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Is The Altucher Report A Scam? An Honest Altucher Report Review [Updated]

Is The Altucher Report A Scam

Looking for The Altucher Report Reviews?. This report has been causing quite a stir online but who is James Altucher and what is the Altucher Report all about?. Is it some kind of scam or is it legit?. This is what I'll be covering in this article. 

Is The Altucher Report A Scam? 

Well, before I get down to answering that I'd like to congratulate you for being smart and seeking out independent 3rd party reviews. 

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Let's dig deep and find out all you need to know about The Altucher Report and find out if it is a scam or legit!

The Altucher Report Review 

Product Name: The Altucher Report

Founder(s): James Altucher Published by Choose Yourself Financial

Product Type: Financial Advice Newsletter.

Price: US$99 can get it at a discount for US$49

Best For: Those interested in Investing and Finance. 

The Altucher Report Review

Summary: James Altucher is a real person with a proven track record in the world of finance, business and entrepreneurship.

There is a snag with this newsletter that you need to be aware of - keep reading to find out about that and read to the very end to find out about a very interesting alternative option for making money. 

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Rating: 65/100

Recommended: No.

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What Is The Altucher Report?

The Altucher Report is a premium subscription based financial advice newsletter which is published by Choose Yourself Financially and written by James Altucher.

It is not Published by Agora financial directly like many finance newsletters, but by a company owned by Agora Financial

Publications are delivered digitally to your email address and on the second Monday of every month. 

The Altucher Report covers and advises on: 

  • What Stocks To Invest In
  • How To Position Yourself In A Negative Trend
  • Advice On Business Trends And Starting Your Own Business.

The aim of the newsletter is help you lead a secure and happy life financially speaking. 

There are almost countless Financial Newsletters Available that compete with the Altucher Report, including: 

And are written by well known financial publishing houses such as Agora Financial or Banyan Hill.

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Who Is James Altucher? 

James Altucher, as my investigation uncovers is one of the top influencers on the social network Linkedin, a successful serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, a prolific writer and and author of a few best selling books on the topic of business and investing. 

​He has written: 

His Choose Yourself book was ranked second by USA Today in their list of the 12 best publications on business of all time. 

He co-founded over 20 businesses and sold his part in the businesses for quite substantial amounts. 

He is a graduate or Cornell University and Carnegie Mellon University. His Knowledge and experience in the world of finance comes from his experience as a hedge fund manager. 

He was written for all the major financial including:

Clearly James Altucher keeps himself very busy and is highly knowledgeable in their field of entrepreneurship and investing.

James Altucher Also has a number of other Newsletters including:

  • Altuchers Weekly Alpha Brain Report
  • Altuchers Investment Network
  • Altuchers 420% Syndicate
  • Altuchers Crypto Trader
  • Secret Income
  • Real Estate Trend Alert
  • Altucher Alliance

He also is the author of choose yourself guide to self publishing. 

Evidently this is not going to be a solid and reliable way of making money on a sustainable basis.

With Investment comes risk. 

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How Does The Altucher Report Work?

Firstly lets talk about what you get when you become a subscriber to the altucher report.

  • A Year long subscription to The Altucher Report Newsletter, Published 2nd Monday Of Every Month. Delivered to Your inbox!. 
  • Weekly Email Updates
  • VIP Email Alerts when a good time to buy or sell occurs. 
  • 6 Part Video series about Cryptocurrencies. 
  • A Copy Of Cryptocurrencies 101 book which details how to make a fortune on cryptocurrencies.

There are a series of bonuses being offered to entice subscribers: 

  • A Copy of The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth
  • Access To Members only Area of the website
  • How To Make 1,000% returns from the 7 biggest money making tends. 
  • Free Daily email newsletters, five minute forecast and The Altucher Confidential.

How Much Is The Altucher Report?

For a yearly subscription to the Altucher Report is US$99 per year but it is regularly available for US$49 - just about anyone at any time can and will get their hands on it at this price. 

