How To Find A Niche Market – All You Need To Know About Niche Site Research!

How To Find A Niche Market

Are You Struggling to find your niche market? New To Niche Marketing And Just want To Know How To Find A Niche Market?

I hear you loud and clear!. The difficulty with niche marketing is that nobody really shows you how to find a niche or how to find if your niche is a viable one in terms of traffic, keywords, competition, products to promote and how to do it easily with a full on live examples!

I bring to you what I feel is the absolute ultimate guide to finding the most profitable niche markets and sites for you!.

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You can consider this as a blueprint for finding a niche or indeed the ultimate guide to niche research.

A niche market is at its most simplest form a market sector or sub sector of a market.

Keep reading if you are struggling to find your niche! I reveal over 130+ niche market examples with each market shown broken down to showing a profitable niche list for you to take your pick from and chose your niche. 

Do pull up a chair and grab a cuppa Joe as this is one hell of a detailed and extensive article and enjoy as I reveal exactly how to research a niche market from start to finish and find out exactly if your niche idea is a viable one.

I use a rather unique evergreen niche as an excellent example as I dig down and do it live and step by step for you. 


How To Find A Niche Market - The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Most Profitable Niche Markets

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In essence, there exists only two types markets that you can do business with, the consumer market and the business market.

If you are say, Al Bundy, and selling shoes or any product from a retail store your target market, of course, is consumers. If you are selling office equipment your market is businesses.

The latter is known as "B2B", an abbreviation for business to business sales.

And The Business Niche, is one that would certainly form part of my profitable niches list, regardless of being B2C or B2B market.

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In the world of affiliate marketing, it is most likely that your target audience is the consumer market, although you could get lucky if you are running a site dedicated to computers or business laptops and a business finds your site and buys say 10, or 20 laptops, or computers.

Getting Targeted - Time To Niche Down!

There is no single business, especially smaller ones, that can be everything to everyone. The more specific, targeted and defined your particular audience is the better it is for you and your business success.

This, getting targeted and defined is an integral part of niche marketing strategy.

Make no mistake about it, you are building a business and a brand for long term success.

The sooner you realize this and act as well as think of your website as a business (Vs Just thinking of it as a "blog" or "just a website") the better. This process of defining your audience is known as creating or defining your niche.

Some call it "niching down".

The More Targeted And Specific Your Niche Market Strategy Is The Greater Your Chances Are Of Success #Blogging #NicheMarketing  

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I hope that you are enjoying this tutorial on how to find a niche market, keep reading as we go through the step by step process that I use to find the most profitable niches.

It is crucial for even the largest and biggest of companies such as Walmart, who's target audience is the bargain-minded shopper yet there is plenty room for others in the retail sector.

Take 99 Ranch Market that operates in the speciality sector of Asian goods, or the many Hispanic/Latino food stores and the Kosher and natural and organic food retailers as fine examples of defining their market sector and knowing their audience.

These are great examples of niching down!

Understand that you simply can't be everything to everyone. Getting highly targeted, like those Asian, Latino or speciality Organic food markets and know exactly what your niche is.


Being very specific and very detailed allows you to carve out your own fair share of a less noisy, less crowded sector.

Often in this business, smaller is bigger!. And you can establish yourself and your site quicker!.

How To Find A Niche Market

The 5 Principle Markets That All Of The Most Profitable And Successful Niche Sites Relate To...

Absolutely everyone on this planet has the desire to be happy and content in key and important parts of their lives. That is Health, Wealth, and Love.

It is often said in English that it is "your health that brings you your wealth". Essentially, everyone wants to be healthy and strong, to live a very long life, to have financial security and stability as well as happy and loving relationships.

If you are thinking of building a niche site in these areas, the Health, Wealth or Relationship sectors then you are on a very good track. The other two highly profitable markets are Self Development/Self improvement and Pastimes, hobbies and interests.

It is this last one that most people chose, which is their passions. Something that the training in Wealthy Affiliate suggests that you create a niche around.

A Quick Recap The Top 5 Most Profitable Niche Markets Are:

  • Health And Wellness
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Self Development/Self Improvement
  • Hobbies, Interests, Personal Passions, Favourite past times.

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There is, of course, some overlap and crossover between these niches such as fitness and bodybuilding can fall into both Health And Wellness and is also a hobby and personal passion. Meditation can indeed fall into both self development and health and wellness.

Let's drill down and find some potentially profitable top niches!

Drilling Down And Finding Your Niche Market!

Let us now get our hands dirty and get right down to the nitty gritty of finding some good niches and market sectors that are within the set of the top 5 most profitable niches.

Starting with.....

Health And Wellness

  • Bodybuilding And Fitness

As mentioned above both bodybuilding and fitness are viable niches that fall in this niche area. Bodybuilding is a great one, as a person dedicated to getting their body in peak shape spends a fortune on sports supplements and there is absolutely no shortage of supplements to recommend and promote.

Low testosterone, or improving testosterone levels naturally are sub niches that fall nicely as a sub niche of bodybuilding and on its own under Health & Wellness.

Just for the record, I have a niche in this very area. I welcome the competition. Shoot me a message in the comments section below if you want to know great products and merchants that convert very well.

Very good examples of sites in this area to emulate are peaktestosterone.com and anabolicmen.com

Other niche sites and markets of interests, and one that has me twitching and very interested in is Pre Workout Supplements, which are incredibly popular amongst the very same group of people.

Bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts are very keen on nitric oxide boosting prework out supplements as are for naturally increasing human growth hormone levels and post workout out supplements to aid their recovery.

I recommend And Suggest that you bookmark this guide and article (Ctrl +D) so that you can come back to it and start reading where you left off and not miss out on any of the awesome tips and techniques 

Better still, take a few seconds to sign up for my 7 day 100% Free E-course on blogging and you will get absolutely everything you need to succeed delivered via email over the next week!

Let Us Have A Quick Recap Here!

  • Profitable Niches List In This Sector

Health And Wellness-->Bodybuilding-->Natural Testosterone Enhancement

Health And Wellness-->Bodybuilding-->Best Pre-Workout Supplements

Health And Wellness-->Bodybuilding-->Best post Workout Supplements

Health And Wellness-->Bodybuilding-->Naturally Augmenting Human Growth Hormone Levels.

4 viable niches in the Bodybuilding subsector of the Health And Wellness Market, I have not even mentioned gym gear, gym equipment or workouts and routines, or Bodybuilding for women, Bodybuilding for teens, Bodybuilding for Middle Aged Men!.

Because more money IS waiting for you as a niche marketer. The Question is WILL YOU TAKE IT?!?

How To Find A Niche Market

Bodybuilding and gym enthusiasts represent an excellent market sector, I have mentioned 10 sub-niches related to the bodybuilding subsector or Health & Wellness.

Stress Management Niche

Stress, People are always looking for ways to deal with both physical and mental stress. This I do believe is on the rise and a growing industry.

More and more people are seeking natural ways of dealing with their problems and stresses in their daily lives.

There are many solutions and herbal products as well as meditation courses that can help people suffering from mental and physical stress.

In my other health site, stress is a leading cause of the condition and thus I know of quality adaptogenic herbs that have properties that could help your audience to deal much better with physical and mental stresses of life.

Drop me a line if you are need of, or interested in promoting those products and that particular merchant.

Truestressmanagement.com is an affiliate site that shows examples of great content and holistic products that are available in the stress management sector.

Viable and good niches in this area include Stress Management tips for women, Stress Managment for Single Mum's, Stress management for Business Executives. Best Ways For Teens to Manage Stress. Stress Management for Housewives, managing stress naturally. Dealing with break up stress.

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Stress Management Niche - A Quick Recap

Potentially Untapped Niche Markets 

  • Health And Wellness-->Stress Management-->Stress Management Tips For Women
  • Health And Wellness-->Stress Management-->Stress management Idea For Single Mom's
  • Health And Wellness-->Stress Management-->Stress management Idea For Business Executives
  • Health And Wellness-->Stress Management-->Stress management Idea For Bored Housewives.
  • Health And Wellness-->Stress Management-->Managing Stress Naturally and Holistically
  • Health And Wellness-->Stress Management-->Managing The Stress Of A Relationship Breakup
  • Health And Wellness-->Stress Management-->Stress Management Tips For Teens and Young Adults
  • Health And Wellness-->Stress Management-->Stress Management For Students Dealing With Exam Stress!

