What Is The Very Best Website Builder For Blogs?

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So, you are looking for the Very Best Website Builder For Blogs. Without A single doubt and with the absolute lions share of the blogging market WordPress is the Content Management System of Choice for bloggers.


That is something that is NOT about to change, not now and not in the foreseeable future!. Sure, there are other options as far as What Content Management System to use to power your blog you have: 

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

To name but a few. 


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Lets not mistake a Content Management System with a Website Builder For Blogs.  Want to find out the difference between a Content Management System and A Website Builder and What Website Builder Is Best For Blogs?

Keep reading!

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Best Website Builder For Blogs - What Is A Content Management System?

A CMS - the established abbreviation for a Content Management System is, in all essence software that is used to manage, create and publish a variety of digital content either for use internally with in a company or more commonly on the internet. 

A Content Management System can be used to Publish all kinds of content, from images, to video to podcasts to regular written media. 

As mentioned previously, WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Blogger, Tumblr and the almost countless similar systems are all examples of a Content Management System. 

A Website Builder Is Something Else.  

Keep it locked in your mind that this very site that you are reading is powered by WordPress, I use WordPress As My CMS software application of choice. 

But by means of Choice, this page, and all the others are built using a Website Builder -- Thrive Themes (if you are curious and must or wish to know!). 

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Just for the record, there is absolutely no obligation for you to use a Website Builder (AKA Page Builder) In conjunction with your Content Management System of Choice.

I use a website builder because in my opinion, and experience they make your life easier (once your learn how to use them properly) and Thrive Themes has a whole host of extra tools that help my blog to function better and run more smoothly and offer greater interactivity and a bit more freedom as far as design and functionality goes. 

What Is A Website Builder?

A Website builder is a tool or series of tools that permit the user to construct (build) a website without needing to manually program or use any coding. 

In plain old English A Website Builder (or Page Builder) is a software program that is designed to assist you, the end user, to build your website with no programming skills needed or required. 

This very page and all the pages on this site are built with a website builder, running from WordPress and requires zero programming or coding skills. 

Which is a darn good thing - 'cos to be frank, I don't know jack sh*t when it comes down to coding at all - not even HTML!. 

Being openly honest, these days very few websites are built with raw code these days.

Maybe the multi million dollar sites by Multinationals yeah...your average Joe or Jane are no longer coding sites - even if they are highly skilled programmers - the time taken is just too long Vs the speed and convenience of Website Builder. 

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Why Should You Use A Website Builder?

Firstly, it is always a good - sorry!, GREAT idea to stand out from the crowd!. WordPress is a brilliant CMS and there is, to be pretty honest not a better one on the market and is free to use and you can still use it conjunction with your website builder. 


WordPress is so generic, - how many sites have you personally come across that use the same theme - or design be it a free theme or premium one and the very same design thing going on?

Many right?

That is where the use of site builder really draws in a lot of value for both you and your visitor - clean original "nobody-else-has-it" design. 

Also, website builders make it super simple for you to maintain your site and regularly update your content on a weekly, daily or heck - even hourly basis should you so wish with the need or requirement to hire a professional programmer or coder. 

And you won't be held at ransom to their extortionate fees and schedule!. 

Best Website Builder For Blogs

Using a site builder you can easily edit, update or even perform a full redesign of your site at any time with absolutely no programming skills required. 

Everything these days is just drag and drop. Not a single line or even half a line of coding is needed!.

Another stand out benefit is that you can access your site at anytime for anywhere and any device. Website builders and particularly ones that can run on WordPress like Thrive Themes you can access all that you need from an internet browser and using your login details. 

I recommend And Suggest that you bookmark this guide and article (Ctrl +D) so that you can come back to it and start reading where you left off and not miss out on any of the awesome tips and techniques 

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The Best Website Builder For WordPress Blogs - Thrive Themes

Without a single doubt on my mind the very best, intuitive and easy to use Website Builder For WordPress Blogs is Thrive Themes. 

In conjunction with a Page builder they offer lightening fast themes, plugins and additional resources that you will need and use for a fully functioning and professional looking website. The whole company, run by Irishman Shane MeLaugh is fully focused on YOU building a high converting and very effective website. 

Regardless of what niche you are involved in, be it fashion, photography, travel, fitness, make money online, or whatever niche. 

Thrive Themes Plugins For WordPress

Currently Thrive Themes has 11 Plugins for WordPress Powered Blogs, and are always adding new one to their range of tools that aid you in customising and fully optimizing your blog. 

They are all aimed at helping you to get more leads, better conversions, and improving your audience engagement levels - which all leads to an absolutely banging blog!. 

Best Website Builder For Blogs 1

11 Thrive Themes Plugins For WordPress Blogs

Because You Know You must Strive To Thrive! The Questions Is: Do You Want An Average Generic Looking Blog A Beautiful Original High Converting One?!?

Thrive Architect (Thrive Content Builder) - The Very Best Website Builder For WordPress Blogs

The Content Builder by Thrive Themes helps you to build fully customised pages and posts on yoru WordPress blog by simple drag and drop or a simple single click action. 

You can also create original designs from zero or use any one of the pre-made layouts that they have. 

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect (AKA Thrive Content Builder) - an example of its use on this very post.

As you open a template or use the Thrive Editor in its "as is" form you get to see the content as how it will look for your readers as you are creating it. 

