Tigerfish Transcription Job Review! A Good WFH Job?

igerfish Transcription Job Review

Welcome To My TigerFish Transcription Job Review!.

If you are wondering if this company is one of the best transcription jobs then I don't blame you as alongside Casting words, QuickTate and Daily Transcription these guy's have a pretty good reputation. 


The question remains, is this a remote transcription job that you should take up? 

That is the very question I answer throughout this review in a clear and honest fashion. 

Before I get to it....

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Are you ready to find out all you need to know about TigerFish Transcription Jobs? 


Then stay tuned and keep reading!. 

TigerFish Transcription Job Review 

Product Name: TigerFish

Founder(s): Adam Goldberg, President and Founder

Product Type: Work From Home Transcription Job. 

Price: Free To Join. 

Best For: as a Side gig or side job, work from home parents and new transcriptionists that need experience.

Tigerfish Transcription Reviews

Summary: Despite the annoyance of leaving you waiting a while before responding to your application TigerFish Transcription Jobs could be what you are looking for as means of gaining experience in the industry and finding your feet. 

Alone, they won't lead to a full-time income. 

Rating: 80/100

Recommended: Yes.

Because You KNOW You Deserve A Better Life. The Question Is: Will You Step Up And MAKE IT Happen?!?



What Is TigerFish Transcription?

TigerFish are an online transcription agency. They were founded way back in 1989 in San Francisco by Adam Goldberg and got with the digital age grabbing the domain name some 6 years later.

They are headquartered in San Francisco and also have an office in New York. 

They offer the service of having audio and video files transcribed to text by hiring independent 3rd party freelance remote transcribers to perform the tasks on a per job basis. 

That is where their job opportunity for you comes in; you as a freelance transcriber can take up their opportunity and be paid for the work that you successfully complete. 

The type of work that you can undertake includes transcribing audios and videos in the following areas: 

  • Video Production
  • Conventions.
  • HealthCare.
  • Legal.
  • Consulting.
  • Qualitive.
  • Marketing & PR.

They have a wide range of well known clients and brands that they work with across a whole host of industries.

What Is TigerFish Transcription

Similar companies to TigerFish.com include:

  1. QuickTate
  2. TranscribeMe
  3. Rev.com
  4. BabbleType
  5. CastingWords
  6. Daily Transcription

Who Is Adam Goldberg? 

There is not actually a lot to say about Adam Goldberg as he really does not have much of a career background or history other than working for himself having started TigerFish shortly after graduation from the University of California with a degree in art. 

He is credited with the patent for rapid transcription which is a software program that splits and segments audio files and allows teams to work on the one file that needs transcribing simultaneously. 

Adam Goldberg

TigerFish Transcription Lawsuit

I conducted a search for any information regarding TigerFish and and their founder Alan Goldberg to find out if there are any legal issues filed against the company or the individual that should concern you. 

For all work from home jobs and ways to earn a living online I conduct a background check in this way to let you know if there is anything that you should be aware of.

Both TigerFish and Alan Goldberg appear to have no lawsuits filed against them or any ongoing litigation. 

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How Does TigerFish Transcription Work?

As a business TigerFish and their business model and functionality is very easy to understand. Companies that need their audio or video files transcribed signup on their website as a client. 

Then they submit their files, the files get analysed and a quote is given.

Once payment is received, and an agreed TAT - Turn Around Time their file becomes available to their transcibers who can then get on with the task of transcribing the file to a text document. 

There is a high demand for this kind of service as there are literally hundreds of transcription services available and new ones sprouting up all the time But TigerFish seems to be the grandfather of them all!. 

What Is The Work Like?

The TigerFish Transcription jobs are quick and easy to do as no file is too long as the longer files get cut down into segments by their proprietary and patented software.  

You are not going to be hooked to your laptop falling asleep transcribing a boring 3 hour long audio or video file. 

Each files is typically only a few minutes long.

The job itself is super easy as all you are doing is converting words that you hear in an audio file to a text document, which although is hardly rocket science is does require a degree of concentration and a good ear. 

You will need to give each file a run 2 maybe 3 times and double check your punctuation and grammar - which is nothing to worry about as you can use a free app for that!. 

Free 7 Day Transcription Course

What Are The Application Requirements?

There are a few requirements that you must meet to be considered for a job as a remote transcriber with TigerFish which are:

  • Must Be 18 Years old or over and residing in the US. 
  • A Good Command of the English Language. 
  • A Good Typist.
  • An Interest in transcribing.

You will also need the following equipment to be able to perform the job.

  1. Must have a Windows Based Laptop or Desktop (Mac not accepted due to compatibility issues). 
  2. A headset with mic for transcribers
  3. Transcriptionist's foot pedal
  4. Transcription Software.
  5. Grammar And Spell Checker

The first 2 you have no way of circumventing those, you simply need them for the job.

The foot pedal will free up your hands for more typing and like the transcription software, will help you to get the job done quicker. 

Ultimately, a grammar and spelling checker will help you to do your job as a transcriber to a higher standard quality wise, which is why I consider them as investments. 

Getting your job done faster and to a higher standard means more work and thus more money. 

What Is The Application Process Like?

To apply for a job with TigerFish, you need to just head on over to their website and at the bottom click on where it says Employment Opportunities

On that page you will see a few links to their style guide which gives you details for what they are looking for in relation to the different transcription styles. This is a PDF document that you will likely be referring to, at least for your first few jobs. 

Once you have read and understood the style guide you will need to download a couple of files which will be testing your ability to transcribe and meet the styling required. 

Each audio file is only 5mins long, once you have completed the test files you will need to send your transcription test document to them and tell them how long each file took you to transcribe. 