That is 8 good sub niches all relating to the $2 Billion a year Stress management market. Can you think of more? If so, comment below!.

How To Find A Niche Market

Helping people to deal with stress, anxiety and depression in healthy, holistic manner is a great niche in the Health And Wellness Sector

Pro Tip: As a niche site marketer this is exactly what you are doing, presenting people with high-quality solutions to the problems in their lives, helping them, not selling to them.

If you manage to achieve that, you will make their lives better and they will buy from you and become a repeat customer. First and foremost be someone that helps people to solve their problems.

Insomnia Market

Closely related to stress and perhaps a leading cause of mental stress is insomnia, which is, of course, a very frustrating health concern and a problem that sufferers are seeking information and solutions to.

Such solutions could be anything from herbal sleeping pills to space age and very comfortable memory foam mattresses and pillows as well as meditation techniques to help relax the mind and drift off to sleep. Not to mention audio hypnosis sessions.

You can find some interesting examples of Insomnia blogs for research purposes right restonic.com/blog/top-sleep-blogs.

A very interesting niche and sub niche could be for those that work night shifts and have difficulties sleeping during the day.

The insomnia is a niche market worth $5 Billion a year in the US alone..go grab your fair share of the market And blog all night about your insomnia problem or help people with theirs!

List Of Niche Markets Related To Insomnia

Health And Wellness -->Insomnia-->Sleep Guide For Night Shift Workers.

Health And Wellness -->Insomnia-->Sleep Help For New Parents

Health And Wellness -->Insomnia-->Natural And Herbal Solutions For Insomnia

Health And Wellness -->Insomnia-->Solutions For Stress Induced Insomnia

Tinnitus "Rings A Familiar Bell"

And what could keep you awake at night, perhaps a ringing sound in your ears?. Yep Tinnitus, is another authentic niche.

Over 60 Million Americans suffer from Tinnitus and my Jaaxy keyword research tool is showing some awesome search volumes for terms in this niche market.

Ringing in your ears could very end up "ringing" in a small fortune and a semi-passive income from blogging about it and helping people to solve their tinnitus problem!.

There are plenty of independent merchants with their own unique solutions and products. There are quite a lot of solutions available on Amazon and Clickbank.

Viable Sub Markets To Dominate

Health And Wellness-->Tinnitus-->Solutions For Men

Health And Wellness-->Tinnitus-->Cures For Women

Health And Wellness-->Tinnitus-->Natural Ways To Deal With Tinnitus

Health And Wellness-->Tinnitus-->A Parents Guide To Helping Children Manage Tinnitus.

Health And Wellness-->Tinnitus-->A Support Group And Site For All Sufferers.

Health And Wellness-->Tinnitus-->A Site For our Hero's (War Vets!).

High Blood Pressure

If your blood is boiling and you are getting all tensed up about not finding a profitable niche you most certainly would want to keep an eye on your blood pressure!.

High blood pressure, a silent killer if undetected and poorly managed is a great niche to get involved with.

Approximately 75 million Adult Americans are suffering from hypertension, that is 1 out of every 3, only half of the sufferers have their condition under control.

Providing natural solutions to this common condition and taking a cause and effect approach, (find the causes, underlying conditions that are causes of high blood pressure) and present good quality viable solutions and you will have a very good niche on your hands.

Potential products to review and recommend include at home blood pressure monitors and trackers, natural supplements, solutions to stress (a cause of high blood pressure).

If and when you find solutions to the causes of the condition you will find an almost limitless amount of products to help your readers with. Sweet!.

Possible Sub Niches

Health And Wellness-->High Blood Pressure-->Dealing With Stress Related High Blood pressure

Health And Wellness-->High Blood Pressure-->Natural Health Solutions For High Blood Pressure

Health And Wellness-->High Blood Pressure-->Help With Hypertension For Middle Aged Men/Women!.

 Health And Wellness-->High Blood Pressure-->Solutions For Senior C

Because you already have a idea for a profitable niche. The Question is: Are You GOING TO TAKE ACTION?!?

How To Find A Niche Market

Hypertension is a silent killer, and you could make a killing in that niche!

Diabetes As A Niche

Talking of sweet, got a sweet tooth?. if you have you most certainly would want to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels so that you don't suffer from diabetes!. Which is very much an epidemic these days.

Speciality niches for type 1 or type 2 as well as diabetes cookbook sites would make an excellent entry into this niche market.

Glucometers, natural solutions by means of herbs that aid in the management of the condition, specialist cookbooks (even make your own and publish it! even go a step further video cookbook course!), specialist diabetes diets to help sufferers lose weight safely, exercise programs.

There and tons of products and content ideas related to diabetes.

How To Find A Niche Market

Google Trends showing the evergreen potential of a diabetes niche site

Potential Sub Niches

The Diabetes niche does provide one or two very interesting sub niches within the realm of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and that is parents and mothers.

I am sure that diabetic parents are fairly cautious in regards to their young impressionable children seeing them inject insulin.

Health And Wellness-->Diabetes type 1 or 2-->Dealing with Diabetes For Pregnant Ladies

Health And Wellness-->Diabetes type 1 or 2-->Managing Diabetes For Women Who Wish To Breast Feed

Health And Wellness-->Diabetes type 1 or 2--> Diabetes Support For New Mums

Health And Wellness-->Diabetes type 1 or 2-->Diabetes Tips For New Parents (male/female)

Health And Wellness-->Diabetes type 1 or 2-->Diabetes help For Those Recently And Newly Diagnosed

Health And Wellness-->Diabetes type 1 or 2-->Caring For Diabetic Children

Health And Wellness-->Diabetes type 1 or 2-->Managing Diabetes For Teenagers

Health And Wellness-->Diabetes type 1 or 2-->Caring For Elderly Sufferers Of Diabetes

See, just how easy it is to find your niche market I have mentioned in the Health And Wellness Market 6 niches and 40 bonafide and viable sub niches!.

Time Now To Crack On With....

Wealth - Time To Make Some Money! Probably The Most Profitable Niche Markets!

The Wealth Niche is much more, way, way waaay much more than simply Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping and Making money online. Those I suggest are markets and very large and crowded ones at that.

The Wealth Niche

  • Forex

This niche very much something I personally tried but failed at. My own failure has nothing to do with the very legitimate Forex market. Simply put I was a newbie and had no idea what I was doing and zero strategies or trading techniques.

There is absolutely no obligation for you to trade foreign currencies at all. You could set up a site writing about the trading techniques, methods and of course recommend automated trading software or which brokers to use.

Interesting Sub Niches

College students, particularly business students and newbies are two stand out sub-niches in this market. Another could indeed be a niche dedicated to automated trading software and how to best use them.

Wealth-->Forex-->Best Forex Site For Beginners

Wealth-->Forex-->Forex Trading Techniques For Business Students.

Wealth-->Forex-->Best Forex Trading Bots

Forexfbi.com Is an outstanding example of a niche site in the forex trading bots category.

Very similar to Forex is the Cryptocurrency trading niche

Cryptocurrency Niche

Similar to forex, there is no requirement at all for you to be a crypto trader or any coin, be it bitcoin, bit coin cash, or any of the thousands of digital currencies on the market.

There is the very real possibility of you becoming a successful blogger in this area and gaining commissions for recommending training programs, trading bots, and offline storage devices like the nano ledger.

This niche area is relatively new, thus still many angles to come at it from and grab your slice of the pie!. Personally, I do think Crypto Trading for Successful single girls has a lovely ring to it.

And like forex trading and Forex FBI site you could make a site detailing the most effective bots.

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Potential Niches

Wealth-->Cryptocurrency-->A site dedicated to specific trading strategies

Wealth-->Cryptocurrency-->A Site detailing training programs

Wealth-->Cryptocurrency-->A site Detailing trading bots.

Wealth-->Cryptocurrency-->Crypto trading for lazy traders

Wealth-->Cryptocurrency-->Crypto trading for Successful Single Ladies!

