ACN Review – Scam Or Legit? [Updated]

ACN Review Scam

Looking for ACN Reviews? 

Then what better than an open, honest and unaffiliated review? 

This simply means than in this article you will get my own thoughts and opinion about ACN and their business opportunity and nobody trying to sell you into the company or join my downline or sign up for anything like that! 

Just an honest fact based review +my own thoughts in regards to your ability to earn money with it.

Before I start this review I am digitally high fiving you for being smart and very savvy by doing your research into opportunities like this and seeking out independent reviews. 

That is exactly how you stay safe in the digital world, avoid scams and find best way of making money online.

Continuing with this article, I break it down into easy to read sections as follow:

  • What Is ACN?
  • The ACN Product Line
  • The ACN Compensation Plan
  • Is ACN BBB Accredited? 
  • Common Complaints
  • Pros & Cons
  • Can You Make Money With ACN?
  • Is ACN A Pyramid Scheme?
  • Is ACN A MLM Company?
  • Is ACN Legit?
  • Is ACN A Scam?
  • My ACN Review - The Final Conclusion
  • How I Make Money Online

Let's get cracking and learn all you need to know about the ACN Business Opportunity!.  

ACN Review 

Product Name: ACN

Founder: Anthony CupiszMichael CupiszRobert Stevanovski and Greg Provenzano,

Product Type: MultiLevel Marketing Business Opportunity in the Telecommunications Industry.

Price: To get started $499, then additional fees of $39.99/mo + $149 yearly

Best For: Experienced network marketers interested in the telecommunications industry. 

ACN Review

Summary: ACN is a legit MLM Business from which you could make money from. Due to the high costs and tight profit margins it is difficult to actually make money from.

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Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No.

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What Is ACN?

ACN is an American telecommunications firm with a multi level marketing business opportunity attached to it. The company was founded in 1993 under the name of  "American Communications Network" hence the ACN abbreviation.

Their head office is in Concord, North Carolina 

In 1999 the company started to focus on the European communications market, and expanding to cover the Oceana region in 2004 and Asian market in 2011. Currently they operate in 26 countries in 5 continents. A truly global organisation. 

ACN was founded by Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and the twins Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz. 

ACN currently generate almost $1 Bn USD annually. 

Affiliate Marketing

 ACN Product Line

I'm not sure about you but I would be lost without my internet connection - completely lost!. This is one of the main services that is offered by ACN. 

The offer the services to both Residents and Businesses. 

Residential Services Provided By ACN

  • Fixed Line Home Telephone Services:

For $24.99 you can make unlimited calls to 80 landline and mobile numbers. Make calls using your super fast internet connection & your fixed landline. 

  • High Speed Internet Service:

Price of this service varies from $19.99 to $100 depending on the package and provider that you select. AT&T, Frontier, Century link & Verizon are the provider that they work with. 

  • Flash Wireless Service:

The pricing varies upon the package that you select $23 to $64 month for Purple plan. $23 to $79 for the Green Plan and $23 to $69 for the Yellow plan.

You can chose to have a contract or not. You can have a family plan also. In all essence this is a plan for your phone or tablet. 

  • Home Security & Automation

This is something that is becoming more popular as the number of smart homes increases exponentially.

The home security option offers safe control and monitoring of your smart home from absolutely anywhere in the world with wireless surveillance and security monitoring of your home with video recording.

The current price of this service is $50 upfront for the equipment needed. 

  • Xoom Energy Service:

ACN can also provide you with natural gas for your home. They have two possible options on two different plans fixed and variable. Simply put the fixed price this is what you will pay - regardless!. This I actually like - turn it right up in proper up!. 

(I hate the cold, which why I live in Asia!).

Obviously, the variable rate, your gas bill will vary from month to month. You are allowed to switch plans at any time you wish.

  • TV - Televison!.

Starting price is $39.99 You can get directv and dish. Not sure about you but I never watch TV and have not done so since 2008!. I like to chose what I want to watch and when - netflix, YouTube, Fire..

ACN Business Services

ACN's business services include the range of products mentioned above in the residencial service plus one service for businesses - the ability to process payments.

  • Anovia Payment - Processing:

Anovia by ACN is a service that allows a business to process payments from debit cards, credit cards electronic checks, gift cards and full e-commerce.

The transaction fees are said to be the lowest in the industry, Monthly costs vary from $15 to $25. 

MLM opportunities are notoriously difficult to succeed with regardless of which opportunity and company. 

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 ACN Product Compensation Plan

As it it is with every Multilevel network Marketing business there exists 2 principle ways in which you can generate revenue. and that is direct sales and the recruitment of others into your downlines. 

To qualify for their business opportunity there are some hefty fees to pay!.

Getting Started With The ACN Business Opportunity

To get started with ACN you will need to become a IBO - Independent Business Owner which will set you back a rather expensive $499 on off fee. 