Once the test is complete you will need to provide your name, address, phone number and email. 

The next step is to write a short essay talking about yourself and then select which subject areas you are most familiar with from: 

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Finance 
  • Technology

You also have the option of selecting which languages other than English) you are fluent in, if any and state your availability in terms of how many hours per week and which days. 

Once you have completed the application form, just click the submit button and then wait for TigerFish to get back to you by Email. 

You are not allowed to call them up to follow up on the status of your application, just be patient and wait. 

Once you have been accepted you will have to go out and get the equipment recommended, which I mentioned above.  

Are There Any Set Working Hours?


Although you provided details regarding your availability when applying for the job those are not set in stone and are more there to provide a database of available transcribers and their availability as TigerFish as part of their service offer their clients a fast Turn Around Time for their projects. 

You are free to work as much as you want to and to take as many jobs as you can or as few as you like. 

This is not like Teaching English Online,  Call Centre Work, or some Freelance Virtual Assistant job where you are required to work a set schedule. You are free to set your own. 

This is very common for all online transcription jobs. 

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How Much Can You Make With TigerFish?

TigerFish are one of the transcription companies that like QuickTate, iDictator and Terescription pay you on a per word basis. 

The minimum pay is US$0.005 per word; or better put US$5 per 1, 000 word document. 

I have seen reports around forums and on places like Indeed.com that experienced transcribers can earn an hourly equivalent of US$15 per hour and beginners in the US$7 to US$10 bracket. 

How Does TigerFish Pay You?

Currently speaking there is no information available as to how and when TigerFish will pay you. 

I do suspect that they will pay by Check and have a paypal option. There is no indication about the frequency be it weekly, biweekly, monthly or upon request. 

Is This A WorldWide Work From Home Opportunity?


There is a lack of international love here as the job is only available to those based in the United States. 

Is TigerFish Accredited By The BBB?

I always check out and have a look a show every home based work from home job is rated at the Better Business Bureau.

This gives both you and I an indication of how much we can trust the company and if there are any major issues. 

TigerFish are  Unaccredited and Not Rated by the BBB. 

TigerFish BBB Rating

Common Complaints

Despite having a flexible working pattern working, there are a lot of complaints around the web on various forums about how long it can take for them to get back to you about the result of your application. 

Other complaints were related to a low rate of pay, which is something I expected to see. If you are slow at typing, you won't make much with TigerFish. 

As I have said in many of my other reviews for similar companies, agencies like this is as a side hustle and a stepping stone for greater things. 

Is being A Transcriptionist Worth It?

In my opinion, yes, but it depends on you as an individual and what you are looking for and what you want to achieve as a transcriptionist. 

Naturally I expect that you want more than just a side job but a full time income. With that said picking up a ton of micro jobs from various transcription agencies is one way of achieving that goal. 

Assuming you can type and transcribe quick enough!. 

The other way is to pop on over and check out my Transcribe Anywhere Review. Give serious consideration to getting certified and properly qualified and setting yourself up as a freelancer and earning a respectable hourly rate, one which you are worth and deserve!.

The only question is, are you going to put in the effort or not?

What I Liked About TigerFish

There are some things that I did like about TigerFish, which were: 

  • They are open to applicants from newbies an inexperienced transcribers
  • Very simple application process
  • Long established company, dating back to 1989!. 
  • Real work from home job. 

What I Did Not Like About TigerFish

There are somethings that I did not like about TigerFish which were: 

  • They are Unaccredited and not rated by the Better Business Bureau. 
  • They can take a while to get back to you about your application
  • Pay can be low for experienced transcribers. 
  • Work can be fairly irregular!.
Legal Transcriptionist

Can You Make Money With TigerFish?


You can make money with TigerFish as this is a regular job that you can do in the comfort of your own home. 


Let's be clear, 

This is a side gig, a sideline, not something that will lead you to working full time and earning a full time income from. 

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Is TigerFish A Scam Or Legit?

TigerFish is Legitimate. 

The word and term scam is banded around far too often by those that I doubt even know what the word means!. 

There is no act of deception, or fraud occurring that would lead you to suffering from a financial loss, which is the definition of a scam. Let's be clear, TigerFish is not a scam. 

Other Transcription Jobs - TigerFish Alternatives 

There are plenty of alternatives to TigerFish as there are no shortage, absolutely no shortage of online transcription jobs available form a variety of company's. 

Below is a list of just some of them. 

  1. Terescription
  2. QuickTate
  3. Scribie
  4. GMR Transcription
  5. Casting Words
  6. Pacific Transcription
  7. Bam! Transcription
  8. AppenScribe
  9. Daily Transcription
  10. Go Transcript

All of these companies are more or less offering the same thing - the ability for you to work at home as a transcriber. 

To be honest with you, none of them particularly set the world alight with their magnificent pay scale or rates of pay and with every single one of them, you will need to take a test or two to prove your ability as a transcriptionist. 

That is why I suggest you take this Free 7 Day Transcription Training Course. Take the course, learn a thing or two about transcribing, improve your skills and take a big step forward to passing those tests. 

As they say, nothing ventured and nothing gained!.

My TigerFish Transcribing

 Review - The Final Conclusion

From what I have seen and uncovered, TigerFish is completely legitimate, they are like the grandfather of all these new agencies that are sprouting up. 

Their website was registered in 1995 and were established some 6 years before that. This proves how legit they are. 

They could pay a lot more attention to their applicants, and do something to speed up the process instead of leaving people waiting, particularly in this day and age where everything is instant!.

My personal advice is if your heart is set on a career as a transcriptionist, the use transcription companies like this as a springboard to greater things and use them to gain experience before moving on to greater things. 

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