenever she learns a new recipe, she modifies the recipe with natural ingredients to provide a natural taste.

Kankana works as a freelance food recipe developer and available for hire. You can hire her using the “Hire Me” button placed on her website. She is strongly active on social media platforms and sharing kitchen tips & tricks, traditional food recipes and photography tutorials.

What I Like About Playful Cooking:

  • Indian Women Running Food Blog
  • Recipe Making Video Tutorial
  • High-quality Photo Sharing on Instagram
  • Working as a Freelance Food Recipe Developer
  • Canon 5D Mark II with 50mm f/1.4 Prime Lens
  • Selling Copyright Photos for Food Blogs
  • Regular Cookbook Publishing
Top 50 Food Blogs - Playful Cooking
  • Aayi’s Recipes

Once a software engineer Shilpa started this excellent food blog to represent Indian cuisines in front of the world and made her childhood dream come true. Her mother Varada helps her adopting new recipes and cooking as well.

Both she and her mother write blogs here and sharing delicious Indian recipes. Shilpa loves to travel and currently she is living in the United States. As Indian women, she focuses on vegan food recipes.

Following this excellent blog, you can learn Masala Dishes, Side Dishes, Parathas & Roti making as well. I noticed few Mexican, Thai & Italian dishes she is sharing that might help you bring taste variation on your meals.

What I Like About Aayi’s Recipes:

  • Shilpa Left Her Corporate Job to Start A Food Blog
  • Featuring Indian Local Dishes
  • Most of the Dishes are Spicy
  • Mexican, Thai & Italian Dishes
  • Excellent Blog Writing Skill
  • Easy to Cook Recipes
Top Food Blogs
  • The Forest Feast

Erin Gleeson loves to travel, taste different local foods and is addicted to photography.

When she realized all her skills matched with food blogging, she started this excellent food blog called The Forest Feast.

Erin is mostly-vegetarian and loves seasonal vegetables. This habit transformed her to become a vegan food blogger.

She cares about the nutrition value of foods and provides diet guide on her every recipe.

She lives with her husband in Northern California and experiments new dishes at her small kitchen.

She has good knowledge of nutrition guide that she implements on her recipes. In this blog, she provides a detailed diet guide from breakfast to dinner.

What I Like About The Forest Feast:

  • Erin Loves to Travel & Learn New Dishes
  • Experiment Every Dish Before Sharing the Recipe
  • Includes High-end Food Photos & Videos
  • Mostly-Vegetarian Recipe Illustration
  • Wood Kitchen Cleaning and Decoration Guide
  • Recipe Decoration & Makeup Guide
  • Works to Improve Food Taste
Top 50 Food Blogs The Forest Feast
  • The Blender Girl

Tess is a blendaholic & Nutrition Expert; established The Blender Girl blog to help people knowing all the positive benefits of blending. All the regular food we eat everyday needs lots of processing & maintenance like packing, boxing or canning.

Storing liquid food is much easier and easy to digest. To remove complexity & make life easier, Tess decided to start this excellent food blog related to blended foods.

She believes, starting a blog is the easiest way to help more people together & ensure a healthy life for them.

In The Blender Girl, Tess is featuring how to prepare Juices, Smoothies, Desserts & Soups? She is using high-quality photos & videos on her step by step juice making tutorials that are really amazing.

What I Like About The Blender Girl:

  • Excellent High-Quality Professional Photography
  • Featuring Liquid & Juicing Recipes
  • Using Easy Digestible Ingredients
  • Diet Guide to Add Weight or Lose Weight
  • Easy Storable Recipe Sharing
  • Serving Guide & Tutorials
  • Easy & Proper Blending Techniques

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  • Mark Bittman

Undoubtedly, Indian Cuisine & American Cuisine does not taste the same! And this is the reason, you can't enter into the mainstream unless you are a native or habituate with that special type of cuisine.

Mark Bittman is a Food Philosophist & Expert about food policies; started this blog and sharing thoughtful commentaries about North American Foods. Basically, he focuses & teaches them how to eat American dishes.

Besides running this portfolio blog, he already published more than 20 cookbooks and contributing to many major journals. Also, he works as a food consultant & speaks on different functions.

Mark Bittman gained huge popularity through his social media accounts, won multiple awards and were featured on several food journals.

What I Like About Bittman:

  • Food Philosophy about American Cuisines
  • Award-Winning Food Blog
  • North American Food Expert & Influencer
  • Writes on Food Journals
  • Featured on National Dailies Like The New York Times
Top 50 food blogs - mark bittman
  • My New Roots

Sarah is a Creative Cooking Instructor based in Toronto, Canada. She started My New Roots to illustrate her deep love about vegan food recipes & featuring plant-based food recipes.

As being vegetarian herself, she is featuring fruit-base, raw food & vegan recipes on her blog.

Sarah has incredible knowledge of plant-based recipe & holistic nutrition that you will realize on her every writing.

She is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and completed her education from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Toronto, Canada.

Now she is working as Professional Recipe Developer, Blog & Cookbook Writer.