How To Find A Niche Market

Stocks And Shares

Similar to the above niches, Stocks and Shares is a very popular and viable niche in its own right and many people do like to trade stocks as a hobby and to improve their own personal financial situation.

Similar to The aforementioned niches of cryptocurrency and forex this sub-niche also consists of creating content around training programs, trading bots and yes, general financial news from the business world.

There are many independent merchants as well as products from Clickbank and educational resources on Amazon.

Potential Sub Niches In This Area

Wealth-->Stocks And Shares-->Niche Site Dedicated To A Particular Business Sector's Shares!.

Wealth-->Stocks And Shares-->Site Dedicated To Penny Shares

Wealth-->Stocks And Shares-->Site Dedicated To Dividend Paying Shares

Wealth-->Stocks And Shares-->Stock Trading Strategies For Retirees Aiming To Top Up Their Pension

Wealth-->Stocks And Shares-->Stock Trading Tips For Middle Agers To Build Up Their Pension Fund

Wealth-->Stocks And Shares-->Stock Trading Site For Newly Weds Hoping To Save Up To Buy A Home!

Wealth-->Stocks And Shares-->Stock Trading Advice And Techniques To Help Build Up A College Fund!.

How To Find A Niche Market

Stocks and shares is a surprisingly popular niche area...and not exclusive to traders and city professionals either!.

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Affiliate Marketing

This, obviously is a very broad term which encompasses everything that I covered so far. Let's look at Affiliate Marketing from an "internet marketing'' and the rather noisy Make Money Online Sector.

Let's now get to work and dissect this sector and find who exactly this market attracts:

  • Single parents that are stuck at home with the kids
  • New Parents
  • Women
  • Students seeking a part time extra income
  • Disabled people who find it difficult to find gainful employment.
  • Teenagers looking for extra pocket money.
  • Those interested in Niche Site Marketing
  • Older citizens seeking to supplement their lowly pension
  • Military Service Professionals just ending their service and adjusting to Civilian life.
  • Anyone wishing to work from home.

This, as you can see, is quite a list and not by any means an extensive one!. Let's see if we can come up some ideas for a blog and site you can make some really good money from!. 

Possible Niche Sites For You

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->Single Mom's Blog Dedicated To Earning Money Online

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->Work At Home Mom's Site.

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->Work From Home Site For New parents

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->Site Absolutely Dedicated To Work From Home Women

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->Site Dedicated To Online Jobs That Students Can Do.

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->Blog Aiding Teenagers To Earn Extra Pocket Money.

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->A Site Dedicated To Niche Site Marketing

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->A Website Dedicated To Marketing Techniques

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->Blog Helping Out Retiree's To Earn Extra Money Online

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->Site To Help Veterans & Ex-Military To Earn Money Online

There is no shortage of sub niche ideas for you to enter. The actual Make Money Online market itself is very large, competitive and difficult to establish a site in. Going for a sub niche make it much easier for you.

You could even set up a site to expose all the scams out there!.

Wealth-->Affiliate Marketing-->Make Money Online-->Scam busting/exposing site!.

How To Find A Niche Market

There are plenty of sub-niches in the Make Money Online market that you could dominate and earn your living from.

Personal Finance

Personal finance is a market that could very easily be cut into two distinct sectors, those seeking a loan and those to save money and get the very best deals. Both of those sectors can be divided into specialist subniches and sub market sectors.

Despite never having had any finance or loan of myself, I simply disagree with it. That is my point of view and lifestyle. Millions of others take out new fresh loans or credit cards. Evidently a very large and lucrative market. Let's look at who wants a loan or credit card!.

  • Students!.
  • Parents of Students!
  • New Parents
  • Single Parents
  • Self Employed
  • Business Owners
  • Military Personnel and Vets.
  • Pensioners.

You can, of course, niche down to loan type.

  • Car loan
  • Home Improvement loan
  • Mortgage
  • Personal loan
  • Business loan
  • Student loan

Mixing and matching those can indeed come up with some very interesting niches in the personal finance sector.

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Home Improvement Loan-->New Parents

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Home Improvement Loan-->Newly Retired!.

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Home Improvement Loan-->Vets And Ex Military personal

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Business Loan-->First Time Business Owners

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Business Loan-->Self Employed

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Business Loan-->Single Parents Getting Into Business For The First Time!

Following that model, you can really come up with niches that are both very interesting and appealing.

You can also come up with similar sites related to the best credit cards for students/single parents/ self-employed/medical professionals/business owners and so on.

How To Find A Niche Market

The personal finance sector is, in my opinion, a pretty good one. People are always looking for the best deals. Help them to find it!.

Saving Money

Being thrifty!. Are you like me and great at saving money? Then you might just have some excellent money saving tips to pass on. Regardless, times of crisis or not there are always groups of people, similar to those listed above that have a need, a real need to cut some corners and save those pennies!.

Help them and pass on your advice, tips and techniques!.

Niche Site Ideas

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Money Saving Tips-->College Students Saving Tips!.

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Money Saving Tips-->Way For New Retiree's To Save Money

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Money Saving Tips-->Money Saving Ideas For New Parents

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Money Saving Tips-->Saving Tips For Newly Unemployed

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Money Saving Tips-->Saving Ideas For Single Parents

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Money Saving Tips-->Saving Tips For New Home Owners

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Money Saving Tips-->Money Saving Suggestions For New Business Owners

Wealth-->Personal Finance-->Money Saving Tips-->Money Saving Idea For College Graduates.

How To Find A Niche Market

Saving money can help you to make money!. Especially when you are advising and helping others to save money.


The dating and relationships market if you think is very girlie you would be highly mistaken!. There are many single people today, perhaps more than ever seeking their idea or dream partner, partners or indeed extra marital relationships!.

There is also the particular area of dating tips and flirting techniques for both sexes.

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Dating Niche Ideas And Possibilities

Relationships-->Reciently Divorced-->Dating Advice Tips On Meeting New Partners

Relationships-->Dating Assistance For Singles Over 30!

Relationships-->Dating Help For Singles Over 40.

Relationships-->Dating Tips For Single Parents!

Relationships-->Relationship Management For The Polyamourous!

Relationships-->Dating Techniques For Men

Relationships-->Dating & Flirting Advice For Women

Relationships-->Dating Help For Gay Women

Relationships-->Dating Advice For Gay Men

Relationships-->Dating & Relationship Advice For Bisexual Men and Women

This only a basic break breakdown of the relationship and dating market. You can, of course, break it down, to cover an individuals religion, (E.g Dating for Muslim, Christian or Buddhist Men and Women), personal likes such as Asian and Latinos.

Personally, I love the natural look of Asian woman and Latin women. If I was single, I would be looking for informative sites in regards to meeting Asian and Latin women!.

Relationship niche market is not exclusively limited to dating and relationships of the romantic nature.

Many people are seeking ways to improve other relationships such are their marriage and with their other half's, work colleagues, getting on better with their boss, neighbours, children be they young, teens, or adults.

These too are all very good, interesting and viable niches to enter!.

Because light bulbs are going off in your head! My Question is: Are you going to do something with those ideas?!?

How To Find A Niche Market

People are always in search for their ideal or perfect partner and thus, specific sites targeting a particular demographic makes for a good and potentially highly profitable niche site.

Self Development And Self Improvement

There are many brilliant and great niches in this area, and it is an area that I was highly interested in a short while ago. And perhaps I will one day sniff around this market again and set up a site dedicated to a specific area of Self development and Self Improvement.

Great areas include, but not limited to:

Learning a particular skill (woodwork, carpentry, calligraphy)

Learning to play a particular instrument.

Learning to dance.

Learning a language.

Developing self confidence.

Learning to meditate.

Public Speaking.

Learning to sing.

Learning elocution and getting abetter voice and pronunciation.

Learning to write a particular style (novels, fiction, sales letters, copyrighting).

Learning self-mastery.

Learn Cooking of a Particular type of cuisine, Asian, European, Carribean, Mexican, and so on!.

All of these are viable niches in the self-development and self-improvement industry and could make really profitable niche sites.

