Be A Lifestyle Blogger And Get Paid To Blog About Your Life!

Get Paid To Blog About Your Life

So, your "juices" are flowing and and you are curious about starting a lifestyle blog and you want to Get Paid To Blog About Your Life! 

That's great!. 

...But do you know the most difficult thing about becoming a lifestyle blogger?

It is not creating content - heck! your passion will carry you through there!. For sh*t sure it is not traffic - darn it...the internet is not short of users and people connecting to it on a daily basis!. 

It is not monetization or making money - there are whole variety of strategies to employ and deploy. 

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You gotta be kiddin' me if you think that it is "techie know how" - These days you can set up a real bangin' blog in about 30 seconds! and all easy peasy to use. So easy my grandmother can do it!. 

So what is it? 

In two simple words "getting started" 

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Imagine that... getting paid to write about what you love! How cool would that be? 

If you really do want to know how to get paid to write about your life, keep reading this article as I reveal some cool technique and methods that other blogging tips sites won't reveal or even dare to tell you about!

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What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is one that is the most difficult to define and pin down as there is no one singular set niche or topic in which truly and exactly defines what a lifestyle blog is. 

Lifestyle bloggers create content, predominantly written articles and videos around their own daily life, passions and interests. Their content is inspired by the life they live, their passions, personal interests, hobbies and activities.

Generally speaking lifestyle bloggers fall in to one or more (usually more) of the following niches (see below) all the while having a strong element of conveying their personality and their opinion and view on certain topics. 

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While this is only a partial list of what is covered or can be covered in a lifestyle blog.

If you want to Get Paid To Blog About Your Life have a really good thought about what your hobbies and passions are and how they relate to or fall into the categories mentioned above. 

If you are still a little bit stuck and unsure - mix and match 2 or three of the above niches that best match your passions and lifestyle and see if you can come up with an idea for a real Bangin' Blog!. 

Yes you can Get Paid To Blog About Your Life

Getting Paid To Blog About Your Life

As you can see from the list of niches above, mixing and merging 2 or 3 of those niches really can be the beginning of quite a brilliant and very interesting site. 

Fashion and Food, Fitness and Travel, Green Living & Zero waste, Veganism and Healthy Living are just a small assortment of possible lifestyle site ideas that spring to my mind while glancing at that list. 

Mixing in a third niche how about fashion, beauty and travel? or Sports, fitness and travel?, Healthy Living Veganism and Zero waste?, Parenting, Technology and Relationships? 

They all sound pretty cool and viable lifestyle blogs to me!. 


As a word of advice, have three in mind but start out with just two and then with time expand into that third area, You will gain a lot more traffic and traction that way and establish your site quicker. 

And of course make some money sooner. 

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So, you have you niche sorted, you know what you are going to cover in your lifestyle blog and get paid to blog about your life,

now, about that getting paid part...How do we actually go about getting paid and earning the molah?. 

Monetizing Your Lifestyle Blog

Thankfully there are a number of way for us to generate an income from our site, one of the best and most rewarding ways is to work hard at..being you..talking and writing a lot about you and your passions and creating a ton of content in a variety of formats. 


That all sounds like hard work..how hard can it be to be...you!. 

And seriously, dedicate yourself to it and you could very well be earning more money from your lifestyle blog and getting paid to blog about your life than "hangin' around some other dudes office for 8 hrs a day!"

That is the reality of it!. 


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  • Affiliate Marketing

This the real bread and butter and backbone of your lifestyle blog and how you are going to get paid to write about your life, particularly as you start out your lifestyle blog and nobody, (except maybe your mom and a few friends know who you are!). 

One of the really cool things about affiliate marketing is that you have unlimited earning potential, 

and I do mean UNLIMITED!.

Just emphasise the point. You can get paid many times for doing the work just once. Now that sound like the kinda thing that I am into (and I am in big way!) 

Mostly here, you will be getting paid to write reviews and recommend products that your potential audience is interested in.  

Affiliate Marketing Is One way in which you can Get Paid To Blog About Your Life

If Fashion covers a part of your lifestyle blog, you can of course get paid for recommending stylish and elegant clothing.  

Where And How To Find Affiliate Products And Programs

Finding affiliate programs is pretty easy. My advice is to have a mix of independent programs, amazon and affiliate networks like CJ and ShareaSale and so on. 

The very reason for this is to produce multiple income streams for your lifestyle blog from affiliate marketing. 

Despite amazon's program being a little polemic with their short cookies and low commissions their plus side is that they do convert very well and you get paid on every item that a shopper buys - and typically on amazon they do buy more than the one product. 

