Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Review – Scam Or Legit?

Paparazzi Jewlry Accessories Review

Looking for Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Reviews? 

Then you have most certainly come to the right place!. All the women I know, friends, sister, mother, girlfriend, neighbours are just nuts for jewelry accessories of all sorts. 

It is pretty clear and evident there is an ample market for this kind of product, but the big question remains can you make money with Paparazzi Jewelry? 

And before I get started I am congratulating you for being curious and investigating opportunities like this one, this is how you avoid being scammed and find the best way to make money online. 

As I go through this review and investigate The Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Business Opportunity I break it down into easy to read sections as follows:

  • What is Paparazzi Accessories?
  • Who Are The Owners?
  • The Paparazzi Accessories Product Line
  • The Paparazzi Compensation Plan
  • Can You Make Money With Paparazzi Accessories? 
  • Pros & Cons?
  • Is Paparazzi Accessories BBB Accredited?
  • Common Complaints About Paparazzi Accessories
  • Is Paparazzi Accessories A Pyramid Scheme?
  • Is Paparazzi Accessories A MLM Business Opportunity?
  • Is Paparazzi Accessories A Scam?
  • My Paparazzi Accessories Review - The Final Conclusion.
  • How I Make Money Online

Let's get started and find out all you need to know about this opportunity and help yourself make a proper well informed decision. 

Paparazzi Accessories Review 

Product Name: Paparazzi Accessories

Founders: Misty Kirby, Trent Kirby Chani Reeve and Ryan Reeve

Product Type: Jewelry Accessories MLM Bsusiness Opportunity. 

Price: $5 or less per item, Business kits $179 to $1,000. 

Best For: Women and stay at home mom's seeking and extra and easy income selling jewelry, 

paparazzi Accessories Review

Summary: What seem like a great idea doesn't always end up being a great one. Save yourself from some retrospect and looking back. No income disclosure, a lot of complaints (unresponded to) and an "F" rating by the BBB!.

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Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No

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What Is Paparazzi Accessories?

Paparazzi Accessories are a home based jewelry Accessories business founded in Huricane, in the state of Utah and were founded in November 2010. 

Typically their products are cheap and cheerful costing typically $5 and as you would expect are prone to breaking after around 5 uses. 

Their products, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and all sorts of "nick nacks" are fashionable, and when broken, people just tend to replace them than get them fixed - $5 is what they cost $5 to replace.

In short - their entire product range is affordable for everyone. Sales consultants are encouraged to promote their products by old fashioned word of mouth, hold demonstration parties and online. 

According to Crunch base, Paparazzi Accessories generate $750,000 a year in revenue. 

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The Business Owners

As a Business Paparazzi Accessories was started by two sisters and their husbands. I get more of an impression that the idea of the business came from the ladies with the finance and business from the gentlemen, this is simply deducted based on their backgrounds and career experience. 

  • Misty Kirby

Apparently this blond bombshell is a bit of party goer and lover of ice cream!. She is very hands with the design of the jewelry and the product creation side and is very much the contact girl if you need help in organising your Paparazzi jewelry party!. 

She has brain as well as beauty and posses a degree in journalism, with a speciality in broadcast journalism. 

Misty Kirby Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Founder

Misty Kirby

  • Trent Kirby

You could call Trent the "money man" the business brain behind the business due to his rather strong background in the business world. 

He holds a business and finance degree, worked for a private investment firm and also runs his own international importation firm. 

His focus at Paparazzi Jewelry is the development of strategies to help consultants to succeed and achieve their sales and financial objectives. 

Trent Kirby Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Founder

Trent Kirby 

  • Chani Reeve

Mother of 4 Children, Chani, loves the freedom that Paparazzi Accessories bring to consultants and to organise their time and lives in a much better way, and being able to build a business around family time. 

She is a rather smart cookie holding a degree in education and is a fully qualified teacher. Her own motive is to be both fun and flexible.

Chani Reeve Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Founder

Chani Reeve

  • Ryan Reeve 

Ryan another intelligent a "a bit geeky" founder studied Business and Online Technologies and brings to the team the good old fashioned ethic of hard work. 

Paparazzi was only a side job, side project for him as he was fully employed working for his parents business and now works full time at paparazzi accessories. As a qualified pilot he his aim is to help the business to soar to new heights. 

Ryan Reeve Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Founder

Ryan Reeve

The full story and meet the team in person you can click play on the video below

The Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Product Line

The target market of Paparazzi Jewelry are low to moderate income group of people seeking cheap, cheerful and fashionable jewelry that is very affordable. 

The vast majority of the product range from Paparazzi cost only $5!. Pretty good deal and ladies can easily be able to afford different jewelry for different occasions

Their websites includes a wide range and variety of accessories including the following categories:

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Hair Accessories 
  • Blockbusters. 
  • Paparazzi Collections
  • Encore

Due the sheer volume, range and ever changing fashions I suggest that you check their website for full detail on their product range. 