Incidentally speaking the cooking niche Asian cuisine can be broken down to Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and Asian fusion (Basically Malaysian cooking!), predominantly speaking. For European, Spanish, French, Italian being the dominant 3.

How To Find A Niche Market

Meditation and practising mindfulness is an interesting and growing niche in today's busy and hectic lifestyle!.

Hobbies, Interests, Personal Passions, Favourite Past Times

This final area of the 5 most profitable niche markets is perhaps the widest, biggest and most diverse of them all. Simply putting it anything that you are passionate about could make a fantastic niche site for you!.

One of the big bonuses is that it is one of the most fun of them all and creating content for something that you are highly passionate about and inspired hardly seems like work at all!.

Imagine that!. Getting paid for your passions!. That is so cool! seriously it is Uber cool!

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It is highly recommended at Wealthy Affiliate, Neil Patel, myself, and countless others.

Do your homework and make sure there is indeed plenty of products and commissions in what you are passionate about.

If not, you are sh*t out of luck!

....and there will be no point in making a niche site in regards to your passion unless you really want to struggle to make money from it!.

Also, you do want to make sure there are enough people interested in your passion so that you have an audience of a reasonable size. A Super rare hobby or personal interest that nobody else or very few people are into is not going to help you to quit your day job or pay off your student loan debt!.

Examples of hobbies, interests, personal passions, Favourite past times can include yoga, golf, football (Both Soccer and American Football), basketball, baseball, golf, survivalist and prepping, hair care, make up, skin care, model trains, Photography, gardening, gaming, magic tricks, gadgets, phones, and computers are all excellent niches of interest in this area.

And by now you can sure as heck guess that all of these can be niched down into something much more specific and targeted.

A few examples:

  • Skin care for teens suffering from acne.
  • Make up artistry for those seeking a career in theatre, TV, Movies.
  • Survivalist and Prepping for new parents fearing for their family.
  • Little league Baseball for Parents.
  • Soccer skills and guide to the game for Soccer moms!.
  • Basketball Skills and Drills for wanna be coaches and players seeking to improve their game.

I pretty sure that you have got the idea by now!

How To Find A Niche Market

Soccer is a great niche and a site dedicated to soccer moms could be very appealing!.

I am very sure, absolutely certain that you are getting the idea by now and how to "niche down" on a potential niche site idea. It comes down to a very basic and easy to follow formula.

How To Find A Niche Market - A Handy Formula To Follow

The majority of cases you could find a specific niche by simply taking the subject matter and then niching down into a sub topic of the initial topic. And then simply finding the type of person or group of people interested in that sub topic.

The Industry or Topic (e.g Health)-->Market or Sub Topic (E.g Heart Health)-->Specific Person Or Group Of People (E.g Men or Women over 40 with Hypertension).

Niche site: Heart health for men over 40 with high blood pressure

You'll have seen this formula in action many times before, let alone 130+ times in this article. Let me run one or two past you again to make extra sure that you have got it!.

Topic (Skin care)-->Sub topic (Anti-Ageing)-->Specific Group Of People Or Person (Women 50 years old+)

Niche Site: Anti ageing skin tips for women aged 50+

Topic Or Industry (Health & Wellness)-->Sub topic (Fitness)-->Specific Group Or People (People Training for A Tough Mudder)

Niche Site: People training for a tough mudder!.

How To Find A Niche Market

Tough Mudder. That is a great niche! Think training gear, footwear..nice commissions!.

Why Is It Important To Niche Down?

The more you can "drill down" on a niche and the more exact and specific, the more targeted to a particular person or group of people the greater your chance of success is.

If you try to market and base your content towards absolutely anyone and everyone the less specific and tailored your content is. It becomes general and generic.

Imagine you are trying to lose weight, a few extra pounds and you are a woman that has recently given birth.

As site more specific, more exacting towards your own needs helping new mothers to get back in shape is a site that you will spend more time on, (and possibly money too) than a general site with non-specific weight loss tips for you and aimed at everyone of all ages, race and gender.

The first example is of a site that more understands your exact needs and is much more targeted towards you Vs One that perhaps misses the mark in regards to your needs.

People want information, and we are in the business of information, that is specific and tailored towards them.

A heart health site specific for middle-aged men who are suffering from high blood pressure is much more appealing to men of that age range than a generic health site or a general heart health site.

Also, from the point of view of the site owners (us marketers, you!!) we can make much more detailed and focused sites, which in turn will be of greater value and use to the specific reader and audience.

You will appeal to nobody when you try to appeal to everybody!. Niche down and be targeted!.

Because you have awesome ideas for a niche, and all it takes is an idea!. The Question is: Are going to Act on those ideas?

How To Find A Niche Market

It is important to "niche down" and get targeted to hot the bullseye with your targeted audience.

How To Find A Niche Market - Finding The Most Profitable Niche Markets

More often than not people looking to get into niche site marketing and blogging erroneously think that they have to find some awesome and amazing niche that nobody else knows or has heard about.

Let's make it crystal clear right now, such a niche does not exist.

Trust me on that one!.

These new and unknown, undiscovered niches are only new undiscovered by you!.

Someone else always knows about them. Always. Be it a hobbyist or a marketer. Always!.

Competition is good. It means that money is changing hands, money is flowing, money and commissions are being made.

A super dooper brand new niche market with zero competition, think about it for a second. There is probably a very valid reason as to why the marketers are avoiding it. It is NOT and never is that they don't know about it.

That very valid reason usually has something to do with the green stuff!, Moolah!, money!.

Competition is an indication of there being a high demand in that niche area, it is also a good indicator of consumer activity online and thus people searching for information about the topic and spending their money.

Also, where there are blogs and websites in the niche, you can check them out for content ideas, keywords and of course you could network with the site owners in a mutually beneficial way like guest posting on each other's sites and leverage each other's traffic.

A very common technique and strategy. And a very good one at that!

Competition is, of course, a huge indicator that there are affiliate products to promote and sales to be made in that niche area.

There is really no need to reinvent the wheel!. Follow the money as they say!.

The very best niche markets for you to get involved in are often referred to as evergreen niches.

How To Find A Niche Market

Competition is good in niche site marketing and blogging. Follow the money!. Is there money to be made? if so, you may have found a good niche!.

What Is An Evergreen Niche?

An "evergreen niche" is a niche is one that is "forever green" and always in demand and on a perpetual basis, week after week, month after month and year after year and are not seasonal.

Such niches are related to, but not exclusively web hosting, Health, hobbies, gaming, wealth, relationships, self improvement, lifestyle, business, debt relief, gambling, quit alcohol, quit smoking, help with a habit. learning a language. weight loss, work from home, pain management, beauty, education and mental health.

In short evergreen niches never go out of style are not fads or fashions that come and go.

Evergreen niches have:

  • A high demand.
  • Plenty of products in the niche area
  • A track record that is proven over a number of years, even decades!.
  • Plenty of customers in the digital world!
  • A Lot of groups and websites as well as forums dedicated to the topic.
  • A healthy level of competition.

It makes much more logic and sense to go after and compete in a niche where you already know there is money to be made.

And just for the record getting targeted and niching down does not necessarily mean making little or less money. It only takes 600 customers per month to spend enough money to get you a $10 commission and you have made a sweet $6000 or $200 a day average for the month.

Go grab a pen and a piece of paper and take some notes as I am now going to show you exactly how to sniff around, find a niche and if there is money to made in that niche in a few easy steps!

How To Find A Niche Market

Sniff around and investigate evergreen niches to make money month after month and year after year!.

Focus On Your Own Hobbies And Problems!

You are not the only one in the universe with those specific problems or hobbies, whatever they may be. Unless your hobby is super rare and very few people are interested in it you are crap outta luck as far as a profitable niche goes!.

So what is your hobby? what do you spend your time doing, talking about with friends?. What do you have a special interest in?

Drinking beer?

Guess what! craft beer is a great niche. And there are plenty of products (coolers, ingredients, fermenting barrels, bottles and so on) and people interested in it too. Are also plenty of forums and dedicated sites. XbrewX.com is an excellent site put together by a Wealthy Affiliate Member!.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training portal and online social media site for Webpreneurs dedicated to making money by means on affiliate marketing and blogging.

