Is Auto Lotto Processor A Scam? – You Bet It Is [Review]

Is Auto Lotto Processor A Scam

Looking For Independent and honest Auto Lotto Processor Reviews?. In this review I seek to answer all the questions that you may have about this product such as - Is Auto Lotto Processor A Scam?  - Is it legit? can you make money with it?

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Let's get on with this review and find out all we can about Richard Lustig's Auto Lotto Processor and if it is a scam or legit!. 

Auto Lotto Processor Review 

Product: Auto Lotto Processor

Founder(s): Richard Lustig

Product Type: Lottery Winning Software

Price: US$197

Best For: Nobody

Auto Lotto Processor review

Summary: Richard Lustig's Auto Lotto Processor is nothing more than a random number generator attempting to guess what 6 random number will be selected. It is, in my opinion a scam.

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Rating: 5/100

Recommended: No. 

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What Is The Auto Lotto Processor?

Auto Lotto Processor is another of the many lottery winning programs by Richard Lustig, who seems to have a thing for this kind of product and making it available on clickbank. 

Other products of his include, lotto decoded and Lottery Dominator

If you have seen the Auto Lotto Processor you will have seen the advertising and marketing cliches with dozens of photos of people claiming to have struck it lucky after using the software to win the lottery. 


Richard Lustig, Who even has his own Wikipedia page, makes the claim that he hired:

  • 5 mathematical experts in statistical analysis, 
  • 4 advanced mathematical theory experts 
  • 3 Computer Science Grads.

To develop the science, math and algorithm behind the Auto Lotto Processor to come up with the likely "random" numbers that will be selected in the lottery draw.

Sure, the video presentation is long and drawn out and there is no real indication of any mathematical analysis being being performed nor why certain numbers occur more frequently that others...nor when!. 

Behind the marketing hype there is that pungent distinctive scent of bovine excrement!. 

I have absolutely no doubt at all that you will come across many positive reviews of Auto Lotto Processor, perhaps you have already...

The product is on the Clickbank market place, which provides a product owner with an army of unscrupulous affiliates who promote the product in exchange for a commission. 

These reviews, every single one of them are fake reviews!. 

Think about it, if Auto Lotto Processor did actually work would you:

  1. Use the product yourself and win the lottery and retire rich on island or  
  2. Promote the product for a few bucks and potentially share any lottery winnings that you may get (if it works).

That, in itself tells you the product is fake, the reviews are fake and those despicable bunch promoting it are a dishonest bunch not to be trusted at all!.

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How Much Does The Auto Lotto Processor Cost?

To get your hands on this magical software you need a few spare bucks or a small lottery win yourself. US$197 is the price tag!. 

Ironically - at that price you can buy fair few lottery tickets and stack the odds in your favour a lot more - maybe even more so than some program that is a little more than a random number generator!. 

Who Is Behind Auto Lotto Processor?

I have mentioned him a few times already, rather surprisingly has a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. 

Rather surprisingly he does actually, should I be more accurate did actually have a fair amount of luck when it comes to winning the lottery as he passed away on August 16th 2018 - as per his Facebook profile. 

Personally, not being too cynical here - there is no mention of the how, be it health related or natural, just that he did. There is also no reaction on social media by anyone of the "Lustig" name, no comment, nothing which is kind of strange to me. 

No "RIP" No comments as to any memories of him, zero. Personally I expected to see some "Lustig" commenting in that nature.

Not a mention at all by either or his two daughters facebook pages, Jennifer or Cosseta around the same date or a year later or Christmas time or New Year. 

Very odd (to me), further more only one is listed as a friend on social media.  

I can completely confirm Richard Lustig is a real person, I just think the passing away thing is Fake! - also only mentinoned on one of two facebook profiles of the same person!. 

Auto Lotto Processor #Scam Affiliates. Think about it - If they can win the lottery with the software why do they promote it? #Idiots

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Richard Lustig Lottery Winning Fame began in 1993, his first lottery win. Since then he won the lottery a further 6 times with winning coming from both regular lottery and playing scratch cards. 

His life time winnings totalled US$1,047 Million, which is pretty impressive. 

Less impressive is the fact he was more playing the numbers game more than anything. He wrote a 23 page book - still on amazon, reading the reviews you can basically come up with his method!.

