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Is Online Sales Pro A Scam? List Builder Or List Breaker? [Review]

Is Online Sales Pro A Scam

Looking For Online Sales Pro Reviews?

Then I welcome you to my review of online sales pro!.

If you are into digital marketing I'm sure you have already heard about this lead generation software but might be a little unsure about it, wondering if it is a scam or if it really is as good as they say it is.

Is it the best in the best lead generation software out there?

Let's find out!

Online Sales Pro Review 

Product: Online Sales Pro

Founder(s): Grady Polcyn & Joel Kellman

Product Type: Lead Generation Software And Sales Software

Price: $47/month or $300 annually, or Upgraded version $97/month or $797 billed annually

Best For: Digital Marketers seeking to generate more leads

Online Sale Pro Review

Summary: Online Sales Pro is an effective tool and training to help you build your list, but is lacking in some key areas - keep reading to find which ones. It certainly something that can help you to generate leads.

Rating: 80/100

Recommended: Yes. 

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What Is Online Sales Pro?

Online Sales Pro Is a Lead Generation Platform aimed at converting traffic to your website into leads and eventually sales. You can even use Online Sales Pro to build and grow your email list. 

Their lead generation system includes customizable capture pages. It is a system that is very simple and easy to use, even for non-tech minded people like myself. 

There are some pretty cool features in the app that comes with the system where if you land a sale or get a lead you get an instant notification. 

Online sales pro comes with some training focused on affiliate marketing and the use of social media for that purpose. The main focus is on building your email list. 

They have several different sales funnels complete with sales pages and capture pages for popular business opportunities and are always adding new ones. 

There is also an affiliate program attached to Online Sales Pro where you can earn a commission for recommending their product. 

The founders and owner of this platform are Grady Polcyn & Joel Kellman, and not Vincent Ortega Jr. as claimed by many other sites. 

Vincent released a statement to clarify the confusion back in August of 2016 clarifying the confusion caused by poorly researched articles.

His statement clarified that he does not and did not own the company and only received a royalty from each sale made. He does not promote Online Sales Pro anymore. 

Similar Platforms for lead generation include:

  • Click Funnels
  • LeadPages
  • BuilderAll
  • Thrive Themes
  • My Lead System Pro
  • Legendary Marketer
Affiliate Marketing

How Does Online Sales Pro Work?

The functionality of Online Sales Pro is pretty easy to explain!. It follows a well worn path to building a list and generating leads that many other similar tools perform. 

The process is very easy to understand.

  • Step 1: Build Your Capture Page

At this juncture it is important for me to point out that I use the term "Capture page" and "Landing Page" interchangeably - they both mean the same thing. 

A Landing page (or Capture page) is simply a page that is specifically designed to capture a visitors details, usually their Name and email address. 

An example of a capture page by Search Engine Optimisation Expert Brian Dean can be seen below. 

Capture Page Example

The main feature of Online Sales Pro is the Landing Page Builder. There are almost countless templates to choose from. 

Once you have selected which one you would like to use all that is left for you to do is to personalize the landing page to suit your brand by editing some text and adding images. 

It is very user friendly and very easy to do. Definitely what I would call user friendly.  

  • Step 2: Connect Your Autoresponder

To collect emails, you need to have a subscription to an autoresponder service.

An autoresponder is a piece of software that collects emails and can send a prewritten series of emails that you have created to help you to generate more sales or to direct traffic to anywhere you wish. 

Examples Of Autoresponders Include:

  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit

There is a "mini-autoresponder" inside Online Sales Pro but is only available for those that are promoting Online Sales Pro. 

Autoresponders normally cost between $19 to $39 with costs depending on the number of subscriber that you have on your mailing list. 

It is in my opinion that Convert Kit is the best autoresponder on the market, unfortunately Online Sales Pro does not integrate with this autoresponder.  

Once you have your landing page ready and your autoresponder seamlessly integrated you are read to drive traffic to your landing page. 

  • Step 3: Generate Traffic And Send It To Your Landing Page

Traffic is the life blood of your business. Traffic is the equivalent of people walking past your shop for an offline physical business. 

The more people walking past your shop (or visiting your site) the more likely you are to make a sale. 

It is by far the most important part. No traffic, no sales, no money!. 

I do find it odd that getting traffic being the most important part yet there is no training to help you to get traffic. 