I hope you are taking notes here!. If not, pause and go grab a pen right now and take notes, it really does help!

What are the problems that you are facing right now? Financial? personal? health related? relationship problems?

What are you knowledgeable about? What would you like to learn about?.

(It is this last one in which most of my niche sites are born out of, my desire for knowledge, to know about something!).

Spend just 5 to 10 minutes, 15 maximum writing these down.

You should have a few lists by now.

  • Hobbies and Interests.
  • Problems you are facing
  • What you are knowledgeable about.
  • What you would like to learn about.

Getting any good ideas? anything jumping out at you?. At this juncture, there is no need to get analytical of the ideas, or even to think too much about them at all. You are just brainstorming.

How To Find A Niche Market

Seriously, I do hope you are taking notes here!.

Now Step 2.

Spend The Next 72 Hours With Your Niche Marketing Hat On!

Over the next 3 days you will be absolutely amazed and surprised a just how many genuine ideas for a niche site that you think of and just come to your mind, most probably when you least expect it!.

Spend the next 3 days and nights looking and thinking about everything from the perspective of a marketer and niche site marketer.

Here is what I suggest that you do.

Take a pen and a small notebook with you. You can use your phone as well, where appropriate, and take note of absolutely every single thing that you do during the 3 days and nights.

  • Problems you faced.
  • What you watched on TV
  • What you read and seen in magazines and newspapers.
  • Conversations you had with friends, and other people
  • Activities you did
  • Places you went and visited.
  • Products that you used.
  • Things that made you and the other people around you happy or sad.

Think deeply and profoundly about all of these things individually one by one. Then ask the questions (below) in regards to every single thing you seen or done from the previous 3 days and nights.

  • Are these thing that other people find interesting?
  • Are there people spending their hard earned money on these 'things' or activities?
  • Do these things make peoples lives better and/or happier?
  • Are there any particular problems that people have that need a solution?

Remeber note these down so that they are not forgotten!

If your answers are all or predominantly "yes", then most certainly you have the makings of some potentially really good niches.

How To Find A Niche Market

Have a good thought about your niche a do take note of any ideas you have. Write them down. It will help you a lot!.

Thrive Leads Shortcode could not be rendered, please check it in Thrive Leads Section!

By now you should have an idea for a niche site idea. It is the right time now to find out if there is indeed a pot of gold at the end of the niche site rainbow!.

Moving swiftly to the third step, which is...

Study The Trends And Markets Regarding These Website Ideas

This step will aid you in the discovery of profitable niches, markets and popular trends.

Fortunately for you and for us there are some quite brilliant resources that quite literally dish up and serve you a very good and profitable niche site idea on a plate..when you know how and where to look.

Go through these one at a time, again note down everything and anything that springs to your mind,

Amazing Amazon!

Right in front of your very eyes, Amazon is displaying you some very profitable and good niche sites, each and every single time you visit the online giant!.

Here is how to get down and dirty and let Amazon find that nifty niche for you!

  1. Right on the search bar, left hand side where it slightly grey in colour. Click that and a list of departments (markets!) will drop down appear. All departments, Alexa Skills, amazon devices, amazon warehouse, appliances and so on will appear.
  2. Click on one of those departments that interests you most. In the example below I select "baby"
How To Find A Niche Market

Amazon is excellent for finding viable, excellent and highly profitable niches.

3. With the search box empty, click the orange button as if you were performing a search. A whole list of sub markets or niches should now be revealed (see below).

How To Find A Niche Market

And Viola! Amazon reveals plenty of possible niches

4. You drill down further and get much more targeted inside any one of these sub-categories or niches. Lets dig further and click on "potty training" which is an excellent and very targeted niche for parents and child care and applies to a very specific group, parents that are toilet training their little ones.

How To Find A Niche Market

You can niche down further and find some very profitable and excellent niches. just to add, this extra step of niching down further is not always necessary. To me, and my humble opinion. a niche site specifically targeting potty training is targeted enough as it is.

5. The greatest part of using Amazon in this way is not only are we finding specific and targeted niches and audiences to cater to. We get a whole list of products that we could promote for an affiliate commission. The better part still is they tell us what is selling rather well.

To find these, simply locate the "best sellers" clickable link and click it as indicated below.

How To Find A Niche Market

Click the "best sellers" to reveal some products that you can promote in your chosen niche.

6. Clicking back a step or two from the best sellers and back to the 'plain' old "potty training" page prior to clicking best seller we can also drill down on the best sellers and select "prime" and "free shipping" as indicated in the image below.

It is also a good idea to seek out products that are rated 4 stars and up. These are products that are highly rated, recommended and well reviewed by verified buyers. A highly rated product also sells and converts well.

How To Find A Niche Market

Part of your niche research involves finding products that convert well within a niche.

I also suggest looking for products that have a minimum price range to ensure you are getting a reasonable commission per sale.

How To Find A Niche Market

Plenty of highly rated products in this niche!

The photo above shows that in the potty training niche there are 84 products that are Amazon prime eligible, free shipping eligible rated at 4 stars and over and cost at least $30.

It is also worth paying attention to the number of reviews a product has. Plenty of triple figure reviews for a wide variety of products is indicative of an active niche and money changing hands and thus commissions for us affiliates to be made.

Are There Other Affiliate Programs?

Given that not everyone can, or wants to promote Amazon products and it is healthy for your business to have a diverse and balanced source of revenue and not be caught dependent on one particular source of income for your site (read your business!) it wise to seek out other merchants.

Thankfully this is as easy as performing a simple google search and applying to join particular affiliate programs, networks and offers.

Potty Trainning Affiliate Program

How to find affiliate programs

Finding new affiliate programs can be done by just using the speech marks and typing in your niche and adding the words affiliate program as indicated in the screen shot above.

Also, typing in "niche +Affiliate program" (for example "Potty Training +Affiliate Program") can produce more results and the possibility of more affiliate programs and networks to join.


finding related products on Clickbank is as easy as just typing in your niche of interest into the search area. Super simple!.


eBay, is for me, the forgotten man of affiliate marketing and affiliate programs. eBay has its own well paying affiliate program of which anyone can apply to join.

Better still, eBay will, and rather conveniently, pay out to your paypal account. Which is, of course, great for international based affiliates.

Amazon, of course, in that regards is still stuck in the dark ages where they will still pay by check unless you are based stateside!.

When you check out eBay, it will look all to familiar as far as niche hunting and niche research goes. It is almost exactly the same process as the aforementioned Amazon.

Finding products to promote is as easy as it was for Clickbank. just type in the niche of interest in the search area and click search!

As you can see for my chosen niche of Potty training there plenty of affiliate programs from Amazon to eBay To Clickbank To other merchants and independent retailers as found in a google search.

How To FInd A Niche Market

eBay has plenty of products available and an affiliate program that plenty of people profit from!

Google Trends

Our research into finding a niche site is not over yet. We simply don't stop at investigating on Amazon and drilling down on the categories to find a niche and if it has a plentitude of products available, and ones that sell well and for a reasonable commission.

We gotta dig a little bit deeper to find out if it is a trend or a current fad, fading trend or if it is an ongoing money maker month after month and year after year.

For this, we use google trends.

Google trends is very simple to use. Just simply enter your niche into the search area and press enter.

How To FInd A Niche Market

As can be seen, Potty Training is a very good ongoing niche with the search term never dropping below 50 for a period of almost a decade and a half. It is consistent and evergreen!.

The graph above is showing us exactly what we want to see in any niche site, good all round all year interest for many years.

It may come in handy for you to know if there is a certain international appeal in regards to a specific niche. You can easily monetize your international traffic, particularly for amazon using an easy and simple plugin called easy azon, which is super easy to use and install.

Finally, there is some really juicy information that Google trends provides us with.

In this case, by being thorough and detailed in regards to our niche research, good old Google trends has revealed two great ways of niching down on our potty training niche idea. That is potty training for boys, and potty training for girls.

It also gives us some content ideas as it provides the top 25 related topic and related queries (search terms used by Google users).

Uber Suggest

At this point you, if you have got this far, you have by now the makings of a niche, but still, you are not finished your niche research. You have to find out if you have viable traffic sources for your site.