At that price, less than a dollar per week and certainly very affordable. One thing you need to keep an eye on is the automatic re-subscription. 

Watch Out For The Freebies!

Depending on how and where you heard about The Altucher Report or any of the newsletters by James Altucher or Choose Yourself Financial you will be offered what I call expensive freebies. 

A number of the books by James Altucher get offered to you for "free" but you have to pay the postage - nothing at all wrong with that at all. It is a very common marketing ploy and it is genuine. 

With just one snag.

When you pay the US$4.95 postage, the company have your financial details and you are subscribed to the newsletter - unless you cancel it.

A lot of people don't realise that by getting the free book and paying for the postage they are getting "backdoored" into becoming a paying subscriber to the newsletter.

You must cancel inside 30 days otherwise you will be billed for a full years subscription to the newsletter. This ploy I have seen with other newsletter like Nova X Report, The Sovereign Investor Daily and The Kennedy Accounts

Is The Altucher Report Accredited By The BBB?

Firstly, A newsletter or publication in itself does not get Accredited nor rated by the Better Business Bureau.

We can however check out the publisher an have an indication as to how they are rated and how they conduct business. From this we can deduce how trusting we can be particularly on the consumer side of their business. 

Worthy of note, although appearing to be an independent publication, with the Altucher Report being published by Choose Yourself Financial, this publishing company comes under the umbrella of Agora Financial. 

Let's check out both companies and see how they fair with the BBB. 

Choose Yourself Financial is not accredited by the BBB and hold a very concerning and deplorable F Rating.  Agora Financial does not fair much better either as they are also unaccredited and hold a rating of NR - Not rated. 

This is rather concerning to say the least. 

The Altucher Report. Neither Choose Yourself Financial Or Agora Financial are well received by the BBB! Warning! Potential #scamalert

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The Altucher Report BBB Rating
Agora Financial BBB Rating

Common Complaints

There are a few rather revealing complaints about The Altucher Reports and other such similar newsletters by James Altucher. 

I have reproduced those complaints below as a form of evidence and for your reading to be aware of the type of complaints received about the company. 

The Altucher Report Complaints
The Altucher Report Complaints
Complaints About The Altucher Report

What I Liked About The Altucher Report

There is a lot to like about the Altucher Report namely: 

  • Written by a Real Person and not a fictitious made up Persona
  • James Altucher is a proven and successful individual in the field of business and finance. 
  • Very affordable newsletter

What I Did Not Like About The Altucher Report

Nothing is ever perfect and there are somethings that I don't like about The Altucher Report. 

  • Horrible BBB Rating - Could not be worse!
  • Many Subscribers Unwittingly backdoored into subscribing.
  • It has been said the newsletters are used for self promotional purposes of other products by the Author.

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Can You Make Money With The Altucher Report?

It is feasible that you could make money with the investment and financial advice given. 

James Altucher is a proven expert in the field of finance and investing. It does not take an expert though to figure out that to make money from investing you need money to invest to begin with. 

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Is The Altucher Report A Scam Or Legit?

I would not call a newsletter by a proven expert a scam at all. Far from it. This is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. 

What I don't like a though was a little underhand and scammy is the marketing ploy of "hoodwinking" people into becoming paying subscribers by taking their financial details "for postage" and sending them a "free book" while at the same time automatically subscribing (unless cancelled) to a year long auto renewable subscription to the newsletter. 

It is very unethical and distasteful.

The Altucher Report Review - The Final Conclusion

While it is actually possible and plausable that you could make money with the financial and investment advice given with the Altucher Report. 

If you are genuinely interested in what the guy has to say I suggest checking out his youtube channel or linkedin profile (where he is very active) and getting your hands on one of his books first. 

It is much safer in my opinion to test the waters in this fashion than to be sidelined into a years subscription to a newsletter you may not want. 

If you are interested in the world of finance and investing - you could very easily create a blog about the topic and recommend certain products to your readers, be it newsletter like the one I have just reviewed, or the many others mentioned in this article and earn a commission. 

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