On her every recipe, she provides nutrition guide, eating plan & bonus tips that will help you cooking and eating healthy food regularly.

What I Like About My New Roots:

  • Incredible Knowledge About Food Nutrition
  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • Featuring Canadian Cuisines & Recipes
  • Plant-Base, Fruit & Raw Food Recipes
  • Compact, Modern Blog Layout
  • Gorgeous Food Photography
  • Cookbook & Other Resources
Top 50 Food Blogs My New Roots
  • The Gluten Free Lifesaver

Kristine was affected by Celiac Disease; She researched a lot about the disease & found eating gluten sensitive & allergy-prone foods are the root of it.


she decided to start The Gluten-Free Lifesaver to help people inspiring eating gluten-free food.

Following this excellent blog, you will learn how to prepare gluten-free dishes from breakfast to dinner.

This will help you prevent most of the chronic diseases and ensure a healthy living. As recognition of her hard works, Kristine was featured on ICA, ACN, SIDE2 & Yum Gluten Free.

The Gluten-Free Lifesaver won "The Top 50 Clean Food Blog Award" by Academy of Culinary Nutrition for their Clean, Elegant and of course the Simple Blog Layout.

In The Gluten-Free Lifesaver, Kristen not only shares gluten-free recipes but also featuring nutrition guide and how you can live a healthy life as well?

What I Like About The Gluten-Free Lifesaver:

  • Award-Winning Food Blog
  • Vast Knowledge on Nutritious Food
  • Gluten-free Recipes for Health-Conscious People
  • Highly Active On Social Media
  • Engaging Recipes & Blog Content

Because You Know You Can Make More Money As A Food Blogger!. The Question Is: Are You Going To Take It?!?

  • Maria Marlowe

Maria is an Independent Food Journalist & Health Coach running this food blog since 2013 to provide a healthy meal plan for her readers. She also works as a podcast artist and posts the regular podcasts on her website Maria Marlowe.

As a professional health coach, she knows how to get glowing skin and maintain healthy body weight by eating healthy meals.

On this blog Maria Marlowe, she is featuring diet guides and diet plans combing text, image & video content. She is focusing on food value, but not skipping the food taste.

All the recipes she shares are healthy and easy digestive. She consults with expert physicians and experiments all the recipes before she posts on her website.

What I Like About Maria Marlowe:

  • Professional Health Coach Involved in Food Blogging
  • Incredible Knowledge Skin & Body Weight
  • Featuring Delicious Healthy Food Recipes
  • Weight Lose & Anti-aging Recipes
  • Food Blog Starting Guide
  • Real & Natural Food Cooking Guide
  • Complete Healthy Diet Preparation Method
  • Outstanding Example Of Personal Branding
top 50 food blogs - Maria Marlow
  • Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Lexi is a professional recipe developer & food photographer established Lexi’s Clean Kitchen and posting different delicious food recipes. In 2012, her eating habit started changing rapidly and she became thin and unhealthy.

According to the physician’s advice, she started experimenting with new dishes and started loving eating different food every day. Later she decided to start this blog to help more people learning and eating tasty food.

Her excellent Internet Marketing knowledge helped her establishing Lexi’s Clean Kitchen as a popular food blog.

What I Like About Lexi’s Clean Kitchen:

  • Simple & Compact Design
  • Focusing on Healthy Foods
  • All the Recipes are Easy to Cook
  • Customize Recipes to Put Nutrition
  • Provide Healthy Meal Guide
  • Loves to Experiment with New Food
Lexis Clean Kitchen
  • 80Twenty

In our list, 80Twenty is the last pick that is basically a Canadian Local Restaurant and Online Food Blog established by Kris.

He spent 10 years pursuing relevant education and now working as a full-time professional recipe developer & food expert.

Following this excellent food blog, you can learn how to cook healthy Canadian dishes and ensure proper nutrition on your everyday cooking. Also, you can join 80Twenty team as a contributor if you are already working as a food blogger.

What I Like About 80Twenty:

  • Local Food Blog Participating Online
  • Canadian Recipe Sharing
  • Daily Cooking Advice
  • Kitchen Cleaning Guide
  • Cookbook & Other Resources
  • Anyone can Contribute
  • Ingredients Measurement Guide                                                   
Top 50 Food Blogs 80twenty

Top 50 Food Blogs - Conclusion!

Now that you have seen exactly what it takes to build a truly stunning, successful food blog and have had a real good look at the elements of great blogs in this niche I have just one question for you!.

What are you going to do with what you have seen and learned?

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Or are you going to Take Action and ride on that wave of enthusiasm and use it to propel you forwards and into actually making a kick ass food blog that you can make money from. 

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Derek Marshall

Hi folks, I'm Derek and like yourself, I was struggling along in the digital world, and yes I got scammed once or twice..but not thrice!. I noticed most of these low quality programs and methods like surveys and yes...most MLM don't teach you the process nor the skills of earning money online. If you are willing to put in the effort and take the time to learn the process and the skills then do Try My #1 Recommended Program FREE For 7 Days and get personal mentoring from me as part of your bonus!.

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