It is what you would call a front end builder - to use a bit of geek speak!. This is something I actually love - no need to fully preview your article periodically as you creating it as what you see is how it will be once published - simply focus on your article being beautiful and high converting!. 

Other Plus Points About Thrive Architect (Formerly known As Thrive Content Builder):

  • Great Library Of Pre-made Conversion Focused Templates
  • Customise CSS and HTML If You Need To. 
  • Full WYSIWYG Fully Customizable WordPress Website Builder
  • Can Create Kick Ass High Converting Landing Pages
  • Large Library Of Fully Customizable Elements

This, as a website builder most certainly stands up and stands out when compared to other website builders like Visual Composer, Divi Builder and Beaver Builder in all aspects. 

On its own Thrive Architect (Formerly Known As Thrive Content Builder) will cost you $67 or $19 monthly as pack of Thrives all Inclusive Membership package. 

Get More Info Here. 


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Thrive Leads - The Best Email Optin Form Plugin!

The very name, thrive leads should tell you that this plugin is for lead generation and is build with the focus of helping your to grow your email list. 

This is what I use in those capture forms that you see, and the Call To Action Buttons too. This is what I like about the Whole Thrive Themes Membership - all the plugins work very well with each other for you to start building that amazing money making website!. 

Conversion rates with Thrive leads are on the higher end of the scale and certainly looking at industry and individual marketer and website dependent 2.5%-3% which is pretty good. 

There is also the ability for you to create pop ups (yes, if you seen mine on this page - that was made tanks to Thrive leads in about 10mins with a few clicks!. 

Pop ups, full screen splash, slide in, slide out, with video (or without) text, image, and whole range of CTA options - single step, two step and so on. All the forms are fully customizable and you have the ability to make slight variations and A/B split test results and choose the best and most effective one. 

It might sound a bit techie for newbies and not tech people (like me), but thank fully the full video training makes it all really easy to follow. 

Thrive leads, used well is certainly something that will more than pay for itself many times over when used well!. 

Best PageBuilder For WordPress Blogs

Some of the options available to you with Thrive Leads

Just to show you and example of a fully functioning email capture form that you can make in about 5 mins using Thrive Leads, see the email form below!

And if you do wish to participate in the 7 day free blogging e-course do pop your email in the box below..as a bonus I'll throw in a Free Ebooks "How To Make Money With A Blog

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Other Main Benefits of Thrive Leads Are:

  • Advanced Analytics And Easy To Understand Reporting Tools
  • A Massive Library Of Ready Made Templates And Forms For You To Use
  • Multi Different Optin Form Types, Single Step, Two Step, Pop Up, Scroll, Slide In/Out Filler, Content Locker And So On!. 
  • Easy To Use Drag And Drop Editor!
  • Wide Selection Of Different Triggers, Scroll, times, position, exit intent, pop up etc etc. 

Evidently, a lot of hard work has gone in to making sure that Thrive Leads is one of the most powerful tools on the market for generating leads for your online business and blog. Certainly every bit as good (if not better) than any of their competitors such as Bloom and Optin Monster. 

Cost?: As Per Thrive Themes Pricing Structure $67 for single product or $19 per month For all their products - pretty good deal considering you can get grandfathered in and get all new plugins that get added for the very same $19/month price. 

Get More Info Here:

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Thrive Headline Optimiser!

According to a man, considered as the godfather of advertising, David Ogilvy, 5x as many people will read the headline than the subsequent content that is below it. 

Essentially meaning, 

To grab more readers and readers attention you need to know what headline is the most effective in order for you to get more clicks through to your site from the search engines. 

This is where Thrive Plugin, headline optimizer comes into effect, where it allows you test out a number of different headlines and automatically chooses the one with the highest CTR. 

Split testing your headline in a cheap and effective way helps to put you on a level playing field as some of the much larger online publications and brands. 

It is defiantly a plugin that aids in getting more organic traffic.

Despite having nothing to do with Website builders or even related it is worth mentioning as it does come as part of the Thrive themes membership and although not design related it is a simple plugin that can help you to get better CTR on the search engine results page thus better rankings and more traffic and worthy of mentioning. 


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Strive To Thrive!. 

Cost of this plugin, $67 as a standalone and $19 monthly as part of the whole Thrive Membership package. 

Get More Information Here:

Because You Are Ready To Take Your Blog And Your Business To The Next Level!. The Question Is: Do You Want Beautiful Original Masterpiece Or A Regular Run Of The Mill Blog?

What Is The Best Website Builder For WordPress Blogs - Conclusion

Now that you have read through this article and discovered what the best website builder for blogs is the only thing left for you to do is to take action buy Thrive Themes Membership and get yourself a proper more professional looking blog that converts at a much higher rate, has more functionality and looks way more professional. 

You too will, as I found myself, develop a more professional attitude towards your site and business in regards to design, split testing, optimising headlines and converting more traffic towards emails and leads. 

This is what I found for both myself and my friends that I have recommended Thrive Themes membership to. 

Don't wait any longer to have that more polished professional look - your clients and readers won't wait so why should you!. Go right ahead and smash that red button right below and check out Thrive Themes Membership.  

Because You Know You Will Make Much More Money With A Conversion Focused Website!. The Question Is: Can You Afford To Leave All That Extra Money On The Table?!?

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article about the best website builder for blogs and are seriously considering a more professional approach to blogging

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will get right back to you as quickly as I can.

To Your Success And Blogging Best!.


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