They do have some training on social media marketing, this is only one source of traffic and that can be used. To have a proper business you will need a variety of traffic sources and methods. 

To explain, what happens when your Facebook reach gets cut or your Instagram Account banned? 

Bye bye to your business!. 

Take a holistic and synergistic approach to traffic generation and include multiple sources. Do that and you can have success like these guys. 

  • Step 4: Follow Up Series Of Emails

Once you have traffic going to your landing page, a certain amount will enter their contact details and your list, with time will grow. 

It is at this point that you keep in contact with your list, build trust, create rapport and build your relationship with your list. 

This is done through a series of emails that you have prewritten in advance in your autoresponder which will send the emails automatically at the predetermined time that you have set. 

With some well written emails you will make some sales. 

The great thing here is, with a good sized list, you can make your list a good source of traffic as you in your email you can divert traffic anywhere, even to your site. 

  • Step 5: Getting Sales

The final step, getting sales is by well crafted emails and monetizing your email list and sending then offers to either your own products or affiliate products and even to product reviews that you have written. 

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What Is Included With Online Sales Pro?

Now that we have talked about What Online Sales Pro is and how it works, lets talk about what you get with online sales pro. 

The following is what you get with your OSP membership: 

  • An Extensive Database Of Landing Page Template

When you start you own online business you really do need to have solid platform from which to grab the attention of your visitors. 

Online Sales Pro has a database of landing pages that have been designed, tested and proven to be effective for converting visitors into email subscribers.  

Designing your own landing page is something that is very challenging for individuals that are new to the world of digital marketing and more so for those, like myself that have zero tech skills!

Even if you are tech genius and building a landing page is not a problem at all you still, as new marketer need to understand what works and what does not in terms of getting visitors to convert into subscribers. 

Even though you can edit and customize the landing page templates in Online Sales Pro they are not fully customization.

You can just edit the text and images but the "core" of the landing page cannot be edited. 

One of the faults, if I was to be picky is the actual skill of designing high quality landing pages that convert is not taught with this program. 

  • Real-Time Stats 

Online Sales Pro shows you live real time data and statistics that help you analyse your marketing efforts and see what is working for you, what is converting so that you fix, adjust and get more conversions and sales. 

Do more of what is working and less of what is not working!. 

The particular feature I love is the App that alerts you when you get subscribers and sales.

There is nothing better when you are out with friends having fun and you get one of those alerts telling you that you have made money!

  • Social Media Training

You are probably pretty aware of the power and effect of social media in general and for business. 

OSP has a training centre that have teaches you how to use different social platforms and how to leverage the potency of social media and help make it effective for your business. 

Remember Social media is only one traffic source. You need a variety to succeed in a sustainable manner. 

  • The OSP Affiliate Program

Online Sales Pro do have an affiliate program which allows you to earn by recommending the product. 

The current commission rate is 30% To 40% and is available ONLY for members. 

This is something that I really disagree with, I might be mistaken here, but I am pretty sure private "pay to play" affiliate programs are illegal. 

Online Sales Pro Affiliate Program

Just for full disclosure I am NOT an affiliate of Online Sales Pro, I totally disagree with having to pay to promote a product.

Besides, I can design my own custom landing page and live without the custom notifications and track my results using other software, including Google Analytics (free!) if I set it up in a certain way. 

Meaning, I have no real need for OSP but would have to pay for the privilege of promoting it!.

No thanks!. 

I strongly disagree because, besides making money for myself, I am also making money for the company and it should be a free affiliate program!.  

Online Sales Pro Affiliate Program

Rather disgustingly you have to pay to promote online sales pro! 

Who Is Online Sales Pro For? 

Online Sales Pro is designed for the following group of users: 

  • Network Marketers
  • Online Coaches
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Small Business Owners

In short their target audience is anyone who has an online business and/or needs to build and grow their email list. 

Despite it being marketed by some as a business opportunity, this is not what it is. It is a product with an affiliate program.  

If you have an online business Online Sales Pro can help you to grow your business.

Why Build A List?

If you have spent any amount of time in the world of digital marketing you will have already heard he phrase many times that "The money is in the list". 

Although true, very true and research backs this up. It is more the money is in how you treat your list. care about them, genuinely care and you can do much better, don't care and treat it like a "cash cow" and you won't do so well. 