The company claim this fee is for providing you with the necessary materials & Training for you to get started with your business.  

On of the such tools is your customised website from which your customers can buy the services direct from you and they will take care of the rest at the "back end" 

And then there is the $149/year renewal fee which is apparently for servicing your new business. 

Personally I doubt very much that these costs are justified. It really doesn't cost all that much for designing a similar site and the back-end functionality is not that complex - really of a case of synchronising software and systems. 

Servicing - really the cost of hosting which these days you can get decent hosting for pennies on the dollar!.   


You costs don't end there...

You need to get their $39.99 monthly Business Assistant Package which, as ACN put it "need to succeed in your business" - really what was the $499 one off and $149/yearly fee?.

and then you still get squeezed for more juice, $10/week for online meetings.

Still not ending there!.

$159+ food and travel expenses to attend frequent ACN training programs.

Seriously! This is just crazy!

ACN Review A Pyramid Scheme Scam Or #MLMSuccess #NetworrkMarketing

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ACN Payment Structure And Model

Once they have devoured and stripped you of a lot of cash ACN pays you in 3 ways.

  • Direct Sales: You earnings for direct sales are from 1% to 10% of your clients monthly bills. The actual percentage fully depends on how many customer points you have. 
  • Residual Commissions: The commissions that you earn from your downlines and their sales. 
  • Acquisition Bonuses: This is a bonus that you can be awarded based on recruitment and within a set amount of time.

Due to the complexity of MLM compensation plans it is much better for you to watch a video for clear and concise explanation. 

Is ACN BBB Accredited?

I am delighted to tell you that yes, ACN are accredited by the better business bureau. The company enjoys a perfect A+ rating. 

ACN Better Business Bureau

Common Complaints

There are complaints about ACN, most of which were related to the cancellation of services and billing by clients. 

I could not find complaints made by IBO's or those that joined their business opportunity. 

Pros & Cons

The Pros

What I liked about ACN:

  • It is actually an easy product to sell - I don't think the person that doesn't use the internet or phone services exists and is going to say no to cheaper or faster internet? 
  • Potential for passive income
  • Very well established international company with nearly 30 years of history behind them.

The Cons

What I did not like about ACN:

  • The compensation plan is so tight it hard to actually make money from this opportunity. 
  • Crazy expensive starting costs - first year will total around $1200 all in!
  • No Income disclosure statement on their site!

Can You Make Money With ACN?

Getting to the nuts and bolts of this article.

This was impossible to determine by means of fact as the legally obliged income disclosure statement is not available on their site.

This is not normally a good thing. Usually a sign that agents, distributor or IBO's don't earn that much money.

It has been said that at meetings new IBO's and told that  less than 1% will succeed in their new business and less than 1 in 200 would make back their $499 starting fee. 

that's 1% success rate and 0.5% possibility of getting your money back. This is enough to tell me that it is unlikely that you will earn a full time income as an ACN IBO. 

I suggest that you start thinking and looking for better opportunities. 

Affiliate Marketing

Is ACN A Pyramid Scheme?

Although it does look like a pyramid scheme, in all actuality ACN is not actually a pyramid scheme. 

Principally speaking this is because they have a product attached to their MLM opportunity and their product is actually easy to sell. 

If you have difficulties in identifying a pyramid scheme watch the video below

Is ACN A Ponzi Scheme?

Again, this really does look like a Ponzi Scheme given this opportunity has incredibly high fees for an MLM to get started with and a very high (99.5%) failure rate. 

In actual fact ACN is NOT a ponzi scheme. 

Is ACN A MLM Business Opportunity?

Yes, given the commission structure and compensation model ACN is indeed a multilevel marketing business opportunity.  

Is ACN A Scam?

While I don't particularly like ACN as a business opportunity due to the way in which they operate. 


There is nothing illegal or underhand or anything untoward going on with this company. Thus I can say that ACN is not a scam. 

Is ACN Legit?

Yes, of course ACN is legit. 100% legit.

It is hard to imagine that a company so large and operating in so many countries world wide and for almost 30 years and not being discovered as a scam. It is of course a legit company, business and opportunity.

Because it is legit it does not mean that you should try it!.

My ACN Review - The Final Conclusion

Being the centre of attention and the go to guy or gal for everything internet in your area might seem like a great idea. 

You might even love all the attention that brings you. However operating a business in this manner as an IBO with ACN is unlikely to reward you with riches. 

The products might seem to be easy to sell - all every stuff that we actually need. But the high start up costs and tight commission structure make it difficult for you to actually make money from. 

This is in reality something that is best avoided and I do not recommend ACN as business opportunity. 

Thankfully there are better opportunities available for you, should you be highly motivated and wish to put in the leg work and build yourself a profitable and sustainable passive income source. 

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How I Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is my Number 1 recommended way of making money online both for those just starting out online and those that are experienced. 

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