It is in my humble opinion, good old-fashioned search engine traffic that is the best. It's free, almost effortless (I said almost!) and organic!.

A great free tool to find if there is plenty of search engine traffic is Uber Suggest. Simply just enter your niche name or principle keywords and click "look up"

Uber Suggest

What you are looking for here is viable keywords to create content around, plenty of searches for those keywords. You are also looking for a reasonable number of keywords that are a competition of .30 or less (final column), even better is 0.20 or less.

The lower this competition number, the easier it will be to rank for those keywords. This is particularly important for a new site with zero trust factor with Google and other search engines.

You also want to some good CPC, cost per click prices in the third column for the left. This indicated that there is commercial activity and interest in the niche and people, site owners are paying for traffic. This is good as it is a good indication that there is money to be made.

I would be more concerned if there was a low CPC (Cost Per Click) or none at all.

814 Keyword ideas related to potty training is an ample amount for content. This, of course, does not include related keyword ideas or search terms such as toilet training and staying dry through the night.

A volume of 49,500 for the main keyword is a very healthy number of searches for the main keyword for a focused niche site. There is, of course, more searches when the other 814 keyword ideas are added up.

This indicates an ample amount of organic search engine traffic is possible for this niche.

Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may be the very best form of traffic which is gained by the creation of content for your niche site. But it is not be all or end all of traffic.

Social media, and in particular support groups where people gather and share tips, techniques and methods as well as just hanging out and enjoying a similar interest, either directly or indirectly could be very good traffic sources for a given niche site.

Quite often, traffic is simply just finding out where your audience is, and go getting them. It is a huge myth that traffic is a problem when it comes to internet marketing or niche site marketing.

With 4 billlion going on 5 billion internet users world wide there is no shortage of traffic, in fact, very much the opposite - there is an abundance of it!.

Back to our niche site example, a simple facebook group search reveals a huge abundance of facebook groups dedicated to potty training. Most have thousands of members, some of the bigger ones over ten thousand members!.

Facebook Groups

As you can see in this niche there are plenty of facebook groups and people interested in Potty training.

The above photo is only a short portion of the many groups related to potty training. Just for the record, you should socialise, be friendly and helpful in these groups and not just go in all gung-ho and wack up your like or link to your niche site. If you do, you will find yourself quickly banned!.

Because an extra income is available to you with your niche market idea. The Question is: Will You TAKE IT?!?

Pro Tip: Do share informative tips, help members and occasionally, put up a link to an informative and helpful post of yours. You are in this for the long run, and brand recognition among group members will help you.

The social signals, likes, shares and comments do have a positive effect on your SEO organic search engine traffic! Win-win if you are sociable and non-spammy!.

Also, some of these group owners will be niche site marketers also and will have similar sites to yours.

You can once you are established as a key and prominent group member successfully reach out for mutually beneficial guest posting on each other's sites which aids your traffic generation efforts for each other's sites as you will both successfully leverage each others traffic and following.

Defo a big win-win to be had there!      

And just in case you were wondering, there are also a plentitude of facebook fan pages related to potty training. You ought to look for both facebook pages and groups in your chosen niche while doing your niche market research.

Researching Your Niche On Twitter

Social media is way more, way, way waaaaay more than just facebook and facebook groups. A great source of instant traffic and of course diversifying your social media strategy and social traffic sources is Twitter.

Simply use the search feature and type in your niche market of choice and interest. If a hash tag or closely related hash tags that are active for your niche come up, that is great!. An indication of interest and activity in your niche.

How To Find A Niche Market

Twitter search for potty training

You should n't end your twitter research there. Search for people, who most are likely are niche site owners. This is, as mentioned above in facebook, great social outreach opportunity.

Check out all the areas highlighted by the red box in the photo above, Top, Latest, People, Photos, and so on. To find out if and how active your potential niche is on twitter.

Pro Tip: Find twitter profiles with a large following and follow their followers, usually and quite often they will follow you back and you are building your following. Also comment, not spam, those that have made comments on and posted using the niche related hash tag. Be social, not spammy.

This is called conversational marketing!. Watch the video below for an explanation about conversational marketing!.

Talking of which, is your niche of choice a visual one? you ought to check out youtube also.


These days it seems that everyone is a youtuber!. It certainly makes true Andy Warhols famous quote regarding fame and 15 minutes!.

As far as researching the viability of your niche site, or potential niche site you would be crazy not to do some research on youtube. As per the above steps, simply type in your niche in the search area and see what comes up in a youtube search!.

How To Find A Niche Market

Millions Of Viewers and Views On YouTube

My simple search for our niche research into Potty training showed that there are plenty of videos. A channel search showed plenty of channels and, rather interestingly a large gap in the youtube market in regards to a dedicated channel related to all things potty training!.

The youtube market is dominated by only 5/6 channels dedicated to the topic.

The number of subscribers and video views are again, indicative of market activity and interest. With little effort in this niche two 5 or 10 minute videos per week we could dominate youtube in just a year!.

Pro Tip: Embedding a youtube video in your blog posts STRONGLY aids your search engine optimisation efforts. Youtube is owned by Google and the video keeps people on your site longer, thus enhancing the user (visitor's) experience.

Just for the record, you don't need to use your own videos, you could use those of other peoples.

Also, I add, from my experience, traffic gained from YouTube to your own site is of high quality. Very good average time on site and number of pages read in comparison to other social media sites.

A huge plus for making your own videos is that you become ''more human'' and start to humanise your site and brand more when you personalise it by adding and making your own video. You create more of a real and deeper connection with your audience of followers and site visitors.

It goes without saying, don't spam your own youtube channel with a link to your site in the comments box of every single video you make.

Youtube will only end up giving you a community strike and possibly removing your channel.

You, of course, mention your site and blog post both vocally and by means of a banner in your actual video.


When it comes down to social media investigation and researching niches. Google+ should not be missed out. In our case, there are hardly any members in the few potty training communities that exist.

This is hardly surprising as at best Google+ as a social site is a huge failure upon Google's efforts to get in on the social media act.

Still, though, you would be a fool NOT to join what groups that do exist and follow the members of such groups. Being owned by Google it is hardly surprising that they do indeed index the posts on google+!.

Certainly, it does not take a genius to figure out that they have a preference for their own social site Vs Others!.

From my own experience in niche site marketing, I have had Google+ posts indexed and ranking for search terms above my own niche sites articles, particularly in the early day when my domain has little or no trust factor with Google due to being a new site!

Update: Google has since  sunset Google+ and is no longer available as a form of social media. 

Public Forums

By now you have really great indication and vibe about your niche of choice from products and affiliate programs across a number of retailers and networks to search engines traffic and social media interest and traffic from a variety of sources including video.

But you most certainly want to make more than song and dance traffic-wise from social media and search engines. As I mentioned before, go to where your people are hanging out. Find them, appeal to them and go get'em!.

Search for and hang out in niche related forums. FindAForum has an extensive list of forums where your crowd (and traffic!) may be hanging out.

Pro Tip: Do both a general search and a search for forums that have monetization by means of Google Adsense as well as sponsorship potential and accepting donations.

A general search using your target niche keyword can reveal a number of interesting forums where you could get traffic and build your audience from.

Monetization by Google adsense is an indication of a potentially successful niche as people are spending money on advertising. Sponsorship potential is obviously good as you can at some point pay for a sponsored post or advertise on that forum and gain traffic and a following.

A site that accepts donations is an indication that you could donate to the forum and get some benefits in exhange for that, like an advert or logo for your site in your footer signature!.

Find a forum

The Best forums use vBulletin software. It is not free and costs the forum owner some of their hard earned money to buy, thus more serious about their forum.


Quora is great for investigating questions, checking out activity within a market sector (a niche). What questions are people asking? can you answer them? Better still, can make and article out of the question asked?.

Yes, you got it!.

Quora is much more than just a Questions And Answers site. Used correctly it provides you with great ideas for content and if a niche site is viable or not due to activity or lack of activity (questions/lack of questions being asked and answered).

Pro Tip: Quora is also great for search engine optimisation. If you are going to use it, dont forget to put your site link in your profile and description area. Don't spam your link in every question your answer. Do it sparingly, very sparingly to begin with.