Because You Know That Getting Paid To Blog About Your Life Is Far More Fun Than Your Regular Job!. The Questions Is: Are You To Stay At THAT BORING JOB Forever Or Are You Going To Do Something Much More Fun?!?.

Finding affiliate products on amazon is very easy. Just head on over to amazon, select the appropriate department(s) related to what your lifestyle blog is going to be about. 

In the example below I am using beauty as an example.

Get Paid To Blog About Your lifestyle

From there just click the search button while leaving the search bar blank, the following screen will appear.

Get paid To Write About Your Life

From here you can start to think about what exact category and products that you wish to talk about, review and recommend to your audience. 

I do advise that you seek out products valued at $50+ or better still $100+ as you do want to earn a decent commission for your efforts. 

What I am not saying here is go recommend the most expensive product that you can find. You want to earn a good commission, but you must also look at the sale-ability for a products. 

For this part, seek out products that have at least 4 star rating and above and a lot of reviews - and indication of the products quality and how many have been sold. If the products is on the best sellers list - that is even better!. 

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Finding Independent Affiliate programs

Independent affiliate programs are something that you can find with a very obvious and simple search on Google. 

Just search for your niche +Affiliate Program. 

In this instance, I wouldn't go about searching for "Lifestyle +Affiliate Program" instead replace lifestyle with the particular interest or market or topic that you are writing about in your lifestyle blog.

For example, 

"Fashion +Affiliate Program"

Affiliate Programs Google

A simple search reveals plenty of fashion affiliate programs. 

This is a simple search that you can perform for the other topics that you are covering in your quest to get paid to blog about your life. 

Other Methods Of Making Money From Your Lifestyle Blog

There are, thankfully, a number of revenue generating options available to us as digital marketers, bloggers and webpreneurs. 

I say thankfully, as I do believe that it is a very good idea to 'spread the risk' (not that there is any risk involved in affiliate marketing) and have multiple methods and sources of income. 

This, I strongly believe sets you up for building a solid and sustainable business for many years - even decades into the future. 

  • Display Advertising

Display advertising is something that I am a big fan of. Zero need to worry or stress if you are not getting any sales. You get paid everytime someone clicks on an advert on your site. 

Pretty cool huh!. 

You can have adverts on your site from the very start but, like affiliate marketing, earning a reasonable income can take its time. No traffic = no affiliate sales, just as much as No traffic = no clicks on your adverts!. 

And don't you dare even think of clicking them yourself or having your buddies click them...the ban hammer will come down pretty darn quick!.

There are a number of very good display advertising agencies including Google Adsense, Facebook Audience Network, SOVRN, Double click ad exchange and bloggers favourite Media Vine. 

Typically speaking, niche and optimisation depending you can be looking at $20-$50 per 1,000 visitors, and that is earning on top of your affiliate sales and other methods for doing diddly squat!. Nothing at all!. 

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Some of you might not like having display ads on your site due to the fact that they do take people away from your site, if and when you do have a high traffic site a few hundred or thousand visitors each month should n't really bother you. 

Also, by that stage, you will likely have thousands and thousands of return and regular visitors every month. 

Personally, I am of the thinking that if people are leaving your site, never to return again due to not remembering your site name then maybe you have some branding issues and could improve your branding.

Your Own Products

This sometimes is a little intimidating for some folks, especially newbie bloggers of all genres and niches, however, this is for some where the real money is!. 

Your own product range does not necessarily have to be a physical product, a digital informational products is just fine. 

Are you into fashion? know about leather jackets? 

Well, how about writing and selling a buyers guide to finding the perfect leather jacket?.

(which can of course be further monetized with affiliate links).

Do you have particular skill such as being a social media diva and have a brilliant way of engaging people on social sites? 


I Absolutely LOVE Helping People, I Reply To All Emails, By Taking My FREE 7 Day Blogging Course You Get My Personal Attention And Coaching. All Your Questions Will Be Answered As Quickly As I Can. I Really Do Want You To Succeed And Win Back Your Freedom And To Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of. It Is Time Now To Take Action And Stop Procrastinating!. 


How about getting that down on a video training course and selling it?. 

Can you become a consultant online and sell your skills this way? What about online coaching? 

And then, yes,

There are physical products and having your own brand of products made for you and sell them on your site. 

Get Paid To Blog about Your Life

Great at social media? cool! make your own course and teach it! 

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored post are something that really make me smile, people pay you to write on your site.

Pretty awesome huh!. 