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The Paparazzi Jewelry Compensation Plan 

To start earning money with Paparazzi Jewelry you will need to become a consultant. Becoming a consultant is as simple as checking out their website and purchasing a startup kit. 

These kits are priced from $99 to $499, which one is entirely your own choice and includes marketing materials, sales bags, receipts, Paparazzi Jewelry repair kits, invitations and products to get your started.

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Making Money With Papparazi Jewelry

This Company pays you in 9 ways as follows:

  • Personal Sales Volume (PV)
  • Retail Profit (Commissions 35% to 45%)
  • Show Rebate (Only for Personal Volume of 1,000+).
  • BBB - Business Building Bonus (Get a 15% BBB by means of personally adding a sponsor or enrolling someone in your downline)
  • Unilevel Bonus (Compensation 5% - 10%)
  • Generation Bonus (For higher ranks of Executive Director and Up)
  • Legacy Bonus (Ge an additional 1% - 2% of volume generated)
  • Cash Bonus ( Luxe Jet setter $25,000 to $50,000 for Impressionista)

Below is the actual compensation plan from the companies website.

Paparazzi Accessories Compensation Plan

Worth of note is the compensation plan follows the unilevel structure where you can get paid for inifite wide and deep. You are placed at the top of the structure. 

The Compensation plan is explained very well in the video below. 

The Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories BBB Rating

Papparazzi Accessories have a BBB Rating of "F" and are not accredited by the Better Business bureau. 

Paparazzi Accessories BBB Rating

The Paparazzi Jewelry Common Complaints

There are a number of complaints in regards to this company. I was expecting to see issues related to the quality of their products - give in reality we are talking about cheap Chinese made $5 knick knacks here!.


There were mostly related to the business opportunity. None were resolved nor did the company seem to care about responding and protecting their brand.

A couple of complaints that stood out were one where the complainee was complaining that none of their up lines spoke English and could n't get any help from them. 

Being An American Business and in America I Imagine the language barrier was related to the Spanish language - if this is the case then one of the founders should be reaching out  as Ryan Reeve is apparently fluent in the Spanish language, or at least employ a co-ordinator is they are getting that much business from a specific community.

Paparazzi Accessories Complaints
Paparazzi Complaints
Paparazzi Complaints

I found it very surprising and shocking that the company has made no attempt resolve any of the issues at all. 

Can You Make Money With Paparazzi Jewelry?

This is actually something that is difficult to say with no solid evidence and a missing income disclosure statement from their website. 

An income disclosure statement is legally obliged to be shown, and not hidden away.

At best I can state some fact and give you my opinion based on my extensive investigation into their business opportunity. 

98.5% of all people that start an MLM business fail to make a full time income from it. 

45% commission on $5 products is not going to earn you a lot of money - a 100% commission is not going to earn you much money either!

Paparazzi Jewelry Accessories Review #MLMsuccess Or #Scam

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$2.25 per item commission means you will need to sell 22 items every day or 660 items each month to earn $1,500 per month which seems like a lot of sales, and a lot of work for an ordinary salary/profit margin. 

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The Pros & Cons

The Pros

What I liked About Paparazzi Jewelry:

  • Cheap and easy product to sell - only $5 and item max!.
  • Easy to store and does n't take up too much space!.
  • Not too expensive to get started - only $99

The Cons

What I did not like about Paparazzi Jewelry:

  • Product quality is very low..but even lower is...
  • BBB Rating incredibly low...could n't get lower "F"
  • Don't respond to their distributors at all when they have an issue that need fixed and they don't respond to their BBB complaints either.
  • Starter kits get delivered to wrong address.
  • Broken Items arrive in Starter Kits...
  • Very difficult to find an income statement on their site.

Is Paparazzi Jewelry A Pyramid Scheme?

No, this company has a product attached to their multi level marketing business opportunity and thus is not a pyramid scheme. 

Is Paparazzi Jewelry A MLM Opportunity?

Yes, paparazzi Jewelry is a multilevel network marketing business opportunity. Currently they use the Unilevel compensation model. 

Is Paparazzi Jewelry A Scam?

In a legal aspect, no paparazzi Jewelry is not a scam. They do however, in my opinion have no idea how to run a proper business or organisation. 

And that involves a quality product (regardless of price) and proper management of their resources, particular human resources and responding to any issues or complaints. 

My Paparazzi Jewelry Review - The Final Conclusion

Sometimes somethings seems like a great idea but in practise it doesn't work out that way. 

And Paparazzi Jewelry is exactly that - a great idea gone wrong. I doubt very much that you will make any money worthy of mentioning with this business opportunity - why else would they hide their income disclosure statement? 

Their poor shoody attitude to wards distributors - effectively their sales team in fixing and addressing complaints is another reason for me to suggest to you that you avoid this company. 

If you are still seeking a legitimate business opportunity with a company with a A+ BBB rating and where you can easily contact the owners directly then why not try my Top Recommended Program - I'm been a member since 2015 and will continue to do so. 

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