Answering questions well also helps to position yourself, and your brand as an authority and expert in a given niche.

Quora For Niche Research

Quora is great for finding the questions that people in your niche are asking and helps you to help them!.

Answer Questions! A Great SEO Technique!

This is much more of a SEO technique that I named. It also helps in niche site research. The technique is simple, find the questions that your crowd or potential audience are searching for.

We are in the business of information, the business of helping people.

What more help can you give by helping people and answering their pertaining questions?

Quora is only one way of finding what those questions are, there is an absolutely excellent free to use site, answer the public that will tell us exactly what questions people are asking related to your niche of choice.

All you have to do is enter your niche related keywords.

...And Viola!

It gives you in a nice visual format the questions, prepositions, comparisons and much more question related to your niche related keywords that you have entered.

It does not take the next Einstein to figure out that if there are a lot of questions being asked there is a lot of interest in the niche of choice.

How To Find A Niche Market

The visual nature of Answer The Public results for the keyword "Potty Training"

Because you love helping people and the opportunity to monetize that is amazing. But, Are you going to take action & build that blog that helps people?

As you can see from the question related keyword list there are plenty of questions being asked in this niche and this is a fair amount of curiosity, traffic and help needed.

 Also rather handy is Answer the public's ability to generate comparative type queries that users are entering into Google. Vs (Example A Vs B) type keywords generate a lot of traffic, particularly where products are concern
How To Find A Niche Market

Answering a question and using question based keywords could end up with you being featured above position 1!

Answering a question and using question based keywords could end up with you being featured above position 1

Note in the photo above for a question based keyword that all of the questions are featured above position 1 in the search engine results page.

The video is a special feature for this particular question! now you remember why I said video and using youtube is good for your traffic and your niche site.

Getting featured in position zero above the top result in the search results is great for your branding, site recognition and establishing yourself in the niche area.

Pretty easy to see why I love this SEO Technique and named it "The Spanish Inquisition Technique" - it is question based and you have to be inquisitive and find the questions that are being asked in your niche.

Buzz Sumo

Diving in and researching the potential of your niche site during your niche market research and viability goes a heck of a lot further than just keyword research, finding products to promote, researching social media and forums to find where your potential audience is hanging out and what questions they are asking!.

Market viability and feasibility can be discovered by searching with Buzz Sumo, which will reveal even more content ideas and niche market activity on social media. If there is a lot of activity, that's great! people are interested in the subject matter!.

Buzz sumo can also reveal and generate some great content ideas for other types of content that are great for generating traffic, that is "How To" "Why", "What" and infographic types of articles as well as list style posts (Top X style, Best X style where X = a number!).

You can, of course, drill down further and enter more niche specific keywords in Buzz sumo. Your main one or two keywords for your niche ought to be enough to find if there is activity in your niche area and content ideas to rank for.

Google News!

Is your niche site Idea in the news?


That means there could be a LOT of potential in your niche site, and that means traffic and interest in your site. Google news is also a great source of up to date content ideas.

This technique is called newsjacking. Pretty simple, just write quality content related to recent articles that have appeared in the news and is related to your niche AND of interest to your readership.

Furthermore, and as long as your niche is not polemic or of a grey area such as porn, gambling, hate speech, drugs and so on, you could later do a press release, and win prestige and great branding opportunity for your site as well as the SEO and traffic benefits that this brings.

How To Find A Niche Market

You'd be surprised at what comes up in a news search on google news. Keep your eye on something that you could "newsjack"

Find Other Blogs In Your Niche

One of the better ways to find niche site viability to do some good old fashioned competition research.

If you have not already got a list of half a dozen or so top sites or blogs in your target niche then do a simple google search with the term "Best Niche Blogs" exchanging the word "niche" for your niche of choice.

For our example, we would type "best potty training blogs" into the search bar in Google. And then check the results and really check out the eye catching content rich blogs that you could emulate.

I said emulate! not copy!.

Google will kick your Ass if you copy a site and you would risk a duplicate content penalty. And deservedly so!.

Do bookmark these blogs and keep a note of them.

Competition Analysis

Once you have a lovely list of competing sites you can and should enter them into Ahrefs - a powerful, big data SEO tool that does absolutely everything including full competitor analysis of keywords, backlink profile, external link profile and top pages both in terms of traffic and backlinks.

Sure there is a limited free version and you ought to use it!. Once you are a fully fledged successful niche site marketer you probably will be using this tool regularly as I am. Then it will be worth going premium.

Lets now see what Ahrefs tell us about a potential competitor in the potty training niche.


There is a lot of info given by tools like Ahrefs.

Straight off the bat this site has a weak backlink profile and can be easily beaten! It has a low number of total backlinks and number of referring domains.

The consistent effort for 12 to 18 month and you can blow that site right out of the water. Hell, I can do it in about 6 months to a year!.

We can use Ahrefs to find the top keywords that a site is ranking for and their top traffic pages. Moreso, we can use this lovely tool to find more competitors and do an analysis of them and find more keywords and decide if we should or should not enter this market.

Ahrefs Competing Domains

Finding competitors in Ahrefs reveals a better site to analyse, Potty Training Concepts site

You should, and you ought to check out the competitors to find out if you can beat them. Check out the sites for things like quality of content, content length, size of their site (do they have a lot of content?) are they covering the topic in depth?

Yes, check out their backlink profile and what keywords they are ranking for, notably their top content links and traffic wise.

Stitching It Together

This niche site research malarky was whole bunch of fun with our thinking cap on and taking notes and all wasn't it?.

Now you must check and study your data to find out if there are positive signs and positive vibes in regards to all of what you have done.

After studying and focusing on all of the factors you must be very much closer to knowing if your niche of choice if a viable and potentially profitable niche site or not.

A profitable and good niche site will most certainly meet most if not absolutely all of the criteria below

  • Lots of traffic sources and activity from Search engines, different social media groups, boards and pages, forums and other blogs of similar interest.
  • Other similar sites and product owners that are paying for advertising.
  • A lot of affiliate products that sell well on major retailing sites like Amazon and independent merchants.
  • A high search volume in the search engines relating to your niche site of choice.
  • Multiple methods of monetization, affiliate programs, adsense, dropshipping, consultation services, white labelling, membership site, product creation and so on.

If you have been seeing positive responses and vibes to all of the above then you can certainly know that money can be made from that particular niche.

And yes, from our example run through, there is money to be made in the Potty Training Niche!.


What still remains unknown to you is if it is possible for YOU PERSONALLY, to make money from that niche!

...Lets now find out if that is indeed possible..!

How To Find A Niche Market

lets find out if it is possible for you to make some coin from a particular niche idea that you may have!.

Because you know you can make money from your niche site idea. The question is Are you going to step up and make it?!?

Evaluating Your Niche Site Idea

Just because you have worked hard thus far and discovered what really seems to be a pretty awesome and highly profitable niche site idea.

It, by no means, is certain that it is going to be a suitable niche for you. This is simply because not everyone is suitable for every niche site

Remember that site I told you about waaay back in the beginning that I am involved in, the Natural Testosterone Enhancement Site...

...yep, highly profitable niche area, and yes I do make money from it. But not anywhere as near as much I could do as I am pretty lazy and unmotivated, uninspired by it. It is there, hanging in cyberspace getting "some" traffic and above all the occasional and completely passive sales.

There is much more to a niche than making money, having a passion or interest in the subject is what keeps you going - especially when that internet sales dial is stuck at zero!.

Some niche site idea, no matter how awesome and profitable they seem to be for others, you may never quite see those numbers in terms of money and traffic due simply down to you not quite figuring out what it is that makes a particular audience click on that link in the search engines, forums, social media groups, and yes, that buy button on your site.

Sometimes it is simply because you do not stand out from the crowd (the other sites) in your niche area of choice. mostly, in my experience, this is down to not doing anything different from everyone else in that niche. Blending in is not going to help you here.

The truth is, the absolute truth..you don't in most cases need to do all that much to stand out from all the other sites. More often than not a unique angle that is hardly being covered by anyone else or much simpler than that - just create better and more beautiful content.

and sometimes, just sometimes, better marketing is all that it takes for you to get your slice of the pie in the niche area of choice.