It gets better than that!. 

You get content that can rank in search engines and bring traffic to your site and potentially sales of your products, affiliate products or clicks on your display adverts from that traffic. 

Now you see why I love having sponsored posts on my site!. Money and traffic!.

A word or warning though, do retain full editorial control of everything related to the article! 

Once it is published you are responsible for it and, in the case of duplicate content you are the one that could be facing a google penalty! 

Full editorial control, make sure the content is original, 100% original and not published elsewhere or spun content. High quality English, well SEO'd - something you can over see yourself.  And of a reasonable length. Seek out 1,500 to  2.500 words. 

On the length aspect, I tend to offer discounts for longer content. 

  • 1,500 words - $150! (1 link in author bio, nofollow)
  • 2,000 words - $125! (1 link in article,+ 1 link in author bio both nofollow)
  • 2,500 words $100 (1 links in article, + 1 link in author bio, both Dofollow)
  • 3,000 words - $75 (2 links in article, +1 link in author bio, all Dofollow)

Sample pricing structure above you can see I will give you 3,000 word article for half the price of 1,500 word article making it worth your while to write that little bit more. 


Links wise, 1,500 words , just one link no follow right the way up 3 dofollow links for an article twice the length. 

Making it enticing for someone submitting a sponsored or guest post more enticing to write a longer article that will rank for more keywords, get them more exposure and yes, me more traffic and articles that are likely to rank long term.

Also, I might even throw in other benefits for the longer 2,500-3,000 articles, that being promoted by myself to my list and my social media following. 

Oh and a word about those links that you allow - no affiliate links - period!. 

Because You Know There Is More Money To Made Lifestyle Blogging!. The Questions Is: Are You Going To TAKE THE MONEY?!?

Top Lifestyle Blogs To Inspire You To Blogging Success!

  • The Skinny Confidential

Site owner Lauryn Evarts started this brilliantly named lifestyle blog that combines fitness, food and beauty. The Skinny Confidential offers advice on fitness routines, nutrition and is available in many formats from written content to podcasts and video.

Top Lifestyle blogs to inspire you

Great at social media? cool! make your own course and teach it! 

  • Love Taza

Love Taza site owner Naomi runs this popular lifestyle blog which is based around family life in the heart of NYC!. She documents her activities, outfits, motherhood and her families adventures as well as her love for good food. 

Top Lifestyle bloggers to inspire you to succeed.
  • A Beautiful Mess

A lifestyle blog with a difference, a beautiful mess, created by Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson shares home decor and DIY projects to beauty tips, craft ideas and scrummy recipes. 

Best lifestyle blogs to inspire you

Great at social media? cool! make your own course and teach it! 

  • Cupcakes And Cashmere

The brilliantly named cupcakes and cashmere was started by Emily Schuman, a high profile career girl with Condé Nast, is the owner of this lifestyle blog that covers topic as diverse as motherhood, fashion,food, beauty, and DIY!. She even has her own clothing range at Nordstrom! 

top lifestyle blogs to motivate you to start your own

Get Paid To Blog About Your Life - The Conclusion

Now that you know exactly how to Get Paid To Blog About Your Life And Start Your Own Lifestyle Blog - what are you going to do with what you have just learned?

Are you going to sit around do nothing and day dream about having a great blog like the ones mentioned above? 

And miss out on all the freedom that comes with it such being able to work from home, be there for your kiddies when they are sick, travel when ever you feel like it and not have to fight traffic to get to work! 

Or Are you gonna TAKE ACTION and build out a career as a blogger, get paid to write about your life and enjoy all the fabulous benefits that come with it such as not worrying about any bills when they come in and enjoy the ability to work from anywhere in the world - just as long as you can attend to your little bloggy wog! 

Take Action!

People that do nothing in life get nothing back!. You only get out what you put in!

All great things in life are achieved by those that step up to the plate and are willing to make that change in their lives and take action. 

Pop your email into the box below and take advantage of my free 7 day e-course on blogging and grab my free guide, how to make money with a blog too. This will get you on the right track to building a successful and sustainable business online. 

And will get you starting that lifestyle blog that you have always dreamed about!. 

I'll see you on the inside!


For action takes only!. It only works if you do. Not for curious tyre kickers or time wasters. Stay crying in despair while clutching unpaid bills if you are not willing to TAKE ACTION and change your life for the better. 

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I hope that you enjoyed reading this article about Getting Paid To Blog About Your Life every bit as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below, and I will certainly get right back to you as quickly as I can with a reply. 

To Your Success And Your Blogging Best.


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