Basically buy as many tickets as you can, never change your number and never miss a draw!. When it comes to lottery scratch cards - buy a whole batch!.

It doesn't take a mathematical genius or world class statistician to figure out that all he is doing is playing the numbers game. 

Ask enough pretty girls for a kiss and eventually you are going to get one!. 


What is not known if Richard Lustig actually profited form his lottery escapades. Sure he won a total of over a million bucks but how much of that went back on buying more tickets? 

Getting real here - if you won a million bucks through your life, on top of your regular earnings would you turn to selling "Internet Crapola" on Clickbank to make a living? 

How Does The Auto Lotto Processor


Even when you dig through the website, watch the video there is no indication as to how the Auto Lotto Processor functions or how it is any better or improved from other programs and software by the same Richard Lustig. 

A brief indication of how it works, without revealing the exact formulation or algorithm behind it would add some kind of credibility to what is really no more than hearsay!. 

In short the whole site, which does make for painful reading, and the presentation is no more than hearsay!.

No real "beef", but plenty bovine excrement!. 

You would think that a guy, with small team of mathematician and the likes that have just discovered some formulation or mathematical theory would be in high demand by the world top universities like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford and so on. 

As far as uncovering an algorithm of that nature you be in high demand by the likes of google, Facebook...and companies like Cambridge Analytica...and not appearing on some shoody $90 website promoting a product on Clickbank, who hold a reputation for being a "ScamBank" due to them low quality of their products!. 

Despite the owners claims of hundreds of people using Auto Lotto Processor to win $25 to $35 on the lottery every week, despite my research not a single individual comes forward to confirm such claims to be true. 

Auto Lotto Processor’s Terms and Conditions

There are no terms and conditions in regards to the Auto Lotto Processor. Having no such terms and conditions or terms of service is an indication of an unprofessionally put together product. 

Definitely a red flag raiser in my opinion. Particularly in this day and age of Surveillance capitalism, you own details, are not protected and your data should they wish - be sold to marketing companies. 

The only guarantee that you get is by the marketplace, clickbank which is a 60 day money back guarantee. 

What I Liked About The Auto Lotto Processor

No matter how bad a product is I do try to see the good side of it, that is my Positive Pete side of me. 

There were two things of note that stand out, positivity wise. 

  • The owner is a real person that had some kind of knack of winning the lottery
  • 60 day money back guarantee.

What I Did Not Like About The Auto Lotto Processor

Just as there is not a lot of good about Auto Lotto Processor, there is not a lot of bad things either other than being an obvious scam. Here is what I don't like about the product:

  • The army of scammers promoting the product knowing it is a scam. This is very unethical!
  • No real genius behind the method other than buy a lot of tickets!
  • Likely no real math behind the software other than being a random number generator.

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Can You Make Money With The Auto Lotto Processor

No it is very unlikely that you will make money with the Auto Lotto Processor, not on a sustainable basis and not even as a scum bag marketer that is promoting the product! 

I suggest that you don't!.

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Is Auto Lotto Processor A Scam Or Legit?

There is no doubt in my mind that paying so much money for a product that is a little more than a random number generator generating random numbers attempting to predict what a random number generator will produce. 

In my opinion a complete and total scam!

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My Auto Lotto Processor Review - The Final Conclusion

I have to hand it to Richard Lustig for being ballsy enough to gamble away a large portion of his lottery winnings back on to buying more and buying entire batches of scratch cards. 

Evidently a man with more money that sense!.

With any sizeable winning You better believe I'd be investing it or paying off my mortgage!. 

Auto Lotto Processor has been disproved by math professors and finance experts as not having any real significant improvement in your ability to win the lottery, no even smaller more regular wins. 

Instead of complicating your life or wasting your hard earned money on some kind of random number generator, online surveys that pay peanuts or annoying the crap out of your friends and family to join "your team" on some kind of MLM program. 

Seek out a proven way and method that works and stick to them. That is how I have been making money online since 2015. Finding a proven system that works, and will continue to do so for many years so to come and sticking with it!. 

I have no particularly gifted skills for computers or online marketing or business, I just followed the instructions, kept faith and kept with the program. 

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