When you have a list of subscribers you have traffic on demand, which you can send anywhere you wish. If you are an affiliate marketer having a list like this can save you from deadly google (and social media) algorithm updates. 


Building your list is also building a traffic source. 

You can also think of your list building as building your audience, this is what your audience or crowd was way back in the dark ages before social media - your email list. 

With your list you also have your own communication channel where subscribers can easily reach out and reply to your messages - be sure to reply as you build a relationship with a potential customer. 

How Much Will Online Sales Pro Cost You? 

Depending on which version you decide on and your payment plan Online Sales pro will set you cost between $25 per month and $97 per month.

Essentail Plan: $47 per month or $300 billed yearly -(works out at $25/month)

Complete Plan: $97 Per month or $792 Billed Yearly - (Works Out at $66/month)

What I Liked About Online Sales Pro

There are a lot of things about Online Sales Pro, such as: 

  • Mobile Optimized

This is good as many users, particularly when online are using their smartphones or tablets. Also mobile optimized in the sense they have pretty cool app that gives push notifications when you get sales or subscribers!. 

  • Landing Page Templates Database

If you are anything like me you will find pre built and custom made landing page templates  pretty good, time saving and well, handy!. 

They have done the hard work for you and already tested out how well they convert. All you need to to is edit them slightly and brand them as your own. 

  • Social Media Training

Training you how to use social media for your business is a good thing, no denying the fact that social media is a powerful tool for online businesses, just how effective it is depends on how you use it. 

What I Did Not Like About Online Sales Pro

There were some things that I did not like about Online Sales Pro. Namely:

  • You Need To Pay To Join Their Affiliate Program

I find this part absolutely disgusting!. You should never pay to join an affiliate program period!. 

  • Landing Pages Lack Full Customization

You can only edit and not fully customize the landing pages on Online Sales Pro. Hence another additional dislike, they don't actually teach you how to make your own landing page or what the key elements of and effective landing page that converts visitors well into customer or subscribers.

  • Very Limited As far As Autoresponder Integration Goes

Online Sales Pro Only works with a Very limited number of autoresponders. 

Can You Make Money Online Sales Pro?

Yes, it is possible for you to make money with Online sales pro however, I am no so convinced in regards to earning a full time income with them due to needing to have a high volume of sales consistently and customer retention. 

besides, why would you want to build a business around a single product?.

It is something that you could recommend to your audience as something to help them to build their list along side other products.  

Affiliate Marketing

Is Online Sales Pro A Scam Or Legit?

Online Sale Pro do appear to be scammy in the way in which they oblige that you are a fully fledged paying customer in order to qualify for being an affiliate of their product. 

However, they are are not a scam and do provide you with a legitimate product, training and means of building your subscriber list. Definitely not a scam in my opinion. 

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My Online Sales Pro Review - The Final Conclusion

It is in my opinion that Online Sales Pro is something that could help you to build and grow your email list and is something that I do recommend, particularly if you are new and don't know how to build your own custom landing page. 


 if you don't have an online business and seeking something more than just promoting a single product then I suggest that you give some consideration to what has been very effective for me since 2015 and continues to "bring home the bacon" for me month after month. 

How I Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is my Number 1 recommended way for making money in the digital world both for those just starting out and those that are semi experienced. 

The reasons are pretty simple:

  • No huge startup costs!
  • No Selling face to face!
  • No Stock to keep or manage!
  • No huge investment involved - (Get started for $19!)
  • No networking or recruiting required. 
  • You can operate in any market you wish! - even your hobbies & passion!
  • Earn a full time income & more!. No limit to your earning potential!. 

In fact...

I have created and built a regular mid 4 figure passive monthly income and fully enjoy a life of travel to where I want and when I want. With no boss to answer to and zero annoying co-workers I completely enjoy life and work when I choose to.

This is all thanks to Affiliate Marketing!

Proof WA Photo 1

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Derek Marshall

Hi folks, I'm Derek and like yourself, I was struggling along in the digital world, and yes I got scammed once or twice..but not thrice!. I noticed most of these low quality programs and methods like surveys and yes...most MLM don't teach you the process nor the skills of earning money online. If you are willing to put in the effort and take the time to learn the process and the skills then do Try My #1 Recommended Program FREE For 7 Days and get personal mentoring from me as part of your bonus!.

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