You most certainly have no need or requirement to re-invent the wheel or do something special and innovative. Just be a slight bit unique and different and create that awesome content.

..or get it created for you!

When you have done your full on research like I have shown you with the potty training niche (which I came up with spontaneously and accidentally while creating this guide!) it is easy for you to....

  • Find groups of people that are are not being targeted to or catered for. In My Niche site example of potty training, I have discovered that Autism and Down Syndrome could be a great way of niching down and getting highly targeted (if I really want to).
  • Analyse the content and content type on existing niche sites in the target niche area and discover what kind of content is being published, written, webinars, video, live video training, infographics, how to's, best of's, content answering questions, FAQ's. Look for and search for something that is not currently being done or covered all that well. Can you make better more beautiful more detailed content?.
  • Take note of what products your competition are reviewing or selling. What do you like and not like about their reviews and products/services they are promoting?. - This ought to give you some idea or ideas for what you could do differently.
  • While you are having a good look the products being promoted by your competition take note of what you notice that they are not promoting or selling and may be of use and interest for your particular audience. Many site owners overlook glaringly obvious products to promote.

You also want to analyse your competitors marketing skills. Are they hobby bloggers (hell I used to be one, and I absolutely loved it!). Some do blog just for fun and informative purposes and not for making an income. This type can be knocked sideways and beaten easily with some good marketing skills.

Is your competition making some very basic errors like disabling the comments facility (hell in one of my niches that is happening with one of the top sites in the niche area!). Are they forgetting to build an email list? Is their content short and lacking depth or poorly formatted.

What about their SEO skills? Is their content poorly optimized for search engines?

These are areas in which you can very easily outshine and outrank the competition!.

Go through the whole process again one more time and take notes of the above points that I have mentioned and you could find a very specific audience that is not being targeted at all that well.

How To Find A Niche Market

Be a bright spark and find a way to shine in your niche.

Creating Better Content

This is much easier than you think it is! Creating better quality and more beautiful content is often as easy as making fresher and more up to date and better quality content.

Seen a few great articles? cool?.. now find out what they did not cover, what they missed in the article and write a more in-depth one.

Quite often other sites are creating only 500 or 1000 word posts. A few are going beyond that with 1,500 and 2000 word articles. Hardly anyone is creating real depth detailed articles with more "beef!".

The devil as they say in the detail, let your detail be your attention to detail!.

Besides, longer articles get a longer on page time, which is great for your SEO efforts. Longer articles also attract more social shares and activity as people like to share stuff of value. They also attract more backlinks for the exact same reason!

All of which is great for your rankings.

And it does not take much to figure out that longer articles attract more keywords which leads to more traffic.

Here are a few ideas for creating better quality content than your competitors.

  • Create longer more detailed articles.
  • Do Podcasts
  • Create Ultimate Guides - like I have right here in this article!.
  • Do very detailed case studies.
  • Create "How To" and "Best/Top" style posts related to your niche.
  • Make a detailed FAQ! Think My Spanish Inquisition SEO Technique!
  • Make your articles more beautiful and visually appealing.
  • Do Live Webinars and Video marketing
  • Create more visual and social media friendly content
  • Offer free high quality info products that others in your niche are charging for.

Better Quality Marketing

You can, of course, carve out your share of the action in your niche market of choice by being and becoming a far better marketer and use more effective marketing techniques than that of your competition.

This is nothing to worry about, even if you are brand new to niche site marketing.

The very simple fact that you are dedicated enough to put in the effort to read, watch videos, take a course and learn about digital marketing and online marketing techniques puts you streets ahead of wannabe bloggers and hobby bloggers that just whack out content for fun and as a hobby.

Being able to create better quality, more detailed and beautiful content together with better are more effective marketing and traffic strategies you will succeed!.

Being a better marketer is about exactly that! creating content that is far better and more beautiful than your rivals, fully SEO optimised, and actively driving traffic to your niche site from a number of sources and converting your traffic into sales and ultimately repeat and loyal customers.

How To Find A Niche Market

Writing better quality more in-depth articles and better marketing will help you to outmuscle your competition.

A Unique Angle!

A particular technique is to approach a niche from a different and unique angle and approach from anyone and everyone else. This approach helps you to really stand out and dominate a specific niche area due to catering to a very specific person.

Such examples are or could be:

  • Weight loss tips for the disabled.
  • Workouts for over 50's with a heart condition.
  • Potty Training Tips For Parents of an Autistic child.
  • Stress Management for sufferers of high blood pressure.

(do note how we came up with and discovered this during our niche site research process).

You will ALWAYS find a sub niche within any given niche. Heck, you can find sub niches within sub niches, but quite often drilling down this far is not necessary and could seriously harm your reach and income potential.

Once you taken and found that unique angle create and write down who your ideal customer and site visitor is. I mean detailed! fully detailed! and create content that targets only them and not your broader niche audience, just that specific audience and ideal customer.

Creating content that targets everyone and every type of person in your niche only results in generic content that is untargeted towards a specific person, or the group of people that you are targeting. i.e men over 50 who want to work out but have heart problems or people that are disabled and have weight loss problems.


First and foremost, I always say that traffic is the easy part. Simply down to the sheer numbers of people that are online these days and just finding where they are. During your research, you would have found this out.

Still, the question remains, can you get them to come to your site. To do that, you simply have to figure out or find out for sure if you would be allowed to (occasionally, not every post and not every day!) share your content to the social media groups, pages, forums, message boards and so on.

You also can generate traffic from search engines and by now you have an indication of the search volume and potential traffic from SEO efforts that you could generate.

Are there sites in your niche area that accept guest posts? if so, great!.

An easy way to find out is to simply do a search of your niche +write for us i.e "Potty Training +Write For Us" both with and without the "+" sign.

Guest posting, if a great way of leveraging the traffic of another site and creating awareness for your own site and brand. It works two ways, the site owner gets great top quality content in exchange, Also, the site owner could also have a symbiotic relationship with you and guest post on your site at some point.

How To Find A Niche Market

Traffic is not a problem..unless you are in downtown Bangkok and just like downtown Bangkok traffic is everywhere!.

Learning The Marketing Skills And Earning Some Moolah!

Thus far you have learned a lot as far niche site market research is concerned and performed that research in great depth and with attention to detail taking advantage of some very powerful free tools and using your intelligence and checking forums, social media groups and keyword tools to find out if there is a reasonable audience in the niche and if you can generate traffic and interest.

Well done!.

I aplaude you on your hard work! and dedication to finding and fully researching a fully viable niche market.

Now, you may be needing some top quality training to become a successful blogger and fully earn money from your niche site and do it the right way with a full set of tools!, no BS, no scams and above all no freaking upsells!

...Don't ya just hate upsells! It's like only buying a jigsaw and being sold the missing pieces at a premium price!.

One of the very best places to learn is where I learned how to do it the right way myself. By the right way I mean, in a way that is more professional and helped me to actually earning a full time sustainable income after years of being a hobby blogger.

That very place is indeed wealthy affiliate, and it comes with pretty much all the bells and whistles that you need to get you started including Keyword research tool, wordpress specialist hosting, a Secure SSL certificate for your site, weekly live webinars to help you stay up to date with the latest marketing techniques.

It also comes with two fully comprehensive training programs, one is based on creating niche market sites, the other for those entering the MMO internet marketing niche.

I suggest that you begin with the online entrepreneur certification course as this fully teaches you the skills needed to succeed in any given niche market and the necessary skills as well as the basic wordpress skills needed, which I add is very basic and very easy.

So easy I bet my own grandmother could do it!.

I am almost forgetting to mention that Wealthy Affiliate is also an online community and social networking site for like minded webpreneurs from all walks of life and all levels, from newbies to, well a few millionaires!.

For more information, watch the video and enter your email below and be ready to start building your online business!.

Would n't it be such a shame to have followed this entire tutorial, found a rocking niche that and make a ton and then..doing nothing!. 

Winners take action and you are a winner!

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If you have any questions at all about how to find a niche market, leave a comment below and I will get right back to you with a reply.

To your success and your blogging best!


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